30 September 2011

Happy Friday; Lois & Clark's Buckner & Ross-Leming Reunite for Supernatural 7.05

Everyday is happy day. Everyday is Jensen Ackles day....

Are you looking at what I am looking at?
I've learnt earlier on today, Supernatural 7.05 Shut Up, Dr Phil is written by EPs of TV series Lois & Clark -- Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming. What's more awesome is that Buffy's Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters are featured as guest stars in this episode.

Here is the official synopsis:

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" ALUMS CHARISMA CARPENTER AND JAMES MARSTERS GUEST STAR --- Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) meet Maggie Stark (guest star Charisma Carpenter), a witch who has unleashed her wrath on a small town, resulting in numerous deaths. Sam and Dean track down her husband, Donald (guest star James Marsters), to see if he can help. Donald tells the brothers that Maggie is mad at him for having an affair and is taking it out on the townspeople. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming (#705). Source SpoilerTV

I am still waiting for Tom Welling to make an appearance!

Supernatural 7.02 Hello Cruel World airs in less than 24 hours... Get ready for more darkness and intensity!

Shut Up, Dr Phil!
Source: Jensen Daily Galeria 

28 September 2011

The Supernatural Guy Next Door

I know right?! I don't think I need to type any more words.. except may be one more word: HOT!

Seriously! How often do you see Bobby is dressed better than Dean in an episode of Supernatural? Although, the hospital gown look is pretty hot too, especially if he turns around.. It's ok Dean.. Get well soon :)

7.03 The Girl Next Door will feature guest stars Young Sam (Colin Ford) and Jewel Staite. The episode is directed by Jensen Ackles.

Source: SpoilerTV

26 September 2011

JJ Abrams & Eric Kripke Team Up for NBC's Revolution

This is my dream team.. I know I have many, but this is beyond word. I was really really happy when I learnt JJ Abrams and Eric Krikpe have teamed up to develop a new TV pilot for NBC called Revolution. Source: TVLine

No further details have been released, but it will be an 'epic adventure thriller'. I so want to watch this. Please get a full ride!

Kripke is also developing a TV show based on DC Comic, Deadman for the CW network. He is also a Consulting Producer for Supernatural, which he created, for those who don't know. Kripke is also writing for a feature horror movie, Haunted. Does he sleep at all?

I am assuming only one of his TV projects will get the green light, I mean he can't be in two places at once. But it is not impossible to have both new shows to get the green light. And I hope they both do! The NBC one looks more promising, not discrediting Kripke (he is my hero), just that JJ is a hot property right now, he is the Chris Nolan of TV land.

I can't get enough of Kripke. I miss his work, I miss his story, I can't wait to see more good stuff from him.

Speaking of not getting enough (not the naughty way), I really need more Ben Edlund and Jeremy Carver, I love their writing, I love their episodes. I guess that's why I am so excited about Supernatural 7.02 Hello Cruel World, and Carver's Being Human. This is probably my favorite new show on TV right now. It's pretty full on sometimes, but I like it a lot.

Stay tuned for more Kripke news.

25 September 2011

Review: Supernatural 7.01 Meet the New Boss

Dean, Sam and Bobby watching the news about the space junk.
The wait is over. This may or may not be the moment you've been waiting for, but a brand new season of review has begun. Enough about me… What about that space junk hey?! Did it land in Canada? As long as it didn't land on my roof because I have Supernatural to watch.

Sera Gamble penned the season premier of Supernatural, Meet the New Boss. The episode was directed by Phil Sgriccia. Meet the New Boss is pretty much everything I want a season premier to be. It is definitely the best season premier since Lazarus Rising and Sympathy for the Devil. It captures my imagination and curiosity. The vibe is very similar to season four and five. Meet the New Boss sets the tone and the direction for the rest of the season perfectly -- we are going to a very very dark place where Dean and Sam will need to find new ways to overcome danger and fear.

Unlike season six, season seven has already established the big bad from the get go and I like it a lot! In season six, the big bad wasn't revealed until later and just when we thought the Mother was IT, the writers threw us the curve ball. I am not saying the writers won't throw us another curve ball this seasons (and in fact, I like it), but it's refreshing to see the direction is defined -- the big bad for season seven is revealed, Leviathan, the biblical ancient beast.

