30 January 2010

After-thoughts: 5.12 Meat Swap

Meat Swap.. humm.. Meat Swap.. I actually don't have a lot to say about Meat Swap.

When I first heard about the Meat Swap episode, I said to myself I would personally love to see Sam to swap with Dean and vice versa. Because both Jensen and Jared know each other well and it would have been a great opportunity to show off their acting once again. It would be funny! Very funny! HOWEVER, it would not serve the purpose of the story that was intended to be told if Dean was Sam, and Sam was Dean.

Let's just look at the story, seems to me this is a one stone two birds strategy from Team Lucifer! With Sam's soul out of Sam's body, Lucifer could easily convince the vessel (with Gary driving it) to yes and Lucifer would succeed using Sam's body as his vessel.
It was revealed later that Dean has a bounty on his head. If Dean is dead, it would take him aka Michael vessel out of the equation.

This is not a filler episode, but this is not a character development episode either. I'll try to explain the best I can:

We don't see Lucifer in every single episode, but he is doing something. He is planning something. He is laying low, waiting for the right moment to strike or whatever he plans to do. (May be he is planning something big for the showdown at Detroit? Who knows!) This episode gave us a little insight into what Team Lucifer is doing, it's just that we don't see the Devil in person.

20 minutes into the episode, I thought it will be another Changing Channel or Monster at the End of the Book, you know the formula - half funny, half mytho. But it didn't end that way, which is fine. You know what I don't like seeing on any TV shows? Stupid teenagers doing stupid things, but they think it's cool. Just saying..

In the end, I am glad Gary helped Dean with the exorcism, which leads to the next point.. my favorite part of the episode. Unleash the inner fangirl in me! Dean exorcised a demon without reading off the book was sooooo sexy!
I am so so proud! Latin never sound so good.

It's gonna sound weird, but I want Dean reading Latin as my iPhone ringtone. Somebody please do this! I'll be forever grateful. Replay! Again! Again! Again!!

Supernatural rated 2.7 in the first hour and 2.5 in the second half. (Sources: TVbytheNumbers) I still think the CW should bring the Supernatural and Smallville together in their final season. I am not gonna stop saying this! Eat me!

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  1. XD that would be a brilliant ringtone, but I know I'd find it incredibly embarrassing if that went off in public! I went bright red when my MC Hammer ringtone went off :p


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