30 January 2011

A trip down memory lane: Jared at Supanova 2008

This edition features Jared's visit to Sydney back in 2008. He was a guest at the Supanova Convention. He came alone. He was tall and friendly. Someone requested a hug from him and got it. And that person wasn't me. :)

Jared signing at Supanova 2008

Jared signing at Supanova 2008

Jared signing at Supanova 2008

[12 days to go] Salute to Supernatural: LACon 2011 (11-13 Feb, 2011)

I was speaking to my friends last night about my trip. It's just getting closer and closer, I can't contain my excitement. I tested my new camera last night during a function & I learnt a few tricks which will help me taking pics at LACon.

I have been looking at ways to blog from my iPad. I finally found this app called BlogPress. So here it is, this is my first post via BlogPress.

I am also looking at other blog services such as Wordpress and Typepad etc.. I also noticed Blogspot has some new features which I haven't looked at. More research is required so that I can enhance my blog further.

That is all for now. I am hungry :)



WANTED for disrupting everything on a global scale.


WANTED for causing uncontrollable screaming from fangirls


WANTED for causing global warming.

29 January 2011

Revised schedule for Supernatural and Smallville

Are we over it yet? Have we forgiven the CW? Here is the revised schedule for up-coming episodes of Smallville and Supernatural, starting from next Friday (2 Feb). Source: SpoilerTV

Feb 2: repeats of
Smallville's 'Icarus' and Supernatural's 'Appointment in Samarra'
Feb 4: new episodes
Feb 11: new episodes
Feb 18: new episodes
Feb 25: new episodes
March 4: new episodes
March 11: repeats begin; both shows will return in April on a date to be announced later

I hope I will still get the chance to watch the episodes on Feb 11 & 18 as I will be in LA for the SPN Convention.

We will have another hellatus before the last 6 episodes of both shows. I hope the CW will do something epic to farewell Smallville.

Here is an article by KimberlyFDR via SpoilerTV on what the delay could cost the CW, check it out.

Finally, before I head out for breakfast, I have one word for you: COWBOY.

28 January 2011

The hellatus is extended for another week.. Why?

The CW had decided to postpone the mid-season premier of Supernatural and Smallville by one week one day before airing the shows. Here is why & why.

It's not good enough. There is a thing called DRV and iTune download. Beside you can watch the episode on the CW website if you live in the States. I don't understand why the CW is giving Vampire Diaries and Nikita the special treatment. They didn't give Supernatural and Smallville the same chance when they were up against the big network on Thursday nights. Supernatural and Smallville never get much love from the network, it's like the first child is hated by the parents!

I think it looks unprofessional, considering this decision was made a day before. If the network make a decision earlier, it's fine. But it's not like they didn't know Idol or basketball was on the same night, right?

This is not cool. This is not awesome! It's embarrassing actually.

27 January 2011

[16 Days to Go] Salute to Supernatural: LA Con 2011 (11-13 Feb, 2011)

OMG.. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? I am so excited, I am looking at my ticket everyday now, and I think I may start packing my suitcase!!!

Today, CreationCon announced the appearance of Richard Speight Jr. I love Richard for what he did on Supernatural. I love his character so much! Steven Williams (aka Rufus) will also make an appearance at LAcon, but he is on Friday. I only have the weekend pass! I would've love to meet Mr. X.

Here is the updated line-up:

Friday only
Amy Gumenick
Matt Cohen
Katherine Boecher
Steven Williams

Saturday only
Misha Collins
Mark Sheppard
Richard Speight Jr.
Traci Dinwiddie
Kym Rhodes

Sunday only
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Brock Kelly (aka high school Dean)

A special (and unfortunately private) jam session of
Jensen Ackles and Jason Manns has been announced. Only 50 people are allocated into the jam session, 30 tickets are currently on auction, 15-20 tickets may be up for purchase at the convention. I think it's really sad that not everyone get to see them jam. I mean, I would love to see even just one song on stage, so that everyone can see them play and sing. With the auction method, it's already up to $511 with 6 days to go. I am just saying that not everyone can effort it. *SCREAM* It's best for me not to think about this one!

On the bright side, Brian Buckley Band has announced via Twitter that they will perform at LACon on Friday 11 Feb. It's safe to say they will play in the evening.

Remember, you can follow me on Twitter.

Congratulations Superantural fans, you have survived other hellaus

Indeed! The hellatus is over my friends! Don't forget to tune in for all new episode of Supernatural on the CW. I am on lockdown! I know there are early previews and 15 million reasons to watch Supernatural, but I am on lockdown and will not read them! I know I'm in for a great ride!!!

SpoilerTV posted some up-coming episode titles, check them out:

6.12: Like a Virgin (aka How To Train Your Dragon)
6.13: Unforgiven (aka The Kiss of the Spider-Man)
6.14: Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
6.15: The French Mistake*
6.16: ...And Then There Were None
6.17: Trail of the Dead (aka Gallows Pole)
6.18: My Heart Will Go (previously known as On Your Time Is Gonna Come)

In The French Mistake, if you haven't heard already, here is the casting and this is not a joke!

Jensen as Jensen
Jared as Jared
Brian Doyle-Murray as Eric Kripke
Genevieve Cortese as Genevieve Cortese

Oh I am giggling like a 5 year old girl!

22 January 2011

Bigger badder more beautiful - Let the wild ride to Supernatural land begin

The CW has released a new promo to get us ready for the return of Supernatural on Friday 28 January.

6.12 DEATH RETURNS FOR A MEETING WITH DEAN — Dean and Bobby anxiously wait for Sam to wake up to see if Death (guest star Julian Richings) was able to restore his soul without causing Sam to lose his mind. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby investigate a disappearance of virgins and discover dragons are behind the kidnappings. ........ Episode directed by Phil Sgriccia and written by Adam Glass. Full synopsis can be read on DreadCentral.

Smallville also returns on the same night with 10.12 Collateral. I am seeing heaps of exciting stuff from SpoilerTV on upcoming episodes. I can't wait to see the return of Chloe, Mama Kent and Lionel Luthor! No sign of Rosenbaum returning as Lex, you know why? Coz he has hair now.

One more thing, I have finished 1-3 seasons of Chuck and got the whole family watching it. I have only watched the first 2 episodes of season 4. I'll get around to it. Long live the nerd herd.

Aussie mission - SPN gets some Aussie love

Supernatural usually doesn't get a lot of love in the PR department. The new digital channel in Australia, Eleven, has been promoting shows from The Simpsons to Supernatural and Smallville on their channel, they are also doing a pretty job with street advertising. Twitter friend Vanda did the most awesome thing, she took a few photos of the poster ad on a Melbourne tram, which features Jensen Ackles, Marge Simpson, David Duchovney and others. You can see the photos on WinchesterBros' Facebook page.

I have also seen the same ad on a bus in Sydney, I will keep an eye on it in coming days. I have been told about another poster ad in Sydney, which feature Jensen's big pretty face on a building somewhere. I am going to find it this week and take photos of it. Wish me luck and stay tuned!

20 January 2011

Supernatural returning to Paley Fest

Apart from the Supernatural Convention world tour (thanks to organisers around the world) Supernatural is also appearing at this year's Paley Festival in LA on March 13. Panellists and moderators will be announced closer to date. For more information on the event and tickets, visit the official website of the Paley Center. You can also follow them on Twitter.

Supernatural was invited to the festival back in 2007, panellists then included Eric Kripke, Kim Manner, Robert Singer, John Shiban, Jensen and Jared.

17 January 2011

[Updated} Awesome Monday Edition: SFCon, LACon & Spoilers!!!

