19 January 2010

NEWS FLASH! Guess who's coming to Supernatural? Michael 'Daniel Jackson' Shanks

I am so so excited. I've mentioned this before, I would love to see Michael Shanks to play either Lucifer or Michael. But Lucifer is taken.. Archangel Michael is not making an appearance any time soon, because he is waiting for Dean to say YES to become his vessel.

I didn't think it would be possible for Michael Shanks to be on the show, he is too busy with Smallville, Sanctuary and SGU. But hey, I love a familiar face on Supernatural!!! BRING IT!
Michael's website confirmed he will appear in Supernatural 5.17 99 Problems (this is the 99th episode for the series). Details here. Not sure which role Michael will play.

Since there is no confirmation on which role he will play, I am still hoping that Michael will play the Archangel Michael. Am I living in hope? I just think that with Michael's suburb acting ability, he could play a bigger role on the show. That's just my thinking!

For those who are not familiar with Michael, he is well-known for playing Dr Daniel Jackson on one of my favorite shows of all time Stargate SG1 for 10 years and guest star on Stargate Atlantis, he is scheduled to appear on Smallville, Sanctuary and SGU.

Wait! I've got an idea! Richard Dean Anderson as GOD!

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