31 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.06 You Can't Handle th Truth


The following is a likely scenario in the writer's room:

Writer A: Humm.. so.. should we sweeten the pot?

Writer B: What would Kripke do?

Writer A & B together: Let's torture the fans!

And that's the truth, my fellow Supernatural fans.

I was totally prepared for an intense crazy episode. I am glad I did! You can read a recap from DaemonsTV and Amy's review on her blog. I am going to focus on a few points here.

You Can't Handle the Truth
revealed a very interesting point about Sam. According to Goddess of Truth herself, Veritas, Sam was not human. I don't think she was lying. Either Sam was not human or there was nothing human about him. If you have watched the promo of the next episode, I think the Sam plot will move forward with 6.06 Family Matters.

Sam was able to fend off
Veritas's powers and kept lying to Dean, which was actually disturbing.. I mean, HOW did he do it? At the end of the episode, Sam told Dean he knew there was something wrong about himself, he needed help. Nobody likes being lied to, especially after everything Dean and Sam had been through with the whole demon blood thing, you have to start wondering if Sam had learnt anything from past experience? I think Dean was more than angry, he was almost disgusted with Sam being so pretentious in the last few episodes with the 'of-course-I-got-your-back' lying in your face vibe. There was only one thing left for Dean to do -- to punch the crap out of Sammy! Will things get better? No! Absolutely not! This is an emotional scar for life!

The dialogues for people telling the truth are very well-written. I feel really sorry for Dean, his life just doesn't get any better -- Sam was being a lying liar who lies, Castiel being a dick and too busy with his problems; Bobby couldn't be there all the time for him; and after being dumped by Lisa, Dean was totally alone. So lonely, he might as well volunteer himself to be deployed by NASA when they start colonising other planets.

Bobby was just too cute when he told Dean all his secrets and his love life (bahahaha). Jim and Jensen played off each other so well and this wasn't even a face-to-face scene. Jensen performed brilliantly with his break-up scene with Cindy Simpson, not that Dean didn't know any of this stuff Lisa was telling him, but it was hard to hear it the hash way. Could this be the last time we see or hear from Lisa?

Jared did a great job playing a lying Sam, he always has. I think without the dark-side-bad-boy element, Sam's character could get a bit vanilla. I actually enjoy Jared's performance better when Sam goes bad, I think it's better for Jared. I think no matter what is going to happen next, I think if there is a remote chance of helping Sam or getting his soul back or whatever, Dean will not give up on his brother. The only reason Dean told Bobby his skin crawled being in the same room with Sam was because Dean didn't think that was his brother, he was just so angry and he wanted to get to the bottom of this asap. But if that was really Sam and if he admitted he had a problem and needed help, Dean would never give up on Sam.

It was awesome to see a little bit of Castiel. He looked kinda stress or not enthused. Misha was awesome as usual! He will be back next week! I am impressed with Serinda Swan who played Veritas. She was also the nurse in Salvation in season one, and Zatanna Zatara in Smallville.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching the dramas unfolded and really enjoyed this episode. I thought it was really well done and well-written. The episode was directed by Jan Eliasberg. I noticed the credit for the writing team was a bit longer than usual -- story by David Reed, Eric C. Charmelo & Nicole Snyder, written by Eric C. Charmelo & Nicole Snyder. Well done all!

On the Friday rating results, according to
TVByTheNumbers, Smallville dropped slightly but Supernatural was even with last week's rating. Read it all on TVByTheNumbers

Another Big Week: Supernatural Family Matters & Smallville Ambush

How? Why? What? I want more..!!! A man without his soul is like your Twitter without an avatar!

Supernatural 6.07 Family Matters

Smallville 10.07 Ambush - The general is back!

29 October 2010

Chris Evans; 6.10 Ep Title; Supernatural Companion

This does not look like Chris Evens.. Still.. I can't wait.. Source: AvengerSite

Speaking of the Cap... Jensen should so be the Cap (you know I can't help it)..