When it comes to Supernatural, the story idea must be based on an existing lore, that's the rule set by Eric Kripke. I thought to myself, what can the writers possibly come up with this year? We have seen many kinds of supernatural creatures including demons, angels, even ghouls and fairies! But the creative team never cease to be awesome. I think they have picked the best monster for this season. According to Death, God created Leviathan long before he created angels and humans, but God sent it to Purgatory because it was dangerous beyond control, like ... the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Leviathan was mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as well as Jewish, Middle Eastern and Christianity literature. Leviathan was a sea monster and one of the seven princes of Hell and gatekeeper of hell. I am so ready for many badass actions!

Meet the New Moss is essentially about establishing the big problems Dean and Sam have to deal with this season. Godstiel had no intention of smiting Team Free Will -- simply because the CW has no intention of ending Supernatural yet, and because the cast is hot and adorable. Gostiel wasted no time to smite those we secretly wanted him to smite -- corrupted politicians, priests and motivation speakers. That was clever. I think the creative team nailed this one, they have once again brought us something not cliche. And there is something VERY Supernatural, VERY Kripke about these smiting targets! Apart from the smiting, what I really like about Godstiel is that he was also helping people -- the blind man scene was very very good.

To establish his position as the new boss, Godstiel went to the King of Hell, Crowley, to give him a job and a chance of survival. Crowley, who had been hiding in a trailer from Godstiel, wasn't complaining because he just wanted to survive and maintain his position as the King of Hell.. may be to get a new tailor or go to therapy.

Godstiel is dangerous and he doesn't even know it. Dean and Sam needed to come up with a solution quickly to destroy Godstiel before he eventually destroyed the world. The brothers summoned Crowley and demanded him to give them the spell that could bound Death, who claimed to have the ability to reap God back in season five. It's a dangerous move, but like Sam said, a spell is a spell. Good one Sammy! I like the fact that the show is giving Dean and Sam more help. Before they didn't really have anyone to go to except Bobby, the majority of their hunter friends were killed by Meg in one episode back in season one, and they don't have many allies who are still alive. Having Crowley around is a good thing, and we love Mark Sheppard! A few more hunters will be introduced this seasons, I hope they don't get killed too soon, I guess we'll wait and see.

Oh.. Hello Death! I love Death! I think Julian Richings is an awesome actor! I cannot think of any Death in popular culture who is as good as Julian! This is why he gets invited to fans conventions!! I love that Dean paid attention to the details, there is only one way to talk to Death -- pickle chips and milkshake. Team Free Will summoned Death, who was bounded by a spell Crowley gave them. They wanted Death to kill Cas. Just when I thought this bounding Death plot will go on for a bit, it was resolved very quickly in the episode. Godstiel showed up and confronted Team Free Will and Death. This is the one scene I most looked forward to after I saw the promotion photos a few weeks ago. I thought Julian and Misha really nailed this scene. Death was calm and collective, Cas was justifying his action like a child and he was pissed because nobody understood him. Death didn't get to kill Cas because he effortlessly unbounded Death. Cas gave Dean the dirty look and then he disappeared to do more smiting. Guess he was in a hurry!

Death wasn't going anyway without eating pickle fries and milkshake Dean bought for him. Death was pissed, but he wasn't yelling, just honest words and death stares (and he owns those death stares). I love it when Death gave Dean a lesson, Dean was always scared but Death always helped. His agenda? I don't know, but I think Death secretly loves Dean, like Snape loves Harry, you know?

Death told Dean how to resolve the Cas solution, which wasn't hard to do apparently. To clean up this mess, the boys must get Cas to release those souls back to Purgatory, quickly. My favourite part is when Bobby said eclipse was over, and Death said he'd just make another. Death seems to be powerful than we thought, he has this God-like power. Am I the only one who thinks Death and God could be the same entity? Just saying!

We soon found out there is something wrong with Cas and he knows it too. The souls inside his body wanted to get out and his meatsuit was melting. It was just a matter of time he exploded. This episode has some very cool special effects, which doesn't happen often in the season premier, perhaps they get more budget this year? I was really impressed with the Voldermont-tried-to-get-out-of- Cas' body special effect. Cas was also hearing voices too, for a second I thought it was the voice of God, but it's more like the voices of the souls inside his body. By the time Cas realised he was no God, he needed help. For the first time in a long time, in my view anyway, he asked Dean and Sam for help. That was the best decision Cas made since the season four finale. It gave us one comfort -- our adorable angel Cas was back, although not for long, but he was back and he was very sorry. But of course good things don't happen to good people. When Cas was ready to release all the souls back to the Purgatory, it was too late. The ancient beast, Leviathan, was unleashed and it cannot wait to play Charlie Sheen… or do you prefer the Joker? Mwahahaha…

Before I continue, let me get one thing out of the way. If I don't say it sooner, I will never forgive myself -- I just want to say… Jensen Ackles.. you are so hot. Your hair is longer and it's so hot. You're wearing that jumpsuit fixing your baby the Impala, is so hot.

