07 January 2010

Supernatural won People's Choice Award 2009

The results are in! Supernatural won the People's Choice Awards 2009 in the Favourite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy category. Beating Lost, Heroes, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. See full listing here.

Now, I have to say this once and never again. How's Supernatural SCI-FI? There is no scientific elements in the show, no spaceships, no aliens, no mad scientist. I would see Lost is more a Sci-Fi drama than Supernatural is Sci-fi, at least you have Daniel Faraday and time traveling in the story.

And how's Supernatural FANTASY? Merlin is fantasy! Tin Man is fantasy! Alice in Wonderland is fantasy. Supernatural is not fantasy! Although the show has vampire on occasions.

Can people get over the fact that Supernatural is a DRAMA and compete with the so-called drama? When you see there are so many categories in an award show, you know everyone gets to share the pie. Everyone goes home happy. Actors and studios go home happy. Advertisers go to the bank happy. Broadcasting network goes to the board of directors happy. Fans? Not so much!

The People's Choice didn't event present this award on stage! You call this People's Choice but you fail these people. And oh define PEOPLE? Actors, studios, advertisers and TV network.. Fans..remember them?

Anyhoo, congrats to Supernatural and Eric Kripke.

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