03 January 2010

Most Watched Supernatural Episodes on My TV - Season 4 & 5

Here is the second part of the Most Watched Supernatural Episodes On My TV (season 4 & 5).

Lazarus Rising
I am a huge fan of Castiel. I think Castiel is the best addition to the show since Bobby. I cannot think of anyone else who could play Castiel better. Misha auditioned for the role of a demon, but then Kripke told him it was actually for an angel. Sometimes I think Misha could have been Lucifer in season 5, and perhaps Mark Pellegrino could play the role of Castiel. They are very similar in terms of their on screen presence and they are very charismatic actors. But Misha is born to play Castiel and he totally owns the role. From the moment he stepped into the barn, I was like OMFG, who is this?!

Lazarus Rising is the most anticipated episode in the history of Supernatural up until this point. Dean went to hell, it was unavoidable. But how is he going to return? Will he come back as a demon? Will he come back at all? HOW HOW HOW?? Tell me now! That hellatus was brutal, more brutal than any other hellatus. I re-watch this episode a lot just to compensate for the brutal hellatus! I sometimes re-watch this with No Rest For the Wicked, as a two-parter.

The dialogue at the end of the episode between Dean and Castiel was awesome! Why do the angels give a crap about Dean? Because God commended it, because they have work for him. That was MIND BLOWING. Forget everything you know about the heaven and hell plot in later episodes, that Dean and Castiel scene in Lazarus Rising was beyond awesome, I re-watched that scene like 20 times after the first run.
I am really loving the angel stuff.

Tiny's Playlist
For a complete Angel / Castiel experience, watch these episodes together - House of the Holy, Lazarus Rising, Are You There God It's Dean Winchester, It's the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester, Heaven and Hell, On the Head of the Pin, Monster at the End of the Book, The Rapture, When the Levee Breaks, Lucifer Rising, Sympathy for the Devil, Good God Y'all, Free to be You & Me, The End, Changing Channels and Abandon All Hope.

For more Mark Pellegrino stuff, try Sympathy for the Devil, Free to be You & Me and Abandon All Hope. Watch him in Lost, The Incident I & II.

For more awesome Bobby experience, definitely watch All Hell Break Loose I & II, The Magnificent Seven, Dream a Little Dream of Me, Are You There God, It's Me Dean Winchester, No Rest for the Wicked, Lazarus Rising, Lucifer Rising and The Curious Case of Dean Winchester and Abandon All Hope.

Monster at the End of the Book
Where do I begin? The episode had a comedic start. But when Castiel showed up, everything changed. It turned out the author of the Supernatural book series is the Prophet of the Lord. He didn't know that he has been writing the Winchester Gospel. Genius idea of the century!

Think about this, there were Luke and other Prophets in ancient time. What did they do for a living? What happened when they found out they were prophets? Adding a modern Prophet of the Lord to the show is a really really interesting idea. Meet Chuck, a Prophet, he is a writer, he drinks, he is too cute.
The books have crazy fans, web forums and Chuck goes to Conventions. Too awesome! I wonder if more Prophets will be introduced?

By the way, who is Dean and who is Sam in the above drawing?

Tiny's Playlist
For a complete Chuck experience, try Monster at the End of the Book, Lucifer Rising, Sympathy for the Devil, The End and The Real Ghostbusters.

The End
Supernatural in the Terminator style. I love time traveling stuff. That's why I love Lost and Back to the Future. And I like double Dean action.

Jensen Ackles gave another best performance in The End since What Is and What Should Never Be. Don't get me wrong, Jensen is one of the best actors in his generation, and his performance as Dean has been consistent and outstanding throughout the series, but THIS IS GOLD. You can tell which is the present and future Dean, Jensen was prepared and he nailed every scene as two Deans superbly. I personally think he deserves the Best Actor award, but then again all awards shows exist for advertising and rating purpose only.

Jared Padalecki was outstanding as Lucifer, which is creepy. Whatever shit is going to happen in Detroit, it's not going to be pretty. I cannot wait to see what Kripke has planned for us in the second half of season five.

Tiny's Playlist
To experience the Sam-goes-dark-side-journey, try: Nightmare, Simon Says, Croatoan, Born Under the Bad Sign, All Hell Breaks Loose I&II, Mystery Spot, Larazus Rising, It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, I Know What You Did Last Summer, On the Head of the Pin, The Rapture, When the Levee Breaks, Lucifer Rising and The End.

For a complete Dean-dies-and-goes-to-hell experience, definitely watch In My Time of Dying, Crossroad Blues (foreshadowing the deal he will make at the end of season 2), All Hell Breaks Loose
I&II, Mystery Spot, Time Is on My Side, No Rest For the Wicked, Lazarus Rising, Yellow Fever, Heaven & Hell, On the Head of the Pin and It's a Terrible Life.

Watch Dean sings in Simon Says. Watch the Sam and Dean's Bon Jovi duet in No Rest for the Wicked.

Changing Channels
Supernatural is recorded in front of a live audience.

This is up there with Monster of the End of the Book. Once again, it has a comedic start, it made fun of other TV shows like Grey's, CSI and Japanese game show etc (and don't forget the Herpexia ad.. that was awesome!) But when we found out the Trickster was in fact the Archangel Gabriel, everything changed! I was in shock. I did not see that coming. It was the best jaw dropping twist.
This opens up a whole new direction for that character, I hope he will play a big part in up-coming episodes. This material is too good to be wasted.

The funny stuff in this episode was certainly very funny, but I think the Gabriel twist at the end made the episode. It took the episode from great to awesome. Only Supernatural writers could come up with crazy stuff like this! How lucky are we as fans?

Tiny's Playlist
For a complete Trickster experience, watch Tall Tales, Mystery Spot and Changing Channels.

Honorable mention to Ellen and Jo: Watch Everybody Loves a Clown, No Exit, Born Under the Bad Sign, All Hell Breaks Loose II, Good God Y'All and Abandon All Hope.

Honorable mention to the Ghostfacers:
Watch Hell House, Ghostfacers and It's a Terrible Life.

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