27 April 2011

Thor; The Avengers; Firefly Rewatch

Comic books are not my forte but I do enjoy a good superhero story or two sometimes. And Thor is a winner! I tell ya, I thought it was going to be so-so. But it surprised me. I love it. I love the look, the story, the cast and all the references. And I love the cameo appearance from Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye. I thought Kenneth Branagh was definitely the best choice of director for this movie. Chris Hemsworth surprised me, I thought he was really good, I've never seen his stuff, except Star Trek. My original reason for watching this movie was Natalie Portman, she was so cute! She has such a great range and she was fantastic as Jane Foster. Great soundtrack, great SFX, great humor, great fight scenes. It was awesome!

Joss Whedon has revealed to fans on Whedonesque that the shooting of The Avengers has commenced. I think The Avengers is going to be one of the biggest and most ambitious films ever made. I think Joss is the best choice as the writer and director for the movie, because he has a huge following, he respects his work and he respects the fans. I was reading one of his interviews and he was giving writing tips, they were truly inspirational. I have no doubt The Avengers will be one of his best. With the cast this big and fans are already going nuts since the casting of Thor and Captain America (still wish Jensen is the Cap), I think this movie is going to be more epic than LOTF and it should be at least 3 hours long!

EW has an awesome report about the above photo from the set and also some minor (cough cough) information about the cast and storyline. Full story here.

May 4, 2012 is the release date for The Avengers. The madness! THE MADNESS is going to blow DC off this planet!

Last but not least, I started my Firefly rewatch. The second time is more enjoyable, I don't know why, but I guess I am paying more attention to stuff I didn't pay attention to the first time.. I also watched the first episode with the commentary from Joss and Nathan. Awesome stuff! Firefly is way better than the Royal Wedding stuff on TV this week.

Supernatural Season 7 - It's Official. It's a GO!

Yup! It's official! The CW has renewed Supernatural for the 7th season! Oh dear Chuck! It took them long enough to give the show the green light for a new season!!! You know what that means? It's more than likely that yours truly is going to LACon 2012!!

Enough about me!

Here is the CW press release...

".... The network also renewed fan favorite Supernatural, which enters its seventh season next year. In moving to Fridays last September, Supernatural immediately helped make The CW more competitive on the night and dramatically contributed to year-to-year gains on Friday of 66% in adults 18-34 and 60% in viewers." Source: SpoilerTV

Yeah baby!! *Cue the music -- Smoke in the Water*

25 April 2011

Review: Supernatural 6.18 Back to the Future III

Long time readers of my blog have known my obsession with the legend of the Colt. I really dig the connection between the show's mytho and Samuel Colt. In my opinion, he was the unsung hero of the story, I thought I would never get to see him on screen. Supernatural 6.18 Frontierland was definitely the most anticipated episode this season in my book for many reasons. Frontierland was an unique episode for Supernatural. It was written by Jackson Stewart, Andrew Dabb, and Daniel Loflin, directed by Guy Bee. Guy is probably the only known Supernatural crew member on Twitter and he's been tweeting photos from the set since the shooting began. You can imagine how excited I have been since the announcement of Frontierland.
Unlike Amy and Nicole (please visit their reviews by the way), I am not a big fan of the Western genre. I read Stephen King's Gunslinger, I watched Flirefly, Back to the Future III and the trailer of Gang of New York. That's as far as Western goes for me. I guess I was more intrigued to see how Samuel Colt would fit into the story. Three of my favorite things are in this episode: (1) Samuel Colt (2) the time-travel (3) the Back to the Future references. I got a lot more out of this episode than I expected.

WIN #1 -- Authenticity & Location

The episode is really well done on many levels. Authenticity is definitely a winner -- from the very Western Supernatural opening to smelly stuff underneath Sam's shoe; from the look and feel of Sunrise, Wyoming to the production music and the people.

Sunrise, Wyoming was a quiet Western town with a small population, it certainly wasn't busy. If you're looking for more gunslinging and bar fighting, you won't find it here. I guess the location is perfect for the budget of the show. Say if the setting was in New York like Gang of New York, you kinda have to build a bigger set and hire more extras due to the nature of the location. 

WIN #2 -- Dean's Disneyland 

I love how going Western made Dean happy. It was probably the only time he didn't mind not going back to his year at all, because he was so in love with the genre. It's funny to see Dean discovered the Colt Journal and he wasn't willing to let anyone touching it. Dean was such as fanboy of Samuel Colt! Dean in this episode reminded me very much the Dean in season 1. The fun-loving Dean, the master of one-liners and every smart-ass remark. It's happy to see Dean happy. The cowboy look suited Dean and he looked good. But Elkins disagreed :) 

On the contrary, Sam disliked the idea going Western. To be honest, Sam didn't look as good as Dean as a cowboy. I wonder if Elkins would agree with me?

