11 January 2010

New gig for the Carver of 'Carver Edlund'

One half of the genius 'Carver Edlund' (aka Supernatural writer Jeremy Carver) is heading to a new show Being Human, which will be on SyFy. Carver is teaming up with wife Anna Fricke who is also a writer for Privileged.

Jeremy Caver is one of my favorite writers on Supernatural, he wrote Free To be You and Me, Death Takes a Holiday, Family Remains, The Rapture and Changing Channels. Jeremy worked on 42 episodes in total as story editor and recently co-produced
Sympathy for the Devil and The Curious Case of Dean Winchester.

Does it mean he is leaving Supernatural for good? I somehow get the feeling he might still be around. Some writers are on a few shows. So fingers crossed. But congrats to Jeremy for the new gig. Love ya.

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