18 October 2012

Supernatural Review - Ep 8.03 Heartache

Review: Supernatural 8.03 Heartache

Interesting fact! 8.03 Heartache was the 150th episode to shoot in season eight and third to air. 8.01 We Need To Talk About Kevin was the 152th episode to shoot but first to air. Either way -- Happy Wednesday!

8.03 Heartache was directed by Jensen Ackles. His father Alan Ackles played Detective Pike. The last time I saw Alan Ackles was in the movie Devour, where he played Jensen's dad, I mean.. Jake Gray's dad. I think Alan's Detective Pike in Heartache was quite commanding, he has the build, the look, the attitude and the voice. It was great to see the Ackles on screen together for Supernatural

So we have our first filler episode for season eight. It's one of those fillers I don't care so much about the lore. However, I thought it was a good one to do -- the Mayan mythology. Writers and now Consultant Producers, Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming also wrote Shut Up, Dr Phil, which involved cupcakes with a bloody beating heart. Looks like they love bloody hearts a lot. 

I thought it was an OK episode, not too fast and not to slow. The slow pace is good in a sense that we get to see the state of minds of the brothers. As Sam indicated, right now, they want different things. Sam really doesn't want to do this forever. He wants the simple things in life -- study, organic apples, markets, sunshine and picnic. It is probably the only time we saw a flashback that actually put a smile on Sam's face. There was not bitterness or anger, it was pure one sweet day kinda thing. The Sam and Amelia scene came straight out from a chic flick. But because there is no chic flick moment on Supernatural, Sam won't get to go back to this life, he won't get to study, go to markets and enjoy the picnic on a sunny beautiful day. Sam's been through a lot -- the demon blood, hell and being soulless for a long time. Although Castiel took away his pain, Sam is still damaged, he still has this deep cut on his soul. I think if his time with Amelia did anything at all, it healed his soul. 

But he HAD that life, he HAD the one sweet day. Now that Dean is back and they are on a mission, and it is Supernatural afterall, something has to happen to change Sam's mind about staying in the family business. If this is the case, what would it be? -- Dean's convincing speech? Dean dying again? Will they kill off Amelia and make Sam to revenge? Something has to happen! Because right now, Sam looks pretty determine to leave the family business behind. That can't happen because he is half the show. Jeremy Carver was spot on when he spoke about the brothers -- they are maturing and as they mature, they want different things. It's only natural to see the human drama and inner struggle, and the writers always do an amazing job to integrate these elements into Supernatural, making it a very solid drama and so good to watch.

In this episode, we see how healthy and happy Dean was. He wasn't angry, he wasn't on edge, he was just doing his job, he was in the right place. He looked exceptional pretty. Dean is happy to be back, doing what he does best -- driving the Impala across the country, saving people, hunting things, the family business with Sam by his side. And he is happy because he has a touchscreen phone and he downloaded an app! Dean is more than capable to hunt along but he never wanted to. The whole 'Dean doesn't want to hunt alone' theme has been recurring on the show. Remember it was Dean who went to get Sam in The Pilot when John was missing. The one thing that differentiate Dean and Sam with the rest of the hunters is that, they have each other and they fight side by side to hunt things and save people. And to keep the brother dynamic and the bromance, that can't go separate way. So it will be interesting to see how this develops. Again, what will make Sam stay? 

I think this is by far the most screen time Jensen has as an actor and director in the same episode. I think he did a good job based on what's given. At least there is nothing awkward about the scenes or directions. It was a good job well done. My favorite Jensen directed episode is still Weekend At Bobby's.

Next week, somebody is gonna get bitten! Here's the description and promo for 8.04 Bitten. This is directed and written by two of my new favorite writers on the show! Robbie Thompson. 

AN UNIQUE EPISODE OF SUPERNATURAL — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a bizarre murder in a college town. Close on the tail of their suspect, they bust into an apartment to find two dead bodies and a laptop cued up to some disturbing video footage. The footage begins with Brian (guest star Leigh Parker), Mike (guest star Brandon W. Jones) and Kate (guest star Britni Sheridan) hearing about an unusual animal attack in their town and the rest of the story is revealed through their eyes. Sam and Dean become unknowing participants in a unique student film. Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson.

The trailer looks like a cross between The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and Supernatural's very own Hell House and Ghostfacers. Speaking of the Facers, I think it's about bloody time they bring back the Ghostfacers!!

Reviews for the next two episodes will be posted much later than usual because I have a man to hug. For the love of Dean, let me use this shot one more time! I just love the white shirt Jensen.

DJ Qualls Returns - Supernatural 'Southen Comfort'

DJ Qualls returns!!! I've been a fan ever since he played Sheldon Cooper's fake cousin! I love him! And I am going to hug him! 

Here is the description for 8.07 Southern Comfort.

GARTH RETURNS TO HELP SAM AND DEAN ON A CASE — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a murder and find Garth (guest star DJ Qualls) is already on the case.  Dean is not happy to learn that Garth has assumed Bobby’s duties, but Garth points out that both Sam and Dean have been missing for the last year and someone needed to do it.  They guys discover an “avenging ghost” is responsible for the murders and they need to find the source before the killings starts again. Tim Andrew directed the episode written by Adam Glass. Source KSiteTV

17 October 2012

Supernatural - It's Almost Time, It's Ackles Time; Up Coming Episodes Titles Update

It's almost time! It's Ackles time! 

The Jensen Ackles directed episode Heartache will air tonight on The CW. I will attempt to write a super quick review on this episode as #ChiCon approaches!

I don't understand...how does he manage to look so hot, directs well and performs brilliant all in one episode?

Look out for Alan Ackles (Jensen's dad). And of course, finally we will hopefully get to see what Sam's been up in the last year. Was it just the girl and the dog? Did something else happen? I mean, it's Sam we are talking about, so I am kinda expecting something 'supernatural' related did happen during the last year. 

Description -- Ep 8.03 Heartache: JENSEN ACKLES DIRECTS — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a string of unusual murders where the victims were all recipients of organs from the same donor. The killer is captured, but things become even more complicated when the brothers find their killer in a trance mumbling an ancient prayer. Jensen Ackles directed the episode written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming. 

