26 January 2010

Supernatural News Digest: A Very Sci-Fi Facers Spoiler Edition

A few things... Mark Sheppard has confirmed on his Twitter that he will return to Supernatural. Not sure which episode. I'll keep you posted.

Michael Shanks is going to be on Supernatural. Seriously as if I haven't mentioned this 99 times before already!

Ghost Ghostfacers! This report said there will be a 10 episodes in a web spinoff series of the Ghostfacers. Starring obviously A.J Buckley and Travis Wester aka Ed and Harry (with Maggie and Spruce.) Ghost Ghostfacers!

It's Australia Day today.. that's not the spoiler! Kristin from E!Online has posted some very juicy spoiler. BEWARE!

Marissa in Tbilisi, Georgia: Any news on Supernatural? What's going on with that show?

Kristin: Oh, nothing much. Hey, does anybody remember that song "Even Angels Fall" from the 10 Things I Hate About You movie soundtrack? Well, you might want to queue it up, because you're going to need it as the soundtrack for tear-stained Supernatural lamentation fanvids after the episode two weeks hence. I can't spoil what happens outright, but the first person to guess it right in the comments gets a cookie and a hug. In other, better SPN news, Sam and Dean's long-lost half-brother from the season four episode "Jump the Shark," the awesome but dead Adam Milligan (Jake Abel), comes back to play a pivotal role in an upcoming episode.

Tiny: OK.. so.. I found the lyrics of Even Angels Fall. Check it out here. With the return of Adam Milligan.. I don't know what I think of that! May be he is in the Zombie episode? May be a flashback? We know he is dead! The Ghoul killed him.. So.. until I hear.. I'm not gonna say anything..

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