San Francisco Con
If you are a Supernatural fan and if you're on Twitter, you'd probably know Twitter was exploded with awesome tweets from the Supernatural Convention in San Francisco over the weekend, especially this morning due to the J2 panel.

You can check out Superwiki for more links on reports, pics and videos. I assume more links will be added by users over the next few days. I guess everyone is still winding down. If you ask me (ask me!), here is a great report on the J2 panel from Alice Jester (Winchester Family Business).
cmdr_chrichton probably has the best collection of photos from the Jensen and Jared panel. HOT HOT HOT!!! CLICK HERE. Jensen wasn't feeling too well but he still showed up and had fun. Can we love this guy more? And for a sick dude, he still looks damn hot!

LACon (26 days to go)
OMG I can't believe it's my turn to meet him next month in LACon!! I must promise myself NOT TO FAINT! DO NOT FAINT! DO NOT FAINT!! Here's my 33 Days to Go blog post.

Do you know what 26 days can do to me? I am going to be so distracted by what's going to happen 26 days from today. I will be in LA meeting the stars of Supernatural!!! Seriously, my BFF and I have been having meetings to go over our responsibilities at LACon, because we don't want to miss anything and we want to capture everything!

Here are a few spoilers from fans who were at the San Francisco con. I am sure we will hear more when the CW releases official details.

- Jensen said he will direct again should season 7 is a go. Tweet

- Jensen said 6.17 will be a time travelling episode, the boys will be looking for Samuel Colt. Here is the Twitter link to real time search.

SpoilerTV revealed more information on episode 6.17. Click here for more.

- Sam and Dean will be looking for the hunter who killed them in the beginning of Dark Side of the Moon. Tweet

- Jared said Sam and Dean will be back to being brothers again. Tweet

I have a major crush on Samuel Colt. In fact, I was so obsessed with the Colt, I wrote something about it back in January last year. I should really finish writing this fanfic!! Click here to read more.

TV Squad had an exclusive interview with Sera Gamble about this episode. Check it out here. Please note this interview is very spoiler involving some future stories and characters.

Supernatural season 5 is back on TV in Australia. The new digital channel, Eleven, was launched last week. Supernatural was aired tonight at 8:30pm with Abandon All Hope. Here was my review on the episode. Unbelievable!
Eleven had a 5 minute ad break before the last scene where the group photo of Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby, Ellen & Jo was burnt, which was like 10 seconds max! Unbelievable!

I have some music to download. Adios!

12 January 2011

Helping QLD: Donate to the flood relief appeal

Watching the Queensland flood crisis is really sad and it's heart breaking. Brisbane river is already rising and residents are bracing for the big hit which is expected to be due tomorrow morning.

If you want to help, you can go to the
QLD government website for details. Before you donate, it's recommended that you check the legitimacy of charities to avoid scams. Details here.

I live in a different state so I am ok. But I really hope this crisis will be over soon so that the Queenslanders can rebuild their homes and businesses soon.

09 January 2011

[33 Days to Go] Salute to Supernatural: LA Con 2011 (11-13 Feb, 2011)

33 days to go!! That's right, if you haven't heard, yours truly is attending the Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural in LA next month. (Code name: LACon2011) The convention will be held from Friday 11 Feb to Sunday 13 Feb at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport. Confirmed guests so far include the following. Further guests to be announced.

Friday only

Amy Gumenick
Matt Cohen
Katherine Boecher

Saturday only
Misha Collins
Mark Sheppard
Aldis Hodge
Traci Dinwiddie
Kym Rhodes

Sunday only
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Brock Kelly (aka high school Dean)

Other guests I personally hope to see on stage include Jim Beaver, Rob Benedict, Mark Pellegrino, Mitch Pileggi and Richard Speight Jr. 33 days to go and counting, I hope organisers will announce more guests soon. FYI the San Francisco Con is held this week on 14-16 Jan at the Westin St Francis. We assume more guests will be announced for LACon2011 after the San Fran Con. Fingers crossed!! Speaking of the San Fran Con, I don't know the Twitter hashtag yet, but I am sure it will surface closer to date. I will be following all the tweets.

Back to LACon2011, I have a weekend pass so I will be attending all sessions throughout the weekend. My friend and I got pretty good tickets a few months back, and we are really excited. My friend and I aside, a group of Aussies will be there too. I can't wait to meet them and party!!

I have only been to a Supernatural convention once in Sydney 2 years ago. I was too busy taking photos, videos and tweeting during the sessions and it was too overwhelming. LACon2011 is likely to be my only overseas Supernatural convention and I really want to enjoy every second of it. So I can't promise I will be tweeting live, however, I promise you like Dean promised John to take care of Sammy, I will be adding my convention experience to the Impala's Trunk including reports, photos and videos. I will also be taking a short holiday after the Con, so don't freak if you don't hear from me. You can follow me on Twitter for update. You can also visit/ bookmark/ subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

One more thing, as a reminder we are doing a Kim Manners rewatch on Sunday 23rd January (1pm, Sydney time). Join us if you are free. Details here.

08 January 2011

Official Synopsis: SPN 6.12 Like a Virgin & SMV 10.12 Collateral

It's about bloody time!!! Here is the synopsis for episode 6.12 Like A Virgin.

"I am reading about myself reading about myself saving virgins, again, with the merlin's sword."

DEATH RETURNS FOR A MEETING WITH DEAN — Dean and Bobby anxiously wait for Sam to wake up to see if Death (guest star Julian Richings) was able to restore his soul without causing Sam to lose his mind. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby investigate a disappearance of virgins and discover dragons are behind the kidnappings. ........ Episode directed by Phil Sgriccia and written by Adam Glass. Full synopsis can be read on DreadCentral.

returns on Friday 28 January 2011 on the CW. The hellatus is almost over!

Smallville also returns on Friday 28 January on the CW. Chloe returns!!!! Read the full synopsis of 10.12 Collateral on SpoilerTV.

07 January 2011

[SPN & SMV Spoilers] Ohhh... Some like it Gen, Some like it Superman

Ok so, you have probably have heard.. and this is not a joke. I repeat this is not a joke. In an up-coming episode of Supernatural, Dean and Sam will be transported to an alternate reality, they become Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. HA! And it gets crazier, Genevieve Cortese will play Jared's (I mean Sam's) wife.. Getting the Changing Channels and WIAWSNB vibe? WTF!! But I think this is going to be funny! Source: SpoilerTV

"It's crazy, right?! RIGHT?!"

On another note, Jim Beaver will be on 4 Supernatural episodes in a row... Can't get enough of Uncle Bobby!!!

I am screaming like a 10 year old fan girl. Look! Look at the reflection of Clark on the House of El - it is SUPERMAN!!! Will we or will we not see Tom Welling in his Superman suit? OMFG!!!!! I cannot wait.

Like it or not, Tom Welling is the Superman of our generation. Sorry Brandon Routh.
Superman Returns just doesn't work for me and doesn't work at all.

Source: SpoilerTV

03 January 2011

[Update] Feel the love again... Supernatural, Smallville and more returning to Australia on 11th Jan 2011

As mentioned earlier, Aussie fans are feeling the love again. Channel Ten is launching the new digital channel, Eleven, on Tuesday 11 January, 2011.

Eleven will air Supernatural season 5. From what I can see on the TV spot, Smallville will resume from season 8. I can only assume SGU will either start from the beginning or from where it was left off, which was like 4 or 5 episodes in. I can't locate any program schedule yet, but you'll know when we all know!

Any promo from Eleven is better than no promo. It's pretty ok but if you haven't seen Supernatural season 6, the trailer is pretty spoilery.

Here is an old promo Jensen and Jared did for Channel Ten a few years ago, probably in its first or second year on Channel Ten.

I'll be watching to support the shows!

Here is the loop on Eleven with various shows: