25 November 2012

ChiCon 2012 - A Very Supernatural Convention Experience: Part Three -- The Letters, The LEGO, The Ultimate Autograph Experience

A Very Supernatural Convention Experience: Part Three -- The Letters, The LEGO, The Ultimate Autograph Experience 

Welcome to part three of my Very Supernatural Convention Experience. This is where I talk about my autograph experience. Let me start by saying this -- this is my proudest project to date! I cannot wait to share with you the nuts and bolts of my ChiCon autograph projects as I re-live some of the most memorable seconds of my tiny little life.

The Planning

The best thing I've done last year at LACon, apart from hugging Jensen, was to ask him to sign my iPhone. The idea was epic, the experience was epic, the look on Jensen's face as he picked up my iPhone and asked "ARE YOU SURE?" was priceless! I couldn't have done it without the help of my dear friend Tinny, who attended LACon with me last year. I wish I could get Jensen to sign my iPhone again at this year's ChiCon, but all tickets were sold out. There is always next time!

Apart from the iPhone idea, winning the signed stage banner from the LACon auction last year was still funny to me! In general, I wasn't very creative with my own autograph items. But I learn from past experience and I was determined to make the most of it this year. I spent months in thinking about the autograph items. You've got to plan these things, you know?!

I wasn't going for the 'whatever' and I was ruling out the greatest hits -- posters, photos, books, banners, magazines, companions, DVDs and t-shirts. My LACon autographs were all over the place -- some autographs were on the Official Companion, others are on different magazines and photos. Don't get me wrong, they were great and the experiment was great, I wouldn't change a thing. But this year I wanted more -- a 'home' for all autographs. I was determined to make it a project!

About two weeks before I flew to the Western sky in my Nimbus 2012, I went shopping with my dear friend Tinny, and she came up with the first brilliant idea. I am still astonished as to how the ideas came about. All I can say is this -- awesomeness happens when you least expect it! We were shopping at a shop called Typo, which is a stationery store here in Australia. They sell individual wooden letters in lower and upper case, and numbers and symbols. They come in black and white, and you can buy them individually. The letter is wood solid (but not heavy) and it's perfect for Sharpies -- the black ink works well on white surface and the silver ink works well on black surface. The letter's flat bottom makes it stands very well by itself. Alternatively you can put a hook on top of the letter and hang it somewhere. Watch your head!

Seeing that I am a Jensen girl, getting a capital 'J' for Jensen to sign was all I thought about. But I found myself staring at these wooden letters longer than I thought, painting a bigger picture in my head -- may be I should get a letter each for each guest. But I KO'd that idea pretty quickly. Even if I could use up my 23 KG luggage allowance, I wouldn't! What about my shopping, right? I love you all, but I love the 5th Avenue too. So there I was, at the shop, in deep thought, ignoring the shop boy who was exceptionally nerdy but in a hot kinda way, my brilliant friend Tinny suggested I buy the capital letter 'S' and 'N' -- 'S' for 'Super' and 'N' for 'Natural' -- with all autographs on it -- five signatures on each letter. I was like.. MATE! SERIOUSLY! Why haven't I thought of that idea!? I got a mental block from looking at the blocks! Typo was having a sale, so I got three letters for $10.

On the 'S' I have the autographs of Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Rachel Miner, DJ Qualls and Richard Speight Jr. 

From top to bottom: Richard Speight Jr, Rachel Miner, Misha Collins, DJ Qualls, Jensen Ackles.
On the 'N' I have the autographs of Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Matt Cohen, Kim Rhodes and Rob Benedict. 

From top left: Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict; Center: Jared Padalecki. From top right: Jim Beaver and Kim Rhodes.
I got two sets of autographs because my sister was also an attendee. What's hers is mine. My brilliant friend Tinny out-smarted herself by coming up with the second brilliant idea! She was on fire! Who says dentists are boring? Or is it accountants?

Tinny's genius plan was for me to ask the cast to sign LEGO bricks. We are both fans of James May's LEGO House, as shown on Toy Stories. In that episode, he actually built a LEGO house using nothing but LEGO bricks, including the toilet and the poo inside. If you don't know what I am talking about, Google it! It's great! Never before have I cried while watching a documentary with James May in it!

We did some research and found some very amazing stuff!! Basically you get the cast to sign different LEGO bricks (same shape and colour scheme). Once I collected them all, can build something like a LEGO wall. The autographs can be scattered around randomly -- like a collage. I wasn't going to build a wall and bring it with me because that would be a nightmare from the logistics point of view. Seeing I was going to be in New York before the Convention in Chicago, I visited The LEGO Store at the Rockefeller Plaza and brought two tubs of individual LEGO bricks. You can buy them like lollies. You fill up the small or large container with bricks of any shapes and colours. It only costs you something like $9 for the small container and $15 or may be $17 for the large one. If you buy LEGO bricks individually online, they charge you per piece. I did some sketches and planning during my flight, so I have a pretty good idea on how many pieces by colours I needed to buy. Once I got my LEGO bricks, I was getting super excited!! I just prayed that this idea would work! Or everything would go into the bin like Dean's amulet!

I built my LEGO on the go. I built a small 'block' for each guest to sign on. Each 'block' contained approximately three to six bricks in different colours. Each brick was made up of two piece of LEGO because one would be too thin. I also have to consider the length of the names, for example the LEGO for Kim Rhodes contained lesser bricks than Jared or Richard because her name only has nine letters. I kinda have to guess how they might sign it too, just to make sure the LEGO is big enough for them to scribble. With Jensen, I wanted to do something super special for him. In my research, I found a love heart LEGO built by someone, it was such an amazing concept! I borrowed that idea and built my own love heart LEGO for Jensen to sign on. 

I love the idea that this is a piece of LEGO artwork and the cast of Supernatural is the main contributor to making it possible. Although I have a rough idea about how the finished artwork might look like, but I won't know for sure until the cast out their signature on the bricks. The LEGO wall project is a work-in-process too, because I still need to get others such as Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard, Amy Gumenick and many more to sign their bricks. There is always next time!!

The Autograph -- The Actual Signing

My sister was in charge of the letter 'S' and 'N', while I was in charge with the LEGO. Brilliant! The queues were long and there were multiple queues (more than LA!). But it was worth the wait! The photo ops are usually very rush, and that's why I actually love the autograph sessions a little more because you get to have a conversation with the cast and you can look at them sitting down pretty.
Kim Rhodes 
Kim was the first guest to sign the 'N'. She picked up our accent and asked where were came from. Australia, mate! Australia! Not that I have a strong Aussie accent since I declare myself a Citizen of the World. Kim started talking about how much she wanted to come to Australia and she hasn't been invited to come over. So I told her I will work on it. Cough cough.. I didn't know why I said that! But hey all you people from Supanova, OzComicCon, Hubs etc.. please invite Kim Rhodes from Supernatural to Australia. We love her! When Kim saw the letter 'N', she was like.. "Oh.. ok.. why N?" And then my sister was like.. "N for natural.. as in SuperNatural." Kim smiled and went, "Oh…. I see…" She actually looked at the 'N' and thought about where to sign it. After signing the letter, it was the LEGO. She was seriously impressed, I told her I was building a LEGO wall and said it was a great idea! She may have asked me where to sign it, and I may have told her "Just in the middle." Kim was super cool! And she told us to drink more water.

Rachel Miner
Rachel was at the table next to Kym and heard our conversation with her. Before we said anything, Rachel was like "You guys came a long way! I heard!" And we chatted for a bit. Poor Rachel was really sick that day, so we wished her well and take care. I am so impressed with Rachel, she was super sweet! She was articulate on stage and she gave some of the best answers in my opinion. She handled the Cas/Meg questions very well and spoke her mind about the potential of their on-screen relationship. I won't be surprise to see her return soon in season eight.

Matt Cohen
Matt was super cool but poor guy he looked really tired when I saw him during his autograph session on Saturday. Matt and Richard had a super busy weekend -- having hosted the karaoke the night before, then came back on the next morning, then went all the way until the evening's cocktail party. I don't know how they do it! My friends always say "oh they get paid to do this and they are actors." That's true but seriously they have to be super cool human beings to do this. They were having fun and they were so professional! Anyway, Matt was signing autos like a machine, our letter and the LEGO managed to get a 'wait a second.. what's this? Oh cool' reaction. Priceless! And then it hit me. The letters and the LEGO were a great ice-breaker/ conversation starter! I don't know what I will do without my brilliant friend Tinny, who wasn't even there with me!  

DJ Qualls
DJ was like Matt. Very cool, but looked a bit tired. DJ has a very cute and warm smile! He was very very nice to fans. He also gave me a 'wait a second.. what's this? Oh cool' reaction. I think I may have told him I have loved him since he was Toby Loobenfeld on The Big Bang Theory. As mentioned before, I was a bit starstruck when I saw DJ. May be he was this guy who have been on two shows that I love very much and it was just brilliant to see him in person. He was awesome! 

Rob Benedict
Rob and Richard are inseparable. They were chatting during their autograph session and they made me wait! But that was cool because it gave me more time to look at two of my favourite characters on the show -- Chuck Shirley (God) and The Trickster/ Gabriel (Son). Yeah! They commented that during their panel! Awesome! Rob saw my LEGO and went "OH WOW!" My reply was "Yeah. I am building a LEGO wall..or something." He was like "Oh cool." He looked at it and decided to sign at the bottom of the block, securely thinking (may be) other guests will sign on this tiny little block. He was just so so sweet! He almost dropped the LEGO when he handed it back to me, so there is a bit of smudge on it, and he was like "Oh. Sorry!" And I was like "It's ok." Imperfection is part of the arts.

Richard Speight Jr
Richard was cool. Last time he drew his cartoon face on my Official Companion. I don't know if he would do the same thing if I was to give him a magazine or something. I think he asked me if anyone else was signing the same LEGO, I said "No. This is for you only. You can sign anywhere and be creative." Or something. So he signed his name in the middle of it, which was perfect! And then he looked at it for another second and added a finishing touch with a stroke at the bottom of his name. I love that arty farty move Richard!

Jim Beaver
Jim was SUPER tired when he arrived on Saturday. Poor guy! He didn't sleep, he was hungry and he was super tired. AH! Somebody please give him a hug!! His autograph session was cut off half way through because he was just too tired, so we had to get his autograph the next day. He was more refreshed after a good night sleep. Jim was always super nice. He may have mentioned about 'N' being the letter of his middle name. My sister had no idea what he was talking about and went "Oh really?" She was enthused enough! Jim saw my LEGO and I told him I was building a LEGO wall. Jim too thought it was a great idea. He was so sweet, he wrote his name in the middle nice and tidy, and said "Just in case you loose it, it won't be too hard to put it back together." Can I cry now?

Misha Collins
Moving on the Misha… Oh Misha Misha Misha!!! You never know what Misha was going to say or do, and I didn't want to look silly or to embarrass myself in front of him! You know what I'm saying?! I was so nervous! And I know a few girls were in tears after they were touched by the angel. They were so overwhelmed! What if that happened to me? All my make-up will be gone! Anyway, when my sister gave him the 'S', he just signed his name nice and big in the middle, like he was putting a stamp on it! Not that I was reserving the middle for Jensen but that's ok. I was channelling my inner Darren Brown -- Jensen's or Misha's signature would land right where I predicted. Misha liked the idea of the letter and I forgot what he said, he was probably talking to his college buddy, Dave, who was visiting him at the Convention, he sat next to Misha during his autograph session. After signing the letter 'S', it was the LEGO. He told Dave "This won the most creative award.." Or something along that line! I was like..dying..you know! He signed the LEGO. He handed the LEGO back to me but he wouldn't let go of it for some reason. And I told him "I am building a LEGO wall." His reply was "Obviously!" I know it sounded silly and you may say "what's the fuzz?" But it was an interaction I won't forget! I was doing a happy dance as I walked away from Misha. My hand was shaking! I had to make sure I didn't drop the LEGO! 

Jared Padalecki
Next up was Jared! He is a giant even when he is sitting down and I am standing up! He makes me look like a hobbit! Jared always has this super friendly smile on his face. I don't know if it is the fact that he is a dad now, and Thomas and Gen were at the Convention with him, there was something extra friendly and warm about Jared this time around. I think he's been signing the usual items like a machine, and then he saw 'N', and went "Oh cool!" My sister just got so used to saying, "N for natural in Supernatural." She was getting so good at it!

Jared and Jensen, in particular, are super polite, it's sick! I noticed that they would look at you in the eyes at least twice during the autograph -- when they receive the autograph item from the assistant, and said "Hi" to you; and after they signed the autograph and said "thank you". It is very clinical but I don't care!!! SHIT! I cannot handle too much hottest in one day! Oh wait…I actually can and I did. But I want more. When Jared looked at the letter, he went "Oh cool!" There was only one spot left for him to sign. That was easy! SMILE!!! When he saw the LEGO, he cracked up in the Jared fashion! You know he does that when he laughed. With the LEGO, I told him I was building a LEGO wall. He then asked me where to sign it, and I was like..Jared, don't ask me a question!! Wait, did you just ask me a question? My heart was racing! Silly, I know! And I probably didn't say anything and then he thought about it for a second, and then he was like "can I sign here?" I was like "Yup."
He turned the LEGO sideway and signed it. My hand was shaking, again, as I walked out of the autograph area. My shaking got worst from Misha to Jared. Holy Mother of all hottest.. Jensen was next!!

What I love about this particular autograph experience is that I love seeing the reaction on their face when they saw the items, which broke patterns. It was pure joy to get them into thinking. It was so much fun! EPIC!

Finally! Jensen happened. Man! This guy cannot look ugly even if he tries! I was glad his line was going quite slow. When I entered the acceptable distant to stare at his exceptional good look, I was reminding myself "Do not forget this moment!". I was so close, so close I wanted to ask him, "Jensen, can I touch your face?" If he said no, I'd ask "What about your hair?" But I didn't because a rejection from Jensen would be embarrassing and I would pass out. Anyway, I could not stop looking at him. I just could not! I was just thinking about our two seconds of heaven during the photo op. My blood was boiling, my legs were weak. I could not stop staring at his arms, his face and his hair. He has big hands. I took a deep breathe and reminded myself -- I get to talk to Jensen Ackles for the second time today and I am standing here, worshipping his exceptional good look. I can smell him from here. We hugged this morning. Is this how what's-her-name wrote that Shade-y story?

Jensen presents himself very well -- he is very calm, cool and collective. He is exceptionally hot and he knows it! He is always articulate. He always thinks before he speaks. He answers questions very well. I think the director aspect helped him in developing his maturity to the next level. I just love that about him!

Jensen Ackles
Jensen saw the 'S', and there was only one spot left for him to sign, so he signed it. I think my sister was like whatever, she actually didn't say anything to him when the letter was passed on to him from the assistant. Jensen actually looked at my sister first anyway and said "Hi!" And then my sister was like "Hello." I was thinking to myself.. SIS! HE SAID "HI" FIRST! I know he does that to everyone. But I am usually the one who said "Hi" first. I was loosing my cool! Anyway, when he saw the love heart LEGO that I built for him, and he has this sexy dirty smirk on his face! I was so loosing it! I was about to die! I want to handcuff myself to his arms! May be that's his 'surprise' reaction number 1! Anyway, I said "Hi, Jensen, how are you?" He saw the LEGO, he picked it up, looked at it for two seconds. I told him I was building a LEGO wall. Is he astonished about the kind of crazy ideas fans come up with just for him because we love him? His mother must be proud! He has the most beautiful sexy smirk! Then he signed his name nice and big right in the middle of the LEGO heart. Jensen is a piece of art! He looked me in the eyes, all I could say was, "Thank you!" And he said, "Thank you" back. My world was in slow-motion and my heart stopped. My whole body was shaking, if Jensen stood up and gave me a hug, I would break down in tears like there was no tomorrow. I love you Jensen Ackles. I LOVE YOU!!! 

One thing my sister noticed about Jensen is that -- he tested the Sharpie before he signed the autograph item! She saw him testing the Sharpie on a piece of paper or something to make sure it was the right colour or in good condition before he signed something. He cannot screw up because, fans pay for it and the autograph items could be one of a kind (*cough cough*). It tells me that he cares! My ovaries are about to explode! That's a great man, right there! Sitting in front of you. Considerate. Caring. Polite. Talented. Articulate. Not to mention super hot! 

This is the first look of the LEGO wall when I put the pieces together.

Not finished!
After a few weeks of shopping for the right tools -- including a photo frame and more LEGO bricks to fill the gap -- I have finally completed the first chapter of my LEGO project. As I collect other cast members' autographs, I'll pull it apart and rebuild it. 


'Cast of Supernatural' was built from the LEGO Business Card set, which I got from the LEGO Store. I also have so many leftover LEGO bricks and workpeople from previous sets that I used for the DuckNation project. I thought the skeleton was kinda fitting for this, so I put it there. The workman hanging down from the top is supposed to be Dean with Ruby's knife, and the worklady at the top right hand corner is me. I know! It's totally poetic! 

There you have it! This is my LEGO wall with the autograph of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Rachel Miner, Kim Rhodes, DJ Qualls and Rob Benedict from the Creation Entertainment -- Salute to Supernatural, Chicago 2012.

It is with great sadness that my Very Supernatural Convention Experience has come to an end. After three post-con reports, I am still finding it hard to move on. Chicago is a great city and I will always remember why I was there in the first place -- I was there to meet the cast of Supernatural; I was there to hug and touch Jensen Ackles and friends; I was there screaming, laughing and secretly crying; I was over the moon; I was on cloud nine; I had the time of my life; and I swear I will do it again.

This is Tiny -- A Supernatural fan.

Signing off...

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21 November 2012

ChiCon 2012: A Very Supernatural Convention Experience - Part Two - The Photo Ops and The Hugs

A Very Supernatural Convention Experience: Part Two -- The Photo Ops and The Hugs

Call me an enthusiast. Call me a Supernatural fanatic. This show is worth it! (Super)naturally, attending a convention organised by one of the best and more reliable organisations in the business is a must for a fan like me. Last week I wrote a little something about my Very Supernatural Convention Experience to help me to get over the frenzy. While I won't share my photo ops with you in public, I can share with you my photo ops experience, with the inclusion of a few after-thoughts on the panels. So, fangirls and boys, may I present A Very Supernatural Convention Experience: Part Two -- The Photo Ops and The Hugs.  

At LACon last year, I was very nervous but extremely excited about going to my first Supernatural Convention produced by Creation Entertainment. The only words I had the courage to say was, "Hi, how are you?" and "Thank you" when I met the stars. At least I managed to get these words out, right? I saw a girl attending LACon last year with her mother, she was so nervous her mother had to do all the talking. That was adorable! Last year at LACon, I saw many parents accompanying their kids and there was less than a handful of dudes at the Convention. But this year at ChiCon, there were more dudes. It's always good to see male audience! I mean, since when Supernatural targets to the teenage girls market, right? I am happy to see fans of all ages, ethnicity and genders (and a guard dog) at ChiCon. And we had a marriage proposal from a US marine during the Richard and Matt panel! I love it! You know who we are? We are Supernatural fans! We are part of one family!

I don't think there is one perfect word or phrase to sum up my photo op experience -- happy? over the moon? on cloud nine? I don't know! I am so happy I cannot process it! I think I am a bit stoned! How did you do it? Tell me! But I'll tell you this -- if I am a dead girl, with his touch and his hug, Jensen Ackles can bring me back to life! If Jesus was supposed to be the saviour of mankind, then Jensen Ackles is the saviour of 'fankind'. 


Due to budgetary reason, I only managed to get seven photo ops -- Jensen solo; J2 duo; Misha and Jim duo; Richard and Matt duo; Rob solo; DJ solo; and Misha solo. Each and everyone was worth it! Totally worth it! Please let me meet Mark Pellegrino next time! 

I have loved DJ since his appearance on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon's fake cousin, Toby Loobenfeld -- a research assistant in the Caltech particle physics lab with a double major in theatre and physics. YEAH! DJ was awesome during his panel and he always has a story or two to share! It was super cool also because he was on Southern Comfort the week after ChiCon. I was like, "OH HEY! We hugged and I've been Garth'd by that hug!!" I had no idea he was that funny and he was such a natural public speaker! Before the Convention, I tweeted him that I was attending the event from Australia! And he tweeted back with "Hugs will be awaiting you. We appreciate you coming all the way from Australia." Oh gosh!!

Anyway, I don't know what got to me but when I saw him at the photo op I just reached out my hand for a handshake and went "Hi DJ, I am from Australia." He went "Oh right!" And he shook my hand. We hugged. And as I walked away, he said "Appreciated you coming here!" *DIE* I may have just turned around and did a 'live long and prosper' or some sort of gang sign. I don't remember! At least I didn't trip over! DJ is one of the skinniest actors in Hollywood, he certainly looks very skinny on screen, but he actually didn't look too skinny on stage and in person. May be he was wearing a leather jacket. I was just so stoked to have hugged him and shook his hand. Happy dance!!!

My next photo op was with Rob. I have always wanted to meet Rob, Chuck Shirley is one of my favourite characters of all time. This is the first time I saw him on stage. He was such a kind man! You know when you see someone, your instinct tells you certain things about that person, whether it be the personality or whatever. Rob (specially when he was with Richard) was the funniest and nicest guy around! Rob was on a panel with Emily, who was very nervous! I would be too, siting in front of hundred of fans! But Rob kept her calm and I am glad they did a joint panel otherwise it would've been awkward. Despite the fact that Becky isn't a fan favourite, I think we accept her in a strange sort of way. I think her character was supposed to be funny, rather than a direct reflection of the female fans in the fandom. I was secretly praying to all fans during the panel "Please be nice to her!" 

Back to the Rob photo op. I found myself reaching out my hand once again to Rob at the photo op and we shook hands! I touched God! I went "Hi Rob, I came all the way from Australia to see you guys!" He said "Oh wow! Thanks." I didn't catch his reaction, but he gave me a good hug. It was joyous! It didn't seem much to you, but to me, it was a lot of awesomeness. But to be honest, I didn't really like me in the photos with Rob and DJ because my face was blown up like Aunt Marge in Prisoner of Azkaban! I was like SHIT! So during the break, I went back to my room and practiced my post and expression a few times because I wanted to look the best especially for Jensen's photo! I think that's what they do at actor studio? I need to go to a fan studio to learn how to behave in front of celebrities who are super hot.

Saturday (Day Two) is usually the busiest day of the Convention because of the amount of activities on the day. It was full on! My next photo op was the Richard and Matt duo. Rob's and Emily's panel was running a little bit over time on my watch. I actually had to duck out about five minutes earlier to line up for Richard and Matt. Seeing the hand-shake was like my thing by the time I met Richard and Matt, I did it again when I saw them. It worked, right?! And it's a natural human gesture to shake hands! No one would refuse it! Richard and Matt had such good hand shakes at an introduction! I told them I am from Australia, and Matt was like "Alright ROCK ON!" And it totally showed on the photo! He put his hand and arm up, like ROCK ON! Happiness! 

The Richard and Matt panel was joyous! I don't think I've stopped laughing! Richard is another natural public speaker and he was driving the panel pretty much. Matt was looking very pretty! People are right, Matt is so good looking he is the love child of Dean and Cas! He was moving a LOT like Misha, good for the crowd! And Matt stood very still a few times for us to take photos. Good boy!! I tried, I really tried to take photos of Richard, who was like DJ, they were a Energizer bunny! It was so hard to capture, but I managed to take a few good shots. I am glad they paired up Richard and Matt, and Richard and Rob. The duo panel was so much fun! I have no doubt Richard, Matt or Rob could do it on their own, but the chemistry they have is gold! And they are really good friends! It's good to see! That's kinda like me and Tinny.

As Day Two went by, I was getting more nervous because of Misha. I never know what he would do or say, and I wouldn't know what to do if he does something, anything, in front of me! I am more nervous to meet Misha than Jensen, because Misha is just so unpredictable and random, whereas Jensen is always very polite and nice. You can't go wrong with Jensen! But with Misha, you can! You know what I mean? 

So anyway, I shook Misha's hand which was as soft as a baby's bottom! OMG! And he had such a firm hand shake, I feel like I was shaking hand with Obama. Misha is always cheerful and very accommodating. My plan was to grab his arm like he was walking me down the aisle. Instead of asking him to do exactly that, I just asked "Can I do this?" [Grab his arm] He said "Of course you can." I grabbed his arm alright, but before I knew it he put his arm around my back already and the photo was taken. Misha looked super cheerful. Ah! I didn't speak what was on my mind. I know it's just a simple request, but I was seriously starstruck. 

My Jim and Misha duo was good. The best thing is that I wore my new A&F scarf, which is a blue and red winter scarf. I thought it was like a Election thing or something. But it was the warmest scarf I could find in A&F, and I needed it for the Windy City. Anyway, I thought I went in with my hair tied up and wore my scarf. Misha went "I like your scarf!" I was channeling my inner Mark Pellegrino, "He said "I like your scarf!"" I was going to say something clever, but I couldn't! But hey, I thought that was pretty cool!

Tinny warned me about Misha and Richard and how hard it was for her to capture them with her camera at LAcon last year. I was fully prepared and I had the 'pet mode' on my camera for them! I for one was glad that Misha sat relatively still this time! I didn't want the Misha panel to end. He was just so entertaining to watch on stage! And he was pretty!

Speaking of cameras, I love my baby so much. It's the most reliable camera for me to use at an event like ChiCon. I actually went to a Good Food and Wine Show where George Calombaris was doing a demo on stage. And you know how he moves, he cannot stand still! I practiced with the auto mode, pet mode, sport mode and others, to see what worked best. I tell you, the auto mode worked the best! The super zoom capability on the Nikon P501 works brilliantly, even in a low light situation like the J2 Breakfast Panel. It's true that if the stage is well lit, you have nothing to worry about. But even at the J2 Breakfast Panel where there was nothing except the ballroom's house light, this camera is good enough. I am glad I had an hour to test my camera before the boys entered stage. But of course, if you can afford a professional XLR, go for it. But I strongly recommend the Nikon P510 if you have a limited budget for a digital camera.

After a full on Saturday with panels, photos, autos and cocktail party, I slept surprisingly well that night. I had to because I have Jensen and Jared to meet the next day! Oh gosh, this is the moment I've been waiting for. It feels like I've been waiting for like 20 months! That's like having two babies, right?! I would be such a bad mother, because I would leave my kids and husband to go hugging Jensen and Jared. The J2 Breakfast Panel was the start of everything! I couldn't really eat well during the buffet, because I was so nervous! The moment the MC introduced the boys to stage, I gasped and my heart stopped! I was super nervous especially when I kept telling myself "Soon, I will be hugging these glorious men of the century."

Last year in LA, I had to squeeze the day light out of Tinny and AmyinSydney! This year, I was flying solo because my sister didn't want any photos. Why? You ask? I know right?! Why wouldn't you want to be touched by Jensen and Jared? They glow, and so you glow! Anyhoo! Despite flying solo, I met some of the nicest fans -- random strangers who were happy to give me a hug and let me squeeze them! I even squeezed the volunteer lady who kept asking me when she collected my tickets, "Are you ok? Are you ready?" I love you all! 

The Jensen solo op was first for Sunday. My heart was pounding so fast I could hear it! Now I know how Rose felt when Jack was drawing her in Titanic! The wait was super long, but it was worth it. I walked up to the glorious DAVID, I mean JENSEN. I picked up the courage, reached out my hand and said "Hi Jensen, I am from Sydney." He shook my hand!! Jensen let me touch him!! He replied, "NICE!" HAPPINESS! Jensen's palm is surprisingly rough, like handyman rough. I think because he does a lot of action on the set, he is hurt a lot and perhaps he does a lot of stuff at home? I will never forget how rough but sexy his hand is. Jensen has a very firm handshake like Misha.. probably firmer than Misha! I love you Jensen Ackles. 

One word "Nice" from Jensen and I was over the moon. Why? WHY? Jensen Ackles! WHY!? You drive me crazy!!!! Can you imagine if he said another word to me? I will loose my pants! I asked for a hug, and it was HEAVEN! Last year, I managed to hug him and he had one hand around my back and one hand on my arm. But this year, he embraced in a hug!!!!!! I had one hand around his back and my hand on his bicep. PERFECT! You know how much I love his arms! I worship them! I should have squeezed it harder! Before I walked away, I patted the side of his torso. I could feel his muscle even his jumper was in the way. Oh and I love that gray jumper of his! I was hoping for a single layer, but I could live with his gray jumper. He makes things look good when he put them on! I said "Thank you." He said "Thank you." Oh gosh!I was shaking as I walked out of the room. I wanted to walk back into the room and give him another hug. I was so overwhelmed, I was so happy I was flying! I needed to close my eyes for a few minutes to tattoo the two seconds of heaven on my brain. Not to mention I didn't wash my hand for almost a day, because Jensen touched it! He touched my hand!!! OMG. Excuse me while I pass out…… 

OK I am back!

Oh, by the way -- To whoever told me to take off my A&F scarf and show Jensen my boobs, thank you! I owe you one. I LOVE this photo with Jensen so much more than the LACon one. That one was awesome, but I love the Jensen hug this year a lot more. Both photos are framed and positioned side by side on my bookshelf.

My last photo op was with Jensen and Jared. Last year I briefed Tinny like a hundred times what to do and where to stand! Tinny was such a great sport!! I also have AmyinSydney to thank for. Anyway, this year I was flying solo and I didn't know what to do. Seems like other people have exactly what they want in mind. My plan was to stand in the middle, front on, with Jensen and Jared on each side, hugging me while put my hands on their biceps. But again, I could not speak what was on my mind! I was like "Hi guys..can we have a group hug? But I don't know how!" 

Good one Tiny!! The "…but I don't know how.." line made the photo a funny one rather than a sexy one. Jared was like "Oh! I know how!!" And then he crushed me into his chest and then Jensen wrapped his arms around us. Becky was right, Jared's chest was so firm. Sorry! There is no better word to describe it! And I could feel Jensen's body, crushing me from behind. It was the best threesome ever! Oh wait.. what?

I showed Tinny the photo, her immediately reaction was "YOU HUGGED THE WRONG GUY!!!!!" And I was like "I KNOW RIGHT!?" My face was squashed! It was bad, but it was too funny!!! I cracked up laughing when I saw the photo when I picked it up! I hate you Jared! But I love you!!! Jared was a gigantor!!! But honestly, I wish it was Jensen that crushed me into his chest! I have to do it again in Vegas, not next year, but hopefully in 2014!!!

I cannot stop tell you how glorious Jensen and Jared were! This panel is the BEST one to date. Jared was here by himself for Supanova. Jensen and Jared were here with Misha for the All Hell Breaks Loose Convention, in which Jensen was super shy, or may be he was tired, but the moment Jared joined him on the panel, he was alive! And then I saw them in LA. They are just getting so used to being on stage now, this is really the best J2 panel I have seen (and the breakfast too!). Jensen was funny! He was so energetic, well spoken and answered all questions very well. I could listen to his voice ALL MY LIFE! Jared was funny as usual, he has Thomas and Gen with him. It was so adorable when Thomas made some noise at the back of the stage and when Uncle Jensen talked to him. That takes 'adorable' on to a whole new level! Seriously! I have been watching the panel video every night since I returned from Chicago. I cannot NOT watch it. It defines what happiness means in my book!! 

I think this will do for today! Next up, my Very Supernatural Convention Experience Part Three. I will talk about my autograph experience and my LEGO project. You do not want to miss! Well… I know I am so excited about it! This is my best and proudest project to date!!! Watch this space! It will be live sooner than you think!

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Have You Ordered? The Essential Supernatural: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester [Hardcover]

Looking for a Christmas present for a Supernatural fan? Consider this! The Essential Supernatural: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester [Hardcover] is available for order via Amazon. This brand new 192 page visual guide is a deluxe coffee table book with behind-the-scenes photos, exclusive production art, posters, maps, blueprints, and exclusive cast and crew interviews. Wait there is more! There is a forward by the show's father, Eric Kripke.  

I don't know about you but I am adding this to my collection. My bookshelf has space. But I wish it comes with Kindle or eBook. But if it is digital, then it won't be a coffee table book, it will be a coffee table tablet. You know, like one of those arcade game table thingy.

20 November 2012

Supernatural 'Citizen Fang' Pics

Don't freak out! There is no Supernatural this week.

Perhaps you can rewatch season eight, read a Supernatural novel, listen to a podcast or two, or stare at your favourite Dean and Sam poster for a week. By the time you realise it doesn't work, the next episode will be here.

Here are a few photos released by the CW on episode 8.09 Citizen Fang. Remember Martin from Girl, Interrupted? I mean.. Sam, Interrupted. Sam asked Martin to keep an eye on Benny. Interesting choice! Expect tension and drama!!

Source: KSiteTV

18 November 2012

Supernatural Review - A Slice Of Kevin

Supernatural Review -- A Slice Of Kevin

Dean and Cas escaping the Phantom Zone.
Let me start by making an apology.

I didn't think Eugenie Ross–Leming and Brad Buckner could do this. Secretly, I didn't think they could take on a mytho heavy episode the way star writers such as Kripke, Carver, Edlund and Gamble did. I was wrong.

Eugenie Ross–Leming and Brad Buckner were writers and executive producers for Lois and Clark in its season three and four. For Supernatural, they wrote 1.13 Route 666 (the show's worst episode except the sex scene). They didn't return until season seven for 7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil, 7.13 The Slice Girls and 7.19 Of Grave Importance. For season eight, they wrote Heartache. And what's with
Ross–Leming and Buckner writing Dean's sex scenes? Interesting! Apart from the gratuitous fan service, their episodes are very hit-and-miss. I wasn't expecting anything when I saw their names attached to the episode. But good things do happen, my friends! 

Season eight of Supernatural is starting to get really really intriguing! I know what I said last week about Southern Comfort being my favourite episode 'so far' this season. Well, Southern Comfort is now one of my favourite episodes this season because A Slice Of Kevin happened. There is no doubt I will have more favourites as season eight continues. I hope A Slice Of Kevin is not a one off epic thing for Ross–Leming and Buckner, and I hope they can keep up the good work and just keep writing better and better episodes! Don't do 'miss', just do 'hit'! Oh! And!!! They managed to make fun of themselves! "Doesn’t anyone ever edit this stuff? So far, as a writer, God’s a snooze. No fun at parties, I hear.” Oh Crowley!! 

Before I continue, it's worth mentioning that this episode was directed by a new director Charlie Robert Carner. He has directed and written for a bunch of shows that I have never heard of. But he is good! He is very good! Basically if you don't know who wrote and directed this episode, you'd think Kripke, Carver or Edlund was the writer, and Singer, Bee or Beeson was the director! This episode is that good! I think it has a lot to do with the leadership from the top, Carver and Singer are doing an amazing job in holding the team together and everyone has to step up this season! There isn't many overnight successes in my book when it comes to Supernatural. Misha Collins is one. The Charlie Robert Carner/Eugenie Ross Leming/Brad Buckner team isn't one that I'm familiar with. However, there's gotta be the first! Carner is now on my radar, all I can say is this: Dude, keep up the good work!

Moving along!

I just had this smile on my face from start to finish. I wish I could've recorded my reaction so you could see it. I absolutely love the fact that Dean's hero complex is going to the direction it deserves; I love Sam being this caring little brother, which was missing in previous episodes; I love the fact that Castiel is back and angels are involved (like..hello..Col. Carter aka Amanda Tapping!); I love Crowley is back with his apron doing what he does best; I love Kevin and Mrs Tran; the prophets are great to see in this episode, and we get a bit of an insight into the selection process and learn a bit more about the prophets. Before I continues, can I just say I feel so sorry for Alfie the angel!?

I mentioned in my previous review that A Slice Of Kevin sounds like an epic mid-season finale on paper! But it is so much more than that now that I've watched it like four times! Any time you have all the season's key players returning for an episode, it's gonna be epic. More importantly, what makes A Slice Of Kevin so epically good is that the story is moving forward with a few things, which we will get into them momentarily. A Slice Of Kevin is the end of 'Act I' of season eight. 'Act II' is just around the corner. It's like Indiana Jones is now going to Nepal! to find the medallion.

A Slice Of Kevin is a great call back to the Dean and Cas story earlier seasons, in particular season four and five. I have been looking forward to see how Dean and Cas would interact this season with purgatory behind them. This episode delivers one of the best Dean and Cas scenes -- just like their first encounter in Lazarus Rising; in Lucifer Rising when Dean asked Cas to help him; the fall-out in The Man Who Would Be King; and the garage scene in Survival Of The Fittest. These scenes represent the different stages of their friendship. The Dean and Cas scenes in A Slice Of Kevin are so awesome, I am still processing it. 

Jensen Ackles' performance and his on-screen chemistry with Misha Collins is unbelievably good. Jensen totally knocks this one out of the park again! Apart from his exceptional good look and kind personality, I always see Jensen as the greatest actor in his generation. Jensen really took his acting to the next level in season four and five. They were supposed to be his Emmys winning seasons. If Ryan Reynolds or Chris Evens can do it, Jensen can do it better, you know what I am saying?

“I don’t need to feel like hell for failing you like I’ve failed ever other God forsaken thing that I care about. I don’t need it!” ~~ Dean Winchester.
Jensen is taking the whole Dean's hero complex thing forward in season eight. The 'I must save everyone', the 'I don't leave anyone behind' mentality is super well told in this episode. He has been on edge, angry, somewhat bitter. Dean always blames himself for every death. In Time After Time, he told Ness he didn't know what he was doing. Ness reminded him that as a hunter, he can make a difference. This is the only clarity he'll ever get. Dean questions his role all the time but he accepts his role better than Sam I think -- it is up to him and his brother to save people and the world. Not only Dean saves people from monsters, he saves his brother and his friends from their own darkness. Dean is a hero and he cannot not save people. In purgatory, Dean was confident that he could get Cas out of because his mind told him that. He tried so hard to get Cas out, but why didn't Cas try? 

CHOICE is a bit of a recurring theme so far this seasons -- Sam chose to quit hunting and switch off his phones; Kevin chose to take a stand and defend himself, and to embrace his life as the prophet; Mrs Tran chose to be on the road with Kevin. Dean's hero complex position him in the middle of all these -- if Sam fails to live his normal life or if Sam gets hurt, it is Dean's fault for dragging him back to hunting; Kevin is the responsibility of Dean and Sam; and Cas is for Dean to save. That's his job! But what Cas did in this episode was to make Dean to understand he cannot save everything, he tried, but he cannot. And it's not his fault.

Let's put Cas under the microscope for a bit. I liked the return of Castiel in season seven, but Ross–Leming and Buckner have taken it to the next level. Don't get me wrong, I love the way Sera Gamble did it. Like I said I didn't think Ross–Leming and Buckner could top that. For that, I am surprise, but in a very good way. I think this 'Cas-thinks-he-doesn't-deserve-to-be-saved thing' is a great call back to season four. Cas was the one who asked Dean during their first encounter, "You don't think you deserve to be saved?" Easy question, but it is a very complex question. Cas is now on the flip side of this and his journey is filled with humanity, mistakes, friendship, forgiveness, understanding and much more.

I like my Castiel with wings.
It was Cas who gave up in purgatory because he believed he deserved to be in there. If God doesn't punish him, Cas will punish himself by staying in purgatory. Cas couldn't tell Dean how he felt, he couldn't tell him he was planning to stay all along. With Dean looking right into his eyes, Cas told him that it is not Dean's fault. It was his CHOICE! It was his WILL. Cas wanted to make sure Dean got to the portal safely, that's why Cas went with him. Cas pulled away in the last second and sent Dean home. I love this! 

Now that he is back, there is no doubt that Cas wants to make Dean proud. He won't want to disappoint Dean because he knows how hard Dean tried to save him from purgatory and from his own darkness. It will take some time for Dean to process Cas' original intention to stay in purgatory, but this will only make him love Cas more. And it's not my intention to make Destiel fans happy! At least for now, it's a closure to the 'has Dean forgiven Cas?' story line. He has. Get over it! Having said that, I don't think Cas will ever forget himself as seen in Reading Is Fundamental and Survival Of The Fittest.

Let's talk about Sam. I like Sam better in this episode because he shows Dean that he cares. "Are you ok?" "Are you guys good?" I love that! Why can't Sam be like that every week? And I think now that Cas is back, Sam is getting the insights into purgatory. It is the case of 'you have to be there to understand'. But I hope he will understand the hardship Dean went through in purgatory and why Benny was an important part of journey. I read the episode synopsis of Citizen Fang. Ah! If Benny is a bad monster, fine, I can live with that. But if he isn't, I want Sam to accept him and then move on. PS: Sam's hair is really well styled in this episode. Just saying! His hair inspires me. All we need now is to see Sam and Dean communicating with each other and put the 'you left me to die for a girl' and 'why haven't you killed Benny' thing behind.

Is it just me or is Kevin is turning into a mini-Dean? His outfit and the way he checked out the witch's backside. That's so Dean! But in all seriousness, poor kid! I hope Cas fixes his finger! I like how Kevin tried to not to give in to Crowley. He is a good kid with a good soul. This is Kevin's life now and Mrs Tran is part of that life. I love that scene when Dean busted in to the torture room (yeah Kev, now THIS is a torture room!), Dean went straight to Cas and Kevin went for what was left of the tablet. And he wouldn't let it go from that moment on. So who is Kevin's father? George Takie? Or Ken Watanabe?

Osric Chau and Lauren Tom have a great chemistry as mother and son. I love how Mrs Tran is so involved she knows how to fight demons and make demon bombs. She is one tough cookie! Now that Garth is keeping an eye on them, the three of them can have a Supernatural comedy spin-off! I mean, Kevin is pretty serious, but you get what I mean? Stick around Kev! We love you! I also like the fact that Garth is mentioned. It's pretty safe to say Garth will be back later on the season. He has to. He must! 

Is it just me or do you find the Beauty and the Beast screen caption funny on this shot of Crowley?
The tablet in this episode gave Crowley enough information. What was God thinking? And  why did Metatron take a leave of absent? Where did this angel go? I have a theory about Amanda Tapping's Naomi. I think she is Metatron. I think she is back to put the house in order. I just love seeing Col. Carter on the show!! I wish we get to Chuck to return to the show as God. This is not the God that we have seen in pop culture. You have Morgan Freeman and all that, but Rob Benedict has something different to bring to this role. And I would really love to see that to happen! It's Supernatural, it's not impossible! 

So now. I assume Dean and Sam know what Crowley knows. With Kevin on their side on Garth's watch and Cas is back, Dean and Sam do have the advantage. It's a matter of finding a compendium of tablets and sealing of the gate of hell. We don't know how involved the angels will be. But Naomi looked concern when Cas told her about the prophet, tablets Dean and Sam. Is she Metatron? If so, does she know where God is? What will happen when Dean and Cas find out the angels are involved? Is it possible that Naomi will help all along without them realising it?

Gratuitous fan service!
The rating for A Slice Of Kevin is good!!! According to TVByTheNumbers, this episode "tied its season high with a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating, matching last week’s performance." Good move for the CW to put Supernatural on Wednesday and pair it with Arrow!

So now we wait. We have a one week break before the next episode. *Sign* Here is the description of Hunteri Heroici which airs on November 28 on the CW:

CARTOONS AREN’T ALWAYS FUNNY — Castiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he’s decided to become a hunter like them. Sam and Dean aren’t sold on the idea but agree to investigate a case Cas found where a man’s heart literally burst through his chest. The guys discover there has been more than one odd murder in the small town and all of them resemble cartoon deaths. Paul Edwards directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb.