28 February 2009

Episode 4:16: On the head of the pin; spoiler and theories

Official synopsis of Supernatural 4:16: On the Head of A Pin

"SOMEONE'S KILLING ANGELS -- Someone found Lucifer's sword and is using it to kill angels. Castiel (Misha Collins) and Uriel (guest star Robert Wisdom) have captured Alastair (guest star Christopher Heyerdahl) and ask Dean (Jensen Ackles) to use the torturing skills he learned in Hell to extract information from him so they can stop the murders. Sam (Jared Padalecki) is concerned Dean can't handle the job but Dean agrees to do it. However, when Alastair reveals some shocking information, Dean's world is shattered." Source SpoilerTV.

Who is the angel killing douchebag? I think it could be Anna. Why? Anna knows the ways of sending the angels away in I Know What You Did Last Summer. In Heaven & Hell, when asked if
there is any weapon that can be used against an angel, she said "Nothing we could get to. Not right now." She is a rebel, and she hates her past life. I think while she is able to take her grace back, she isn't willing to go back. Or may be somehow some demons extract the information from her about this weapon (assuming it's Lucifer's sword).

Suspect #2 is Lillith. That's part of her job description. If she knows about which seals to break in order to free Lucifer, then perhaps she has the knowledge about his sword and uses it against the angels.

What shocking information would shatter Dean's world? It has to be something about Sam and his relationship with Ruby. Perhaps this is the 'something' that leads to the brother vs brother situation.

3 words: I CANNOT WAIT!

25 February 2009

Super-fans, our prayers have been answered! Supernatural Season Five renews

That's right Super-fans! Supernatural has been picked up by the CW for Season 5. It also means that we will get the ending that Eric Kripke has planned for long long time ago in heaven (or hell) far far away. The evil genius of the show (in a very good way) has often mentioned that he always has a five year plan for the show.

Season 5 will be heavenly awesome, if you know what I mean. In a recent interview, Misha Collins has indicated that if Supernatural got picked up for Season 5, he will become a regular cast member on the show. Whether this is confirmed or not, I guess we will have to wait and see. But I am certain that Misha will be a regular, because his character and everything else that comes with it, has so so much to offer.

Brilliant showrunner, awesome production team, talented cast members and great TV ratings aside, good publicity and fandom really help to secure the survival of the show. Both Jensen
Ackles and Jared Padalecki have starred in two successful movies early in the year (My Bloody Valentine 3D and Friday the 13th... in case you don't know..!). Both movies were released in somewhat a good time of the year, avoided the Harry Potter, Twilight, Transformer II and Terminator craziness. Both movies also enjoyed a lucrative success. Massive internet fanbase and impressive podcast networks are major contributors to the whole picture. We (the fans) are really awesome!!

Having Season 5 renewed, could also mean that Supernatural might be attending to San Diego Comic Con this year. (I hope! Not that I will be going, but I still want to hear all about it!). However as you all know, I will be going to the Australian Con, so I am hoping the boys will have plenty to say at the panel and I hope they will be on ROVE.

My wish list for Season 5:

1.) The brotherly love: Although they have issues and the show is steering towards brother vs brother, however I don't expect to see Sam driving a truck traveling on his own, eating sushi and listening to Beyonce. I still see Dean AND Sam traveling together in the Impala, eating pies and listening to classic rock.

2.) More
mythology: I know a lot of fans really like the monster of the week episode. I love them too, but I just want to see more mythology based episodes.

3.) I want a satisfying ending, whether it be sad or happy. Make me cry and smile at the same time please.

4.) The return of Ellen and Jo: I think at least one of them should return to the show at some stage of Season 5. Kripke killed off a lot of characters on the show, Agent Henriksen, Meg, YED, John and Mary Winchester, Ash and the psyche kids (the lot!). But he didn't kill off Ellen and Jo, we just don't know what happen to them, and I'd like to see a closure.

5.) God: I want to see him to make an appearance. It is highly unlikely (I know!) however, I want to see Dean to go one step closer to the one who gave the rescue order. Who can play God? Morgan Freeman or Sir Ian
McKellen. Like I said, highly unlikely, but I think it'd awesome. Having said that, I am happy with an alternative, give me a well known Archangel like Michael or Raphael, I'd be happy.

6.) A movie length series finale - this will be so so so so so awesome!

21 February 2009

New video promo (contains spoilers); Todd the Wraith on Supernatural

A promo of March 12's episode "Death Takes a Holiday".

Official synopsis:
Dean and Sam investigate a small town where people are cheating death. They discover the Reapers have gone missing so they turn to Pamela for help. She sends them into the spiritual world to find answers and they come face to face with Alastair, who has been kidnapping all the Reapers in order to break another seal. Written by Jeremy Carver and directed by James Conway.

Excitement meter
The return of Castiel: 10/10
The return of Anna: 8/10
Sam doing it again with Ruby: Hummm.... not very exciting at all
Sam "you have no idea...": 11/10
Dean torturing a Wraith.. erh.. I mean Todd... wait.. wrong show... I mean Alastair*: Priceless

*Alastair's new meat suit is Christopher Heyerdahl, best know as Todd from Stargate Atlantis. I love Todd, and Christopher looks so so good as Alastair.. Talking about the acting chop of every single guest star on Supernatural, seriously! This is Oscar winning stuff! Don't miss this episode!

20 February 2009

Death Takes a Holiday; spoilers; theories; ice cream don't wait

Yummy photos posted by SpoilerTV. The new episode is called Death Takes a Holiday, airing on March 12.

Ausiello from TV Guide posted some spoilers involving a big Winchester brawl in the season finale and there is going to be a certain death coming up in April.

I think the brothers will definitely have a fall out over a dead of a character, this will change everything. I think this character could either be Rudy or Bobby. Let me elaborate. Either Dean will kill Ruby for whatever reason and Sam is not happy about that. Or Sam will kill Bobby for whatever reason, and Dean is not happy about that. Recently spoilers also suggested that the last few episodes of Season 4 will be Dean vs Sam. Oh boy! I can't wait.

Looks like there will be a new angel called Zachariah, who will appear in an episode called It's a Terrible Life...
Kurt Fuller will appear in a three episode arc on Supernatural as a corporate executive with 'supernatural authority'. Check it out here. May be this is the Heaven version of The Office?? I am guessing.. I don't know! But that would be funny!

It's hot today so I am having ice-cream. Wait for me! Don't melt yet!

17 February 2009

Supernatural: The Untold Story of Dean, Sam & Castiel

In the past few months, I devoted my spare time into putting some videos together. I got a new MacBook and I have iMovie, which is not the best editing software, but it's good enough for what I do. I got used to it very quickly. I need some practice! After watching (and loving) Be Kind Rewind, I decided to do Supernatural: The Untold Story of Dean & Sam & Castiel.

There are currently 5 episodes in the series.

I selected some of my favorites episodes: Lazarus Rising; Do You Hear God, it's Dean Winchester; It's the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester; In My Time of Dying and Jus in Bello. I basically use what I have and then come up with a story line.. I tried to make the situations light and funny.

I started doing crossover in episode 3. I love 24, and I had this idea about what if Dean and Castiel are working for CTU or something, and CTU sent Castiel to save Dean. And in the latest episode, it crossed over with Scrubs: My Musical. I originally did a rough cut on Supernatural: Dean's Musical, but it just didn't work.

I always wanted to do an episode based on Dean in hospital (Dean was in hospital a few times - Faith and In My Time of Dying). I didn't end up using Faith, but I am glad the materials from
In My Time of Dying and Scrubs: My Musical worked well.

My friends asked me to do an Xmas episode, I tried, but it just didn't work and there are too many Xmas vids on YouTube. May be I'll do an Easter episode next?

Anyway, check out episode 5 here. You can also watch the previous 4 episodes on TinyCasts on YouTube. There are also a few music videos there. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

15 February 2009

He is Just Not That Into You.. and may be I am just not that into the movie

He is Just Not That Into You has a pretty attractive cast. I mean you've got Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long (my Mac guy!), Ginnifer Goodwin, Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Connelly, and Ben Affleck.

It's a chic flick about modern dating and the message was spot on: giving/ receiving the right/ wrong signals, falling in and out of love (if it existed in the first place), making the wrong move, making the wrong decision; the further you look, the close the thing you are looking for is right in front of you. It's not easy and it's hard work. We see ourselves in these characters and we've experienced ups and downs just like these characters.

Nobody got chopped off by Tom Hanniger.. wait.. wrong movie..! Now that would be an interesting cross over, Gigi would have killed every single guy she dated and Janine would have killed not only her husband but the entire construction team. (I must admit, Janine was a bit scary, she looked like someone who could literally kill everyone in the supermarket one day without any sign of warning and she would clean up the blood and dispose the bodies after the murder... signing off "I told you to stop smoking!".)

With a big cast like this with so many story lines, I usually have a favorite character or story. But I just can't name one. I guess Gigi and Alex's story is probably the most memorable. This movie kind of reminds me Love Actually (which is one of my favorite movies.. I watch it every Xmas). It also has a big cast with multiple stories just like He is Just Not That Into You, but it didn't give me the same satisfaction I got from Love Actually. And I really want to see more Drew Barrymore.

He is Just Not That Into You gets 3 out of 5 stars from the Impala's Trunk.

In no particular order, here is my top 9 chic flicks of all time:

Sleepless in Seatle
Sweet Home Alabama
When Harry Met Sally
Love Actually
Needing You (From Hong Kong and it's highly recommanded.)
Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind
Music and Lyrics
The Holiday
The Devil Wears Prada

14 February 2009

If you ain't in 3D, you ain't my bloody valentine

It's Valentine's Day and I went to watch My Bloody Valentine 3D today. During the movie, I said to myself "Oh my god, they did not just do that" at least 200 times. If you are planning to watch this movie, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT IN 3D. It's 3D or nothing.

I didn't know what to expect to be honest. I expected the gory stuff and I just want to watch Jensen on the big 3D screen. I paid a bit more to watch it in 3D, and it's worth every cent.

I don't watch horror or slasher movie.. whatever the real term is.. but I was aware of the elements of a horror film. The last 'horror' film I watched was Sweeney Todd. OK! I know it wasn't exactly 'horror', but it was pretty horrific and gory.. seriously! My Bloody Valentine looks absolutely stunning in 3D. I can think of a couple of movies that would be great in 3D all the way, not just a few scenes like The Dark Knight. If Cloverfield was in 3D, I would need a sick bag. The Matrix would look stunning in 3D. Any disaster films would look stunning in 3D.

And the story? It was better than I expected. The gory stuff was not as bad as I expected. The full frontal nude scene was actually quite funny. Jensen Ackles looked hot and I think he did a good job. My sister said his look is very Dean-ish. Of course, he shot this film in between season 3 and 4 of Supernatural, he can't exactly shave his hair or something.

I'd prefer to see Jensen as a hero though, like in an action movie like Speed or even The Departed (as Billy). But I think it was a brave move for Jensen to play the bad guy. I think he did good. And he looked really buff in the hospital scene. Can I be the nurse?

It was worth the wait. MBV3D gets 3.5 love hearts of out 5. Keep those 3D glasses, I hope the DVD is also in 3D.

I am watching He is Just Not That Into You tomorrow to wash down the gory stuff.

Tomorrow night, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be on ROVE. Can't wait to see him and the Watchmen. As for Friday the 13th... I am not sure if I will watch it, it really comes down to money, I can't really watch too many movies this month and there are a few money spending activities I plan to do this month.

Supernatural news: The return of Supernatural and Smallville will be delayed for one week and will be returned on 12th March to avoid the Americian Idol's semi final.

12 February 2009

Lost; Supernatural and probably something else

LOST is back in Australia! But I don't understand why Channel 7 scheduled this to 10:30pm! They did the same thing to 24, and it's worst, because it's on Sunday night. And I don't know what happen to Heroes!? I think both shows used to be on at 8:30pm, and then 9:30pm.. and now 10:30pm... Boo! This sucks!

So ok.. on LOST.. I am beginning to love Daniel Faraday and Desmond. I don't know why but the characters are really interesting. Constant sold Desmond to me. I absolutely love that episode! The concept of constant is beyond cool. To me, it's something new in the time traveling concept, which I love. Love the idea. With Daniel, I think his character is connecting the dots (from the viewer's point of view), I think where the show is heading, Daniel's knowledge is going to play a big part. I can usually think of a theory about the end of a show, with LOST, I can't.. There are os many questions, you may get one question answered, but you get 20 more questions. It's crazy.

On Supernatural, E!Online has posted somewhat a spoiler on the show. See what Jared has to say, click here. Also a bit more info (well.. not really) on the 3rd Winchester brother.

My Bloody Valentine 3D opens in Australia today. It got some reasonable review from the local press. Sydney Morning Harold gives it 3 stars and has this to say, while Your Movie gives it 4 stars and has this to say.

Check out my fanvids and other music videos on my channel at YouTube.

10 February 2009

MBV3D US & UK Box office; Watchmen; Sydney best yum cha

I was just browsing the web for stuff.. and I came across the IMDB website, it mentioned that the My Bloody Valentine 3D's cumulative earnings is $44,827,233 on the US box office (starting 30 Jan 09) and £4,945,535 on the UK box office. Not bad for a slasher flick...

Jared is busy doing a few interviews on Friday the 13th... also appearing on the Bonnie Hunt Show.

I have finally watched the Watchmen's TV ad and also I saw a print ad of the movie at the back of a bus that was in front of me this morning. I am now convinced that this will be good (I have not read the graphic novel), it's on my to watch list. I will also watch He is Just Not That Into You.. Not knowing how well I can handle all the gory stuff from MBV3D, may be I should watch He is Just Not That Into You straight after!

As I was updating this blog, my sister was telling me that she wanted to go yum cha this weekend.. (before we watch MBV3D, it's opening in Australia this week). Not sure if I should eat before watching this movie.. but.. if you are looking for a good yum cha place in Sydney, try Sky Phoenix on Pitt St Mall. Mango pancakes.. yum!

I had one of those days at work today so I will now go watch My Musical (Scrubs).

08 February 2009

Sex & violence; a hint of a bigger fight to come; and the third Winchester brother

So, ok.. what do I think of the latest episode of Supernatural, Sex & Violence? I love it from the re-cap! I'll tell you why, but I have to include all the latest episodes in the discussion. I think the previous 4 episodes (Family Remains; Criss Angel is a Douchebag; After School Special and Sex & Violence) summed up the character development from Season 1-4 as well as hinting of what might happen in the future of the show.

During the pilot season, the recurring theme is
the Winchester family business - saving people, hunting things, family business. Family Remains kind of reminds me of that, there is always a job somewhere, there are always things to kill, there are always people to save. This episode had the creepy Supernatural tone, although it wasn't about ghost or demons, but it was a bit creepy.

Criss Angel is a Douchebag
somewhat reminds me of what could have happened in Season 2. Dean was told by John at the end of In My Time Dying that if Dean couldn't save Sam, he would have to kill him. In Born Under the Bad Sign, Dean almost had to kill Sam, who was possessed by Meg. In
Criss Angel is a Douchebag, Jay chose to kill Charlie (who is like a brother to him) in order to save Dean and Sam. I am afraid this might be the case at the end of the series, Dean has to end up killing Sam in order to save others. Just like Jay, Dean will grow old and live as a loney old man who feels sorry for himself.

After School Special
is a great Sam centric episode. It isn't so much of a reminder of Season 3, but
the episode sort of asks me to think about who the future Sam will be like. We saw the comparison/ similarity between the young Sam and the present Sam. We've seen what Sam was like when he was in high school - a relunctunt hero; he won't kick your ass unless you really piss him off; he was more cool headed than Dean; he knew what choices he had to make in life (he ended up leaving the family to go to law school). The present Sam was very conflicted about using his power for a while but now he's decided to work really closely with Ruby. What is her agenda? We still don't know. But where Sam will go, Ruby will play a big part of it.

Sex & Violence
was not only a reflection of Season 4 so far but it also gave me the biggest clue as to what might happen soon: Dean vs Sam. The brothers have been keeping secrets from each others. Despite the fact that they were under the influence of the Siren, they really spoke their mind in this episode: Sam thinks Dean is weak, Dean thinks that he is not his Sammy anymore. They said they were cool and ok at the end of the episode, but you know they are not.

I really don't know why CW sees this show as a teenage drama. I don't think this kind of topics appeal to teenagers. They are high level heavy stuff! This is the most under-rating show on TV, Jensen and Jared are indeed the most under-rated actors in the business.

On casting news, Matt Mitovich from TV Guide.com is reporting that the third Winchester brother has been cast. Jake Abel will play the 18 year old Adam Milligan. He will appear in an episode called
Jump the Shark, airing on April 23. Click here for the full article.

I have mixed feeling about this. On one hand, I don't know if I want to see the 3rd brother on the show. But on the other hand, if it has something to do with the mytho of the story, I don't mind. But it has to be better than great, ok and good just don't cut it anymore. I trust Eric Kripke and I can't wait to see what surprises he has planned for his audience. Does he look like a Winchester? What do you think?

Misha Collins (Castiel) will return in March. You can check out his interview with CW Connect here.

By the way, I am not a Grey's Anatomy fan (I'd much prefer House or Scrubs), but I've just noticed they have an episode called Dream a Little Dream of Me.. Hello?! I know it's song, but it's also the title of an episode in Supernatural. May I say that if Jeffrey Dean Morgan has time to return to TV, he should guest star on Supernatural not on Grey's!!!

07 February 2009

AHBL Supernatural Australian Convention 2009 -- Guest Announcement

I am going to repeat myself once again, I am triple excited. It was just announced that Misha Collins (aka Castiel) will be attending the AHBL Supernatural Australian Convention! 3 words: OH MY GOD! I cannot wait to see the guys!

Once again, the Convention will be held Saturday-Sunday, 18-19 April, 2009 at Sir John Clancy Auditorium, UNSW Campus, High St., Kensington, NSW, Australia.

On an episode of the Crossroads Podcast, co-host Ty compared Anakin Skywalker/ Obiwon and Sam/ Dean. It turned out one of the writers on Star Wars: The Clone Wars is also a story editor on Supernatural. Click here to see full article. Very interesting! Supernatural is definitely Star Wars in Truck Stop America. Search iTune for Crossroads Podcast (episode #42).

Super-WOW-natural widget

Get Quotes - Find more at TVLoop

05 February 2009

AHBL Supernatural Australian Convention; Spoilers

I am excited! Because I have tickets to attend the All Hell Breaks Loose Supernatural Australian Convention. I repeat, I am excited! The Convention will be held on 18 & 19 April in Sydney. Stay tuned, I'll be reporting it. There is a talk show in Australia called ROVE, I've heard that Aussie fans want J2 on this show. I HOPE that they will!! Hello?!??!!! They'll be silly not to invite them as guests, Supernatural is on Channel Ten and so is ROVE. Also, I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan will appear on ROVE this month to promote WATCHMEN.

On another TV show I love, I finally caught up with the all new 24! Dude! Seriously! Tony! What's wrong with you?! I haven't been watching spoilers on 24, so I don't know what will happen after the first 2 hours. Seriously, I am excited to see Chloe back.. can't wait to see more.

My Bloody Valentine 3D is coming soon in Australian next week 12 Feb. I can't wait to watch it. I am not a horror flick fan but I will watch it for Jensen. I am not sure if I can handle the gory stuff. Another movie I might watch this month is He Is Just Not That Into You. Occasionally I like chick flick and I think I will like this one.

Last but not least, SUPERNATURAL SPOILERS:
According to Ausiello from EW.com - the last 3 episodes of Season 4 is going to focus on Dean vs Sam. Could it be like Born under the bad sign? Humm...

I forgot to mention that, if you are a Supernatural fan, you must listen to CROSSROADS podcast. This is the BEST podcast on Supernatural, it's a podcast by the fans for the fans. Seriously! Search Crossroads Podcast on iTune. Tim and Ty are so professional, great discussion in each and every episode. Go check it out!

01 February 2009

Who is staying and who's going?

There are a few articles out there about the possible renewal of the 5th season of Supernatural.

Source: Syfyportal
Supernatural (The CW)

The audiences are slightly smaller, but come on, The CW has no other show besides "Smallville" -- and that includes "90210" -- that gets the buzz "Supernatural" does. Hunky actors, strong stories, and loyal viewers all translate to what should be at least another year of life for this show.

Of course, who knows what the future will bring. Networks have a way of throwing logic out the window sometimes, and even changing their mind. While this is a bit of a snapshot on where those executives are right now on these different shows, we're just a little more than halfway through the season, and a lot can happen."

Source: E!Online also has an article about it:

"According to Ostroff, "We've been creatively really happy with the show. The show's been holding its own. I hope it continues to do well because I'd love to see it back."

Predicted Response to Supernatural Cancellation: 10 on the fan Richter scale

Chances of Renewal: Excellent. By all accounts this is the most compelling season yet. The ratings are rising accordingly, and creator Eric Kripke had always planned a five-season arc. Shutting down SPN now would just be, well, evil."

Season 4 DVD; After School Special - afterthought and TV ratings

I first discovered the artwork of the Season 4 DVD from Misha Collins Fan. Not sure if this is the final artwork, but it looks pretty cool to me. Release date of the DVD will probably be around Sept 2009. I've already pre-ordered my copy from Amazon. Also pre-ordered Season 3 Official Companion and re-newed my Supernatural Official Magazine subscription from CineQuest.

Speaking of DVD, I always love the gag reels.. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
I also love 'Day in the Life of Jensen and Jared' in the Season 1 DVD. But I was a bit disappointed with the special features on the Season 3 DVD. I was expecting more commentaries and special features. And I wanted to see Eric Kripke more! Other TV shows' DVDs have special features on the casts and more behind the scene stuff. So I hope there will be something like a character profile on Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel, as well as more behind the scene stuff. Some of the Stargate SG1 DVDs included footage from ComicCon and other Conventions, they were really good, especially for people like me who live outside of USA. So I hope they will have more stuff in Season 4 DVD.

On the latest episode of Supernatural, After School Special, I personally think young Sam (Colin Ford) gave a better performance, may be it's because I've seen him in A Very Supernatural Xmas. I really like Sam in this episode. And it made me think that perhaps he won't totally turn to the dark side of the force (so to speak!). I thought this episode will be really funny, but I felt that it was actually rather dark. Their childhood was not exactly Hallmark memories, and this episode totally delivered that. I just wish John Winchester would make a guest appearance. Young Dean (Brock Kelly) was good, you can see that's Dean and Kelly channeled Dean's mannerism quite well. I think Young Dean's girlfriend was spot on when she was 'breaking up' with him, she said that Dean is just a loney guy blah blah blah... and Dean said no he is not and she doesn't know anything about him. The fact is, Dean might be the tough guy, ladies man on the outside, but this is his game face. You know he is a hero, he always put other people's lives before his own. He was torturing souls in Hell, and those souls are there for a reason, but he still feels guilty about torturing them and he will never forgive himself. That said a lot about his character.

Why I like Sam in this episode? Mainly because I really like the Young Sam. It's like watching the Young Anakin (only 100 times better!). This episode added a lot of depth to his character. He is really smart, and he doesn't want to cause trouble. But if you push his button, he will kick you ass so hard, but he is not evil.

After School Special was written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, Directed by Adam Kane, Rating was 3.6 million according to E! Online. According to TV by the Numbers, CW's press release indicated that Supernatural scored season high with women and best since its season premier in adults and viewers.

The big questions remain and I hope I'll get some answers by the end of Season 4: Why is Dean the chosen one? What is the real mission from God? What is Ruby's real intention? What else happened in Hell between Alister and Dean?

A few minor questions: Will we see the Colt again? Where did Ruby get her knife?

Last but not least, Executive Producer Kim Manners passed away last week.
Kim's episodes were always amazing. If Kim's name appeared on the opening credit as director, I so knew that would be a super amazing episode. He directed numerous episodes of the series, including some of my favorite favorite episodes include Season 1's "Shadow" and "Devil's Trap"; Season 2's "In My Time of Dying"; Season's 3 "Mystery Spot", "No Rest for the Wicked"; and Season 4's "Lazarus Rising". Kim was also an influential figure in the X Files series. Thank you Kim. You will be missed.

Greetings from the trunk of Dean's Impala


I've always wanted to blog about Supernatural. I've been to forums, websites and other blogs, sometimes I have so many thoughts about the shows, I just wanted to start blogging in my own space.

So here we go, from now on, I will be talking about Supernatural - from A-Z, my thoughts on episodes, characters, theories, news on the show and the cast.. in particular Jensen and Jared. I also want to have the WHAT IF segment and post some questions for us to discuss. It's your blog too, I do this for me coz I love the show and I hope you can contribute too. Send me your suggestions.

I will also blog about other movies and TV that I love.. may be I'll include music occasionally.. will see how that goes. There are many things coming your way, so let's sit back and relex.. well actually being inside Dean's car trunk could be quite uncomfortable, but I'll squeeze as many as you inside..

Stay tuned.

Peace ^_^