17 November 2014

Once a fan, always a fan

Hello, after a long absent, I am back. I am alive. I won't bored you with my life details. If they are interesting, I am sure I will write a story about it and make silly money from it. But they are not, so... let's move on.

I was watching the 200th episode of Supernatural. I got a bit teary and completely lost it when I heard Carry On Wayward Son and when I saw Chuck appeared at the end. Supernatural reminds me of a very period happy and carefree period of my life. I met a lot of friends, and I did things I didn't think I could do. Reality is overrated and reality isn't all rainbows and unicorns. Just like the life of Dean and Sam. When crap happened, I thought to myself -- What would Dean do? What would Sam do? Carry on! Crap makes us stronger. Crap makes us better.

That's what Supernatural is all about. Life is always going to be crap, crap things will always happen. But I think crap things make us appreciate life and the people around us more. Crap makes us heroes. 

I am impressed with how season is going. I can't say I was a big fan of Dean being a demon. It just wasn't him. But it was a journey he had to have. I am also glad Sam came through too. The brothers always do. Stop being a jerk, bitch.

15 March 2014

Oh Gosh... How long has it been?

My bad! I am well aware of the fact that I have been absent from blogging since September last year. Miss me? Guess not... 

Reasons? Adulthood and real life have got in the way. I cannot begin to tell you how much had happened since last September. All well thought, nothing bad. Just got so busy with a very demanding job and I went through an unusually weird dating situation. He happened to be a Supernatural fan, how awesome is that? While it's over, I am glad I am moving on.

Happy days continue...

I have been watching Supernatural for sure!!! I just haven't been blogging about it. I think if I can sum up season nine now, it would be -- it just got better! I know I am bias, but here is what I meant.

The show has come a long way -- from the Kripke days to Gamble days to now, the Carver days. If you look at the show closely, the transition has always been good. I have no problem with the way characters are growing -- Dean and Sam and other supporting characters -- and the way the story has developed. We are going forward with the storyline. The elements are there, you just KNOW it's Supernatural! Our characters are growing, it's very organic. This is not The Brady Bunch, happy days are non-existent. Dean and Sam break your heart with the issues they are dealing with, but it's great drama. The logical question is logical! How can you sustain a relationship after all these years of secrets, sacrifices, death, the apocalypse...? 

Things are made to be broken, but broken things can be mended. While things will never be the same, somethings will never change. Sam is saying he will not save Dean if the situation is reversed. Oh mate! HE SO WILL! I don't agree with how Sam is behaving -- I get it but ah! Dean has done so much for him. But I get it. Is Dean really selfish? Yes and no. But his love for Sam is 99% more than being selfish. He is blinded by the fact that he has always been this big brother who looks after the little brother. That's his job. He is on auto mode when it comes to Sam. Sam is the little brother who goes "I am not five years old anymore, I can take care of myself." There is no right or wrong. Just different perspective. 

The angel stuff has been interesting. I like how the whole table is turned, I like the chaos, I like how Cas has his own adventure. I like the Cain and Abel stuff. I like the way Crowley is developed into the story this season. There is a lot going on and I think this season is the shape of things to come in season 10. The set up, the drama...everything is leading to season 10, rather than the season 9 finale. I like that.

I am optimistic about everything. It is Supernatural. It is my constant. I made heaps of friends because of Supernatural. Life is good! Life as a fangirl is even better!

What else I am excited about.... I got tickets to the advance screening of Captain America: Winter Soldier. on March 30. I will have a show bag! Woohoo!! I did that for Thor: The Dark World last year. There is nothing better than watching a superhero movie with a cinema full of fans! It was the best movie experience! Do it, if you have a chance. 

For those who are in Supernatural Vegas Con... I was supposed to be there... but hey.. work does not allow me to go. So... best wishes to all. I can see that you are having fun!!

While I may not be able to blog as often as before, I am not missing in action completely. Come chat with me on Twitter! I'd love to hear from you.