And here is an update on the up-coming episodes:

8.01   We Need to Talk About Kevin 
8.02   What's Up, Tiger Mommy? 
8.03   Heartache 
8.04   Bitten 
8.05   Blood Brother
8.06   Southern Comfort 
8.07   A Little Slice of Kevin
8.08   Hunteri Heroici (previously known as Dean Amuck)
8.09  Citizen Fang
8.10  Torn and Frayed (previously known as Don’t Stop Believing)
8.11  LARP and the Real Girl

Source: SpoilerTV

15 October 2012

This Week in TV - Revolution; OUAT; Merlin; NBC's Today

I am loving FALL TV. Have I mentioned it before? This is probably the first time I am actually loving the TV season. There are so many great shows to watch! I have only just managed to watch last week's Revolution! There are still a few shows pending on the to-watch list, including Being Human (US), The Walking Dead, Falling Skies and Glee. Thank goodness, A Game of Thrones is not out until March.

Revolution -- The Plague Dogs was pretty awesome. I've known for awhile that Anne Cofell Saunders is on the team. She served as a producer and writer on Smallville. I was surprised that I shed a tear. My first for Revolution!! I do cry during TV and movies, but considering I didn't cry for Supernatural until season two, Lost and Chuck until the series finale, I am very surprised that I cried this early for Revolution! And I never paid much attention to Maggie! Why am I so emotional? I think when I cry for a show, it means something is working for me, something is touching me. And all of the sudden, it's personal! It means something to me. 

I thought the story of Maggie was ok, however the way it was delivered, totally got it! The way they tell her story through the direction, the dialogues and Anna Lise Phillips' performance really moved me. Maggie's death scene was touching, thanks for the brilliant editing work. Before she closed her eyes, we cut back to her and her kids in flashback. As the camera pulled out, we cut back to her dying. That was so Gladiator. That's how they constructed the Maximus' death scene. And we saw Charlie crying and hugged by Miles. Oh that was good! Very good!

The only thing that could've worked better for me is that that it should've focused on one character's flashback rather than having multiple storylines, it is a bit too much. Like, Maggie's story should've been the focus, but we also see Rachel and that creepy guy with the dogs. I hate his dogs, they remind me the wolves in The Day After Tomorrow. They scare me. I love seeing Rachel. She is SO Juliet! But I love it! She made me cry! I like how Miles was the one to call her in, but we still don't know why.

One more thing on Revolution for the week, I think Tracy Spiridakos is getting better. I think this is her best performance so far. I think she definitely has this strong female character thing going on. And I think Nate totally has a crush on her! 

Once Upon A Time -- I almost didn't give up on Seven (a TV network in Australia) but I totally did because they are just oh-so-slow on bringing back one of my TV shows. This week's OUAT also made me cry! The Emma and Snow relationship is so good to watch! I love the fact that Emma came out and confronted Snow about her feelings and said she wasn't used to other people putting her first. I love that Emma gets to see how hard her mother fought for her and how strong Snow is as a fighter. Goodbye Mary Margaret! It was a great thing to see Emma and Snow went back to the Castle, where Emma was born, as depicted on Henry's book.

I also love the Grandpa-Grandson dynamic of Henry and Charming. I knew what I said about David in season one. Goodbye David! But now that he isn't weak anymore, I am digging Charming! I love seeing Jefferson on my screen! I love Seb Stan! I also think that perhaps Regina is in LaLaLand! Why is she acting so normal? She is an Evil Queen! So BE an Evil Queen! Stir up some drama! This got me thinking. What's Regina's deal? There is no way she is becoming good, right? What will happen when her mother is here? It's more than likely than not that her mother and Regina will confront each other again! 

Merlin -- Shut up! I do watch it despite many things in questions. I mean.. why does Merlin say "hello" and "OK"? But I do watch it if it's on my TV. Evil Bitch Morgana is so good to watch. She is probably the only good thing about the show, in terms of drama. Was it just me or did you also ask yourself, "Wait a second, am I watching A Game of Thrones?" The snow, the wolf, the darkness and Davos (Liam Cunningham). I mean, it's probably good for the show, I know it's written as a family show but when it has the darkness in it, I like it. It gives the show the depth that I like. Hint I like Morgana, because evil is good to watch and she is a good villain of the story! 

Arrow -- If you have missed my Arrow series premiere review, check it out!

Supernatural -- If you have missed my What's Up, Tiger Mommy? review, check it out!  

NBC's Today & Meet The Press -- I have been watching the NBC's TODAY Show lately. I guess perhaps my trip is coming up and I want to see what people wear. It's definitely not that cold, which is good! I see a Revolution poster in shot, it must be located just outside the NBC Studio/ Store. I love the Store. I went there like three times last time. Don't ask! OK.. ask!! I love all the Chuck merchandise!!! 

What's interesting on the NBC's Meet The Press is that they have their usual roundtable, and they have been focusing on the Presidential Campaign. So this morning they talked foreign policy and all that. But David Gregory also interviewed Stephen Colbert where he talked about his satire and his character, and his purpose being being a 'funny' man. It's definitely a totally different ballgame and media landscape. I never really realise how much Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart could influence viewers on politics and current affair, especially young voters -- how they get the 'news' and 'opinions'. What's interested and it's been stuck on my mind the whole day is that Colbert said about his satire:
"...There's a political industrial complex that is not only raising money but that is built around making money off of the fact that there is so much money in politics, and that there are almost no rules."
Colbert also said satire always has a point. It's not just pointless silly comedy. 

I don't normally pay attention to politics, but I find myself in a different position the past 12 months, whether it be Australia or US politics. SHIT! Is this a sign?? I am growing up?

Before I go, just wanted to let you know that I am offsite for a few weeks. So don't freak if you don't see me blogging as I will have limited internet access. Brace yourself for a few weeks without me in your life (go ahead, you can cry!) Upon my return, brace yourself for the mother of all epic report and photos on SUPERNATURAL CHICAGO CONVENTION. Although I may not be able to blog, but you know where to find me.. Twitter birdy.  

Supernatural 'Blood Brother' Photos; Rating News

I am really looking forward to Supernatural episode 8.05 Blood Brother, because I am really intrigued with the Benny storyline. As mentioned before, we haven't really seen anyone like Benny before on Supernatural. So it will be interesting to see how this character is developed as an integral part of Dean's live. Of course, this character is written to symbolise Dean's time in Purgatory. It will be very interesting to see how Benny will impact the brothers' relationship and how Sam will deal with the fact that Dean's friend is a monster, which is something new to both Sam as well as Dean...and Cas.

Excuse for using this pic...

Benny meets Moose.
A total of 17 images are on KSiteTV Go there now! 

Here is the episode description again:

BENNY CALLS DEAN FOR HELP — After Benny (Ty Olsson) gets brutally beat up by some vampires, he calls Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help. Dean abruptly packs up and tells a confused Sam (Jared Padalecki) that he’s taking a 'personal day'. Benny confesses that he’s going after his Maker (guest star Patrick Stafford) so Dean offers to help, flashing back on the many times Benny helped him and Castiel (Misha Collins) in Purgatory. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) uses his solo time to reflect on the life he left behind with Amelia (guest star Liane Balaban). However, when things go bad for Dean and Benny, Dean calls Sam for help, which makes everything very complicated. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Ben Edlund. Source: KSiteTV

On rating news, if Arrow wins big on the rating front for The CW. The new show drew 4.02 million viewers, which was the most watched telecast on the network of any show, on any night since 2009. The Arrow premiere also gave Supernatural, which drew 2.6 millions viewers, making What's Up Tiger Mommy? the most watched Supernatural episode since 2010. You can read The CW press release on the WinchesterBros.

Congrats to both shows. It has been a very entertaining week. Here is to more awesomeness to come!!! (Handing out beers)

13 October 2012

Supernatural Review - Ep 8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

This is the first Super-Arrow-Wednesday. I don't know about you but my week has been awesome!

Episode 8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy? was directed by John Showalter and written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin. I feel like I walk on tightrope whenever I watch an episode penned by Dabb and Loflin. But this is probably the second time I enjoyed their episode without having a bad WTF moment. As for the director of this episode, you may know John Showalter who previously directed Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, Clap Your Hands If You Believe, Mommy Dearest and Slash Fiction, just to name a few. I think I have not given enough shout out to John Showalter. I always liked his episodes a lot and this time is no exception. What's Up, Tiger Mommy? was a very solid episode.

Where do I begin? OK.. Let's start with Dean.

It is apparent to me that Dean Winchester is becoming Jack Bauer. For those who have watched 24, you know Jack Bauer has always been this guy who will do anything to get intel from bad guys including violence and torture. He never hesitates when it comes to his method. He doesn't like it, he doesn't enjoy it. It eats him, it changes him, but that's what he believes he needs to do in order to save people and the country. In 24, there are those who disagree with his interrogation methods, others prefer not to know so that Jack can get things moving and get the job done, save the country. Jack Bauer is selfless. He doesn't care about himself and what other thinks about him. The only time I had an issue with Jack killing people was when he killed Curtis. That killed him! That killed me too! Anyway...

To me, there is always a bit of Jack Bauer in Dean. Except Dean doesn't kill people, he kills monsters. And he doesn't need to explain it to anyone. Dean is the no BS guy. Even when a human is possessed by a demon, he is just gonna kill it. To Dean, that human is dead the moment he or she is possessed. There have been a few occasions where Dean questioned (or we questioned) his action/ decision or have a second thought about killing the meatsuit, like someone who is very close to him -- John, Bobby and Lisa, and Sam, who was possessed the first time in season two. But that aside, it's not just Dean, Sam too. Demons on the show all wear human meatsuits and we have seen the boys killing demons many times. They don't stop and think about "hummm, should I kill you? Coz you're a meatsuit and there is a demon in you…oh wait...let me call Dr Phil." They just do it! It is very black and white.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Dean was so close in killing the 'Crowley-possessed-MrsTran'. I put this question to you: what would you have done if the big bad demon is possessing a human and you know the only way to kill it is to kill the human? For Kevin, he probably won't kill his mother and let Crowley get away. But Dean is very clear about his action and what he might have done. Dean is exceptionally cold on Mrs Tran's state of mind after what happened. Dean would've hated himself if he was to kill the possessed Mrs Tran, but to Dean it would just be 'another nightmare'. Other people will never understand this. What's interesting is that Kevin thinks the people Dean doesn't need end up dead. Ouch! Jus in Bello? For a genre show like Supernatural to touch on this kind of human drama is brilliant, kudos to the writing team. It's just layers within layers. If you still watch Supernatural and don't think this is 'as good as before', I don't think you fully understand how much the show has matured.

Dean is becoming more of the 'bigger picture' kinda guy. Will Dean's humanity slowly disappear and will be become a clone of Jack Bauer eventually? Do you think even Benny was slightly shocked when he killed the random monster in Purgatory after he interrogated him? Benny either admires that about Dean or he knows he better keep his nose clean or Dean Winchester will come after him. One thing for sure, monsters need to know they cannot mess with Dean Winchester, the human. 

In season one, Dean mentioned that the kind of things he would do for his family, scared him. He didn't hesitate, he didn't even flinch when he killed YED's son who was a human possessed by a demon, he was well aware that was a human. Since then, Dean has become obsessed with saving people, killing monsters. This is the only thing he is good at. This is his life. In WIAWSNB, he cried in front of John's grave and gave one of the best speeches on television, "Why is it my job to save these people? Why do I have to be some kind of hero?" Season eight so far is very apparent that Dean has totally accepted that hunting is his life. Even back in season seven, he still questions about his life as a hunter. We haven't seen much of Sam so far, we don't know what exactly he did during his gap year. And I hope it wasn't just flowers, picnic, a dog and a girl kinda thing. I mean, good for him, if that was it because Sam is entitled to have a break. Both Dean and Sam realise that hunting is their life. No matter how much they want to walk away, they cannot. So it will be interesting to see how Sam was dealing with his emotions and life during his gap year. And if you have seen the trailer, you'd know what Sam said to Dean about his life and hunting. Anyway, we will see more of Sam's stuff next week.

You know I can talk about Dean all my life.. but let's move on. Is it just me or is Mrs Tran so too cool for monster school? Like, if I see demon and monsters the first time in my life, I'd freak. But Mrs Tran is not a chicken shit. And she is one cool mama. I particular lover her chemistry with Kevin. They really look like mother and son. I think it was a great decision to change actress for Mrs Tran. Lauren Tom is awesome! It's funny because I was literally just watching an Amy Wong episode of Futurama. Yes, I never mentioned it before but I do watch Futurama, it's just not something I can find an angle to blog about. Anyway. Do you really think Kevin escaped with his mum? He's done it before, escaping. But I just have this feeling that someone took them.. like demons or angels.

What about Mr Crowley? He must be desperate because this is the first time he left his own meatsuit and possessed another human being. And his demon smoke is red! That was so cool and it's something we haven't seen before from Crowley. I am slightly surprised that Crowley didn't just storm into the supernatural auction house with an army and just grab Kevin and the tablet. He opted for the business manner and went all out on betting for the tablet with $3 billion, the moon, his soul, some islands and stuff. Do you think perhaps it is a way to get around the angels? Because if anything threatens a prophet, "the most fearsome wrath of heaven would rain down on that threat". May be that's why Crowley is being careful? But then again, I don't know, because after Dick Roman died, his demons just grabbed Kevin and left the building. Anyway, it was interesting to see Crowley's participation at the auction. He could've just taken Kevin and the tablet by force.

