19 January 2010

TwitCom - What Is And What Should Never Be

Supernatural 2.20 What Is And What Should Never Be
Written by Raelle Tucker

Directed by Eric Kripke

TwitCom by myself and KaraLambo

Hashtags were removed except for the first tweet. Don’t want to annoy you with the same hashtags which appear on almost every tweet. We were just trying to make these topics to trend on Twitter, to
rise awareness of the return of Supernatural and to make a statement that Ch10sux for taking Supernatural off air in Australia.

Audience applause as KaraLambo and Tiny enter Twitter TwitCom thegirlsareback theboysareback ch10sux Supernatural

I have not met any SPN fans who doesn’t like this episode WIAWSNB.

I love the Jinn's blue eyes

Dean's wearing a silver necklace instead of the amulet.. details!

I want those photos at Dean's house!

First thing I love about WIAWSNB is that it paid homage to the Pilot

Eric Kripke directed this episode. That's 10 kinds of awesome


Castiel is always watching over you Dean. He is going to grip you tight and raise you from perdition.

BTW Raelle Tucker doesn’t write a lot of episodes for SPN, but when she does, she kicked ass!

I LOVE when Mary kisses Dean on his forehead and say I love you.. Dean: me too! YOU JUST DON"T SEE THIS on Supernatural

My inner fangirl is coming out... DEAN IS HOT

Dean: I love to mow the lawn. Me: I love watching you mowing the lawn, Dean.

‘What a Wonderful World’ by Joey Ramone has been one my favorite songs since WIAWSNB

I love Dean in that shirt!

@KaraLambo MAKE SURE you include this scene in your video!! Totally award winning worthy scene from Jensen!!!! [where Dean visited John's grave]

Sam & Jessica in bed is a replica of the scene in the Pilot.

Bros fight scene is also a replica. @KaraLambo we need to a TwitCom on the Pilot!


@tiny_winchester Why are you calling me a bitch? Your meant to say jerk... never mind (@KaraLambo)

Have I mentioned how awesome the soundtrack is in this episode? I wish there is a soundtrack or sth we could download!!

@KaraLambo Good point about the Impala and John connection!!
(@KaraLambo: How does Dean get the impala if he never went back in time to tell John to get it?)

Season 1 & 2 have more urban legend feel.. which I miss.. But I also love the angel crap..

RT @KaraLambo Season 2 and 4 are so far the best seasons. Season 5 is slowly becoming awesome (TOTALLY AGREED)

Snap out of it Dean... NOW!

I LOVE Dean's interaction with Mary.. It's so so sweet...

All this time Dean gets to see Mary in the past and also in alt.reality, but Sam only gets to see Mary in When the Levee Breaks... [which wasn't really Mary!]

So I am really looking forward to see Sam going back to see Mary in upcoming episode..

It was the first time I said to myself, Jensen can really act.. This is an outstanding performance from him in the series so far.

WIAWSNB is an awesome episode! One of the most watched Supernatural episodes on my TV, computer, iPhone

@KaraLambo Yay! Those were also my fav scenes too... I really really love Mary (Amy and Samantha) and Dean in the same scene [Kara made a good point, Sam is more like John
and Dean is more like Mary.]

The more I talk about Mary the more I want to see Back to the Future II. The 'past' episodes are so Mary centric

Another TwitCom on Twitter will take place tonight (19 January) at 8:30am AEST. We are doing a double episode on All Hell Break Loose I&II. Join us!


  1. This ara you speak of Makes a lot of good points :D

  2. Including 'Dean is hot'? Which is a very good point ;D LOL


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