11 January 2010

Aussie Supernatural fans - let us unite!

I love Davie Knox from TVTonight for writing this article to acknowledge Aussie Supernatural fans. I hope this will get to Channel Ten because if there is something worth fighting for, it's Supernatural.

"In the dying days of 2009, TEN made a programming amendment that saw two of its US shows, Supernatural and Stargate: Universe, dumped from Mondays and replaced with movie repeats.

Since that time, Sci-Fi and Horror fans have been relentless in their anger at the network..."

Full article can be viewed on TVTonight.

I re-post the comment on the website that: "If Ten is NOT interested in airing the show now and ever, then release the right to air immediately, so that another channel can pick it up. Cable or free to air, I don’t care. As long as Aussie fans get our episodes. If no other channels want to pick up the show, then Warner Brothers or whoever holds the right to do so, should release all previous seasons as well as the latest episodes on iTune."

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