26 January 2010

What the pie!

I have been thinking about it and now you see it! The Impala's Trunk has a new look! Hope you like it.


  1. Love the new look! I read the blog all the time and and really appreciate it. You may know me as "lenten" from twitter where i have been absent for a while due to work related issues but I find the time to sneak in your wonderful blog! Oh, I had better also tell you I too am so excited about Michael Shanks on supernatural!!!

  2. HELLO!!! I was actually wondering where you were the other day! Because I was going to show the command for Apple you taught me (hehe) but I forgot! However, I remember it now. 

    The Shanks is BACK! Any theory on his character? I hope he is Michael or God, but if not, I am ok with that! He will be Smallville too.

    Thanks for reading my blog!! Yay! I hope to see you around on Twitter or here to talk Supernatural or whatever.

    All the best
     tiny 


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