29 June 2009

Jensen's surprise apperance on stage with Christian Kane

I stumbled across a tweet from Twitter today. Jensen made a surprise appearance on stage with singer/ songwriter/ actor Christian Kane at Dantes last night.

You can see some really nice photos here.

There is also a video on YouTube.

27 June 2009

Jensen as Captain America - fan art

I have to do this! A genius fan has done this genius drawing of Jensen as Captain America. Genius!

This was posted on Comic Book Movie.

Portal Awards 2009 - start voting for Supernatural!

Airlock Alpha's Portal Awards 2009 is accepting voting now until to July 25, 2009. Supernatural is nominated in the following categories:

BEST ACTOR/ Television
Jensen Ackles, "Supernatural"

BEST EPISODE/ Television
"The Monster at the End of this Book," Supernatural

BEST SERIES/ Television

Click here to vote.

Supernatural season 5: Mark Pellegrino to join the cast as Lucifer

My initial reaction is that Mark Pellegrino is a good choice to play Lucifer in season 5 of Supernatural. The last time I saw him on a show was Dexter. I thought he was creepy on Dexter. I still have to catch up with the second half of season 5 of Lost, so I don't know too much about Pellegrino playing Jacob.

Full story on Mark Pellegrino playing Lucifer, go to Spoiler.TV.

Also, Adrianne Palicki will return in Season 5 of Supernatural as Jessica. My guess is that she will appear in a flash back episode or in Sam's dream/ hullucination.

On something completely off topic, I am watching Smallville from seasons 1. I finished season 1 in 5 days.. I am moving onto season 2 now. Superman is not my favorite superhero, I much prefer Spidey or Batman, but it's a good show and it will help me to survive the hietus. I can't wait to watch season 4 where Jensen appeared as Jason Teague. I was going to watch season 4 only for Jensen, but the show wouldn't make sense. DVDs are so cheap at the moment (season 1-6), so I got them all, it's a good start.

24 June 2009

Supernatural in Australia: Fans voiced their opinions

If you live in Australia and you watch Supernatural on Channel Ten on Monday night, you'd know that Channel Ten doesn't stick to their schedule. Supernatural is supposed to be on at 9:40pm after a show called Good News Week. (Good show by the way). Sometimes, it runs overtime. I can stand 5 minutes or 10 minutes overtime. Crap happens on television I guess. But recently, there was this one time Good News Week went overtime for a bit over 20 minutes, Supernatural was finally on at 10:03pm. And there was this one time, Channel Ten actually skipped the "Previously on Supernatural" and went straight to the start of the episode. Humm.. we love our "Previously on...".

Anyway.. finally a fan wrote to mX Sydney (today, 23 June, 2009). Here is the scan. Woohoo!! I scanned this first thing I got home!

Click to view a larger size.

23 June 2009

The Winchester Gospel - highly recommended reading

I came across this mind-blowing, fudging awesome fan post on Supernatural.TV. It's the comic version of the episode Monster at the End of the Book.

MUST READ! I command you! Click here NOW.

17 June 2009

Supernatural Season 5 - Premier on September 10 on The CW

Mark this date on your Supernatural calender. The Season 5 premier will air on Thursday 10 September 2009 on The CW.

Comic Con 2009 also confirmed there will be a Supernatural panel on Sunday July 26 from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm. For details, go to Comic Con or follow them on Twitter. I wish I could go!!! I am relying the Supernatural fandom to Tweet live! BRING IT!

15 June 2009

Dear Supernatural: Aren't you the BEST show EVER!?

OK.. I love Supernatural and I hope you do too. Otherwise, why are you here visiting my blog?! I am a bit hyper today, and I didn't even have coffee.

Wait! .. I lied.. I had a coffee but I think the reason I am so hyper is because one of my favorite websites Airlock Alpha posted 2 very important articles today about Supernatural. What are they? Well.. here they are:

Genre Shows, Except 'Supernatural', Struggled Last Season


Don't you love this headline? According to the article,
the only program to actually see a jump in ratings this year was Supernatural. It has a growth of 10.5% in average overnight ratings from a 1.9 rating/3 share in 2007-08 to a 2.1/3 last season.

(Please note, all the stats and ratings only refer to shows within the sci-fi/ fantasy genre.)

For final ratings comparison, see here.

Supernatural gets multi-nominations at the Airlock Alpha Portal Awards 2009

Nominees were announced yesterday for the Portal Awards 2009. Supernatural gets the following nominations. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!

BEST ACTOR/Television

Jensen Ackles, "Supernatural"
Joshua Jackson, "Fringe"
Edward James Olmos, "Battlestar Galactica"
Jason O'Mara, "Life On Mars"
David Tennant, "Doctor Who"


AH! No Misha Collins nominated here?! I am a bit p-off!


"Daybreak, Part 2," Battlestar Galactica
"The Monster at the End of this Book," Supernatural
"The Oath," Battlestar Galactica
"Omega," Dollhouse
"Turn Left," Doctor Who

BEST SERIES/Television

Battlestar Galactica



Voting begins June 25 and ends July 25. Details here.

Don't forget to bookmark Airlock Alpha or follow them
on Twitter to get the latest on the Awards.

FANS! I know you are out there! Supernatural has a huge followings and I know you are online! SO VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

13 June 2009

You know I can't help it: My first iPhone blog post

Apple FTW. 

I am very happy with the announcement made at the WWDC 2009 last week. Here is why:

iPhone 3GS

- The new iPhone 3G S will be available on June 19, 2009 in the USA with the rest of the world getting it on July 9, 2009.
June 26 for Australia as posted here.

- The new iPhone 3GS will come in 16GB & 32GB with black and white.

- The new iPhone 3GS will have 'Find My iPhone', it helps you to locate your phone if you lost it.
You can remotely erase all data. Woohoo.... Not that I will try to lose my phone and see it this function works.

- It has a 3 megapixels camera. Better than the existing one.
And it shoots videos.

S stands for speed: IT WILL BE FAST!

For everything you need to know about the new OS, check it out here

iPhone OS 3.0 (for iPhone and iTouch)

- Free download for existing iPhone users from 17 June 2009.

- iTouch users will have to pay $10US ($14.95 AUS) to upgrade.

- Personally I am excited about the mighty cut & paste and MMS function. I am excited!

For everything you need to know about the new OS, check it out here.

Supernatural Season 5: Hardly a spoiler

Casting call for Lucifer:

"30s – 40s, male. This is the devil – he is soft-spoken, strangely sympathetic, more vulnerable than evil and should have piercing eyes. This is an amazing role that will be heavily recurring...HEAVILY RECURRING GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

I don't have a preference but I think someone like Michael Rosenbaum could be good. Can you imagine if Misha Collins is cast as Lucifer for Season 5. I think he can so nail that role too! But I love Misha as Castiel

12 June 2009

Jensen & Jared interview: Conventry Telegraph, UK

Coventry Telegraph did a couple of interviews with J2 when they were in the UK for Asylum Convention.

Here is an awesome interview (part 1) with the boys as they shared some behind the scene stuff. Full article

Jensen hour: more stuff on Captain America

You might have read a few articles recently about Captain America and how fans put Jensen on top of the list to play this character.

Here is another opinion piece by a fan: "
Why Jensen Ackles is the Best Choice for Captain America!"

There are a few nice pictures of Jensen as Captain America too. Do check this out!

New interview: Jensen Ackles with E!Online

Wow, finally! A new interview with Jensen Ackles.

Jensen Ackles Gives The Scoop On Supernatural’s 5th Season

"Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester on the CW hit show “Supernatural” recently took the time to sit down with E! online to talk about the upcoming 5th season,and also the possibility of a 6th season which I certainly hope there will be.Jensen told E! online that he imagines the boys have a crucial ,but not necessary role to play in the war between Heaven and Hell. He says that they’ll be more like lieutenants instead of generals or field marshals."

Full article here.

11 June 2009

Up-coming movies: Shutter Island; 2012; Harry Potter & some movie reviews (sort of)

When a trailer looks good, it doesn't mean it will be good. I recently saw a few movies and saw some up-coming movie trailers. Here is one. The 2012 trailer looks awesome. I hope it will be good.

Today, I saw the trailer for Martin Scorsese's new film Shutter Island. Looks so Supernatural! I can see Dean and Sam investigating a case here. I love Marty and I love Leo, so I may watch it.

And of course, nothing beats Harry Potter!

I saw Termination Salvation, Angels & Demons and StarTrek recently. I've got to say, the best one of the three is StarTrek.

I must admit, I have never watched any StarTrek stuff. I know very little about it. I know he is Captain Kurt, but to me he is Danny Crane from Boston Legal! And I follow him on Twitter. But this new movie was a real surprise to me. I really enjoyed it. At first, I watched it because of JJ Abram and Zach Quinto. (Yeah Yeah.. all you fanboys out there, send me your hate mails.) But like I said, I really enjoyed it.

Terminator Salvation.. well.. the movie is fine. Not as action packed as I expected. But it's still good. I seriously cannot think of a better actor to play John Connor than Christian Bale. I was kind of disappointed with the casting of Nick Stahl. Good actor but he is not John Connor. In terms of the story, it was fine. I don't love it, but it's fine. After watching Salvation, I had a Termination DVD marathon. I forgot how great T1 & T2 were. The third one is actually not bad, but I had issues with the casting of John Connor. (Whatever! Send your hate mails!)

Angels & Demons.... Because I haven't reading the book, I actually liked it.
My sister has issues about some of the details in the Angels & Demons movie and she wasn't happy with the changes. I will make an effort to finish the book. Overall, I prefer The Da Vinci Code movie than this one and I like the book better, I read it 3 times.

Filming schedule for Supernatural; Stargate Universe

The filming schedules for some of my favorite shows on TV are listed on the British Columbia Film Commission website. These shows are of course filmed in Vancouver.

Stargate Universe
Feb 11, 2009 - Oct 23, 2009

Jul 01, 2009 - Mar 29, 2010


While we are on the subject of Stargate, the new Stargate Atlantis movie is called Extinction. Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi published a post and photo on his blog. And by the way, Mallozzi's blog is amazing! Probably one of the best blogs I visit. Talking about Mallozzi, he is not on Twitter, but his dogs are!

08 June 2009

Who Should Play Bilbo Baggins?

Any Tolkien fans here? I love Lord of the Rings, I love the story and the fact that it was filmed in New Zealand by Peter Jackson. And I am glad I finished reading all the books first before I got into the films. I had the Fellowship of the Ring for about 3 years before I finally finished reading it. It was very hard for me to read it and understand it. But when I did finally finish reading it, I couldn't wait to get the other two books. It took me just under 2 months to finish reading the Two Towers and the Return of the King.

I still haven't read The Hobbit, but I will. As for the movie, I won't get too excited about it until I get info on this. Who should play Bilbo Baggins? Total Film has nominated a few. My picks are Ewan McGregor and John McAvoy. I think Bilbo has to be played by an non-American actor. I don't know where they are shooting it, but it would be super awesome for the filming to take place in New Zealand once again.

Your thoughts?

Update: Portal Awards 2009 - Supernatural fans, why should you care?

Airlock Alpha released an update on the 2009 Portal Awards. Here is the Long List. Each category will have 5 nominees, based on how the nominating committee selected and ranked each one.

Supernatural fans, why should you care? Well, because Supernatural is listed here in a number of categories, including Best Series, Best Actors (Jensen and Jared), Best Supporting Actors (Jim Beaver and Misha Collins), Best Supporting Actress (Genevieve Cortese), Best Episode (Lucifer Rising & Monster at the End of the Book) and Best Website (Supernatural.TV & SuperWiki). Jensen Ackles also is listed as one of the contestants for his lead role in My Bloody Valentine, which is also listed as a contestant for Best Movie.

While this is NOT the final list, I will be surprised if Supernatural doesn't get shortlisted in some of the above categories.

Nominees will be announced on June 15. Voting begins June 25, where readers can vote once per day for 30 days at AirlockAlpha.com

For details, go to AirlockAlpha.

Go! Team Supernatural!

05 June 2009

Rob Benedict & Louden Swain

Rob Benedict plays everyone's favorite prophet Chuck on Supernatural.

Rob is also a lead vocals & guitar in the band Louden Swain. Check out their website and their music

Their new album "A Brand New Hurt" is now available for purchase on iTune or via their website.

Captain Jensen

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles tops poll to play Captain America but does he has the time to do movie with Season 6 might be in the schedule? David Bentley blogged here.

I'd love to see Jensen in this movie or any movies. I think he would be great in action or comedy. I agree that he is a great actor and he is one of the most underrated actors.

04 June 2009

More DVD news - special features and release date

Something exciting: The DVD and Blueray of Supernatural Season 4 will release on 1 September. Special features on the disk will include:

- The Mythologies of Supernatural: From Heaven to Hell
- 3 Section Featurette Gallery Bridging Heaven, Purgatory and Hell to Examine Key Mythological - Precepts
- Creator Commentary on 3 Key Episodes
- Extended/Unaired Scenes
- Gag Reel

No commentary from Jensen and Jared. (Why not?!)


My Supernatural iTune iMix

This is my Supernatural playlist on my iPhone. Some of them are featured on the show (e.g. Carry on Wayward Son and Can't Stop This Feeling), but others are songs that remind me of the characters or scenes or episodes.

You can download these songs from iTune. Enjoy.

01 June 2009

Asylum 2009 - My Twitter experience

My life would suck without Twitter.

I couldn't attend the Asylum in the UK, but I was living it through Twitter. All thanks for those who tweeted over the weekend. I
favorited a few trending topics such as #asylm and #asylum. I met a few good Tweeple, I tried to make conversations with Tweeple who were actually there. It was great. At one stage, I actually stayed up for the panel and kept refreshing my page. #asylm became a trending topic on a few occasions. On Sunday, I couldn't get onto Twitter via web or iPhone. Oh we were so crashing Twitter. Forget about Susan Boyle, Supernatural fandom rocks.

I joined Twitter a week before the Australian Convention in Sydney in April (and it's been almost 2 months), so that I can share my experience with other fans who couldn't be there (especially my friend who lives in the middle of nowhere in Australia). Twittering from the Convention was so much fun and it was a joy to share what I saw via Twitter and TwicPic.

Before joining Twitter, I was happy to wait until fans blog about their experience. I was happy to wait for a few days to read reports from fan's websites or watch the highlights on YouTube.
But now thanks to Twitter, I don't have to wait, I get live feed via Twitter.

Since I joined Twitter, I have 1,025 tweets already. Holy shit! That's an average of about 21 tweets a day. What have I tweeted? I hope I am tweeting something interesting and I hope my followers don't find it boring!

I am catching up with all the Asylum reports. Here is my favourite one so far. Source.