OK.. where were we?

Sera and Bob have warned us a few days ago in an interview about Dean's state of emotion and the weight on his shoulder. Dean has crap load of problems to deal with this season -- Sam, the Impala and CrazyCas. The weight on Dean's shoulder will get heavier and heavier. It's like a really bad migraine, it tortures you slowly. The world is always going to end bloody, so all Dean can do is to fix the Impala; watch some Asian cartoon porn; wait for Sam to wake up and then give him a beer. The brothers have no weapons of any kind to destroy Godstiel, but if he is not looking for them to smite them, they ain't looking for him.

Dean is relieved Sam's souls are all back in one piece. If there are complications, he will deal with it (and he will be dealing with Sam's damaged soul a lot this season). The big brother never gives up on the little brother… that's what we like to see. And we love seeing Dean and Sam working on the Impala together.

When it comes to Castiel, it's like Dean has already given up on his angel friend. But not being to help his friend is also killing him. But I think in the end he forgives Cas and I believe he will do everything to save Cas who is still inside that meatsuit, battling Leviathan.

Ten minutes into the episode and we've already seen Sam hearing things and having illusions of hell on a number of occasions. Sam's soul has been ripped to pieces, toyed with, his soul is so damaged. Poor Sammy! He is scared, but he doesn't want to tell Dean, and he is even seeing Lucifer (by the way, Mark Pellegrino's guest appearance surprised me in a way no words can describe it! You sure kept it a secret!). Lucifer is so awesome, this statement is so wrong in many ways, but yeah he is so badass! Telling Sam, perhaps this was his best torture yet, making Sam to believe he is free but he is not. BOO! Sam may or may not believe it, but we will find out next week! Sam just disappeared at the end of the episode, wondered if he left to get a burger or something?

What I like about Sam in this episode is that he brought compassion to the episode, he doesn't see Cas as God or enemy, he still sees him as a friend who needs help. He was in Cas' position before -- the road to hell is paved with good intention. When he prayed to Cas in the junkyard, that was a beautiful scene. Notice how dark the entire episode was, and the junkyard scene was shot outdoor with the beautiful sun in the background. Perhaps suggesting the light at the end of the tunnel for Cas? I love when Sam said "Let us help." I think Sam is more puppy-eye-y than usual, while Dean is like: "Can we catch a break? We never catch a break.. Ah! I need some Asian cartoon porn."

The palladium core in the arc reactor that keeps him alive and powers him is slowly poisoning him... oh wait.. that's Iron Man 2
Misha Collin nailed his performance in this episode!! The character transition from normalCas to crazyCas in the same scene was good enough to give him an award for the Best Supporting Actor I hope I'll see CrazyCas more. This is a brilliant opportunity for Misha to have fun with his acting. I cannot wait to see more!!

What about Crowley? In this episode, we saw him from hiding in the trailer to getting job back, and then he was conspiring against Cas with Team Free Will. But now Cas is sort of gone, Leviathan is unleashed. What would Crowley do?

Let's quickly talk about the new opening title card, which I love, by the way. It's black and white, perhaps suggesting everything is just black and white? Last time, I spent the whole season trying to figure out what the mirror effect meant!

Overall, Meet the New Boss was ten kinds of awesome! The episode featured so many storylines, it was full on! But the pace was really good, you don't feel they were rushing things. So, well done from the creative team! I can feel it, season seven is shaping up to be a great great season.

Next week's episode -- Hello Cruel World -- is written and directed by one of my dream teams -- Ben Edlund and Guy Bee. Don't miss it!! [Spoiler] Mark Pellegrino returned!!

One more thing before I love you and leave you, I was listening to Nerdist Writer's Podcast with Ben Edlund as one of the guests. He was talking about The Tick and how he got into mainstream TV writing etc.. It was really good. I highly recommend it!

Peace out! V_V

23 September 2011

Supernatural 7.04 Defending Your Life; New Season Promo Pics (sort of..)

Is it Friday yet? (Saturday in Aussieland).. The next 24 hours is going to be one emotional ride. When I wake up (and I will sleep in) tomorrow morning, Supernatural 7.01 Meet the New Boss would have been aired. I will definitely watch it at least three times before I start writing my review. By Sunday, my time, around 1pm, I will be joining the Crossroads nation on UStream to discuss the premier. I kid you not, I have blocked my weekend for Supernatural.