Who wants to know... Episode 6.10 is called Caged Heat. Source: SpoilerTV

Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 5 written by Nicholas Knight, is out! My copy is shipped! Here are the two excerpts on Changing Channels and Swan Song. Read it on io9

Don't forget to catch You Can't Handle the Truth tonight on the CW. It's going to be intense!

25 October 2010

I shall not give this blog post a title...

Blogging is therapeutic.

Speaking of WTF weird scenes in TV and movies. Have you watched a movie called City of the Lost Children? Watch the opening scene below. I'd never looked at Santa the same way again. Santa is leveled with clowns in my book.

Supernatural has a fair share of weirdness. With all your drinking and smoking, I still love Teddy.

I think I know what is wrong with Sam! He needs to find his shoe! Ever since he lost his shoe, he's been grumpy, he turned to Ruby, he drunk demon blood (who does that?). He just needs his shoe!

24 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.05 - Sam doesn't know that we know that Dean knows

Nothing says a Supernatural episode like a 2D ride to hell and further down the pit!

I told my sister Live Free or Twihard was going to be a funny episode because they were making fun of Twilight. My expectation went completely off track. But seriously, I should have known that every time Supernatural gave us a vampire episode, it was never going to be funny. Live Free or Twihard was a much darker and gorier episode in comparison to previous vampire episodes. The darkness of season six has been raised to a new level. Literally! Did you notice the lighting of the episode? It was sooooo dark!

The episode was directed by Jan Eliasburg and written by Brett Matthews. I thought Matthews wrote the episode very well, Eliasburg's directorial effort was really well done. There were some great scenes for Jensen and Jared. Jensen's performance was great in channeling Dean's emotions, while Jared was convincing as the bad Sam, you know he is faking it, you know he is lying with his puppy eyes, but one day those puppy eyes will run out or magic. All I can say is, Sam, I hope you fail your mission and wake up!

There were a lot going on in this episode, it was intense! Watching Dean killed was so My Bloody Valentine, the whole vamp-nest was like a Buy More version of the Volturi.
The Kristen (sighting of Speedy from Smallville) and Rob scenes and the dialogues were intentionally lame. Both guest stars must have fun shooting it. They even did a better job than the real Kristin Stewart and Rob Pattison. I don't want to do a recap, so I'll get on with my thoughts on two things.

WTF SAM! Last time when a Winchester brother smirked, he killed Zach and saved your ass!

Sam doesn't know that we know.
Cheesus! We saw it Sam! And dang it! It was definitely the WTF moment of season 6 so far. As a fan of the show, I was speechless when I saw Sam watched and smirked while
Boris fed Dean with his vampire blood. Why is Sam acting so strangely? Having a cold heart or drinking demon blood or trusting a demon instead of your own brother who died for you is one thing, but betraying Dean with intentions was never Sam's style. But this time, Sam stood while watching Dean being turned into a vampire and seemed pleased was so wrong. He wanted this to happen. He wanted Dean to turn. It was Sam's intention that scared me, he was so messed up.

Sam thinks: Don't tell him

Dean thinks: I know Sammy. I saw!

Sam doesn't know that we know that
Dean knows. As I was watching that scene again in Dean's fly-by/ flash-back, my reaction was WOAH..... DEAN KNOWS! HE SAW YOU. What's worst? Dean is going to keep this to himself for awhile while trying to get to the bottom of it! The feeling of betrayal must have killed the trust Dean has in Sam.

This is a 180 degree change we are seeing in Sam. This is NOT the Sam we know, not even the season 4 Sam.
Dean would die to protect Sam, he even went to hell for Sam, and after everything the brothers have been through, all Sam could do was to stand there and smirk? If this wasn't the last straw, I don't know what is. This is 'burn-the-bridge' bad! Part of me is hoping that this is not Sam and it is someone else. The real Sam is still locked up in hell, waiting for Dean to rescue him. May be that is why Castiel didn't answer Sam's prayer because this is not the real Sammy. Whatever the reason, this is great drama to watch.

(The fly-by effect was really cool by the way. This reminded me of Constantine when John uncovered the plot and the Spear of Destiny by sitting in the electric chair from the Sing Sing Prison.)


Dean's dream vision was cryptic. It raised more questions than answers. I can't help it, I have to start looking for clues.

- We saw the map of Aurora filled with blood. Supernatural locations are cool, like Wyoming where the Devil's Gate is and Detroit where the showdown was supposed to take place. Could this be the Detroit for season 6?

Speaking of Wyoming, I really want to see the Devil's Gate again. It'd be a nice call-back to season two.

- What's the story with the bald guy in the park? I assume he is the alpha? Why is he creepy and smiling at the Twins? If he is not the alpha, who the hell is he?

- The cemetery crosses remind me of the cemetery in The End.

- Who is the creepy girl in the creepy tea party with her creepy doll?

- What is the meaning of the whole reproductive eggs/ twins vision? Who are the twins? What is their role in the alpha storyarc?

I am certain this is not just a one-off random dream vision. They are the clues of what might come later in the season.
We are six episodes into season six, it's clear that the show is dealing with a bunch of alphas, the alpha vampire and alpha shape-shifter. I feel that it's not a random thing that all alphas are coming out to play at the same time. My theory is that they could be the same baddie. May be whoever this is, he wants to see who the stronger monster race is (shape-shifters or vampires etc), whoever is stronger shall rule earth? I know! I am crazy! My vote goes to the zombies! And whatever this is, it certainly has something to do with whoever Grandpa is working for. Grandpa is collecting the alphas for someone.

This episode raised more questions than answers! It's driving me crazy! I need therapy. I need to go play with my iPad!
As per usual, you can check out my friends review on their blogs: Amy's SweetonDean & Nicole for Salt&Burnt.

I've been adding the rating news at the end of each review this season. Supernatural was known as a bubble show since season one, never have I imagine something this would be a headline "CBS dominates Friday, while Supernatural helps The CW top FOX." Source: Hitfix

From TVByTheNumbers, "....Both Supernatural and Smallville averaged 2.48 million viewers, but Supernatural edged out Smallville with adults 18-49 1.1 to 1.0..."

Oh, if you don't know this already, Jensen is doing the voice for the new Tron game as Gibson. Too bad I don't play game. I am sure fans will find a way to put something on YouTube. Watch out!

Vote for your favourite TV Guide Cover... Supernatural and Smallville

Seriously! Being the tenth and final season, I think having Smallville on the cover of TV Guide is given!!!

TV Guide is giving fans a chance to vote for their favorite shows to be on the cover. If Supernatural wins the majority of votes, it'd be their first. Even the CW is getting behind their top shows. It's about bloody time we have a new poster for Supernatural too! Yes, that's Castiel in black!! He changed!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE! You can vote as much as you can 1st November.

Supernatural and Smallville are up for nomination at the People's Choice Awards. WinchesterBros has a few info and links for fans. It's imperative for all Supernatural to vote. Go there now!

Supernatural 6.06 promo; more episode synopsis - the drama gets better...

You Can't Handle the Truth...

No, I don't think I can. I don't think Dean can. I don't think the fans can. I am afraid more heart-breaking stuff is going to hit us like a tsunami. It's great drama but I think we need to brace ourselves for the ugly truth.

Here is the promo for 6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

Sam and Dean investigate a series of suicides and discover the victims were being told brutal truths that drove them crazy...... [full synopsis at SpoilerTV] Rod Hardy directed the episode written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder with story by David Reed, Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.

YES! The return of Cas!!! I love me some nerdy angel!

Here are the synopsis of coming episodes.

6.07 Family Matters

Dean becomes suspicious of Samuel’s motives, but Sam isn’t sold on the idea that their grandfather is doing anything wrong. The brothers go along on a hunt with Samuel and the other Campbells, but things go terribly awry. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.

6.08 All Dogs Go To Heaven

Dean and Sam investigate what seems to be a werewolf killing but turns out to be a skinwalker (guest star Andrew Rothenberg) posing as a family dog who is taking revenge on his owner’s enemies.... [full synopsis can be viewed on SpoilerTV] Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Adam Glass.

[The posing as a family dog thing is so Harry Potter!!]

Episode 6.11 will be called Appointment In Samarra

20 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.04 Bobby is Awesome

Last time when the words 'weekend' and 'Bobby' used in the same sentence, Bobby built the Panic Room. Bobby is awesome and we all know that. But sometimes, Dean and Sam forget even Bobby needs a hug and more love. Bobby is more awesome than Awesome and the Awesomes. And you know who else is awesome?! Kenny Rogers.

First and foremost, I must congratulate cast and crew for a brilliant job well done! Jensen Ackles did a brilliant job as the director of this episode.
Jim Beaver carried the episode so well, it's one of his most awesome kick-ass performances.

Jensen's directorial debut Weekend at Bobby's was a really fun to watch. Sometimes, when an actor takes over, they are egoistic about their own creative direction, the end result could be so left-field and awkward. Considering this is Jensen's first directing gig and he was directing an episode of an established show with established characters for an established fan-base. It's actually a lot of pressure but Jensen did very very well. Kim Manners would be proud! It took Tom Welling a few episodes to get comfy in the director's chair before he could direct something epic like Absolute Justice. I hope Jensen will continue his journey with directing and I can't wait to see more from him!

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid was a Bobby centric episode, but Bobby was the center of the universe at Weekend at Bobby's. In comparison, I enjoyed this episode more. Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, the writers of this episode, nailed it! Regular visitors of my blog would know I have a few issues with Dark Side of the Moon, also written by Dabb and Loflin. But this time, they did a fantastic job and here is why. They have cleverly made Dean and Sam the guest stars and made Bobby the main character without any writing or character development issues whatsoever. There were no awkward moments, no bad scenes and no bad directions found in this episode. It was perfectly designed. It was perfectly Supernatural! The material is not new to fans. We know the characters, the story, the Bobby-Crowley deal, everything is well-established. But for some reasons this episode was refreshing. This is a perfect example of a show that has successfully re-invent/ re-renovate itself.

At first, I wasn't sure how exactly they would do this without having Jensen and Jared in every scene. Even when Jared wasn't there, Jensen was there (i.e In the Beginning and The End). Jim Beaver carried the episode so well with Mark Sheppard as Crowley and Steven Williams as Rufus.

Behind the heroism of hunting, there is the boring research on monsters and demons. We never get to see what Bobby does behind the scene. Whenever Dean and Sam asked Bobby for help, Bobby always came back 2 minutes later (in editing term) with his research on whatever the brothers were hunting. In this episode, we see Bobby going to the library, having a bad day with his car, getting the attention from a lady neighbor, interrogating a demon to save his own soul, answering calls on his FBI, NSA, CIA lines, helping a friend to bury a body. I think Bobby is busier than all of us!

This episode wasn't just another filler, it provided a closure to the Bobby-Crowley deal, but you know Crowley will come back with something else. We found out Crowley was the King of Hell with athletic calves, and demons are like ghosts, they can be killed by burning the remains of the original human self. After everything we've seen on the show, Supernatural can still give us something new based on the existing material.

Other awesome bits:

- Alan Ackles (Jensen's papa) was the awesome voice of the newsreader at the beginning of the episode.
- The fluorescent demon trap was awesome.
- The Bobby-desperate housewife vibe was awesome.
- Supernatural
does awesome music montage.
- W
hat I never could have imagined is to hunt down a Kenny Rogers song for my iPod. Awsome!
- Dean gets his first and probably only frequent flyer point. Did he hit on the air hostage? Oh wait.. he doesn't do this anymore! Not awesome.
- The episode is close to perfect, I cannot find anything wrong with it. I am awesome.

Jensen with Sharon Taylor, who played the demon in this episode.
You may know Sharon from Smallville, where she played Faora (Zod's wife) in season 9. She also appeared in Stargate Atlantis.
Source: Fanpop

Here are a selection of reviews on the episode: UGO and Starpulse. Check out my Twitter friends' reviews, Amy's SweetOnDean and Nicole for Salt & Burnt.

On the rating front.. it's awesome! According to TVbytheNumbers, ".. Smallville’s 200th episode was up 30% vs. last week to a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, also delivering a season high average viewership 0f 3.2 million. Supernatural was up 20% to a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating."

Overnight broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, October 15:
Smallville had 3.18 million viewers and won the timeslot in the 18-49 demographic. Supernatural had 2.81 million viewers, it tied for the 2nd place in the 18-49 demographic.

On another note, I will be posting a separate blog on the Smallville 200th birthday episode
to celebrate an epic milestone. Watch this space!

16 October 2010

Three Words...Eat It Twilight

Edward.. EAT IT! All you blood suckers... move over and let Dean teach you a lesson!

Dean's gone My Bloody Valentine 2D

6.05 Live Free or Twihard will kick all your asses! Dean Winchester is in the house... PLEASE do the whole red kryptonite thing and be really really bad!

I have just watched Homecoming and Weekend at Bobby's twice.. They are that awesome! Review to come... Weekend at Bobby's was a great job well done, Mr Jensen Ackles.

15 October 2010

A Super Fun Weekend at Bobby's - Jensen Ackles Directorial Debut Set Photos

Are we ready for Jensen's directorial debut, Weekend at Bobby's? A number of photos of Jensen directing have surfaced online. I don't care, I am going to borrow them! Source: Krypton K-Site and SpoilerTV.

There is also an amazing write-up about Jensen and his directorial debut on EclipseMagazine.com "In Supernatural 6.04 Weekend At Bobby’s Jensen Ackles Works with a New Director – Himself" Please check it out! It's a great read!

[Update: Here are a few more articles you can eat with your breakfast or dinner to get ready for the episode: TVGuide has an interview with Jensen; Zap2It interviewed Mark Sheppard who plays Crowley.

Looks like a super fun episode!!

Don't forget Smallville 200th episode Homecoming! Oh boy!

Yup... I am ready for the super fun weekend at Bobby's!!

12 October 2010

Awesome Week of Awesomeness: Chicago Con; Jensen Ackles Directorial Debut & Smallville 200

Yup... what an awesome week full of awesomeness, right?! Jensen Ackles's directorial debut Weekend at Bobby's airs this week. Not only we have a Bobby centric episode, Crowley and Rufus will also return. This is a powerhouse team for Jensen to direct. OMG, I cannot wait! This should be a fun episode!

Here is a behind the scene look at the episode... And can I just mention this, it will be wrong not to have Jensen to commentate the episode for the DVD!

The Salute to Supernatural Chicago Convention took place over the weekend. As fans are aware, Jensen was only scheduled for the private Q&A and photo session. Here is a very good write up on the Q&A. Jensen loves his job and his fans! Jensen also made a surprise appearance and crashed Jared and Misha's joint panel. So funny! I watched a few videos on YouTube. You can also find a collection of photos on Superwiki and Fanpop. One word: HOT!

I cannot wait to go to LA Con in Feb next year! Only 123 days to go!!! Yup, if you don't know that already, yours Tiny is going to LA for the Supernatural convention!! I am not sure how good the wifi will be (because there is no way I am going to use global roaming!). But I am going to take lots of photos and videos. Expect a full wrap up after. Of course, you can follow me on Twitter as well.

Smallville will celebrate their 200th episode this week. This show has come a long way. I have always been a fan of season 8, 9 and now 10. And I am loving the stuff I am seeing in the 10th and final season of the show. Here is a clip on the episode.

Speaking of directing, I don't think Tom Welling has done any DVD commentary before. Grrr...!!!

10 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.03 The Third Man

I have a bad habit of renaming episodes. Supernatural 6.03 The Third Man (I call it Kneel Before Cas) was written by Ben Edlund and directed by Robert Singer.

If you know about the story of the film The Third Man (1949), there were a few clues to this episode of Supernatural. The film took place in Vienna, which was in a state of devastation and recovering from World War II. The city was divided into four separate zones, governed by different administrations. There were plenty of suspense - why would someone fake their own death?

OK! Back to the Supernatural version of The Third Man.

After a series of deaths caused by biblical plagues, Castiel came to Dean and Sam for help. Castiel was surprised his angel friend Balthazar was the man behind the curtain. Determined to locate Balthazar for the truth and the weapon that caused the deaths, Castiel found out why Balthazar faked his death and stole one of Heaven's most powerful weapons, the Moses' Staff.

It was a great way to re-introduce the angels back to the show. Heaven was in the state of a Civil War, which is not good! The traditionalist Raphael wanted to bring the original story with the original ending back while Castiel was determined to maintain peace in Heaven and on earth.

This storyarc alone is the perfect material for a spin-off series for Cas!
I miss Cas. Who doesn't, right? The moment Cas reappeared, you could see an instant good old team freewill chemistry between Dean, Sam and Cas. It was just gold! It was a classic Cas episode, we get to see him being so funny (and he doesn't know it!), he kicked ass, he spoke Enochian and he displayed loyalty and frustration towards the Civil War. But just like season 5, Cas has doubts but his determination towards peace is stronger. It's a tough job but someone has to take the responsibility. I don't know when Misha is coming back next, but I really can't wait to see him again.

The Third Man is full of awesomeness. The following fan-girl moments took place in real-time during the first viewing:

-- Shirtless Dean.. holy smoke.. My TV wasn't on fire.. but I was.

Ben Edlund, did you actually write: "Dean, purposely shirtless, [close up] rolls over and makes out with Lisa."?

-- Shirtless Sam... what's with the gracious fan service?

Ben Edlund, did you actually write: "Sam, working out. Shirtless. Blah Blah. [Note to the Director of Photography: less light on Sam's face, more light on his body. Make it obvious.]"?

Back-to-back shirtless scenes was a bit too much for Tiny. *Fainted* Ben Edlund and Robert Singer love us. They really do.

-- A series of unfortunate and gory events. This is Ben Edlund's wonderland.

-- Sam, if you don't rid of that plastic piece of crap, [spoiler] "someone" with "wings" will physically drop their "feathery ass" on it. Destroy it.

-- Dean and Sam suit up.. I have a thing about Dean and Sam wearing cheap suits.

-- The Impala will so win every race in the Fast and the Furious.

-- Sam and Dean in the room, talking about the case. Just like old time... Sam on the computer, Dean grabs a beer.

-- Dean: Houston, we have a problem. We should call Cas...

We wants him, we needs him.

-- Dean has his own unique way when it comes to praying: Cas, get your feathery ass down here.

Yes, precious....
We wants him.

-- Sam: You are an idiot.


Random Major League moment appeared.....

Wild thing... you make my heart sing, you make everything, groovy

-- Cas: Hello.

-- Sam: HELLO?

-- Cas: Dean and I share a profound bond. Remember, I was the one that gripped his tight and raised him from perdition.

-- Sam: Ok, so.. if you didn't raise me.... Who did?

-- Cas: I didn't come here to cut your hair.

-- Sam: Bite me.

-- Cas: Move your plastic piece of crap now or I'll destroy it.

-- Sam: Grumpy.

-- Cas: My “people skills” are “rusty” after spending the last year as a "multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent". Oh yeah..
"Quotey fingers" for the win.

-- Dean: "Disco stick's gone missing... you were saying.. Lady Gaga's or Moses'? Who is the suspect?"

-- Cas:
Balthazar.. He faked his own death and stole the precious... Civil blood makes civil hands unclean... Leonardo.. Michelangelo.. Donatello.. Raphael.

-- Dean: You know that.. how?

-- Cas: It's written on my script. And if we jump to the last page of the production script now... [Cas disappeared...]

-- Dean: Freaking angels. Come on!!

I was really excited about this particular episode based on a returning character and the story. I wasn't disappointed, just that a 40 minute for an episode is not enough any more! I feel like I am a junkie, not only I need the fix, I need more dosage!

There are still many questions surrounding Sam. Cas doesn't know who helped Sam and why. So who helped Sam to escape and why? Sam is acting as normal as possible. but something is up with him. We weren't born yesterday! We know, Sam! You're lying about something. There is something Lucifer about Sam this season with the way he's been acting and the way he's been reacting to situations. We usually know the purpose of the season: Dean's demon deal; Sam and Dean tried to stop the seals from breaking; the apocalypse etc.. But this time, I have no clue.
I still don't know where we are heading, we still haven't met the main baddie (or have we?) This is probably the first time since season one we are discovering things as we go. I need more SPN fix now! Every episode should be a 2-hour event!

On the rating front, it is all kinds of awesomeness with Smallville and Supernatural, both shows had another big Friday night. Every single molecule of the concept of rating escapes my understand, you can read the details at TV By The Numbers at here and here.

I am looking forward to the next few episodes, including Jensen's directorial debut Weekend at Bobby's, Eat it Twilight and You Can't Handle the Truth, which I suspect we will find out what secret Sam has been hiding.. may be..?

09 October 2010

Supernatural and Smallville Lockdown

I am on lockdown. I am so excited about this week's episode of Supernatural and Smallville, so excited it's been awhile since I was fully awake and ready to rock before 9am on Saturday morning.

Two returning characters who have the ability to fly are back! Shame on you Clark.. you still can't fly!

Although we haven't really seen Cas fly before, but he got wings!

Supergirl Kara returns on Smallville... It's gonna blow Lois' mind away! I wonder how she would react to Clark's cousin.. Wait.. she is the Blur's cousin!

Supernatural Animation - New Trailer and New Interview

It's awesome! You may have seen some footage on this earlier from a Japanese talk show. Oh dear God! Let there be more interviews and promo from the CW!

Gotta say, there are some pretty awesome action in this! I am so going to order it.

The Animation is produced by Madhouse. The 22-episode adaptation will based on some of the episodes from the first season and also original stories. Supernatural: The Animation will be released in February 2011 on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan in three volumes. You can pre-order from Amazon Japan.

03 October 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.02 Two and a Half Men

Another Polariod moment

Another thing I love about Supernatural is the episode titles. Don't you love titles like My Bloody Valentine, Monster at the End of the Book and now Two and a Half Men. I have never been a fan of the original sitcom. I am sure it's funny to some, and sucks to others.

The first run is always a bit overwhelming, and it always takes awhile to sink in. After watching
Two and a Half Men the second time, I realise there are actually a lot going on in the episodes. I am slowing sinking into the idea of Dean having a family of his own, with or without him being there physically.

One of the themes emerged from Exile on Main Street and Two and a Half Men was the family theme. The Campbells was a hunter family, it was compulsory for Mary to hunt. The Winchesters got into hunting because of John's obsession of finding Mary's killer. Dean and Sam grew up from learning to protect themselves to hunting to save lives. Now that Dean has a chance to start a family, how would he do it and not turn into John or Grandpa?

I think this could be a very solid story-arc. I used to think Sam is likely to have a stable relationship than Dean, but Dean always turns out to be great with kids and the whole Lisa thing kind of surprises me. And it's not a bad thing! Deep down, Dean always knew what he wanted, but it wasn't something within his reach. Cassie from that monster truck episode, (I can't believe I am bringing this up), gave up on Dean. All other girls are hardly worth the second visit. Like it or not, Lisa is the perfect lady for Dean. She is smart, pretty and understanding. She breaks the rules and let Dean does his thing. She really respects Dean for who he is and what he does. She is an awesome lady for Dean! Seeing Lisa learning how to use a gun kind of made me wonder if Lisa will one day save Dean's ass? The whole Dean and Lisa thing is like Jack Bauer who always tries to go back to his family, but just when he is out, something always pull him back in. Will this relationship survive? Will Sera Gamble KO everyone like Eric Kripke used to? One thing for sure, Dean is all grown up now and I am cool with it.

Regular visitors of my blog would know that I am a huge fan of the Winchester family plots. I am crazy in love with young John and Mary in In the Beginning and The Song Remains the Same, and the young Dean and Sam in Something Wicked, A Very Supernatural Xmas and After School Special. In comparison to the above, the introduction of the Campbells in season six doesn't have the same awesomeness and it lacks a bit of a wow-factor. The Campbell cousins are not likeable at all and there is definitely something going on with Grandpa. Why does Sam trust them so much? I wonder if we will get a I Know What You Did Last Summer episode this season to see what Sam was up to during his solo year of hunting. May be he went to Miami?

"CSI Miami, can I help you?"

Episode 6.02 Two and a Half Men has a few memorable scenes. Dean and Sam play parents and went shopping was classic! Dean hummed Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water as the lullaby as he attempted to put Bobby John to sleep was priceless (and it was so Dean!). Bobby John is such a great great name for baby! I love Bobby John! Seeing double Dean and double Sam was pretty hot too, it's like they were effected by the red kryptonite! Having a shape-shifter baby was a killer idea for a Supernatural episode. Think about it, it's really bizarre!

Speaking of monsters, there is something strange going on with the monsters this season. So far, we haven't seen the two episodes haven't resolved any monster issues. They usually got killed off in an episode. But so far, they have gotten away. What's up with that? What's going on with the monsters? Who is the big baddie this season? Who is Grandpa working for? Who is on the other side of the phone? (I'm sure it's not the Blur or WatchTower!)

I tweeted about the Impala on Twitter the other night, I said seeing the Impala at the end of Two and a Half Men with that epic song choice, that could well be the turning point of season six. Something is just not right when Dean isn't driving the Impala. It always weird without the Impala in action. It's just weird seeing Sam driving whatever that car is, on his own and talking to Grandpa who called the internet, intranet. They are different, Grandpa! This season started off low key, but it will pick up the pace once the Impala is back on the road. Bring it.

Two and a Half Men did good on the rating front. I think the CW has got to be happy with the Friday night rating. For more details, check it out on TVByTheNumbers.

One word for next week's episode: CASTIEL.

We should call Cas....

Where the bloody hell are you! Castiel returns next week for Supernatural 6.03 The Third Man. OK.. when I read the synopsis, I love it already! Not only Cas returns, the whole story intrigues me.

Official synopsis for 6.03 The Third Man:
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) call Castiel (Misha Collins) for help when they investigate a case about several dead police officers who seem to have been killed by the plagues of Egypt..........” Read the full synopsis at Hunters' Addict.

Supernatural 6.06 - Eat It, Twilight!

One of the famous kick-ass one-liner from the Dean Winchester. I think this episode is going to be funny! So EAT IT TWILIGHT!

Here is the official synopsis for Supernatural 6.06 Live Free or Twi-hard (I think this episode should be named 'Eat it, Twilight'!)

"After a group of young girls go missing; Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realize that a group of vampires have taken up residence in the small town. After a fight with two of the blood-suckers, Dean is bitten and turns into a [spoiler]. Jan Eliasburg directed the episode written by Brett Matthews." Read the full synopsis at SpoilerTV