24 January 2010

Supernatural: Back to the Future III (That's not a typo)

*Beware of some spoilers*

A local TV network has been repeating Back to the Future (the movie) for awhile and it got me thinking.
In Supernatural, we have In the Beginning which focused on Dean going back to 1973, a few days before Mary made the deal with YED. And in a few weeks time, we will see Back to the Future II. On paper it says the episode is about angel Anna goes back to 1978 to kill John and Mary before they can conceive Sam. Looks like Mary is pregnant with Dean in this episode who is born in 1979. According to a recent interview with Sera Gamble, we will also see 2020 in that episode. So far, the Back to the Future Winchester trilogy (I can't think of another name for this arc) is very similar to the way Back to the Future (the movie) played with their time line.

So, here is the $66 question: What if there is a Back to the Future III in season 6 of Supernatural? Here are my thoughts.

(ideal guest star Jeremy Davies aka Daniel Faraday from Lost): Archangel Gabriel (aka Mr Trickster) has decided to help Dean and Sam. We all know the Colt cannot kill Lucifer. Gabriel says he knows there is another way, but he cannot guarantee it will work. Gabriel says there was a very Supernatural angelic element that came with the Halley's Comet in 1835. He tells Dean and Sam that element can be found on the night the Comet passes overhead in 1835 and it can be used to make a very special bullet for the Colt, but there's only enough juice to make one.

Gabriel reiterates that this plan may not work. But if it does
, there will be risks. That is, if the bullet could kill Lucifer (an angel), it could also kill any other angels. If the Colt/ bullet falls into the hands of the wrong demon or fallen angel or douchey human, things could be disastrous. Dean and Sam ask how do they know if the bullet works. Gabriel says they don't, not until they empty it into Lucifer's face.

Dean and Sam are willing to take risks and go back to 1835.
Gabriel says he does not want to go back with them, but he will give Dean and Sam the instructions. Gabriel says the less time they hang out in 1835 the better, he will only give them 24 hours to complete this mission. So Dean, Sam and Castiel are transported back to 1835, one night before the Comet passes overhead.

Dean and Sam successfully acquire the Supernatural element. When Dean and Sam confront Samuel Colt, they find out Samuel has already begun building the Devil's Gate, the gun is only in the thinking process.
No one is supposed to know about this and Samuel Colt has no idea about the supernatural power the gun and the bullets possess. Dean tells Samuel he has to make a very special bullet with the Supernatural element they acquire for him, and the bullet can only be used with the Colt he is about to make. But Samuel is not convinced about everything that Dean is telling him. Dean asks Castiel to show Samuel his wings. "Is this good enough for you?" Cas says.

They have a long discussion about the Colt and the future. Samuel agrees to make the Colt with Gabriel's instruction.
Dean and Sam tells Samuel to go into hiding and hide the Colt/ bullet well. Castiel inscripts the Enochian sigil to Samuel's rib cage to protect him from angels and demons. Dean and Sam tell Samuel to hide the bullet but he has to leave clues for them find it in 2010, so that they can kill Lucifer with it.

Time's up. Dean, Sam and Castiel are transported back to 2010. It's up to Samuel Colt to complete his tasks. They can only hope he did.
Not long after Dean, Sam and Cas left 1835, Samuel disappeared off the face of earth (just as John Winchester described it.)

A new chapter begins.
The meeting with Samuel Colt ultimately changes everything. Dean and Sam do not have to say YES to their angels. Most of the time is devoted to finding that very special bullet in season 6. In the end, it is revealed that Samuel Colt hid the bullet inside Dean's amulet. It just fits perfectly, because I say so. Samuel Colt came across a very unique amulet during his hiding, he recognized it was the same one Dean wore when they met. If everything happens according to what has already happened, Bobby would still give the amulet to Sam and Sam would still give the amulet to Dean as Xmas present.

The real battle takes place in Detroit. The bullet works, but not deadly enough. However, it gives the angels the advantage to send Lucifer back to his cage and lock him up for good. Dean and Sam continue to save people, hunting things, family business.

-The End-

There are probably holes in the story. Feel free to comment. I just have a feeling that the writers may complete the arc with something like a Back to the Future III. The movie took place in the Old West. So it kinda fits.


  1. Good basis of an idea here, but maybe the amulet is the bullet that Samuel Colt changed into that shape to get through undetected over all the many years. And that the Supernatural element can detect God and finish off Lucifer. Maybe the Halley's Comet was the grace or whatever you would like to call it of God falling to earth (or another powerful angel). Much like how they were able to track Anna’s grace from the falling Star. This isn’t to say that God is now mortal but maybe he just wanted some R&R from this family. Anyway that’s how the amulet can detect God and kill Lucifer.

    Its just an idea. Good theory! I always thought they would retouch on the Samuel Colt story, maybe he’s a distant relative of Marys. Campbell – Colt...

    Another question is how did Bobby get this amulet? Was it on sale at Walmart or what? Maybe Bobby is an angel vessel too.

    AWESOME work Tiny!

  2. That was quick! Yeah the Comet stuff is like the grace of an angel. I so want the writers to touch on Samuel Colt.. I mean how did he come to build the Devil's Gate and the Colt? Making the Colt a key to open the Gate was a pretty awesome idea!

    May be I should turn this into a fanfic?

    Thanks Kara!

  3. Maybe that is why Colt did make all those things like how they made a Convent over the Lucifers cage, you know how YED said that someone must have felt some holy juice and built a nun factory. Maybe during the Comet Colt felt some heavenly vibe, Maybe the reason why Samuel Colt vanished off the face of the earth is because he’s been possessed by God this whole time.

  4. I think you should definitely turn it into fanfic before you get Kripke'd, LOL.
    Perhaps Samuel Colt wasn't human at all, but angel who fell on the LAST "Halley's Comet" (actually falling from grace) pass before 1835(1759?) - that's how he can build Devil's Gates and special guns etc.? Or perhaps not an angel, but the angel police - or a rogue also on the run from Michael and his Thought Police, LOL.
    Oh dear. I need more tea!
    You got some great ideas here! Interesting - apart from the spoilery first paragraph (sorry, I'm allergic!) - and original. :)


  5. The idea flows, it kept flowing. I am gonna do it! Thanks for the encouragement!


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