I thought the introduction of a new angel, Samandiriel (aka Alfie), was kinda cool. Not totally epic, but not forgetful either. Alfie is kinda adorable! He has this Napoleon Dynamite thing going on. This is a soft introduction to the angel storyarc for the season. We know they will be back later on. (Oh hello, Amanda Tapping!) But what's interesting to me is that we know there are angels who still believe in Castiel, who has too much heart. Aw.. that's so cute! And the angels know about the tablets and the prophet. So what are they waiting for? Are they taking on the wait-and-see approach? I guess we will find out later. Oh, and by the way, did you know Samandiriel is the angel of imagination? It is particularly hilarious for the writer to use Wiener Hut as Samandiriel's cover! Being Alfie is really imaginative!

This week's review cannot be completed without mentioning the stuff I enjoyed the most -- the Purgatory flashback. I love the flashback. I always love flashbacks in TV and movies. I love them, if they are done right. And I think Supernatural has got it! They always do epic flashbacks. I am glad that we get to see Purgatory, because we didn't get to see Hell in season four after Dean returned. I love the lighting, the setting and the whole design of it. It's so dirty! I love dirty Dean. Most importantly, it is revealed to us what happened to Cas, and why he left Dean. He left because there was a price on Cas' head, the Leviathans were after him. I am sure Cas will get out ok in the end, because he always does and because I saw the spoiler photos. My question is, do you think the angels really didn't know what happened to Cas? Let's assume they didn't. Now that they know what happened to Cas and they may find out he is still in Purgatory and plan to save him? I mean, how else can Cas escape Purgatory? If there is a tablet on demons, surely there is one on Purgatory. 

"Dean: Hey, we'll figure it out. Cas. Buddy. I need you. And if Leviathan want to take a shot at us.. Let 'em. We ganked those bitches once before, we could do it again.

Castiel: It's too dangerous

Dean: Let me bottom line it for you. I'm not leaving here without you. Understand?"
All I am saying is that: If this is not forgiveness, I don't know what is. I know there has been a bit of debate about whether Dean has forgiven Cas. Well. He did. And it was quiet emotional and heartwarming. I love that scene the MOST! I think it kills Dean not to have successfully saved his friend too, like he's let Cas down. But do not worry, Cas will return!!

I think Supernatural is off to a great start! After seven seasons, the team still manage to stay cool and creative. The show is still about the brothers, who are more mature than when they were in season one. The show itself has matured, and we have been seeing how Dean and Sam are evolving as human beings with all the crap happening around them and how important it is to have Dean reminding Sam about their family business and they are stronger as a family; and for Sam to remind Dean that he is still the big brother he admires and looked up to. Supernatural is still one of the best written shows on television.

Next week, 8.03 Heartache will focus on Sam's gap year and other regular monster stuff. The best thing is, of course, Jensen Ackles directed this episode. 

Episode 8.03 Heartache: JENSEN ACKLES DIRECTS — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a string of unusual murders where the victims were all recipients of organs from the same donor. The killer is captured, but things become even more complicated when the brothers find their killer in a trance mumbling an ancient prayer. Jensen Ackles directed the episode written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming.

11 October 2012

Arrow -- The Series Premiere Review

This Week in TV -- ARROW: The Series Premiere 

Every now and then, the press and TV critics will come to an agreement that a great show is born. From what I can see, the press and TV critics are unanimous about ARROW. I have been told by those who have seen the Pilot that I am going to love it! The CW and DC have been doing a great job in promoting the show. In recent weeks, I see nothing but positive feedback from the media. There is so much love for this show already. On Twitter, EW calls ARROW not only it is "the network’s best new show, it’s also one of the the best freshman fall shows." When the series premiere aired on Wednesday and it was the number one trending topic on Twitter.

ARROW is a show that I have been dying to watch because I like Justin Hartley's Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen (Smallville) enough to check out this show. I think ARROW has an existing fanbase, and The CW has been keen to hold on to Smallville…I mean, hold on to audience who are comic book fans, males and females! I mean, Stephen Amell is a hottie. The show has the 'the girls are gonna love him and the guys will want to have a Amell six-pack' vibe to it. It is a VERY COOL SHOW! If there must be a comparison, ARROW is closer to Batman Begin than Smallville.

The Pilot was directed by David Nutter. It is written by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim (story), and Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim (teleplay). David Nutter is a legend, he has directed many awesome shows including Smallville, Dark Angel, Roswell, Supernatural and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. You may know Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim (Green Lantern) and Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe). A few familiar names are also attached to the show in some capacity. Guy Bee (Supernatural) has directed an episode and Geoff Johns has also written for an episode already.

Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC -- who penned a number of mind-blowing episodes for Smallville including Absolute Justice (season nine) -- has written episode seven for ARROW. This episode will feature Huntress, I have no idea who she is. This is great news, right? Geoff Johns is the king of geeks, and he knows his stuff.  He always known for reviving/ re-introducing characters such as Hawkman, Dr Fate, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. So I'd be interested to find out more about Huntress. I don't know too much about comics, as I have mentioned it on a number of occasion, but whenever I see his name attached to Smallville, he made headlines. I see how exciting the fans and the press were. So it is a big deal to see Geoff Johns writing for ARROW. In fact, I'd be surprised if the producers didn't ask him to collaborate for ARROW. His contribution is a sign that the show has tremendous support from DC. It's a great thing!

Another thing I am looking forward to is Katie Cassidy. I always like her portrayal as the Original Ruby in Supernatural, I have seen a bit of her in Gossip Girl, 90210 and New Girl, I think while these roles are not great, but her performance is always sharp. I think
ARROW is her best role to date and I can't wait to see her shine as Laurel Lance/ Black Canary. Laurel totally has the Rachel Dawes vibe. But she'd kick Katie Holmes' ass. She is Black Canary and I hope we will get to see that on the show. At the end of the episode, when Laurel has this smirk on her face, I was kinda half-expecting to get a hint of her being a superhero too. But I don't think we will see that just yet.

