23 July 2013

SDCC 2013 -- Supernatural

Source: TheWB
This year's SDCC went out with a bang! I mean, there wasn't a dull moment since Day 1. The past few days were intense! Those who slept outside Hall H and got in, you're epic! A fan sleep out is always fun! I hope I get to go next year. 

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The last day of Comic Con has always been my favorite because of Supernatural. This is a massive opportunity to add pretty photos to my library and to start thinking about season nine based on the information the panel gave us. I think if I have to use one word to describe this year's Comic Con, it'd be 'surprise'. There were plenty of surprises that blew fans pants off.

Source: TheWB
The biggest surprise is the appearance of Felicia Day (aka Charlie) on the panel. I love her character. Felicia has this smile that makes you smile, she is super cute! She is clearly a fan favorite. While it has been announced that season nine has big plan for Charlie, I think (and I hope) she will get more and more air time, just like how Crowley progresses on the show. I think she really adds great value to the show. I don't think her character was written to last in the first place, I am not so sure. But she is adding something different to the show, and I hope she will be more integral in season nine. Someone pointed out that Felicia was the first female appeared on the Supernatural panel in SDCC. That's awesome, bitches!

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Another surprise is the announcement of a spin-off series based on a new character who will be introduced in or around episode 20. That episode will be served as a backdoor pilot to the new show. Pick up is not guaranteed, of course. The CW has this thing about creating spin-off, for example, The Originals -- The Vampire Diaries spin-off. But The Originals is different because Klaus and co have been around for a few seasons, they were established characters. 

Source: TheWB
With the Supernatural spin-off, I am happy about the spin-off, but very surprised about the fact that it will be based on a new character. I would rather see a Garth, Charlie or Kevin spin-off, or Henry Winchester/ Men of Letters spin-off, or better, a John and Mary spin-off. This new character has to work in order for the spin-off to take off. It has to be a super epic character. I am very intrigued to see who this character is. It is certainly a very very interesting move. According to Huffington Post, episode 20 will be written by Andrew Dabb, and it will be more urban than on the cross country road trip feel. 

Source: TheWB
Source: TheWB
I can't help but think about the idea -- Eric Kripke once had this idea for Supernatural, it was about a tabloid journalist traveling around the country fighting for the truth, rather than about two brothers. Perhaps the writers will go back to this idea? The other hot idea I have in mind is the Men of Letters spin-off, but I guess Jeremy and Bob would want to keep this for Supernatural. I can't wait to hear more about this new spin-off -- who is in it, what it is called, who will be the showrunner etc. This is a weird piece of surprise, but I really want to know more!

Source: TheWB
Source: TheWB
The panel itself was as fun as usual. Jensen and Jared were so hot, it's out of this world! Jeremy Carver was as careful as always. The cast was as playful as always. It was great to see Bob to be on the panel for the first time. It was rather sad not to have Ben Edlund on the panel. 

Jensen and Jared were on the Nerd Machine panel. I haven't watched the video, but I will!!! I am not handling the hottness too well. I am having a 'melt down.' Haha.. Not to mention all the toys debate at SDCC. Shit! I need at least two weekends to go through everything I want to see from this epic geek fest! 

For a full wrap up on the Supernatural panel, check out stuff from IGN, Zap2IT and TVGuide.

Credit: @redteekal
Source: TheWB
Once I have watched the panel a few times, and as more news surfaced, I'll be writing my thoughts and my wish list for season nine. I will also aim to get the season eight awards out before October with a few Twitter friends. Watch this space!

Last but not least, congrats to Jarpad and Gen on their second baby! They've been busy! Congrats! xoxo

22 July 2013

SDCC 2013 -- Marvel Rules (Part 2): Captain America Winter Soldier; Thor Dark World; Tom Hiddleston Wins Cosplay as Loki; Avengers Age of Ultron

Earlier on Marvel took the stage at Hall H and revealed more than I am hoping for. I was secretly hoping Marvel to announce the cast of Avengers 2 (aka Avengers: Age of Ultron), but seeing they have a few things to release before they wrap phase II with Avengers, I completely understand and still in love with Marvel. Don't announce anything else until I get to SDCC next year!

I cannot think of a better way to start this. Marvel has a history of blowing Hall H's roof off the planet -- the announcement of the cast of Avengers, RDJ danced his way in to Hall H with the Iron Man hand, and now Tom Hiddleston's appearance in character. There is something different and something to talk about every year!

Tom Hiddleston has shown us THIS IS HOW YOU DO COSPLAY! I thought Andrew Garfield's in full Spidey costume yesterday was admirable, but Tom took this to the next level! Can anyone top that? No! The crowd went nuts! LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI!!!!!! 

I didn't want to have dinner and chant all night! He's turned me! LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI!!!!!! Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman weren't there, which to me was disappointing. But Tom Hiddleston's introduction as Loki was more than enough for me to forgive the cast for not being there! I know Thor the Dark World will be good. It can't go wrong! 

Then, it was the Captain America Winter Soldier panel. While there weren't any major spoilers that I didn't know about, I am impressed by the cast's commitment for being there. I make no apology when I say I need more Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson now! They are so adorable and pretty. It isn't the first time they work together. Happiness!!! 

Tom is like.. what's wrong with you people? You came unprepared?
There are a number of [SPOILER] photos from the set. I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW!!! More wrap up can be read at ComicBookMovie.

And of course, the next big news is the announcement of the title of the next Avengers movie! it's not Avengers 2, technically it is, but it has been named AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. IGN has this really good reaction piece with a bit of history of Ultron. The guys always talk about Cap, Thor and Guardians

There is no announcement of cast for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, but I think with Thor and Cap are waiting in the wing to take off, to announce the cast will be a bit premature.  


21 July 2013

SDCC 2013 -- The EW Star Portraits Gallery

The Entertainment Weekly Star Portraits Gallery is something I always look forward when it comes to SDCC. I really like their photos. If they release a printed version, like a coffee table book, I'd so buy it! Here are few of my favourite photos from this year's portraits. 

Zachary Levi
Felicia Day
Nick Frost and Simon Pegg
Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr
Karl Urban and Michael Ealy

SDCC 2013 -- Marvel Rules (Part 1)

Fans have completely lost it! I know I would if I was in the audience. I would loose my voice, my soul, my integrity, my shit.  

Marvel knows what they are doing and how to do it. There are many things I want to cover, but let's do this chronologically and start with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Agent Carter and Guardians of the Galaxy. I'll have the Thor and Cap stuff in Part 2. 

The S.H.I.E.L.D panel took place on Friday. Seeing all the tweets is enough to get my to cloud eleven, I can't imagine what I'd do if I was in the audience. Joss Whedon announced to the audience during the panel that they were to see the entire pilot of the TV series. Why wouldn't anyone loose their shit?

The TV series premieres on September 24 on ABC. As expected, no one was allowed to film anything during the panel, or a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent would take them out. Here are a few reactions from Twitter

Buzzfeed has a comprehensive analysis on the pilot. If you don't want spoilers, don't read it. My reaction from watching the TV promo alone is that the show looks expansive to produce. If Marvel does this right, this can go on for years! We will see familiar faces -- Coulson and Hill. With How I Met Your Mother coming to an end, I hope Cobie Smulders (Agent Maria Hill) will become a regular on S.H.I.E.L.D. She is a familiar face on TV and Hill was pretty good in Avengers and convincing as an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Put Samuel L Jackson on and I will kneel before the TV every week!

It is a Marvel thing, we can expect characters and stories integration. It's only logical and it's a smart move. I think it is a big challenge to have RDJ, Chris Evens and Chris Hemsworth or Scarlett Johannson to guest star on the TV series, but they aren't the only heroes, there are so many superheros in the Marvel universe, why wouldn't you want to expand and build the future of pop culture?

Marvel isn't falling into the trap of writing only a few characters, like Superman and Batman to DC, otherwise things will eventually grow tired and will be done to death. What I am saying is, you won't see two Supermans running separately on the big screen and on TV at the same time, you won't see disintegration in the franchise. I hope they will somehow integrate Spiderman into Avengers. Everything is being as well planned as possible. Marvel has the same guy heading the whole initiative -- Joss Whedon. Enough said!

I am even more excited Channel Seven -- an Australian TV network -- is fast-tracking the TV series in September!!

When I got home last night, Batman Forever was on TV. I used to love the Batman franchise, but as I become more and more aware of characters and stories in pop culture, the more I grow tired of characters who are the cliche love interests in superheroes or James Bond movies. I hate them. Oh save me. Oh shut up! I was watching Chase Meridian in Batman Forever and I couldn't stand her! I guess it wasn't forever after all!

Female as love interests are so poorly written in pop culture sometimes and it reflects how our society operates. But if you look at strong female characters like Peggy Carter, Black Widow, Sarah Walker (Chuck), Dana Scully, Buffy and Hillary Clinton (wait.. what?)... I immediately look at the world differently. You don't have to fit in and do what everyone else does. Kick it in the ass babes!

What was I going say? Oh yes, Agent Carter is not gone, in fact she is still very much integrated into the story of Captain America. The Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter will focus on the tracking down the mysterious 'Zodiac'. You will see Dominic Cooper (aka Howard Stark) reprising his role. This can be seen in the Iron Man III DVD and Blu-ray. I think Hayley Atwell should reprise her role in a Peggy Carter spin-off. There's at least 70 years of material there! Will we finally get to see Howard and Peggy have fondue? There should totally be a spin off on THAT!

Guardians of the Galaxy is not something I think about all the time. In fact, this is the first time I talk about it. I know zero about this team of interstellar heroes that protect the galaxy. That's pretty big, right? I think the idea sounds so big, I need to make this as a side project. Cast include Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly and Glenn Close. You can read more about the panel at IGN. The cast flew in from London just for this panel. 

With Thor The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron coming up, my blogging schedule is pretty full on, but I am still very interested in seeing Guardians and where the story goes. It looks like pretty bad ass!

SDCC 2013 -- The Game of Thrones Panel

Why wouldn't we want to talk about the Red Wedding? We don't ok, not really, but we have to. If fear cuts deeper than swords, the Red Wedding cuts deeper than fear for fans. 

Source: Geek of Doom
The Game of Thrones panel at SDCC was represented by executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, writer and co-executive producer George R.R. Martin, and stars John Bradley West (Samwell Tarly), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Rose Leslie (Ygritte) and Richard Madden (Robb Stark).

Source: EW
Let us mourn the dead, old ones and new ones. And more to come. It's the Game of Thrones, what do you expect? The Starks, Michelle Fairley and Richard Madden, talked about how emotional shooting that scene was. If I was the actors, this scene represents real death to me. I think GoT got darker in season three, like, the more you know about what's coming, the more the wait sends chills down my spine. 

Source: Geek of Doom
A big congrats to Emilia Clarke on her first Emmys nomination, and also Peter Dinklage on his 3rd nomination for GoT. This girl got it! What I love about her as an actress and as a person is that she can act, she knows it and it makes me think about why someone like Kristen Stewart is even be allowed on the big screen.  

Credit: @ChristinaGoT
I don't think any big hoo-ha came out of the panel in terms of spoilers for those who have read the books. But the surprise appearance of Jason Momoa, who landed a big kiss on Emilia's face during the panel certain was the highlight of the day. "George, I am not dead." Someone did a gif of them, check this out, it will make you happy -- Tumblr.

Source: WBTV
Catch up with the content of the panel, try Huffington Post and GeekofDoom and EW. EW has a pretty good photo library of every panel, Instagram and star portraits. Check them out and geek out. Of course, you can check out the WB website for more official photos of the GoT signing session, and their Twitter for more awesome photos.

Source: EW
Sometime this year, I am going to have to read the books again, for the 4th time! 

In case you don't know it already, Jason Momoa and Jarpad shared some amazing moments at a party. I don't have words for it... I think all the excitement is killing me.. I will never recover!

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20 July 2013

SDCC 2013 -- The X Files Panel

My city is listed as one of the safest places to hide if the apocalypse arrived upon us. Apart from that, we are all stuck here -- living our lives where everything is disgustingly overprices and shedding a tear about what we are so far from the rest of the world and why are aren't at Comic Con this year. 

Live isn't too bad here, I can't complain too much. Because we are so isolated from the rest of the world, the internet is our BFF, and when geeks come out to play, we come out in capes to paint the city red. We are the UFO capital of the country, we know how to party in style. UFO? Yes, there is a conspiracy after all. Life isn't too bad at all. 

Source: Dreadcentral
I know two people who woke up so early on Day 1 of SDCC to catch all the tweets from The X-Files 20th Anniversary panel. Are we the only one who cried during the panel? I mean, the excitement was out of this world. We are beyond words to see Gillian and David together, looking awesome, looking Scully and Mulder. 

If this panel means anything, we'd like to think it means the 3rd movie. It's gonna happen, right? You know that, right?

Source: EW

I took the liberty to write a few lines for the next movie. ANYONE? CARES? 

"Mulder and Scully to reopen the X Files after a series of unexplained events -- Inactive FBI agents Mulder and Scully continue to investigate alien life form on earth without official authorisation. After catching their son William read PAUL, written and illustrated by Clive Gollings and Graeme Willy, Mulder and Scully question the truth of the characters in this book. Something tells them the disclaimer 'All persons in this book are fictional and any resemblance is a coincidence' does not apply to PAUL. The story begins with Mulder and Scully dress up as FBI agents with William as...an FBI agent, walking the floor at San Diego Comic Con and begin their investigation. Will the Gollings and Willy interrogation impact on reopening of the X Files? Will Mulder and Scully find the alien, Paul? The X Files 3, it is unlike anything you have seen before."

Source: Simon Pegg
OK, now that I have entertained myself, I am going to grab some lunch. Go entertain yourself with a few wrap ups from IGN, TVLine, DreadCentral and XFilesNews.

The truth is out there. Trust no one. 

18 July 2013

Jensen and Jared in the Supernatural Cape! OMG!

I am not physically there, but I am as excited as everyone else. For the past few years, I have not stopped wondering what it would be like to be at Comic Con. The more I look at the tweets about the panels, photos, Hall H line, Ballroom 20, Outside Line, Inside Line, the more I want to be there. Hopefully it will be a reality to me next year. Yeah, it is hard to get SDCC tickets than the World Cup tickets.

The WB has updated their Comic Con website, so do check that site for stuff like photos and other media stuff. They posted an awesome photo early on today, and I am crying.. AH!!! Jensen and Jared are super cute and I really want that friggin cape!!!! 

Source: WBSDCC
Check out the official press release for Supernatural events at SDCC here.

"Supernatural returns to Hall H at Comic Con on Sunday, July 21, from 10:00–11:00 AM with a special video presentation as well as a cast/producer Q&A. Recurring guest star Mark A. Sheppard joins series stars Padalecki, Ackles and Misha Collins alongside executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer. Additionally, the cast and executive producers will be signing for fans at the Warner Bros. booth (#4545) afterward at 12:45–1:30 PM."

You can also follow WB on Twitter.

Also, Jensen and Jared will appear on an off-site panel hosted by Nerd Machine at the NerdHQ. Jared, of course, has been a guest for the past two years, this year, we get Jensen too! I am too happy I am going to faint. A Conversation with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will take place on July 21, 2013, 2pm. Tickets are sold out! Sorry. 

Last but not least, I have been trying to get the Essential Supernatural On the Road With Sam and Dean Winchester, but all copies were sold out in one weekend. Who would have thought this tiny little corner of the world that I am living in have Supernatural fans other than me? Anyway, thanks to my dentist, I now have a copy. I love it!

As you are aware, there have been a few spoilers about season nine, I am going to hold off until after the panel. I can't wait to see what Jeremy Carver and co have to say!! Woohoo!!

Updated: SDCC 2013 -- Program Schedule Released

Can you feel it? SDCC 2013 is happening TODAY! This is going to be another insane year, one that I hope no one stabs anybody anywhere with a pencil.

I love these shows but I am also glad I am not there to queue up and be squashed. Not only I have to get my mind in the right place, if I am going, I also need to be physically fit and dress up. Too much work! If you are going, have fun and may the force be with you!

Below is my schedule. I have set my alarm to get up nice and early in the morning to follow all the tweets and excitement. For a completely insane schedule, go to the official site for details.  

May the force be with you all. Live long and prosper. 

6:00pm -- 10:00pm Ballroom 20

Pilot screenings:
Almost Human (stars Karl Urban)
The Tomorrow People (stars Mark Pellegrino, Robbie Amell)
The 100 (stars Henry Ian Cusick)
The Originals will have a special screening including unseen footage.


The X-Files 20th Anniversary (3:30pm -- 4:30pm, Ballroom 20)
Panellists: Chris Carter, David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban and Jim Wong joined by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.


The World's End: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost Reunited (10:00am -- 11:00am, Hall H)
Panellists: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost

The Walking Dead (1:35pm -- 2:30pm, Hall H)
Panelists: EPs -- Scott Gimple, EPs Gale Anne Hurd, Robert Kirkman, Dave Alpert and Greg Nicotero. Cast -- Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, David Morrissey, Chad Coleman and Scott Wilson.

The 100 (12:45pm -- 1:45pm, Room 6BCF)
Panelists: Eliza Taylor, Thomas McDonell, Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick, Matthew Miller, Jason Rothenberg

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1:45pm -- 3:00pm, Ballroom 20)

Panelists: Joss Whedon, Jeph Loeb

The X-Files with Creator Chris Carter (1:45pm -- 2:45pm, Room 5AB)
Panelists: Chris Carter, Chris Ryall and Denton Tipton, Joe Harris, plus a surprise guest or two!

A Game of Thrones (2:50pm -- 3:45pm, Hall H)
Panelists: David Benioff and D. B. Weiss with Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Fairley, Kit Harington, John Bradley, Rose Leslie and Richard Madden. 

Almost Human (4:00pm -- 5:00pm, Ballroom 20)
Panelists: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, J.H. Wyman

Dark Horse: Joss Whedon (6:15pm -- 7:15pm, Ballroom 20)
Panelist: Joss Whedon


A Conversation with Joss Whedon (10am, Nerd HQ)
This is an off site panel organised by Nerd HQ. Ticket details here.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (10:15am -- 11:00am, Ballroom 20) 
Panelists: Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz

The Tick 25th Anniversary (1:00pm -- 2:00pm, Room 23ABC)
Panelists: Ben Edlund, Chris McCulloch, Bob Polio 

Once Upon a Time (1:00am -- 1:45am, Ballroom 20) 
Panelists: Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz with Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O'Donoghue and Michael Raymond James.

The Originals (1:00pm -- 2:00pm Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront)
Panelists: Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Julie Plec

Being Human (4:00pm -- 5:00pm Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront)
Panelists: Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington, Kristen Hager and EP Anna Fricke will be on the panel.

Revolution (4:50pm -- 5:50pm, Room 6BCF)
Panelists: Eric Kripke (hopefully he is not flying solo, otherwise it will be awkward)

The Tomorrow People (5:55pm -- 6:55pm, Room 6BCF)
Panelists: Robbie Amell, Mark Pellegrino, Peyton List, Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer, Danny Cannon

Arrow (5:15pm -- 6:00pm, Ballroom 20)
Panelists: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg

Marvel Studios: Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier 6:00pm -- 7:00pm, Hall H)

Panelists: Kevin Feige and many surprise guests


Supernatural (10:00am -- 11:00am, Hall H)
Panelists: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark A. Sheppard, Jeremy Carver, Robert Singer

Note: The official program indicates fans will be treated to an exclusive video presentation featuring series highlights, and a portion of the special features from the upcoming DVD. I am guessing the gag reel?

A Conversation with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (July 21, 2013, 2pm, Nerd HQ) 
Panelists: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

George R. R. Martin Discusses the Skin Trade Adaptation (12:00pm -- 1:00pm, Room 25ABC) 
Panelist: G.R.R.M 

12 July 2013

A Supernatural Cape -- Ah... Yes.. That's What I Just Said

Just when I thought things can't get anymore awesome, I saw the follow images this morning. I am not recovering well.

As you can imagine, I am crying. Why am I not at SDCC this year? Why do I live so far from the home of Supernatural and pop culture? Why am I not wearing this cape right friggin now? I needed professional help, and I advised my HOTLINE to keep her four eyes on eBay evilbay.

The WBTV Official Web and Huffington Post have full details about the WB sponsored showbags. The shows featured on this year's SDCC bags include Supernatural, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Revolution, The Following, The Vampire Diaries and The LEGO® Movie etc. They are all backpacks. Every attendee will get a showbag which is distributed randomly at registration. More than 130,000 bags are produced. Apparently fans do trade during the convention. So if I carry Kevin Bacon's face on my back, and you have a Supernatural bag that I want, let's trade. LET'S. But since I am not going, I'll look at my own *sad face*. I will buy this if you are selling. Contact me right now on Twitter! @tinybeanie  

Remember the special hotel key cards? Supernatural was on a hotel key cards a few years back. This year, WB put Person of Interest on the key card. Press release here

It will be super cool to have Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on the key cards. Then again, I AM NOT THERE, AM I? They are on the trolleys. Still cool! Can I have one?