WIN #3 -- A Phoenix: River, Joaquin or the One in Dumbledore's Office?

Elias Finch (aka the Phoenix) was played by Matthew John Armstrong, who was also on Heroes. Unlike the demons, Finch/ the Phoenix wasn't a complete evil creature. I like that about him. He took justice into his own hands because his innocent human wife was killed the so-called good guys and he was accused by them. There was an Anakin Skywalker vibe to it -- 'I lost with my wife and now I'll go dark side and kill younglings.'

Finch was the reason Dean and Sam went back in time after they found out the ashes of the Phoenix could burn the Mother. Nice! I like that too. Let's hope the phoenix ashes would really work on the Mother.

WIN #4 -- Castiel and Rachel

I know this isn't the Easter spirit, but Rachel was annoying and she was a waste of time. Although Rachel was Castiel's lieutenant, but she was certainly not a human-loving angel.

OK, here is an observational thing: many angels the boys met were human haters. Except Castiel, Anna, Joshua in heaven, the Cherub in My Bloody Valentine and perhaps Balthazar, other angels weren't fans of humans, the way they talked to humans was disrespectful. But Castiel never disrespected humans, even from his first appearance on the show. It wasn't his nature to look down on humans. I think this is a very important point to remember. I believe Castiel's heart was not a bad one but I am afraid poor execution and lies might cause him the friendship with the Winchesters and more.

The power source stuff gives me the chill. Castiel scares me and I think he scares himself too. And he is feeling incredibly guilty. Again, I hope this is a test for strength of character and I hope his plan will pay off.

Oh.. one more thing.. it's been short and forgetful, but goodbye Rachel, your service is no longer required.


Samuel Colt was best known for making the Colt, building the giant Devil's Trap and the Devil's Gate in Wyoming during 1800s. What did we find out from this episode? A number of significant information…

* According to earlier episodes of Supernatural, Samuel Colt made the gun in 1835, not 1861. So Samuel Colt had the gun for a long time since 1835. He still hadn't disappeared with it in 1861!

* Random Demon #1 said to Samuel Colt: 'We know you built the Devil's Gate. Open it for us.' So the demons had been eyeing on the Gate since 1861 (or could be longer). We knew one of Azazel's plans were to get his hands on the Colt and to open the Devil's gate with it. But this was the first time these words were said out loud.

* According to Frontierland, the Devil's Gate had already been built (because the demons were looking for it). It seemed Samuel Colt had already completed the railway Devil's Trap too. But here's the thing -- if Samuel Colt's house was inside the devil's trap, then demons couldn't get to him, so may be he hadn't finished building the Devil's Trap. Or perhaps he was still working on it and that was why he had not disappeared yet!

My point is, why hadn't Samuel Colt disappeared? The Colt was created, the Devil's Gate and the Devil's Trap were already built, but Samuel Colt was still around and he wasn't disappearing. It was already the year 1861.

Sam could well be the reason (or at least one of the contributing factors) of Samuel Colt's disappearance, the gun along with him. It was possible that Samuel Colt went into hiding because he knew about the future from Sam. To be more specific, perhaps Samuel Colt disappeared to hide the ashes.

And on the side note, how much do you think Sam told him about the future?

* We now know the Colt was used before it got to Elkins. Two bullets were used by Samuel Colt when he shot the two demons in his house; one bullet was used by Dean when he shot the Phoenix at high noon. Other bullets were used by Elkins and his descendants as well as all the Winchesters boys in modern time -- John used it on Luther the vampire; Sam shot John's leg with the Colt; Dean used it on Azazel's son and Azazel himself.

How the Elkins got their hands on the gun and managed to keep it until now? I suspect perhaps Elkins saw what happened at high noon, Dean dropped the Colt on the ground and Elkins picked it up and hid it; hoping it would protect him from the evil. But we also knew Samuel Colt went back to Sunrise, Wyoming to pick up the ashes, perhaps he did pick up the gun and had it for a little longer? I guess this would be another story for another time.

Samuel Colt the character did not disappoint. He was one cool dude. I don't watch Western but he really reminded me of Clint Eastwood. There was no fear in his eyes. He stayed very composed when the demons walked in. He was quick. He didn't freak out like the Doc when Marty told him about the future. All Samuel Colt cared about was the Whiskey (Bobby and Rufus would love him). He called Sam 'the giant from the future'! And the best thing was he knew how to use a Blackberry!! (It would've been super-awesome if it was an iPhone.) By the way, Sam's address shouldn't be on the phone, because it hadn't happened. But that's another discussion.

I would have loved to see more of Samuel Colt and his backstory. But that's just me. The story of Samuel Colt cannot be forgotten and I hope we will get another episode on Samuel Colt and his legacy in season 7.

The only thing I am disappointed was that Dean didn't get to meet Samuel Colt. I would have loved to see the three off them (Samuel, Dean and Sam) to be in the same scene.

WIN #6 - The Back to the Future Ending

I love the Back to the Future ending! I love it! I screamed out loud "Oh my God, they are going to do a Back to the Future"… "Oh my God, they just did a Back to the Future". I love it so much!!! I would so not mind if the entire episode was a Back to the Future rip. I know, I am sad!

I think the ending was an awesome win!!!!!! Thank you for writing that scene in.

WIN (or WTF) #7 -- The Waffle House Free Stuff Banner & Shia LaBeouf

Because I watched Smallville before Supernatural, so the Waffle House free stuff ad was super annoying! But I am sad and I checked out the Waffle House website. Shia LaBeouf is on their home page.

Overall, I love Frontierland. I thought it was really well done. I am doing a rewatch on Twitter on May 15 with my Twitter friends. The theme is the Colt, we are revisiting all the Colt heavy episodes including Frontierland. Details here and I hope you can join us.

22 April 2011

[Updated] Supernatural Rewatch - The Colt (May 15, 1pm, Sydney Time)

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present our next Supernatural Rewatch -- The Colt.

"Back in 1835, when Halley's Comet was overhead, same night those men died at the Alamo, they say Samuel Colt made a gun. A special gun. He made it for a hunter. A man like us, only on horseback. Story goes, he made thirteen bullets. This hunter used the gun a half dozen times before he disappeared, the gun along with him..... They say this gun can kill anything." John Winchester, 1.20 Dead Man's Blood
We have selected a number of episodes where the Colt was significant to the plot: Dead Man's Blood, AHBL2, The End, Abandon All Hope & Frontierland. That's right, we will including Frontierland because this is the first and may be the only time we get to meet the maker of the Colt.. Samuel Colt.

Date: Sunday 15th May 2011
Time: 1pm, Sydney Time
Hashtag: #SPNColt

*If you are in another time zone, you can convert time via The World Clock Time Converter.

Episodes viewing in this order
1.20 Dead Man's Blood
2.22 AHBL2
5.04 The End
5.10 Abandon All Hope
6.18 Frontierland

How you can contribute to a great conversation during the rewatch
You need to be on Twitter. If you are not, just go to Twitter and sign up.

If you are on Twitter, here are three ways to join us:

Follow Tiny; Tiny Panic Room; Tiny Flatbread. (You must follow all accounts in case I go to Twitter jail.)
Follow my Twitter ladies: Amy and Nicole

Public timeline works fine, but some of us also use TweetChat during the rewatch. You can log on to TweetChat HERE Just make sure you use the hashtag #SPNColt in your tweets.

Get your DVDs/ downloads/whatever ready! We begin each episode with the "Previously On".

I will do a countdown so that we can all press the play button together. Don't worry if you are a few seconds or minutes in front or behind. Every 5 mins or so, I'll tweet the viewing time of the episode, so that you know where we are up to.

You are welcome to come in and out during the rewatch. We'll have a 5-minute changeover in between each episode.

Remember the rewatch is highly interactive. Join the conversation and make new friends.

I hope you can join us at on Sunday 15th May 2011, 1pm, Sydney time. Got questions? Ask me on Twitter or post a comment here.

Hope you can join us to tribute to the Colt.

20 April 2011

Review: Supernatural 6.17 My Heart Will Go On; MTV 10 on Top

Supernatural had an awesome return this week with 6.17 My Heart Will Go On. I love this episode. It's becoming a formula in a way because just when we thought it was funny-ha-ha-they-unsank-the-Titanic, something important was revealed to us and now.. I am actually quite scared.

"You jump I jump."

Despite half the episode was set in some sort of alternate reality, it was great to see some good heart-warming moments. I like how Dean and Sam worried about Bobby, who have just lost his friend Rufus. I like the return of Ellen. It was a little weird to see her as Bobby's wife, but I didn't mind because I think Jim and Samantha have great chemistry. I like Dean and Sam working on a case. I like the twist at the end about Cas' order. I.P. Freeley was an awesome name. Fate (aka Atropos) was surprisingly a winner to me. I like how they designed her look, she was so the Devil Wears Prada. 'God gave me a job and I went to Heaven to ask for instruction but no one answered.' Great delivery of lines!

With only five episodes left in season six, we are on the home stretch. Let's get right into this week's topic -- Castiel.

"Do you truth me?" "I trust you."

The War of Heaven has been a topic in season six but it has been somewhat a little overshadowed by the Alphas-Purgatory-Mother theme. We are getting to know a bit more about the War and Cas' agenda. Human souls are valuable. But how and why? Death had an interesting conversation with Dean before about souls. That scene still intrigued me. Why did Death want Dean to keep digging about souls? Why did Cas want Dean and Sam to remember Fate? I see a triangle of relationship here (Death, Cas and Fate), but I just can't put my finger on it.

In this episode, Cas reminded me of Cas in season four. He was gray, we weren't sure if he was the good guy or the bad guy and what exactly he wanted from Dean etc. But I think his compassion towards humans never changed. Unlike Uriel or Zach, Cas always liked human. In The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester, Cas said:
"These people, they're all my father's creations. They're works of art. And yet, even though you stopped Samhain the seal was broken and we are one step closer to Hell on Earth for all creation."
In My Heart Will Go On, we found out from Fate that it was Cas' idea to unsink the Titanic because he needed souls for his war machine. What does it mean? What exactly is his plan? Is he gathering forces to fight Raphael or Eve? Does it mean Cas will go dark side and be one of the douchey angels before him?

"I am king of the world."

So Cas is in charge. He is gathering his forces. He is collecting souls. He is giving orders. Whatever his reasons, I'd like to think Cas is planning the counterattack on Eve, not because he is going dark side and becoming another Uriel or Zach. I think Cas loves humans. I'd like to think Cas is trying to save everyone from Eve. May be it's a 'desperate times call for desperate measures' situation, Cas has to do what he thinks is right in order to save humans from that bitch from Purgatory. Because evil things like Eve or demons or any monsters, they think humans are weak and they can just walk over them. Cas burnt the script and threw the rules. But now he has Purgatory and Raphael to deal with. Whatever his agenda is, I hope it has something to do with saving human souls.

Let's not forget, it was a conversation between Fate and Cas. Not only Cas is hiding the truth about the Titanic from the boys, he is hiding a bigger secret. I think Cas doesn't want to loose the only friends he's got. But when Dean and Sam eventually find out about Cas' plan, it's not going to be pretty. But I don't think Cas is selfish, I just hope his plan will pay off... I hope!

And by the way, what exactly does Raphael want? Revenge? Power? Restore balance to the Force? I'll be looking out for major clues from the Cas centric episode!

"I'll never go."

The idea of Cas saving Sam from hell crossed my mind after watching the episode. The possibility was discussed on Twitter with friends. And some of us are scared, including me. I guess on one hand, we love the drama and the twist. But on the other hand, we don't want to see portrayal.

What if Cas gripped Sam tight and raised him from perdition? We know he has the power to do this. He saved Dean before, and there is no reason he can't do it again to save Sam. If Cas really did save Sam, why did he left his soul in the cage? If, and I stress IF, Cas has been lying to the boys from the get-go, then it's gonna be pretty heart-breaking. But I cannot mention this enough, and again, I hope whatever Cas is planning, I hope he can justify it.

It's not a Supernatural season finale if there is no big death. I am bracing for the worst. Cue the music.. 'You're here, there's nothing I fear. And I know that my heart will go on.'

One of the most anticipated episodes in my book is the next episode 6.18 Frontierland, directed by Guy the Super-Bee. I am so excited about this episode I told Guy a about it. I love Samuel Colt, which is one of my favorite Supernatural topics on this blog. Do not miss it. I am sure this episode will not disappoint.

Supernatural was featured on MTV's 10 on Top on the weekend.. SUPER RADIOACTIVE HOT!

16 April 2011

Smallville Series Finale - Trailer

I am going to cry... I know I am going to cry when I see the series finale of Smallville. Although I only became a fan of Smallville 3 years ago, and I can imagine how emotional this will be for fans who have been fans of Superman and Smallville longer than me, but I am already feeling the emotions.

I am so going to cry...

May 20, 2011.. Don't go anywhere! Watch the 2-hour series finale.

12 April 2011

Supernatural grabs three awards at TV Guide fan favorite awards thingy

SUPERNATURAL is the big winner at this year's TVGuide Fan Favorite Awards. It won Favorite Sci-Fi show, Favorite Actor (Jensen Ackles) and Favorite Non-Human (Misha Collins.)

My other favorite shows also picked up some awards! The Big Bang Theory won Favorite Comedy and Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck won Favorite Actress! It's time for change. The geeks are taking over!

Seriously I am going all fangirly about Jensen Ackles being fan's favorite actor. OMG! He looks radio-active hot! And he is incredibly talented! People need to look at him and go WOW he is better than any actors in his generation, what's his name Green Lantern...

You know I can't help it! So here are a few screen hots.. I mean shots of the above video.

You can see Supernatural on TVGuide on April 14. Tell your friends. Tell your butcher. Tell you coffee boy. Tell the whole world!!!

10 April 2011

(My Version of) Sunday Roasts - Smallville; Supernatural; JIBCon

I had a big week last week, it was exhausting! There are a few things I would like to share with you.. so here is my version of Sunday roast. Gotta love it when I put Smallville and Supernatural together!

I cannot begin to tell you how sad I will be in coming weeks. The final countdown begins! We are talking about hours to the series finale of Smallville. It's only fitting to feature Tom Welling and Erica Durance in this week's TVGuide. I love them! I am so excited to see Tom and Erica on the cover of the TVGuide. That's two of favorite shows on TVGuide this year!! Woohoo!!!!!

I have never been a Superman fan before, but Smallville has changed that and it has become one of my all time favorite TV shows, I guess the journey of a hero becoming a hero is always more interesting and I think Smallville has done brilliantly in that regard. There is no doubt in my mind Tom Welling is our generation of Superman and Erica Durance is our generation of Lois Lane. I am not excited about the up-coming Superman movie, nor care about the rumor of the Justice League movie.

I was watching the Pilot yesterday. It was indeed a very good Pilot. I only started watching Smallville about 3 years ago. I respect how far the show has come and how excited fans are when they see certain characters, plots or scenes. I was also watching Superman Returns the other night. Sorry, but Erica is a much better Lois Lane. She re-defined Lois Lane. The new Lois Lane has big shoes to fill. 

The finale will also feature a John Williams score The Planet Krypton (as featured in the original 1978 Superman movie). EPIC!! Source: EW

I know Clark will become Superman, but still, I am on lockdown and I don't want to read any spoilers! The two-hour series finale of Smallville hits the screen on May 13.

The means Supernatural will have a break, their season finale will be on May 20 with two episodes (6.21 & 6.22). It won't be a 2-hour movie length episode, although the idea did come across the minds of Kripke and Gamble. This leads to my next topic, Supernatural. I totally planned this.

The Supernatural Rome Con, Jus in Bello (JIBCon), is happening right now in Rome. My timeline is exploded with awesome JIBCon tweets. Holy Smoke!!!!! Literally! The boys are HOT! Why couldn't Jensen wear single layer in LACon?!

There are two photo sources you need to bookmark for life! FiercelyNormal & THIS (I don't know who did this one, but you are awesome). SuperWiki has a collection of reports, photos, videos and tweets. Read all about Jensen's Bartholomew and Jared's Francesco!! They are adorable!

I know we are getting Celine Dion next week, but I am really excited about Back to the Future III!!!! I am talking Supernatural of course!! Not long to go, Supernatural returns this Friday on the CW. I love Guy Bee and I'd give him the world.... of random mock-up posters. Stay tuned, I've done something silly again.

Hey McFly.. I mean.. Winchester!

It's not every season you get to see a massive cast and crew photo like this one.. I am framing it! Source: Misha Collins

02 April 2011

LACon post-con report and highlight reel

It's been more than a month since the Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural Convention (LACon) in LA, 11-13 February. Why did it take so long for me to get this post-con report and highlight reel done? Because I suck.. oh wait.. real life sucks.

According to the scientists, they are one step closer to creating time travel. Well.. good for them for thinking outside the square! But can they hurry up? Since I don’t have superpower, because they aren’t real like unicorns, I have to turn to science.

And what if I have superpower? I think time travel is a good one to have. I could so see myself travelling back to LACon. Surely there must be a way to relive the moment! The DeLorean is real, right?

How can I ever get over my USA trip? It was beyond awesome. But this word has been so overused, ‘awesome’ seems to be so mediocre. (Thanks Ellie!) How about this: it was a life changing experience, it was somewhat liberating. It wasn't just about meeting my favorite actors in the entire universe. It wasn't just about the shopping or the sightseeing. It was also about going on a trip with best friend, Teeny. The trip was simply unforgettable. I have never done anything this crazy before. Seriously, going overseas for a fan convention, who does that?

I knew LACon was a reliable convention to go to. If I have to pick one con location, it has to be LA, Chicago or Vancouver for a completely awesome experience, and they usually have the best line-up of guests! I've been to a few cons before like AHBL and Supanova in Sydney, but LACon was the best con experience ever! People I met were very nice and friendly -- from the mother who sat outside the room waiting for her daughter to the lady behind me while we were waiting to get Jim's autograph; from my Twitter friends to people I met who we now follow each other on Twitter, LACon is like a family reunion!

I have a playlist on YouTube, if you want to watch some raw clips, including someone calling Jared "Mr Padalecki"; Jensen on doing the voice for Redhood and meeting Lance Reddick; Jensen thanking the PR team; the closing of the con and J2 singing Happy Birthday.

Supernatural fans are the best! Fans asked really intelligent and fun questions. The answers to these questions are often insightful and inspiring. Fans ask better questions and do better interviews than the press. (Crossroads Podcast and SHoE are one of the best examples.) Only at conventions like this you get the real stuff from the actors themselves. To be completely honest, the actors are very genuine and they are not pretentious. The personalities of these actors are incredible. I love everyone! I hope they don't ever change.

My first official event at the LACon was the BBB concert and the Karaoke on Friday night. BBB was fantastic! Big heart, great songs, awesome introduction from Mr and Mrs Padalecki. Jerad and Gen stayed for the whole concert, Gen was also helping out on selling their CDs. You can imagine how crowded that area was when Gen and Jared were there.

The Karaoke kinda took me by surprise. I was surprised how much fun these actors were. I mean, they really wanted to have fun and enjoy the event with the fans. Richard Speight Jr was OMG fun. So was Matt Cohen, Amy Gumenick, Steve Williams and Katherine Boucher. I don’t know what happened to other Karaokes, but Richard asked the fans to leave our assigned seats and go up to the stage and go nuts. We could only do what we were told, right?! I am also very impressed with how well behaved the fans were. Well done people!!

There were a few fans' favorites such as Eye of the Tiger, Carry on Wayward Son and Don't Stop Believing. I gotta tell ya, Journey my friend, Journey! People love Journey there! Three times I walked past the Rockefeller Centre, three times they played Don't Stop Believing and Faithfully. AWESOME!

Tips for future attendees, if you do sing karaoke with the cast on stage, it's very likely that you will get free hugs from the cast.

Day 2 was full of awesomeness. There were five guests on Day 2 including Jim, Clif, Richard + Traci, Mark and Misha. Day 2 was full on! On top of the Q&A, you have to line-up for the autographs and photo ops. And if you are a Gold ticket holder, you have private sessions and the dessert session to attend! The program was just so full on, from 9am to 11pm.

Jim was funnier then I thought. There were so many in-jokes about that kiss with Crowley, which was funny and awkward considering that was a hot topic of the day! Jim is very nice, he is like this uncle figure who sits next to you on the plane and you have a great conversation about stuff. Who doesn't like Uncle Bobby, right? I love Bobby even more after watching Weekend at Bobby's. Jim was back on Day 3 for the "J3" sandwich and was on stage for another 15-20 minutes. Jensen was signing autograph at the backstage, he came out to give Jim a hug when Jim was telling us how comfortable he was in Weekend at Bobby's, which was directed by Jensen. For photos of the Jim's session, check out my Flickr album.

"Stop calling stop calling, I don't wanna talk anymore.. I left my head and my heart on the dance floor."

I missed the first half of Clif's session, I was dying for a good coffee! The best thing about the Marriott hotel is Starbucks in the lobby! The line was longer than usual and I really needed to buy some photos for the autograph ops. The vendor room was awesome! They pretty have every Supernatural merchandise you can get! They even have the special Supernatural branded hotel keycard from ComicCon. They have heaps of photos you can buy for the photo ops plus official magazines, t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains etc. It's pretty awesome! It's a great way to kill time and your wallet.

Richard and Traci were so much fun. I wish that hour didn't end! I LOVE RICHARD!!!! Richard and Traci did something different during their panel. Instead of having the fans lining up to ask questions, they came down to the floor with the roving mics. All the actions happens on the floor. And what's more awesome was that they were roving around my row most of the time!!! Teeny took a lot of amazing photos and I love her for doing such an amazing job. Richard was asked about the Trickster/ Gabriel arc and if he or the writers knew about it. According to Richard, that was Jeremy Carver's intention all along. I love and miss Jeremy. He is one of my favorite writers. I want to be like Jeremy when I grow up. He write some of my favorite episodes and he created Castiel. If you haven't, you must check out his commentary for 4.03 In The Beginning. For photos from Richard and Traci's session, check out my Flickr album.

Mark Sheppard is one cool dude!! I love his British accent!! I can listen to him all day. He talked about working with Joss Whedon, Adam Baldwin and you don't have to fit in, just do your thing. (I am pretty that's what he said..) During Mark's panel, Misha was naughty and distracted him! HAHA.. you can see that on my highlight reel. What I love about Mark's panel was Jim's surprise appearance. Jim came to hug Mark and then told him 'It's over.'

Misha's panel was hilarious!! ROTFLMFAF! I think Misha's panel has a lot of his personalities in it. He was witty, intelligent, funny and charismatic. He was the only guest who dressed super sharp like he got a new suit for the every special occasion. Can't beat a three-piece suit, right! Teeny reckons Misha is so Mr Darcy, and I think even Teeny enjoyed Misha's panel (considering she has only watched a few episodes of Supernatural!) And MY GOD I was under the spell of Misha's cologne after the photo op. I think he dry-cleaned his suit with whatever cologne used. Misha Misha Misha!!! I am so glad you are on the show!!!! He talked about the Aussie fans (woohoo), his pony, the rhino and also auctioned a few Supernatural items for his charity. The best random moment from Misha's panel was when a fan asked him about the storyline of season 6, and Misha said if it was too confusing for her, don't watch it!! LOL... I LOVE YOU MISHA!!!! For more Misha's photos, go to my Flickr album. By the way, you can read a collection of tweets from LACon here.

The guests of Day 2 were so awesome. I have nothing but great things to say about them. Not only the fans were there the whole day, some of the guests stayed until the evening for the dessert session (I believe Misha, Mark, Jim and Traci were there? Definitely Misha and Mark.) Misha also made an appearance at the screening in the evening. Yes, they get paid to be there, but they are also great sports and they were just so awesome!! (Can someone tell me how many times I've used the word awesome in this post?)

Misha and Richard shared an area for their autograph session, Misha had a conversation with pretty much everyone, making the waiting time longer than usual, I think I went back to my room close to 9:30pm? I told him his rhino email was so long.. he said GET USED TO IT! Misha, please write more long emails, I love reading them!!! He signed my rhino letter, which he sent. He asked if I was a rhino hunter or something along that line, I couldn't function when he spoke.

Richard drew a cute picture which somewhat resembled Richard himself. Teeny has been cursing me since forever, because I forgot to get a special item for Richard to sign, I just forgot. I am so sorry! I just forgot! So Teeny raced back to the hotel room and brought the season 5 companion down. Richard saw his photo in the companion and said "Oh, what's this? Haven't seen this one before!" I told him it was the season 5 companion. For the record, I LOVE RICHARD!!!! Please tell me the Trickster is not dead!! I want to see him back on the show!! And before I forget, I want to see the Ghostfacers back as well! I love them!

Day 2 helped me to prep Day 3. Surprisingly, I slept very well the night before I met Jensen! Considering the first main event on Day 3 begin the Jensen autograph, I needed a good night sleep. OMG.. My body was vibrating the whole time!!! Thank Chuck AmyinSydney was there, I think I may have bruised her arms, I was squeezing her because I was so nervous.

And how awesome is AmyinSydney? She is my hero. We had a photo together with Jensen, and then I had a solo op with Jensen. I gotta say, hugging Jensen and having the opportunity to talk to him (even thought it was just a 'hello, how are you, can I have a hug, can we have a group hug, thank you'...), I would do anything to go back to that moment. He was a serious hugger and he was so cuddly and SUPER NICE! AmyinSydney and I were so happy after the photo op, we were jumping up and down and hugged each other outside the photo studio. The photos came out so brilliantly. I will show you .... when Clark Kent tells the world he is Superman.

*PS* Things I didn't know before: I didn't know the breakfast for the Gold ticket holders had food. The whole time I thought it was just the name of the event. You actually get to enjoy a continental breakfast buffet and then J2 arrived for the Q&A. I saw them in the hallway when I arrived (I wasn't a Gold ticket holder), but I arrived early because the Jensen photo op took place immediately after the breakfast. Anyway, I saw them in the hallway, and I was like.. CHUCK ME, Jared was tall! (I said that everytime I saw him). For AmyinSydney's experience at LACon (including the private Jensen and Jason concert), visit her blog here.

The J2 appearance was the most anticipated event of the weekend. The whole Sunday was about Jensen and Jared! The 'security' was tighter, for example the autographs from other cast member were personalised. The organisers asked you for your name and they wrote your name on a post-it note and stuck it on your autograph item. But for J2, your items don't get personalised, the assistants would take it off before passing it onto the boys. But I guess if you asked them in person, they might do it.

Other than that, you can pretty much give anything to them to sign. If you haven't seen this already, I gave my iPhone to Jensen to sign. My iPhone has been Jensenated! Woohoo! His assistant gave me this look "why did you give me your iPhone.. oh wait.. are you sure?" She laughed. When I asked Jensen if he could sign my iPhone, he laughed too and said SURE! Next time, the cast can sign my iPad! (iPad as in the device by Apple, not iPadalecki. Just so we are clear on this.. hahaha..)

Jensen and Jared used to have their own solo session for all ticket holders, but now they only do a joint-panel and the solo sessions were only for the Gold ticket holders :( This year, they also organised the very private Jensen and Jason Jam session, which was super expensive. AmyinSydney was there, check out her blog for the awesome write up of the Jam session. Entrance rules were so strict (no recording of any kind, not even photos), you could only bring yourself. But there was one song sang by Jensen and Jared on stage (yeah.. Jared sang!).. It was Happy Birthday!! See the clip here.

Anyway, the Q&A was so much fun. J2 had matching outfits, black shirt and jeans. It's like they have their own dress code for every con, leather jackets for Chicago, black shirts for LA.. or something like that. Misha has different suits for different con. Awesome! Many people would have agreed with me that Jensen and Jared really have great chemistry, you can't fake that. They are just so much fun to listen to. They were in great spirit.

Jensen talked about filming the up-coming western episode. He talked about how he hurt his hand while filming one of the scenes in Frontierland. By the way, the director of that episode Guy Bee was there too, but he wasn't on stage. I wish the convention organisers started to invite the writers and the directors to be guests, I love them as much as I love the cast. I would in fact pay to see a talk by Eric Kripke, Ben Edlund, Sera Gamble and Jeremy Carver! Like that talk with Joss Whedon at the Sydney Opera House last year, changed me forever..

The other question was about the support the show gets from the network. From fans point of view, we don't think the CW is doing enough to promote the show and that was the spirit of the question. Jensen talked about the support the show gets from the network, and he praised the PR team from the CW and WB for doing a great job on promoting the show. Jared talked about being on the cover of TVGuide and thank the fans for it. See the clip here.

Jared also talked about crazies who impersonated them online. (And for frek sake people, Jared and Jensen are NOT ON ANY SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES, don't be fooled!) Jared said having someone impersonates you, stealing your identity does not stroke their ego but it's silly and creepy. What satisfy them is people love their work and their talent, impostors who stalked people for numbers and said all the nasty things to others online are not to be encouraged.

I am so glad someone asked Jensen about his voice work for Batman: Under the Redhood. Jensen talked about running into The Wire / Fringe / Lost actor Lance Reddick, Jensen is a fan of Lance and he had a fanboy moment when they met in a hallway during a WB photoshoot awhile ago. Lance told Jensen he was a huge comic book fan and he told Jensen how much he loved his work in Redhood. Things like this makes Jansen happy, because people love his work. Watch the clip here.

The hour went too fast and thanks to Teeny again, she took some amazing photos while I took some videos and enjoyed the panel. To view my Jensen and J2 panel photos, go to my Flickr album: Jensen and J2.

The photo op with Jensen and Jared was AMAZING!!! Teeny and I had a group hug with Jensen and Jared. I asked Jensen if we could have a group hug and he said sure (surprise?). The three of us were already in position, and Jared was like "so what are doing? are we doing this? are we doing that?", Jensen had to repeat himself to Jared: "Group hug! Group hug! GROUP HUG!" HAHA.. it was funny. I was looking at this photo and all our hands and arms got tangled up. I love that photo so much, it's the wallpaper across all my electronics.

The best thing about photo ops is that, apart from getting a high quality print out of the photo, you can also get the high res jpeg version on a CD for I think $10. Teeny told me she heard someone wasn't happy about their photo op, coz their eyes were closed or something, the girl was like 'I paid good money for this!'. I had my eyes closed for the Misha and Jim sandwich, but lucky me, the photographer's assistant told me to go back for another one. Hehe.. And it was amazing! Misha did this face, which I didn't even ask him to!

When you collected your photos in the vendor room, you get to see other photos too. It's nice, like you get to see other funny photos, like someone asked Richard to piggyback her.. LOL!! Awesome!!! Next time, I am going to ask Jensen to piggyback me with Jared at the back saying WTF. No wait... I think I will ask Jared if I can piggyback him and Jensen comes rescue me....

One more silly thing. I bought an auction item on Day 2. I didn't know what I was doing. I just wanted to put my hand up for fun sake. And I won the bloody thing! If it wasn't Teeny's spare bag, I seriously didn't know how I could ever bring this baby back!!!! It just did not fit into my suitcase. And I still don't know what to do with it, it's rolled up and sitting next to my bookshelf. But it's awesome! It's signed by all the guests. But I wish Jensen and Jared's faces are on it! You can see Jensen signing the banner in the highlight reel. He signed his name between Matt and Amy's photos.

So there you have it. This has got to be the longest post ever for the Impala's Trunk. And my butt hurts for spending the time writing it! I wish this blog post never ends because writing this reminds me of all the happy times in LACon. But I also hate doing this simple because this is like closing the final chapter of LACon. Friends on Twitter are already talking about 2012, and I don't know if I can be there. I guess for now, just be glad that I was part of something great and I had a brilliant weekend with the cast and fans of Supernatural. Thank you once again for an unforgettable weekend. I wish we will meet again.

Creation Entertainment has already announced the date for LACon 2012, Gold tickets are now on sale. Check out their website for details. Sweet Cheesus! I am thinking about it!