What about the new Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell? I admit, I have not heard of him before and I certainly not seen Hung or Private Practice, and I was one of those people who think Justin Hartley should carry on as Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen. But it is what is it. I was actually very reserved about the casting. But boy, am I wrong?! I am sold! Stephen Amell is brilliant as Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen in ARROW. It's amazing to see how convincing he is as Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen. The acting, the action, the look, the bow and arrow skills, the whole package. When he came on my screen, I nodded and said, "YUP! HE IS GREEN ARROW!!" Hey, I like Hawkeye/Barton, but I think Green Arrow/ Queen will kick his ass if they get into a fight.

Other few quick thoughts on the Pilot:

-- Paul Blackthorne (The Dresden Files) as Quentin Lance -- I knew he looked familiar!

-- Random Docter -- He is Hiro Kanagawa aka Mr Nuttercracker Game Show Host from Supernatural's Changing Channels

-- Oliver's mother, Moira (Susanna Thompson) -- She totally has the Angela Petrelli or Lionel Luther vibe.

-- The Island as Purgatory -- I love that, especially when Purgatory is a prominent location on Supernatural.

-- The cast has good chemistry. However, Thomas and Speedy are not working for me yet. And I LIKED Speedy in Smallville. Not sure if it's the same Speedy.

-- The Queen's Housekeeping -- Will she become 'Alfred' one day for Oliver?

-- I like the fact that everyone is treating Oliver like an idiot, but he is kicking ass when they don't see it.

-- The soundtrack -- I hope they stick to this soundtrack, which I like very much. It took me awhile to get used to the pop songs as featured on Smallville, especially in the earlier seasons. There isn't anything wrong with using pop songs, but let's not make it too 90210.

-- The Queen Mansion -- I swear that's like the Luthor Mansion. The show is shot in Vancouver, so perhaps they use the Smallville's old set. Source: GreenArrowTV.

My first impression of ARROW is that this show GOT IT. Stephen Amell GOT IT. Katie Cassidy GOT IT! The dialogues, story and action GOT IT! This show has it all. ARROW is a lot darker than Lois and Clark, and Smallville. It looks very mature from the get-go. It has the Batman Begin vibe. Stephen Amell is as cool as Christian Bale, but there is something very warm about Amell. May be because I am following him on Twitter? The Pilot was brilliant! Very smooth! It sets up the story nicely. It almost looks like a movie. And this Pilot should've been a two-hour premiere if it was up to me!

I think Oliver Queen is very well established in the Pilot. There is not confusion about his character, he has a plan, he knows what he wants. He is very cool headed and he is very similar to Batman/ Bruce Wayne in a way. Unlike Superman/ Clark Kent or Chuck Bartowski, Green Arrow has no problem in killing bad guys. I hope ARROW's Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen won't go through the same angst and depression as Justin Hartley's character on Smallville. I would rather not see this again. I get the whole hero's complex thing, but I guess we will see if and when that happens on ARROW. Stephen Amell's Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen is a lot cooler than I expect. He has this look on his face and it's stone cold sometimes when he is in his Green Arrow mode. And his interpretation is A LOT cooler than Justin Hartley's Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen, who was a lot more relax and very upfront with his playboy, smartass personality the first time he appeared on Smallville. Amell's performance is what ARROW needs. I wonder if his contract say he has to go topless in every episode like Captain Awesome and Justin Hartley?

Superhero movies are no strangers to the theatres, audience love them, but their chance of survival is very slim on the small screen. Smallville was the only long standing television drama in recent years. Didn't somebody try to do Wonder Woman? Other popular superheroes such as Superman, Spiderman and Batman are all off limit for TV creators, unless they are animation. The CW's decision to do ARROW is a smart move. The network has the fanbase and ARROW can bring back those who stuck with Smallville all these years. The show can attract fans who appreciate a good superhero story, regardless whether it be on a big screen or small screen. I think ARROW marks another fresh era of live action superhero shows on TV. And don't forget, Joss Whedon is also working his magic for Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. These shows will set the trend for the next few years! As DC and Marvel go head-to-head and bring the fight from the big screen to the small screen, the entertainment only get bigger and better and fans will benefit from it the most. Both DC and Marvel will continue to dominate the big and small screen, and tell others to suck it! The next decade belongs to the fans.

In summary, I will go as far as saying, I love the ARROW Pilot slightly more than Revolution. I am glad ARROW happens. I love it already! It's a winner!

Here is the promo for next week's episode 1.02 Honor Thy Father.

Emilia Clarke Stars in New Broadway Show 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

Emilia Clarke is awesome! I love her as Daenerys Targaryen. I love her hair -- blonde or  brunette. love her style, I love her dresses. I love her British accent! Not sure about Seth MacFarlane, but whatever makes our Khaleesi happy. 

She will star as 'Holly' in the Broadway version of Breakfast At Tiffany's, one of Hollywood's all-time classics. Once she finishes season three filming of A Game Of Thrones, she will start prepping for the Broadway show for the February release. I think she is perfect for the role!

Holy cow!!! I wish I can be in NYC in February to see her. DANG!!!! Supernatural convention, why can you have something that works for me in Feb?

Supernatural Official Season Eight Poster; Ben Edlund's 'Blood Brother' Description

Finally.. A brand new poster artwork for Supernatural. It's is interesting, VERY interesting to see Mr Crowley made it to the poster alongside with Castiel. This is the first time, a supernatural villain featured on the poster with Dean and Sam. Not once, not even YED, Dick and Lucifer were ever featured on the poster, so this is very very new and cool to me. 

I wish The CW/ WB can invest in a new photo shoot EVERY SEASON, rather than using the same photos they took a few years back. There are a lot of great fan-made posters, and surely The CW/ WB can do better than this. Just saying.

But I am happy, I am VERY happy to see Supernatural gets a new poster.. This is the least the network can do. 

Official Season Eight Poster Artwork. Source: KSiteTV
Here is another one, but I don't know if this is an official one or fan-made.

The description of 8.05 Blood Brother is released. I am excited!! Ben Edlund pens this episode. I worship and his hair. And Guy Bee directs this episode. OH MY GOD! Team AWESOME!!

BENNY CALLS DEAN FOR HELP — After Benny (Ty Olsson) gets brutally beat up by some vampires, he calls Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help. Dean abruptly packs up and tells a confused Sam (Jared Padalecki) that he’s taking a 'personal day'. Benny confesses that he’s going after his Maker (guest star Patrick Stafford) so Dean offers to help, flashing back on the many times Benny helped him and Castiel (Misha Collins) in Purgatory. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) uses his solo time to reflect on the life he left behind with Amelia (guest star Liane Balaban). However, when things go bad for Dean and Benny, Dean calls Sam for help, which makes everything very complicated. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Ben Edlund. Source: KSiteTV

New York Hotdog stands can wait, I will watch this episode rain or sunshine.

10 October 2012

SUPER-ARROW Wednesday; SPN 'BITTEN' Pics & Episode Titles Update; Arrow's Series Premiere

Damn! This is the first SUPER-ARROW Wednesday ever on the CW. Wednesday (Thursday Aussie time) is my favorite day of the week! Arrow and Supernatural are like TV brothers now.

Arrow series premieres on Wednesday, October 10. The buzz is epic, I think the marketing team is doing an amazing job. I am not a comic book person, but I'd be interested to see the digital comic of Arrow from the pop culture perspective and see how this campaign works. On Wednesday, DC is launching a companion digital comic book to expand the show's mythology. A very smart strategy! For TV fans such as myself (not a comic book fan), watching Smallville was the first time I was exposed to Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen. I'd be interested to see how Stephen Amell interprets Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance/ Black Cannery and how good the pilot is. I cannot wait!!! 

What's more exciting about Arrow is that, David Nutter and Guy Bee are attached to the directing jobs so far. And he has great things to say about it! Guy is one of my favorite directors, and David Nutter is one of the most prolific directors around. In Nutter and Bee, I trust! 

Official Description -- Arrow: The Pilot  

“FROM DC COMICS ENTERTAINMENT AND UBER PRODUCERS GREG BERLANTI, MARC GUGGENHEIM AND ANDREW KREISBERG COMES A STORY OF A MAN TRYING NOT ONLY TO SAVE HIS CITY, BUT TO SAVE HIMSELF — After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell, Hung and Private Practice) was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. Back in Starling City, Oliver slowly reconnects with those closet to him, his devoted mother Moira (Susanna Thompson, Cold Case andKings), beloved sister Thea (Willa Holland, Gossip Girl and The O.C.), and best friend Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell, Pan Am), but struggles with his ex-girlfriend Dinah “Laurel” Lance (Katie Cassidy, Gossip Girl and Melrose Place), who blames him for her sister’s death. Oliver has brought back many new skills from his time on the island and despite the watchful eye of his new bodyguard John Diggle (David Ramsey, Dexter and Blue Bloods), Oliver manages to secretly create the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to right the wrongs of his family and fight the ills of society. As Arrow, Oliver will atone for the past sins of his family while he searches for the personal redemption he needs. Paul Blackthrone also stars. David Nutter directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim and teleplay by Andrew Kreisberg & Marc Guggenheim (101).” Source KSiteTV 

Moving on to Supernatural, the promo pics for 8.04 Bitten are out! And they are hot! But of course you know that already? 

Photo source: TV Overmind

Two of my favorite new directors and writers are attached to this episode -- Thomas J. Wright (director) and Robbie Thompson (writer). Here is the official description of 8.04 Bitten.
A UNIQUE EPISODE OF SUPERNATURAL — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a bizarre murder in a college town. Close on the tail of their suspect, they bust into an apartment to find two dead bodies and a laptop cued up to some disturbing video footage. The footage begins with Brian (guest star Leigh Parker), Mike (guest star Brandon W. Jones) and Kate (guest star Britni Sheridan) hearing about an unusual animal attack in their town and the rest of the story is revealed through their eyes. Sam and Dean become unknowing participants in a unique student film. Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson. Source: KSiteTV
Here is an UPDATE on all up-coming episode titles (subject to change):

8.01   We Need to Talk About Kevin 
8.02   What's Up, Tiger Mommy? 
8.03   Heartache 
8.04   Bitten 
8.05   Blood Brother
8.06   Southern Comfort 
8.07   A Little Slice of Kevin
8.08   Hunteri Heroici (previously known as Dean Amuck)
8.09  Citizen Fang
8.10  Don’t Stop Believing

Here is to another great FALL of TV!!

07 October 2012

Ooooo New Set Photos - Supernatural

Possible spoilers. This is a very handsome set of set photos. Team Free Will!!

Source: Nigel Horsley
There is something about this photo!!

06 October 2012

This Week in TV - Revolution; Once Upon A Time

When it comes to television, Fall is truly my favorite season and summer is literally just around the corner (well, for the Aussies anyway). I miss the sunshine, but I miss my shows more. What does it say about me? If your answer is rude, keep it to yourself. ^_^

Apart from reviewing the season eight premiere of Supernatural, I also have some thoughts about a few other shows that I watched this week -- Revolution and Once Upon A Time. 

Revolution -- 1.02 Chained Heat and 1.3 No Quarter did not disappoint. I enjoyed it more than I expected. I thought they were really good follow up episodes. First and foremost, this is a new show and it is not crap, I have established that much. It's too early to tell if this is one of the best shows ever, but then again, it depends on who you are. My mum still thinks Hart To Hart is the best damn show on earth. My point is, give it time and keep an open mind! And most importantly, just enjoy the show! It takes time to build a story and its characters. Let Kripke work his magic! I know a lot of fans are watching it and comparing it with Lost and Supernatural. Kripke always has something to say about family and survival. It's his thing! 

One of the key themes that emerges from Chained Heat and No Quarter is the Militia vs the Rebel (the Resistance) story. I like this plot. What turns Munroe to the dark side? What turns a friend to go against another? What does Rachel know about it? What happen to Grace? And what exactly does Ben know about the power? All these questions are intriguing. In No Quarter, the biggest twist is that Miles was the general of the Militia, he set the rules and he started everything. His backstory in which Munroe and Jeremy were involved was cool. They seem like the innocent partners to Miles but what went wrong? What turned them into villains of the stories? I love Mark Pellegrino as Jeremy! I think his performance was brilliant in No Quarter and I hope he will be a regular on the show. We also find out Grace build a computer and the amulet is a power source that is enough to power up the music and the iPhone. That was cool. I think the amulet is solar, and is it like a Wifi charger that we have not seen in today's world yet? 

By episode three, I figure that we are getting answers to some questions, enough for the story to go on and keep us interested. Like Lost, we didn't find out what that black monster is until very later on in the series. But at least for Revolution, we are getting probably 1/4 of the answers about the amulet. Which makes me think that Revolution has a well-planned story to tell, we need to stick around for it.

Once Upon A Time -- 2.1 Broken. What a way to return for OUAT! I think it's on most fans' minds -- who is that mysterious man in New York? Could he be Baelfire? That's my first impression. First of all, the mysterious man knows about Storybrooke, he may know the magic too. Secondly, someone who knows about Storybrooke is communicating with the mysterious man, either from the inside or somewhere close to the town. I am guessing it's August. Thirdly, whatever this mysterious man in New York is, he could be the man August was talking to on the phone in season one. If this is the case, this mysterious man is working with August.