The CW is best known for being green. Here are the new promotional photos that were shot last year! Source SpoilerTV

The CW has released the synopsis for 7.04 Defending Your Life

DEAN IS PUT ON TRIAL FOR HIS PAST SINS --- Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a string of gruesome murders and discover the Egyptian god Osiris (guest star Faran Tahir) is behind the deaths. The vengeful god is putting people on trial for their past mistakes and killing them if found guilty. Osiris hones in on Dean's guilt and decides he's the next to stand trial. Sam steps in as Dean's lawyer, but both brothers are unprepared when Osiris calls an unexpected witness -- Jo (guest star Alona Tal). Robert Singer directed the episode written by Adam Glass (#704). Source KSite

7.04 Defending Your Life will air on October 14. Oh Jo!!! Bring it! I miss her.

1 sleep to go.... 

22 September 2011

Interview with Sera Gamble & Robert Singer; Crossroad Podcast Live show

Here's how my day works. I get out of bed. I get ready for work. I catch the bus. I get to work. I work. I eat. I drink coffee. Occasionally I move my ass if I'm not too busy. After a day dealing with people, I go home. In between these actions, I catch Supernatural news and I get on Twitter reporting for duty. I call it research.

On a big news day like today, it's very busy. I am talking about Supernatural of course, who cares about what I do at work! My Twitter timeline is exploded with spoilers today! The power of Godstiel compels evil spoilers! But hey, I have a duty to feed my blog. As long as they are not spoiler clips from the actual episodes.

Enough said!
“Dean is going to have lots of issues…that he’s going to have to deal with... A big turning point will come in episode four...." -- Robert Singer on the weight on Dean's shoulder
Sera Gamble and Robert Singer did an interview with LA TV Examiner very recently, where they talked about the weight on Dean's shoulders and Sam's wall. It's going to be a very emotional ride this year and there will be plenty of opportunity for Jensen and Jared to shine as an actor. Come one! Go for the Emmys! But I know, our boys are way better than those clowns, right? 
“They don’t have very many people, they’re clearly better working together, and they need each other in so many ways.” -- Sera Gamble on the brother's relationship
There are a few separate articles for each of your favorite Winchester. For Dean, click here. For Sammy, click here. For Castiel and Crowley (sorry, he has to share), click here. TVLine also has a good summary of all things talked about.
“Eric [Kripke] liked to say, ‘Every villain is the hero of his own story...’” -- Sera Gamble on Castiel as the new God
If you are not listening to the Crossroads Podcast, what the hell is wrong with you!? It's the best Supernatural podcast in my opinion! There will be a live show this Saturday, September 24th at 10pm EST (USA). If you are in Australia, it will be on Sunday 1pm AEST. Don't miss it and join us for good times. The live show will be on UStream.

Guy Bee tweeted about something today... two of my heroes working on the same episode.. EPIC!! Guy Bee is directing 7.09, a script by Ben Edlund. You know, I wish Convention organisers would invite the writers and directors to conventions more! I'd hug Ben and touch his beard!

Last but not least, Jensen and Jared are involved in the Once Upon A Cure Gala -- a Gala for the Hunter Syndrome Research. Read more here.

2 more sleeps to go..

21 September 2011

Holy Smoke!!! Official Supernatural Season Seven Promo Pics Released

Here are the official promotional photos confirmed by the CW (unlike those from yesterday, which were fan-made.) To see the full set of photos, visit TVGuide.

I AM ONCE AGAIN SPEECHLESS... THE BOYS LOOK SUPER SUPER SUPER HOT!! Oh hot Jensen is hot!! I am a 200% Dean Girl, but Jarpad you look awesome too.

They look familiar, yes, they do! Because you have seen them before. They were used for the season six promo jingle thing. But I'll take it!!! I'll take Jensen as exactly who he is.. Jarpad can tag along. Mwahaha..

Here is the design of the Premier E-Card... holy smoke!!

3 sleeps to go...

20 September 2011

Supernatural fan-made poster; Misha's Interview; & Grumpy Dean Promo Pics

Is it Friday yet? Is it Friday yet? Is it Friday yet? Is it Friday yet?

This poster is fan-made but I FLIPPING LOVE THIS POSTER.. LOVE LOVE LOVE CRAZY LOVE! I am not opposed to having Misha in the foreground. It's a team thing. I think this really sets the tone of season seven. I also LOVE the tagline... "Heavenly Justice is in Operation." I am quite speechless.

I won't watch any preview clips, but if you are into this sort of things, you can watch the preview clips here.

Do you know who else I love? SpoilerTV! They have posted some promo pics from 7.02 Hello Cruel World. You can look at the full set of photos here. And this are my favorite pics.. I love me some grumpy Dean...

In casting news, it's been reported that D.J. Qualls will guest star in 7.08 Time for a Wedding. He will play a laid-back hunter who pisses Dean off. Source SpoilerTV.

Last but not least, Misha recently talked to AfterElton about Supernatural, Castiel, his pretty big gay following and those slash fanfics.

Hey straight guys, who do you turn gay for? And lesbian fans, who do you turn straight for?

Four sleeps to go!! Four sleeps to go!!!

18 September 2011

6 sleeps to go -- More Jensen & Jared on 10 On Top; Supernatural gets fast-tracked to Australia

I swear this is the only thing that keeps me going! I love these guys, that's all.. I can post embedded link with BlogPress, so if you haven't seen J2 on this week's MTV's 10 On Top, click here. Supernatural makes it to the number two spot this week. Who is number one? I honestly don't give a damn.

On another exciting news for Aussie fans, Eleven is fast-tracking season seven of Supernatural, starting from Monday 3rd October 8:30PM. This is one week after the US. Smallville is currently scheduled to follow Supernatural. This is exciting! This is a great lead in for Smallville. It's funny, because it used to be the other way around on the CW. But I love it! I will be watching both shows regardless. Source TVTonight. With Being Human's season finale is airing tomorrow night, Eleven needs shows to go on, I think they are doing a fantastic job so far. I wish they will follow through.

I am bracing for another busy season for episode review. Yay! I am so excited about season seven, more so than season six because there is a new storyline and this time, I actually know how to expect the unexpected.

PS Kara, Amy and myself have another project lined up for Xmas.. Watch this space!

Life sucks without Internet -- Aussie Telcos, I wish I could love you more.. or at all

I just wanted to start by a negative remark regarding telcos in Australia, they are so disappointing. If you are one of the biggest in the country, why are you so beyond with technology and service? Occasionally I enjoy retail experience, you get the face-to-face personalized service. The retail staff is the face of the brand, the role of the customer-facing front-line staff is important. I honestly did not expect to see staff literally lying on the sofa, yawning, falling asleep at a major telco retail store in the city when I walked in. They simply did not care, their voice was lazy and sleepy, unprofessional, slack and lack of knowledge. I honestly don't know why you still have a job. If I were your boss, I'd fire you on the spot. They were nothing but a waste of time.

So I left and went home to call the tech support instead. I should mention earlier that I was having issues with my USB wireless modem, it is not compatible with my newly upgraded Lion aka 10.7. That's fine, because I know I could always get the mini modern, pocket wifi thing. But I thought I give it one momay try, may be they just haven't released a new software update online. So I called the technical support.

When I asked if they are compatible with Lion, they said: "Sorry, we are not compatible with the new OS. But you can still use it." I thought, ok that's good, it's a sign. But no, wait for it.. I asked, "OK, tell me how." The lady said, "You can downgrade to 10.6."

What a dumb-ass reply! She also gave me some reconfiguration for PC, I am like I DON'T USE A FUDGING PC! I NEVER WILL! There are other things too, but after 30 mins on the phone, I cancelled the service. There was an awkward 30 seconds dead air. Jesus Christ. I know they could've upsell their pocket wifi device to me, but no. The attitude was like FINE THEN! So I was like.. Fine then! You just lost a customer.

It's interesting, my friend said may they didn't go to WWDC. It's been a few months since Lion was released, surely you have enough time to figure out whatever the problem is. Why is this happening? This should be easy, right? I still stand by the fact that the industry has to get moving, and don't fall behind. But obviously some people will never catch up even if they try. Too harsh? I am just a pissed off customer right now.

So, I have moved on to another telco, I have decided to try their pre-paid service first, because if they suck, I am screwed for the next 24 months. I know they are reliable, I know it will work with Lion, because after all night researching, talking to people and reading bloggers' comments, it gave me enough comfort to go to a new telco.

But guess what? Their activation service is under maintenance today. Can't do it over the phone, can't do it online either. How hard is it to activate the SIM for fudge sake?!

Fudge! Why do we always have problem with telcos? Why are we wasting so much time because of their incompetence? Why do we have to spend so much time looking for solutions ourselves when it should be their job to help me and to provide seamless services and support?

Until I get my Internet back, I will be blogging from my iPad. Hopefully my Internet problem will be resolved soon.

16 September 2011

Jensen and Jared on Top -- MTV 10 On Top; Riding on Set

The guys were on MTV's 10 On Top... I can listen to Jensen's talk all day, even if he is just counting down from 100 to 1.. I am sure I am not the only one. Seriously!

So cute! The guys were caught on camera riding their mini bikes on set. I love how kidult they are!

More photos from SocialLite Life

15 September 2011

Supernatural 7.03 The Girl Next Door Synopsis; Episode 7.08 Title

It's almost here, Supernatural season seven premiers next Friday on the CW with Meet the New Boss. I am sure the preview clips will be released very soon. But as always, my policy is that I don't post spoiler clips and on occasion I go into a lockdown ☺

Anyhoo... I came across the synopsis of episode 7.03 The Girl Next Door which is directed by Jensen Ackles, with guest star Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate Atlantis) and Colin Ford (aka Young Sammy).

JENSEN ACKLES DIRECTS --- Dean (Jensen Ackles) is furious after Sam (Jared Padalecki) disappears to follow a lead on a case with clues that are identical to a case Sam solved as a kid. The demon turns out to be Amy (guest star Jewel Staite), who has been killing low-life thugs and taking their brains for dinner - the same demon Sam found as a kid. Jensen Ackles directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.Source SpoilerTV

SpoilerTV also posted the episode title for 7.08. It's... Time for a Wedding. Source SpoilerTV

10 September 2011

Supernatural 7.02; New Interviews; Quotes of the Week from J2; I am Team Jo

I know right?! OK.. Here is the official synopsis of episode 7.02 Hello, Cruel World.

Hello, Cruel World is written by my hero, Ben Edlund, and directed by my other hero, Guy Busy Bee.

SAM HAS FLASHBACKS FROM HELL --- Castiel (Misha Collins) continues to struggle with the burdens that come with his new-fangled power. The broken wall in Sam's (Jared Padalecki) head causes him to have hallucinations, and he has difficulty discerning what's real and what's not. Bobby (Jim Beaver) worries that Dean is beginning to stumble under the weight of fighting Castiel and keeping an eye on Sam. Source: SpoilerTV

Oh DEAN! SAM! BOBBY! We need a group hug!

Jarpad was interviewed by EW recently and he talked about season seven -- Sam's wall, Cas' absolute power; Jensen wants to grow his hair and Friday night's competition with Fringe.
".... We’re not doing American Idol numbers where 30 million people watch every week and it’s a no-brainer that [they’ll] go forever. We have this core group of followers who are a part of it and enjoying being a part of it." -- Jarpad
Jensen was interviewed by TVGuide. Apart from talking about Sam's wall, Cas and season seven in general, he also talked about directing another episode, Crowley, Death, Jewel Staite and the return of Jo.
"It was unbelievable we made season five, then six, now we're doing seven and they're already looking into the future of eight, so I'm just like, "What?" It's not gonna be, "Sam, get me the salt and the gun." It's gonna be, "Sam, throw me my walker!"" -- Jensen 
I have always liked Jo. I remember when I first got into Supernatural, I watched season two on TV, while waiting for season one DVD to release. I started with Nightshifter, that was my first Supernatural episode, but I have been watching bits and pieces on YouTube.. I just loved when the Dean and Jo chemistry. And I love when Dean sang Can't Fight This Feeling. You know fanvids on YouTube can be deceiving, at first I thought Dean and Jo were an item. It obviously didn't happen, but it's nice to see these two together. And I guess to me, I know a lot of fans didn't think Jo was mature enough for Dean and she was like a sister to her But I still think Jo could be the one for Dean. There was a potential to see her grow up as a woman and a hunter. Please have a great reunion!

Jensen Ackles - The Director

How much do you know this guy? I have been in love with this guys since the first time I watched the show back to its season two. There is more to than meets the eye.

I feel like I've been watching him growing as an actor. When I caught up with his earlier works such as Dark Angel and Smallville, I thought he was good, but Supernatural is his best to date. And there is more to come! I see great things from Jensen Ackles because he sure has the the talent, the heart and most important his soul is pure when it comes to what he really wants from his career.

Jensen Ackles is not a celebrity. He is an actor and a director -- a damn good one. Watch out Clooney!

The special feature, Jensen Ackles: the Director's Journey, debuts on the Supernatural Season Six DVD.. oh wait.. it's already on YouTube! Here is Part I and Part II. Enjoy! I have never seen Jensen so tense and serious. This is a different Jensen from the one I saw at conventions and other behind the scene features. I love how genuine he was. I love that about him. Don't ever change Jensen!

The Supernatural Season Six DVD releases this week on 13 Sept 2011.

07 September 2011

Supernatural Spoiler Pics; New God & Old Death

Just saw a few photos from the season premier of Supernatural. I am really REALLY intrigued. Like.. REALLY intrigued.

Ah! I love that finally I have the opportunity to put my theories together..

If you have read spoilers about this season, you'd know in dealing with Cas' role as the new God, Dean called Death for 'help'. But Death is pissed off at Dean.. I wonder why. I'd go further from what I blogged about Death early this year. The whole natural progression thing is more important to Death. Having created humans -- who are able to live their lives, have offsprings and at the end of their lives they die -- God's job is done a LONG time ago, he has set the scene and the playground and he is 'retired'.

With Death, he doesn't create lives, he reaps them when their time's up. God doesn't interfere with what goes on in people's lives between their birth and death. Death is happy.. yeah?

Now, with Cas-God going all 'I'm going to set things right', perhaps Death knows Cas-God would interfere and cause disruptions to the natural order, which is not beneficial to Death. Death was all cryptic about the souls when last spoke with Dean in Appointment in Samarra, he said, "... you have use. Right now you're digging at something, intrepid detective. I want you to keep digging, Dean." But Dean didn't really know what he meant, he didn't even think about it. I don't recall anything on Dean digging about this after that episode. Perhaps Death is pissed off about Dean's lack of action? Time will tell...

Death: "For pie sake, you're a new God, go get yourself a new tailor!"
Death: "I love me some cheap food."
For more photos and details about the season premier, visit Zap2It.

06 September 2011

Supernatural Season 6 Gag Reel; DVD Reminder

I don't normally watch YouTube stuff at work. I could, but I just don't. However, on occasion, I do. And it's hard when I was pretending to watch the Bloomberg news, but in fact I was watching Jensen and Jared being silly and Misha said......TOUCH IT.

Let me be the Phoenix in Dumbledore's office.. Let me burst into flame from laughing so hard and reborn from the ashes.

In other news... Supernatural season six DVD is coming!!!!!!!!! I have already ordered my copy fro Amazon. The DVD is released on the 13th September, that's next week!!!! Mwahahahaha...

Apart from the 22 awesome episodes, you will get:

- Jensen Ackles: A Director’s Journey featurette
- Supernatural and the Quest for the Soul featurette
- Audio Commentary on Clap Your Hands if you Believe with EPs Robert Singer, Sera Gamble, and Ben Edlund
- Audio Commentary on The French Mistake with EP's Robert Singer, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund
- The French Mistake Alternate Takes and Outtakes
- Gag Reel
- Easter Egg
- Two bonus episodes from Supernatural: The Anime Series -- All Hell Breaks Loose Parts One & Two

05 September 2011

Supernatural Season 7 - The Brothers, The Symmetry & The Crowley

The CW has released an updated description of the season seven premier of Supernatural... Ouch!

Dean: "We are so screwed".. Sam: "Understatement!"
Wow... I reiterate, seasons seven will be intense from the get-go. So many storylines are left wide-open. The brotherly love is back. Despite the whole '...a secret that threatens to tear them apart' thing, I don't think this is all true. I mean, seriously, NOTHING will make Dean and Sam stop caring for each other. Especially with Dean, I was revisiting some of the earlier episodes, this guy doesn't give up on his brother, he may have a thing or two to say about John or when Sam got friendly with the demon in season four, Dean never stop loving his brother. Dean will continue to deal with his brother's pain and everything else. Dean's responsibility doesn't stop with Sam, he also has the new God Cas to deal with while keeping the world safe from evil. Sam's current state of mind is one of the key themes to watch. Unlike Dean, Sam wasn't the torturer, he was the object in Michael & Lucifer's play day. What I would really love to see is Sam remembering the stuff that Michael and Lucifer talked about in their cage. Surely the angels will not settle for hell and surely getting out of hell does cross their mind. Right?

The show will once again bring the symmetry back -- life and death. I need my God/ Death fix and I cannot wait how this will play out. Castiel's new role as the new God is going to be an on-going theme in season seven, it's interesting to note Cas is yet to realise the magnitude of his new form, we will definitely continue to see his journey in that regard. Death will continue to play a key role in season seven. Don't forget the conversation between Dean and Death in Appointment in Samarra, Death told Dean to keep digging about souls. We haven't seen that bit wrapped up, and I hope to see this developing further. Also when Death claimed he is capable of reaping God in season five, I think this idea will surface again and I cannot wait to see how this turns out. I think anytime you have a not-so-regular character appear in the season premier, that HAS to be the shape of things to come.

Last but not least, I still think there are things the writers aren't tell us about Crowley, Mark Sheppard highlighted an important point, we have never seen Crowley's eyes turn black or red or yellow like other demons. Now that he 'lost' to Cas in the battle of the souls from Purgatory, what will be his next move? Crowley is like a smart business man, he doesn't give up and he will continue to make business proposition and find the right business partner, so to speak, to get what he wants. What I like about Crowley is that he is not stupid and he isn't like other demons, he is a business man, he knows how to play games. That's what makes him interesting.

Here is the updated synopsis:

"Now, despite Sam and Dean's efforts to stop him, Castiel has succeeded in his plan. His power is God-like, and Sam and Dean have no idea how to stop him. But even Castiel doesn't truly understand the magnitude of what's inside him -- or how dangerous he really is.

Season seven finds Dean and Sam reeling from the loss of their friend. Sam's violent memories of Hell threaten to overtake him, threatening not just his life, but his brother's as well. Meanwhile, Dean struggles under the weight of a secret that threatens to tear them apart. And even as the brothers traverse the backroads of America, hunting things that go bump in the night, something is coming for them. They are about to face an enemy more canny and adaptable than any they've ever fought. As the landscape around them becomes increasingly treacherous, the tools they've come to rely upon will be stripped away. Our heroes, like so many outlaws before them, will find themselves utterly outmatched and outgunned, with no one to rely on but each other."

Source: SpoilerTV

Don't miss the season premier on Friday 23 September on the CW.

04 September 2011

On the Set of The Nanny Diaries Sequel -- Oh Wait.. It's the Avangers in New York!

I know right?! Scarlett Johannson and Chris Evans were in The Nanny Diaries together, that was shot in New York. And now they are filming together for the Avengers in New York. I know! What a weird introduction! But I can't help it!!

Harvest hottie?
Dude, I am confused.. I went to sleep and woke up and actually thought I was on the wrong set.
Have we met before?
So you are a nanny by day, a black widow by night?
Good times!

 Good times!!
The cast of The Avengers including Captain America (Chris Evans), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) were seen in full uniform filming. I am trying to hard not to look at them, but I cannot help it!!! Dang you spoilers!!!

Source: The Avengers set photo WorstPreview & DigitalSpy

01 September 2011

A Very Random Thursday Edition -- We Need a Monkey on Supernatural called....Clyde

I find myself freaking out earlier than expected. I know casting news aren't exactly spoilery, but I feel like I should go into a lockdown now!

We need a monkey on the show called....Clyde.
So, you may have already heard. Pirate of the Caribean's Master Gibbs, Kevin McNally, is the new computer genius on Supernatural. Although, when it comes to the computer on the show, I always see Ash and his mullet! Nevertheless, I am very excited about McNally's appearance. He will first appear in the episode Slash Fiction and he is an old friend of Bobby. I expect plenty of Pirate of the Caribean reference! More details here Zap2It

Master Gibbs has a Lego too!
Not only Bobby has a friend, Crowley also has a friend. James Patrick Stuart is set to play a demon named Richard Roman. According to Sera, Richard is "a very canny, charming, well-connected new adversary." Basicially a demon version of Balthazar right? More details here Zap2It

Dean's friend is back too.... Not a lady friend... but DEATH. Finally! His re-appearance is long overdue! Don't enable me, Death is up there with Samuel Colt in my book -- illusive, cool and awesome!! Julian Richings is also appearing at the up-coming Supernatural convention in Toronto in October. This will be his first appearance at a fan convention. I am intrigued about what fans will ask him and how he'll like his convention experience. It'll be funny if he goes to the kareoke!

The official synopsis of 7.01 Meet the New Boss is released:

CASTIEL TAKES ON HIS NEW ROLE AS GOD -- Castiel (Misha Collins) doesn't kill Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) but warns them not to interfere in his business. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. Dean decides they should bind Death (guest star Julian Richings) and order him to stop Castiel, but the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to deal with the broken wall in his head. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble (701). Source SpoilerTV

Just like season four and five, we are going straight into it from the get-go. It's going to epic and intense, I expect the first two episodes will set the tone for the rest of the season.

Supernatural season seven premiers on Friday 23 September.