I think Baelfire and August are working together. We know so little about Henry's father, who could be just some random guy or not. He could be someone who planned this all along. While Henry isn't anyone magical, he is an important figure in Emma's and Regina's life, I don't think his existence is random. I think it makes sense that his father is something out of the ordinary. August does have a memory of Emma and is aware of everything. I assume Baelfire's memory is intact and he remembers everything from his childhood. Perhaps Baelfire knows about Emma, Mr Gold and magic, but obviously Emma doesn't know him as Baelfire. That's just my theory.

And how funny was it to see Charming, Snow (who are now grandparents) with Henry and Emma together! Also, how will Emma and Snow get out? My guess is either the Huntsman or Jefferson. Hopefully Emma and Snow won't be there for too long. The only thing that didn't really work for me is Sleeping Beauty and Mulan. That part of the story seem a little out of place to me and I find it a bit difficult to connect. 

It's no secret that Captain Hook is a regular this season. And Jefferson is still around in the modern day. I tell you what.. Jefferson and August are two of my favorite characters on the show. And I want to see them more! Speaking of August, I wonder when he will due back. Here are the clips for next week. When it comes to spoilers for OUAT, I can handle it. With Emma gone, looks like Charming is the new sheriff. Who's gonna stop him right? He is the Prince! 

In coming weeks, I will also blog about Derren Brown -- an English illusionist, mentalist, hypnotist, painter, writer and sceptic. I am very excited about this. I don't know how he does what he does, but he is damn good at what he does! 

Have a nice TV week folks.

Supernatural Review - Ep 8.01 We Need To Talk About Kevin

We need to talk about Supernatural! Happy 150th birthday!

The most anticipated hug.
I woke up on Thursday morning, tried so hard to get distracted from spoilers and Twitter feeds. I had coffee and crumpets for breakfast, I attempted to bake a cake but the butter and egg mix for my cake split, so I freaked a little and ended up doing it again. I tried to prepare for the dinner party, and recounted the ingredients. And then there it was! The wait was over -- the food for my soul! I consumed and it wasn't pickle chips.

Thank you Jeremy Carver!!
We Need To Talk About Kevin (WNTTAK) is the season eight premiere of Supernatural, it is written by the new co-showrunner Jeremy Carver, and directed by Robert Singer. It is the 150th episode of this amazing TV drama.

I don't even know where to begin and I am a little overwhelmed because I am so happy my favourite show is back in style and it has everything I need from a season opener. I am well fed, in fact, I am quite full. Thank you Jeremy Caver and welcome back! Now that the Supernatural writing team is a 100% boys team, what will happen? Awesome happens! 

Dean is a happy Vegemite.
I love recaps. I am a nerd, I know! But this is one of many things I love about Supernatural, the RECAPS! The opening montage with Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull is a bit of a wake up call for me. IT IS BACK! SUPERNATURAL IS BACK! After almost six months, we are back in business! A new chapter has begun and we are in for one hell of a ride.

Following the awesome recaps, we see a pair of camping couple who surprisingly survive, because they usually get killed by monsters. The new showrunner is generous and lets them live. And then, a bright light appeared in the bush -- 'the White Wizard approaches'. And a few moments later, he appeared -- the Dean Winchester. 

"Do not let him lay his eyes on us, for he will put a spell on us!" Last time someone looked at me like that, I got…

God made the perfect human being.
I am sorry…what?

So hot!
Can you blame me?

*Sign* I will try to stay on track.

Burger is a treasure.
Man in the Wilderness by Styx is a very fitting song for Dean Winchester, as he walks the earth once again. There has been many songs that describe the emotional state of minds of Dean over the years, and Man in the Wilderness is no exception.
"Another year has passed me by. Still I look a myself and cry. What kind of man have I become? All of the years I've spent in search of myself. And I'm still in the dark 'Cause I can't seem to find the light alone. Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness. I'm a lonely soldier off to war. Sent away to die -- never quite knowing why..." ~~ Man in the Wilderness by Styx
Wait Dean, you hug the wrong dude! And I see arm!! ARM!
Dean Winchester is back from Purgatory and he brought someone with him. As Jeremy Carver stated in Comic Con back in July, "Purgatory make strange bedfellows." No kidding! This is a great starting point to the Dean and Benny relationship and what it represents or symbolise. I am very intrigued after seeing Dean and Benny hugged it out! Dean doesn't hug another person willingly very often. The whole idea of Dean dealing with Benny and accepting him as an 'ally' during his journey in Purgatory is a very interesting one. Dean and Benny obviously bonded in Purgatory. Dean has never formed any 'friendship' with a monster before, so it is interesting to see the backstory, how it will develop in future episodes and the impact it will have on the brothers' relationship. Most importantly, how Sam will deal with the fact that Benny and Dean are like 'friends'. I hope Benny is not excepting to be invited to birthdays and Christmas, because Sam will not like it. 

I am your new BFF.
Despite Benny's 'good' relationship with Dean, what if he gets into trouble and starts killing people again? Will Dean kill him and send him back to Purgatory? Perhaps that's why Dean keeps reminding him to get his nose clean, because Benny knows too well that Dean will send his ass back to Purgatory. I wonder if we will see Benny's backstory as well -- how he became a vampire and all that. I think Ty Olsson's performance and his character bring something fresh to the show. For once, the show is not introducing another hunter ally, humans are vulnerable, but monsters are different because they have supernatural tricks up their sleeves. From what I can see from this episode alone, Benny's character is neither a good guy or bad guy, he is in the gray area. I actually like this kind of character a lot, because he is not vanilla and he is not a cliche good guy either. I'd be interesting in getting to know Benny more for sure! Overall, a great addition to the show.

Insert excuse for using this pic.
I think WNTTAK deals with Dean's emotion pretty well and very up front about his feelings. I am glad the brothers had the conversation in the motel room. And since when Dean is not on edge, not shaky and not having that look on his face? Dude, your brother just came back from Purgatory, how about you? I think Dean is in a better shape now than he was when he returned from hell or when he returned from his gap year with Lisa and Ben. To Dean, Hell represents guilt because Dean gave in and tortured souls. His gap year was weird for him because it was way too Stepford for him. But Purgatory represents purity, it's a 'free wild land', you kill monsters or get killed by monsters. There is no debate about right or wrong. It feels right for Dean. During his time in Purgatory, Dean was hunting non-stop and keeping fit! In his mind, or perhaps it is a fact that, Dean wasn't 'dead' and he was very much alive. There is no doubt that it was also exhausting too. It is established that Dean never lets his guard down. Everyday was like a 360 degree combat but he kept on fighting every hour to stay alive and to look for Cas, who was noticeably missing from the season premiere.

What about Sam? He had a gap year. He saved a dog, got a girlfriend, grew his hair longer. He quitted hunting. He realised it wasn't up to him to save people. I know it's unfair to say, "Oh Sammy why didn't you look for Dean?" The brothers always promise each other not to look for each other but they always ignore that. I guess back in season six, Dean didn't look for Sam because he made a promise and Dean kept that promise. He could've looked for a way to get Sam out of hell and away from Lucifer, but that would have been an extremely complicated task. And when Dean went to hell, Sam did look for Dean but he was just unsuccessful. And this time Sam just didn't look at all, he just left his hunting life behind. Sam didn't even know Dean was in Purgatory. I think he should have found out where his brother disappeared to. Sam should have looked for Cas and Kevin too. But he didn't. Is it wrong? Sam said it wasn't up to him to save people. But Sam is not ordinary person, he is one of the best hunters in the world. But it's for the plot. It'll be interesting to see how the brother relationship will continue to develop in future episodes. 

Every time I do something right, I do something wrong. Did I do something wrong again?
The Sam in this episode reminds me of the Sam in Dark Side of the Moon. And both episodes, WNTTAK and Dark Side of the Moon remind me of one thing -- if Dean has the big brother syndrome, Sam has the little brother syndrome. Little Sammy watched TV while Dean cooked for him; Sam chose a dog over his family; Sam had Thanksgiving dinner with another family; Sam left his family and went to Stanford; and the "Ok, I was wrong, sorry, anything else?" Sam…all these are very 'little brother-y' things. Sam has this 'every time I do something right, I do something wrong' thing going on.

Sam, this it not an iPhone.
I don't think Dean was pissed because Sam simply quitted hunting or ditched the phones. I think he was pissed because Sam didn't think this through and he was careless. He had completely forgotten about Kevin who was their responsibility. Responsibility! Dean is more than capable of taking care of himself, great! But Kevin is a civilian and could be in danger. That's carelessness. But Sam is a human, he kinda had a moment where he went "I ain't doing this shit no more. I am going to get myself a life." And obviously there is something about Amelia that influences Sam's attitude about life and stuff.

Kevin happens when you don't pay attention!
That's right! Kevin happens when you don't pay attention! He could be one of the most well developed characters since Castiel. Good thing Kevin learnt to take care of himself. For a young guy like Kevin who didn't give in to Crowley and realised his role to fight evil, that's bravery! If Sam answered his calls and helped, Kevin would never have become a hunter. I think Kevin is one of the highlights of this episode. I dig his character. I like the fact that Kevin is involved now, more than Chuck before, who was always reluctant. The direction of the character Kevin is refreshing -- he wants to do this, he knows it's up to him to save the world. He may not like it but he knows this is what he needs to do. Kevin will continue to grow as a man, as a hunter and as a prophet. He is one smart kid. He even tricked Mr Crowley, not once but twice! I wonder who is Kevin's angel? If he is ever in danger, which angel will rain down from heaven on that threat? And, are there many more iPads with the words of God? Tablets.. sorry.. tablets!

Speaking of the words of God, I LOVE THE NEW OPENING TITLE.. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Supernatural has one of the best titles and it is one of those things I most look forward to each season.

I think I am at the Easter Show.
We need to talk about Crowley! I think this is probably one of the things this episode couldn't elaborate, otherwise it would be too much. Crowley is after something, that's why he asked Kevin to translate the tablet. What could Crowley be possibly looking for? Does he even know what he is looking for specifically? Also, remember what I say about Crowley may not be a demon because his eyes never change colour? Well, I am having a second thought, because the holy water seemed to have a (minor) effect on him when he walked into Kevin's trap. Damn! I was so close! Crowley trusts Kevin because he thinks he is innocent and doesn't know how to con him? That's too cute! 

Who have I missed? Yes, BABY is.. oh BABY.. I am so sorry about the dog! Dean knows it! I wish Dean can take care of me, like he takes care of BABY! 

Guys, this is not funny.. I am still here.
Who else? I am sure I miss someone… Oh yes, Castiel! Where is our nerdy fluffy winged angel? Dean didn't 'see' him dead. He can't be dead. What exactly did Dean mean when he said 'he saw enough?" Is Cas still in Purgatory? Is Cas stuck between portals? There is so little information about Cas in this episode, which is extremely cryptic. Dean never stopped looking for him in Purgatory, how long were they apart? What the hell happened to Cas? Obviously they tried to get out of Purgatory together as Team-Free-Themselves. Very intrigued! Castiel will appear in next week's episode, but not as Tiger Mama. 

You like that?
A few other not so random things that I love:

Hairdo #1 -- Dean Dean Dean! I have no idea you just came back from Purgatory. Purgatory must have a good salon.

Hairdo #2 -- Sam.. surely you can do something, anything, to your hair. And what kind of girlfriend you are, Amelia, if you can't even take Sam to a salon? But then again, may be she finds it hot.

Hairdo #3 -- Thank you Crowley, who has a good taste in tailor and I assume a hairdresser too, for cutting Kev's hair!

The brotherly hug and reunion -- this is gotta be one of the best reunion ever on the series!!! This is one of my favourite scenes in the episode. Dean was making sure Sam wasn't a demon or anything supernatural; and Dean put salt and holy water on himself, and cut himself.. that was adorable!

The hug -- Of course, give your brother a hug!!

The burger -- It's a treasure! Oh Dean!

Coffee -- As someone pointed out on Twitter, it's GREAT to see Dean holding a coffee rather than a beer in his hand.

Sam Weeson -- He is back with all that IT talk! *nerd*

So, fans, what do you think of We Need To Talk About Kevin?

Here is next week's episode is What's Up, Tiger Mommy? Here is the promo and description if you missed them.

MRS. TRAN JOINS SAM AND DEAN ON THE ROAD — Kevin (guest star Osric Chau) talks Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) into checking in on his mother (guest star Lauren Tom). When they arrive, they see that Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) has surrounded her with demons so they rescue her and take her along on their quest to find the tablet. However, they soon discover Kevin wasn’t kidding when he said his mother was a strong-willed woman after she tries to take on Crowley. John Showalter directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin.