31 December 2009

Most Watched Supernatural Episodes on My TV - Season 1 to 3

It's no secret that Supernatural is my favorite television show this decade. There isn't a single episode that I hate. I have so so many favorites episodes. But some episodes have higher view counts than others.

So fangirls and boys here are the Most Watched Supernatural Episodes on My TV (Season one to three). Most watched episodes for season four and five will be posted in coming days. I have also included my viewing recommendation playlist. If you are new to the show, this might help.

Here we go...

I love Home for a couple of reasons. I am a sucker for episodes that focus on the Winchester family. This is the first time we see John Winchester since the Pilot. It’s also the first episode we see Mary, John, Dean and Sam together in one episode since the Pilot.

The show was still in its rookie season and we were still getting to know the story and characters. The John Winchester appearance at the end was a jaw dropping moment for me. I didn't expect to see John at all. This scene summed up the emotions of the first half of season one.
We found out John was alive and he was getting to the truth about the demon that killed Mary. He still loved his sons very much but he didn’t want to involve them and he was still watching over them.

In this scene, the mood change was awesome. The soundtrack was awesome. Although this scene was short and simple, but it was very powerful. The pain of John Winchester was very well written by Eric Kripke and the scene was very well performed by JDM. In my book, this is definitely one of the most memorable scenes of the series.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was only on a few episodes throughout the series, but he made an impact as John Winchester, a character we all love. We still want JDM to return to the show before the series ends. It’s a crime if Eric Kripke doesn’t at least call the guy and ask!

Tiny's Playlist
Try watching all the Winchester Family episodes in one go: The Pilot, Home, What is and What Should Never Be, In the Beginning and the up-coming Back to the Future II.

Something Wicked
The Dementor is in town! I love it when an episode is presented as a filler episode, but at the same time the writers also show you the different side of the main characters and their past as part of the development of the show.

Season one referred to John's Journal a lot, but not this job, he didn't mention this in his journal. It's the first time we see the younger version of Dean and Sam, brilliantly played by Ridge Canipe and Alex Ferris respectively. Ferris was later replaced by Colin Ford in later episodes to play the older version of young Sam.

It was probably the first time we really see how much Dean cared about the way John looked at him as a son. We see a different side of Dean, who has been trained by his dad to become a solider and a protector of little brother Sam. Obviously John was strict to the boys when it comes to hunting, especially Dean. When John was not around, Dean has to step up and become John. If Dean screwed up, he will not hear the end of it from John. And we see how much Dean really cared about Sam ever since they were kids.

Tiny's Playlist
Try watching all the young Winchester episodes in one go, it's pretty awesome: Something Wicked, A Very Supernatural Xmas and After School Special.

'We are so screwed.'

We know Sam and Dean survived by credit card fraud. But this is the first time they were engaged with the law enforcement. The introduction of Special Agent Victor Hendrickson was awesome. Surely the boys are saving people, hunting things but if you are caught, you're screwed.

This is a fun shapeshifter episode, which we get every season except season three. But it's packed with action and the iconic 'we are so screwed' moment. Styx's Renegade rocks! Bring back the classic rock songs!

Tiny's Playlist
For a complete shapeshifter experience, watch Skin, Nightshifter and Monster Movies together.

For a complete Victor Hendrickson experience, try Nightshifter, Folsom Prison Blues, Jus in Bello and Are You There God, It's Me Dean Winchester.

What Is and What Should Never Be
Mary is alive. Sam is a lawyer. Jessica is engaged to Sam. Dean is mowing the lawn and lives with his girlfriend. It's another episode of Brothers and Sisters. Wait! Wrong show.

This life is good, but you don't belong here.

Jensen Ackles has some really great performances throughout the series, but in this episode he gave one of his best. To be perfectly honest, this is the first time I look at Jensen as a seriously good actor. This guy can act, he totally kicked ass, so watch out! This episode was written by Eric Kripke and it is one of a few episodes that was directed by Eric Kripke. I love you man!

Kripke should've put John Winchester in this episode. What if he didn't die and he was the lovey dovey sweet John that Mary mentioned in In the Beginning? Kripke, dude, call the guy and ask him to come back!

Tiny's Playlist
It's not really another alternate reality experience, but the closest one is Mystery Spot. For more Jessica episodes, try The Pilot, What Is and What Should Never Be and Sympathy for the Devil.

Bad Day at Black Rock
'I lost my shoe.'

Do I need to say more about this episode? This is a tie, between Bad Day at Black Rock and Mystery Spot. Both episodes are funny, but I think I watched Bad Day at Black Rock a bit more than I watch Mystery Spot. Mystery Spot is quite dark towards the end of the episode, but Bad Day at Black Rock is funny all the way.

You could probably tell by now, the reason I love this episode is because of the John Winchester reference: the warehouse and the rabbit foot! And yeah, did you know that Dean is Batman?

Tiny's Playlist
I could recommend some Bella episodes, but there isn't much. Try Red Sky in the Morning and Time Is on My Side.

Jus in Bello
The return of Victor Hendrickson. Awesome! But this time, he was possessed by a demon, but the Winchester exorcised it. After saving Hendrickson, he was BFF with Sam and Dean, and they fought against the demons together.

Not knowing if the series will return due to the Writer's Strike, this episode was treated as the finale of season 3. This episode was EPIC. In my book, this defined the meaning of Supernatural epic. The boys were in a confined environment with civilians, limited resources and surrounded by an army of demons. Good people still died at the end. There were lots to think about at the end of the episode: the new enemy Lillith; the coming war against the demons and the big questions were: Will Dean go to Hell? Will Sam go Vader to save Dean?

Tiny's Playlist
Pretty heavy stuff, but watch these epic episodes together - Salvation, All Hell Break Loose I & II, Croatoan, Jus in Bello, Larazus Rising, Lucifer Rising, On the Head of a Pin, Sympathy for the Devil, Good God Y'all, The End and Abandon All Hope.

For a good Ruby 1.0 experience, watch Malleus Maleficarum (I thought Katie Cassidy really stepped up in this episode.) For Ruby 2.0, just watch Lucifer Rising and see her get KO.

Most Watched Supernatural Episodes On My TV (Season 4 & 5) will be posted in coming days. Stay tuned.

So there you go. Leave a comment or follow me on Twitter.

Happy New Year! May 2010 be an awesome year for all.

24 December 2009

My life would suck without Supernatural - New video now live

Merry Xmas! I made a new video to share. This Xmas present is nicely wrapped up with a big red bow. Wishing you all a very Supernatural Xmas and an awesome 2010.

Proudly brought to you by my YouTube Channel.

22 December 2009

A Very Supernatural 2009 - Lessons from The Winchester Gospel

What a year it has been! What are some of the key lessons from the Winchester Gospel?

Lesson 1: You shall love other idjits
Supernatural fans took over Twitter back in September with trending topics Supernatural and Lucifer is Coming. Some idjits thought we were devil worshippers. Clearly you need help with your upstairs brain. We shall love them no matter what, Puff Diddy is just scared of his TV.

Lesson 2: You shall attend annual gathering to hug the masters and other minions

Complete your life by attending a Supernatural Convention this year and give each other a Winchester hug. Don't forget to hug the Masters: Jensen, Jared, Misha, Jim.. THE LOT.

Lesson 3: You shall tweet

With all your faults, I love you still. Baby, it had to be you, wonderful you, it had to be Twitter.

You shall tweet anything and everything Supernatural with other minions. Tweeting is the only way to spread the love, stop the apocalypse and understand the teaching from Master Kripke. Join a live TwitCom and be sure to interact with other minions.

Lesson 4: You shall learn to speak a second language (preferably Japanese)

Learn to speak a second language is useful, you never know when you'll run into Mr Trickster. If you're naughty, he will put you in TV land and worst... he'll put you on a Japanese game show.

Lesson 5: You shall hoard toilet paper like it is made of gold

Try not to eat and drink bad stuff.. because you will use more toiler paper. It's gold, you don't want to waste it.

Lesson 6: God cannot be found on any flatbread

Where is God? You ask. Do I look like I know? May be Dean and Sam will die and go to heaven to find out. It's not like they haven't died before.

Lesson 7: You shall always make sure you have enough minutes on your cell phone before calling anyone

Yes, this is a very important communication tip. You don't want to hear the voice to tell you you're almost out of minutes in the middle of nowhere.

Lesson 8: You shall stop worrying about everything

Eric Kripke is one of the best showrunners in the business. So stop worrying about everything and just enjoy the ride while you can.

Guess it's time to eat, drink and make merry.
Have a Very Supernatural Xmas and a Wonderful 2010.

Supernatural Heaven; Dr Badass is back

Supernatural spoiler!!!

Mose in Idaho: What's the word on Supernatural? Thanks for all the scoop last week.

Kristin (E!Online): No prob. I'm hearing that Sam and Dean will die and go to heaven. Yes, you heard me right. We will see heaven! (Which is funny 'cause I always assumed heaven would look a lot like Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.)

Source E!Online.

And if you don't know it already, Dr Badass (aka Ash) is returning to Supernatural Chad Lindberg confirmed this via his Twitter. He is going to appear in the zombies episode with Bobby's wife. Here is Chad's Twitter update.
It's all business up front, party in the back!

19 December 2009

Supernatural 5.17 - New episode title released

Title for episode 5.17 was released. It's called Your Time is Gonna Come. Nothing else was released regarding this episode. Source SpoilerTV.

I think 5.18 will be the 100th episode. Nothing new has been released since Eric Kripke mentioned it
here and Sera Gamble's interview here.

18 December 2009

The 'It's the end of the world, but I'm going to survive it, here are the TV shows and movies in my survival pack' List

It is this time of the year that almost everyone would release some sort of top ten list or something along that line. Screw it, I am going to do one too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present - The 'It's the end of the world, but guess what, I'm going to survive it, thanks to one of those ships in the movie 2012, here are the TV shows and movies in my survival pack' List.

They are not in any particular order, but I do save the best to last.

Australian Idol Season 1

I know! But you should always pack something that reminds you of home. In my case, it'd be Australia. This represents the era of (bad or addictive) reality TV, you see different parts of Australia, and it included the Sydney Opera House fireworks. This one has the lot!

Star Wars 1-6

I must be one of the few girls around who love Star Wars. I could be the last surviving girl who love Star Wars, my role could be important in preserving the pop culture and the legacy of George Lucas.


I know I am on a ship already if I survive the end of the world, I really don't need any more ship sinking experience, but I love Titanic. You jump I jump.

Sweet Home Alabama

I friggin love this movie. This is probably one of the few chic flicks that I watch over and over again. I like a good happy ending on occasion.

Fight Club

On a bad day, I love watching Fight Club. It actually motivates me and it's a friggin great movie.


Damn it! Jack Bauer, where are you when the world needs you? But I don't think Jack could have saved us from natural disasters.


Fitting huh? May be one day I will believe this is a time travel thing, the end of the world DID NOT happen.

South Park


Stargate SG1 and Atlantis

I just like it. The end. Stargate Universe still has a long way to go, but I like some good old classic Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson.

Garden State

I know! Weird choice! But I really like Zach Braff and Natalie Portman in this movie. This is my kind of feel good movie.


Eat it Greys and House. Scrubs is awesome! I can watch the Musical any time any day.


The world needs a hero now more than ever. A light in the darkness. A symbol for us to believe in when all other hope is lost. Let the Blur be the hero he needs to be. This is officially one of my favorite shows.


This is the best new show I actually enjoy. I know there are Fringe, FlashForward or whatever... but Glee is it!


This is the BEST of the BEST. Supernatural is the best written show on television this decade in my book. What's not to like about it? Team Edward Team Jacob Team Dr Sexy MD all you like, I heart Team Winchester. My life would truly suck without Supernatural. If I survive the end of the world, I definitely need my Supernatural! If I can't pack Supernatural into my survival bag, please kill me. Mike Hale from NY Times agrees with me! He named Supernatural one of 2009 best! Woohoo!!

Still to come on this blog: My favorite Supernatural episodes; the long overdue review of Curious and The Ghostbusters and the year in review thing.

15 December 2009

A Very Supernatural Christmas - A Twitter Commentary

Xmas is just around the corner. Whether you are going to spend some lovely quality time with family and friends willingly or unwillingly, it's a special time for sharing.

If you are on Twitter, it's certainly a special time for spamming. KaraLambo and I did a Twitter Commentary on A Very Supernatural Xmas a few hours ago. If you missed it or if you want to read the tweets again because they are award winning tweets, here is the recap from my end. You can visit Kara's blog here.

So here we go:

http://twitpic.com/tljei A Very Supernatural Christmas - Twitter Commentary starts soon with KaraLambo 8pm AEST

Pre-show commercial: A Very Supernatural Xmas Twitter Commentary with KaraLambo http://tinyurl.com/y973gom

Zombies, Mrs Bobby... AWESOME!

Twitter ate my tweets like zombies eat brains..

A special presentation

Hello Dean, Hello Sam

Tooth fairy

Wait! There is no Santa???????

This reminds me of the Santa I saw in the shopping centre the other day.. Nobody lined up..

Team Winchester.. charming even when they were little.

Colin Ford looks more like Jared..

You just helped me to attract more stalkers!

Yeah.. and Dean doesn't know the lyrics to Silent Night.

Santa is a zombie..

I like how this scene has Silent Night playing in the background and the kid jumped when his mom screamed.

How do you know I change without shutting the blinds?

Sam's hair is shorter..

I love the sound of the Impala...

If Cas was in season 3 of Supernatural and appeared in the Xmas episode... I wonder how the episode will be like..

Bing Cosby... Ally McBeal.. Love Actually.... The lot! Dean loves it..

I love love LOVE the young Sam and Dean...

Monsters are real.. John is a superhero..

HAHAHA... Yeah, I have an angel on my Xmas Tree

Yeah... and she's gonna eat you Dean


What's the point of having a bin there when sharping the wooden thing and the stuff fly off bin

Why is the sofa wrapped in plastic? Meaning they move around or it's easier to wipe blood?

Oh fudge... Evil Mr and Mrs Santa are blackbelt champion

Dean: If you fudging touch me, I'll fudging kill ya!

The boys are saved by the belt

I watched this episode with Eric Kripke's commentary.. I love Kripke's commentary

And that Gingerbread house was still there after all that..

Who would've thought the amulet is the God EMF

Have yourself a merry little xmas.. I'm gonna cry

Dean: Merry Xmas Sam..

Dean: Fuel for me, fuel for my baby

I didn't realise Dean said: "Merry Xmas Bro'

Sam looked at Dean a few times, but he didn't say anything... It was heart warming.

I remember Kripke said in the commentary that his family called him and said "what's wrong with you?" after they watched this episode

A Very Supernatural Xmas was done in the Supernatural fashion.. which is unique. Nice work!!!

I love the Winchester Family episode..!!

I am actually watching the 'Scene Specific' of A Very Supernatural Xmas now

Eric Kripke: "I want the boys to kill someone with the Xmas tree."

That's all tweeps. I am working on a few things atm, there will be a 2009 review, a blog post on my all time favorite Supernatural episodes and episode review of The Curious Case of Dean Winchester and The Real Ghostbusters.

Some holiday viewing: Lost season 4 & 5. Can anyone just tell me who the bloody hell Jacob is?

Supernatural news digest

There isn't much going on, but this just came through a few hours ago. Some spoilers from E!Online.

There will be a zombie episode which we will see Bobby's dead wife; Dean is not going to be happy about what Sam is about to do; and Chuck will return but not with Becky.

And here is an interview with Misha Collins/ TV Guide.

Is it just me or have Jensen and Jared gone really quiet with press interviews?

12 December 2009

Supernatural Spoiler: Latest Casting Call (Could this be who I think is it?)

Thanks for SpoilerTV and Hunters' Addicts, here is the latest casting call for episode 5.16 Dark Side of the Moon.

5.16 Dark Side of the Moon
Producers: Jim Michaels, Todd Aronauer
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Shoot Dates: 11th Jan 2010 - 20th Jan 2010

[JOSHUA] This benevolent -- dignified, very Zen man in his 50’s-70’s is inflappable, simple, but not insincere. A Morgan Freemen type vibe. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. GUEST STAR

Tiny's comment: I am feeling God! When I first read this, I am thinking this is either Michael or God.. But the more I think about it, the more I'm thinking about God. Your thoughts?

Source: SpoilerTV and Hunters' Addicts

And here is the new TV promo of Sam, Interrupted.

04 December 2009

Supernatural: New episode titles revealed (updated)

Episode titles for 5.11 to 5.16 have been released by the CW. Source SpoilerTV. I have also included whatever information I could dig from the internet including some of the latest interviews with Sera Gamble, Misha Collins and Julie McNiven.

5.11: Sam, Interrupted (21 January 2010)
Directed by James Conway.
Written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin

In an recent interview with Sera Gamble, she said "..the boys are contacted by a hunter who had worked a case that was so traumatic that he went crazy. He’s been voluntarily living in an insane asylum and something not right is happening there, and he calls the boys. So Sam and Dean check themselves in...."
Dabb and Loflin wrote Yellow Fever, After School Special and Jump the Shark in Season 4. They also wrote I Believe the Children Are Our Future in Season 5.

This episode looks super intense to me, which is different, because in the past, when the show came back from the winter hiatus, we often get fillers like Ghostfacers (season 3) and Family Remains (Season 4). They are great episodes, but when we come back from a long hiatus, we want something a bit solid.

5.12: Swap Meat
Director: Robert Singer
Writers: Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin

Also from Sera's interview: "
We’re also doing a body swap episode, Sam with a human—that’s all I will say. Fans have been clamoring for it for five seasons. The last thing I can tell you is that we will be further exploring the secrets of the Winchester family and Sam and Dean’s past. There’s more to reveal there."

More secrets about the Winchester Family? Holy crap!

5.13: Back to the Future II
Directed by Steve Boyum

Expect to see Anna returns. She will go back to the past and tried to kill young Sam. We will also see the young/ newlywed Mary and John.

There are some minor spoilers on this particular episode from the latest interview with Misha Collins and Julie McNiven. Check it out here.

I love the Winchester Family centric episode (like Home and In the Beginning.)

5.14: My Bloody Valentine

Your 3D glass is required to watch this episode.

From Sera's interview: "
We will be doing a very dark and sinister Valentine’s Day episode. It’s an exploration of the nature of love and desire, which can be very destructive."

Update: Info on casting call

This episode is looking for Famine (one of the four Horsemen) and Cupid. Details
here. TV Guide also posted a bit more information on the casting. Read it here.

5.15: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

I haven't heard anything major for this episode. There were some casting calls, that's about it. SpoilerTV.

5.16: Your Whole Life Flashes Before Your Eyes
Sounds like this could be an episode where the boys will see heaven. That's my guess.

Source: SpoilerTV, Wikipedia and IMBD.

03 December 2009

This week on Twitter and elsewhere

Want to see Misha Collins nude? Here is a treat from the master.

I found a very awesome photoshop work of Jared, Jensen and Baby Leopard. I don't know who did this, but whoever you are - you are awesome!

Anyway shortly after I posted this on Twitter, friends on Twitter started talking about it and then someone sent me a link of some of the photos taken from the original setting, which it has Jared, Erica and Baby Leopard. It was a CW function a few years ago.

Thank you Scuba_Ree!!


Finally, anyone in Australia looking for Dean's car? THE 1967 Chevy Impala! Yes, you can buy it on eBay!!! OMG, only if I have the money to buy this!! Go to eBay, click here. You have 4 days left!!

Having a fangirl moment - TV's Sexiest Men of 2009 by BuddyTV

It's this time of the year.. BuddyTV released their very own 'TV's Sexiest Men of 2009'. Here are a few I do care about.

#49 Tom Welling (Smallville)

I think Tom should have made it to top 10!

#41 Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)

WHAT? Sammy didn't make it to top 10? MAD! And they didn't have a good picture of Jared! But I found this instead.. Enjoy.

#29 Misha Collins

Minions! We are so proud of our Master.

#21 Justin Hartley (Smallville)

OK.. I like Green Arrow the character, I think Justin is ok. But I don't think he is sexier than Tom.

#6 Jensen Ackles
Oh Jensen! FAINT.. Dean back from hell and looking sexier than ever! It doesn't matter what you wear or even if you don't wear anything...

Want to see the rest of the results? Go to BuddyTV.

01 December 2009

Lunch time reading - Interview with Sera Gamble (Spoilery)

Alice Jester is awesome for posting this interview on The Winchester Family Business. You can read the full article/ Q&A here. But I've picked a few interesting points below purely based on my very own fangirl nerdy view.

Beware of spoilers:

Question (Alice): I'm still trying to wrap my head around how these angels keep bringing up the parallels between Michael and Lucifer and Dean and Sam. Are they doing it to justify their concept of pre-destiny? Don't they see Sam and Dean have reconciled from their betrayal of each other and are determined to fight together? Or does none of that matter to them once the betrayal is done?

(Answer) Sera: Sam and Dean may have reconciled, but that doesn’t negate the parallels between their history and Lucifer and Michael’s. Their family stories are still eerily similar. And yeah, from the angels’ perspective, it’s all well and good that Sam and Dean think they’re gonna fight together—but they’re the predestined vessels, so ultimately they’re gonna give in.

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: Ultimately they're gonna give in??? Holy crap.. does it mean they will both say YES eventually?

(Question) Elle: Lucifer was able to take hold of his back-up vessel in lieu of Sam. Any chance that Michael has a back-up and we’ll be able to meet this character without Dean’s consent to being “an angel condom”?

(Answer) Sera: You will meet Michael soon. I can’t say more about the form he will take.

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: OK, here are my speculations on the 'form' which Michael could take.. He is either Jeffrey Dean Morgan or the plan B vessel will be a female.

Talking about JDM, many of us are dying to see JDM to return to the show, but we don't want to see him to come back as a vessel. But I think if JDM is returning to the show, I don't want to see him just to appear as a ghost or in the boys' dream. I will be very happy to see JDM as John Winchester in a flashback episode, but that's not gonna happen. So in reality, IF he is coming back to the show, he has to return as a vessel of an archangel or God.

(Question) Elle2: Any hints on when Dean is going to get his amulet back – or isn’t he?

(Answer) Sera: The amulet figures into an upcoming episode. If I directly answer your question, I’ll give too much away about both Dean and Cas. Not to mention God.

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: God is found and he is not on any flat bread. Let the amulet burn! Burn baby burn!

(Question) Elle2: Any insight into Bobby’s continued development in the second half of Season 5?

(Answer) Sera: A case will bring Sam and Dean to Bobby’s town. That episode brings new insight into Bobby’s current state of mind and also expands his backstory.

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: Finally!! More Bobby backstory! And whoever wants Bobby to die.. screw you! Clearly you're possessed by stunt demon #5.

(Question) Alice: Wow, the 100th episode is coming up! Who'd have thunk? Any big plans for that one in particular?

(Answer) Sera: Party, of course. My only firm plan is to have a couple of drinks with the crew. Bob Singer promised he’d play guitar. You didn’t mean the actual content of the episode, did you?

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: I am going to bake a birthday cake and I don't bake cakes! EVER!

30 November 2009

Misha's Minion - Stand Strong & Be Proud

Why do we love Misha? Because he is a rare individual. Yes he is!

Misha and the lovely Julie McNiven (aka Anna) were at London's Collectormania over the weekend (28 - 29 Nov, 2009) with SGA Jason 'Ronon' Mamoa and a whole bunch of Stormtroopers. Julie was wearing a Minion badge and we found out Jason watches Supernatural, he was at the Misha and Julie panel and asked Julie about the Impala love scene with Dean. Thanks to the awesome SuperWiki, you can found reports and photos there, including sighting of Mini Castiel.

Here is a new Misha's interview. Read this with your breakfast, I hope you will have a nice day.

Do I have any Italian Supernatural fans? I am so so jealous, you know what I'm talking about! Jus In Bello Italian Supernatural Convention will be held in Rome 2-4 April 2010 with Jared, Jensen, Misha, Jim, Traci, Samantha Smith, Jake Abel, Fred Land (YED 1.0), Richard Speight Jr,
Jason Manns and Steve Carlson.

29 November 2009

Summer TV schedule for Channel Ten (Australia)

Australia. The apocalypse is here. Finally.

Australian fans, you can watch season five of Supernatural on Channel Ten from Monday 30th November at 8:30pm with double episodes - the season premier Sympathy for the Devil and Good God Y'all.

I don't care if you've seen them already, JUST WATCH THEM AGAIN! We need the ratings in order to keep the show going in Australia.

Channel Ten also picked up Stargate Universe, I think the air date is Monday 14 December at 9:30pm. i.e after Supernatural. Yay, coz I have nothing better to do on a Monday than staying home and watch Supernatural and SGU.

My only hope is that Ten won't move SGU to a later time slot IF the rating is low. Fingers crossed. However, Supernatural should remain in the 8:30/ 9:30/ 10:30pm time slot.

Anyway Channel Ten... thank you!

24 November 2009

After-thoughts: Episode 5.10 Abandon All Hope

Abandon All Hope is my Jus in Bello for season 5 - the hunters fought in a confined environment, heaps of people died, lives were scarified and there was no happy ending for the good guys. I don't know how you feel about Jus in Bello, but it happened to be one of my favorite episodes from season 3.

Abandon All Hope almost feels like a movie to me. After last week The Real Ghostbusters, we get right back into the mytho heavy story on an epic level. What I find interesting and this is the reason why I love Supernatural so much is the way the writers give us clues here and there foreshadowing the future of the characters and story. I never feel that the story is going in circle, going nowhere. Supernatural is one of the most layered shows on television, this season is full of twists and surprises. There is never a dull moment on the show.

Sam, Lucifer and Detroit

Let me talk about Sam, Lucifer and Detroit first. It is the second time Detroit is mentioned in season 5
. It's going to happen. Something big, bloody and heart-breaking is going to happen in Detroit and the Winchesters will once again be in the center of it. In The End, future Dean said something happened in Detroit, and that was where Sam said YES to become Lucifer's vessel. We don't know how and why, but it is going to happen.

Talking about angel vessels, why hasn't Michael appeared to Dean in a dream like Lucifer did to Nick? In recently interviews, Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble indicated that we will see Michael. I can't wait to see what they have planned for us.

There are only 12 episodes left in season 5, so the Detroit event will
take place before the end of the season. (CRAP! I need stock up Kleenex!) Detroit is a significant location on the show, just like Lawrence (where it all began) and Wyoming (where the Devil's Gate is), I'll be keeping my eyes on Detroit for sure!

The Colt

Abandon All Hope also tells us something about the Colt. John Winchester said the Colt was made by Samuel Colt and it can kill anything. We've seen the Colt killed vampires (eat it Twilight!) and YED (and stunt demon 1,2 and 3). In this episode, we found out there are five things in all of creation that the Colt can't kill, including Lucifer. I wanted so badly for the Colt to return and to play a big part, but that's ok. But dang! How do you kill Lucifer?

You are functioning.. morons.. moron

New demon, Crowley is played by the brilliant Mark Shepperd. I love his Godfather like mannerism and his accent! 'We need to talk, privately.' I love him from the second he appeared!

I like the modern look of the Crossroads.. under the highway! I like how Supernatural re-invents itself. Finally, we have a male sales person from hell! Who thought of it?! Seriously!

So Crowley wanted Lucifer dead so that he (and his race) can survive. Does Crowley have another agenda? He wanted Sam and Dean to take the Colt and kill Lucifer. Was it a trap? I'm not so sure.

When the Winchesters and the Harvelles arrived in town with Huggy Bear Pretty Boy Angel, Lucifer didn't really try hard to keep them there or smite them or anything. Yes, there were some confrontations, but Lucifer almost didn't really care about the Winchesters. He did try to recruit Castiel and when Sam confronted
Lucifer, he didn't expect Sam to say yes anyway. He didn't force them or anything. It seems to me that Lucifer just wanted to unleash Death. If Crowley's agenda was to help Lucifer by delivering the Winchesters to him, then Lucifer should either smite Dean or give Sam a keynote speech with PowerPoint Presentation as to what he should say yes. So yeah, I am not so sure if Crowley is helping Lucifer here. But then again, Crowley could be like Ruby, may be he is trying to gain their trust for a greater evil.

By the way, can Death kill demons too?

Lucifer is confident and arrogant and I hate it when he is acting like as if he knows Sam is going to say yes.
That bothers me in a way that this is all going to be very sad and bloody.

How awesome was Mark Pellegrino? He is a fantastic addition to the cast! I really enjoyed his performance in this episode.

The Harvelles

Ellen and Jo are two of the strongest female characters on the show. I knew they were going to die, I wished they didn't, but that was a good heroic send-off. I am impressed with Jo. She has grown up and she would have been a great hunter should she didn't die. Ellen's tears broke my heart. Samatha Ferris and Alona Tal
really nailed the death scene.

Any SGA fans here? This is like the death of Dr Carson Beckett. I couldn't revisit that episode for awhile because I can't believe he just died and it made me sad to watch it again.

Dean and Jo

Personally, I thought the Dean and Jo scenes in Abandon All Hope were done beautifully. Whether Jo was introduced as a potential love interest or an allied, Jo is a good supporting character just like her mother Ellen.

There are some sparks between Dean and Jo in season 2 when they first met, which was playful, nothing serious that would turn into a romantic soap opera. It was pretty obvious that Jo liked Dean, but Dean wasn't thinking about it (Dean? Relationship? Yeah right!). Like Sam said, Jo was like a sister to Dean. But in this episode, Dean was trying to hit on Jo for the first time since Everybody Loves a Clown. Both scenes in Everybody and Abandon are symmetrical, while Dean was checking Jo out, Sam was looking at something else (newspaper clips on Ellen's wall or commenting about the drinking game.)

Interpret Dean and Jo anyway you like, this episode provided a good closure.

You've got to give Jo some credit after watching Abandon All Hope. The way she saved Dean, all guns blazing on the hellhound, was pure bravery. She would fight and defend for him, whether it's for love or just friendship. And for this, I would have liked Dean to say a bit more to Jo around or before their goodbye kiss. Say something Dean!!! She was loyal, she understood what was it like to be a hunter, she was not a monster, she was strong and she was playful and she was not afraid of going after something supernatural.

Finally, I thought the editing was good. I am glad they didn't chop up the hellhounds/ death scenes, which added extra strength to the part of the episode, making it a lot more emotional.
It was a good send-off for Ellen and Jo. The death scene was really well done, it's very sad but it's really well written and designed. It wasn't like the death scene of other hunters on the shows such as Ash, Elkinds or Caleb.. Their death scenes were either short or you don't see it at all. This confirmed the status of Ellen and Jo, they are part of the family.

I am not in the television business, I am not a writer but I appreciate and admire people who have the talent and the passion to write good story for viewers to watch. For this, I can never hate Supernatural. I am 200% behind the show. Personally I can't find anything that I don't like about the show, nothing ever bothered me except I want to see JDM to return for at least one episode. This truly is the best show on television right now.

I swear the review of Curious and The Real Ghostbusters are coming! I am just really busy with stuff happening in my life (all good thought, don't worry!), but December will be a great time to catch up.

Supernatural 100th Episode - Where is the birthday cake and purple nurple?!

Ausiello has posted this on the Entertainment Weekly website. NO mention of Jensen will be directly (which was a rumor by the way). To be really honest, I don't see him directly this episode because the episode will largely focuse on Dean. Unless he gets his double to do it?

"Time flies when you’re battling demons and preventing apocalypses and stuff. Case in point: Supernatural will celebrate its milestone 100th episode this spring with an hour that focuses largely on Dean (Jensen Ackles).

“We’re aiming for it to be a big mythology episode,” reveals Supernatural boss Eric Kripke, adding that, “The Archangel Michael plays a very large part as we explore his relationship with Dean."

Source: EW

21 November 2009

Supernatural news digest

As previously mentioned, the writers are planning on something big for the 100th episode of Supernatural. We don't know what it is exactly. There was a rumor going on this morning on Twitter than Jensen Ackles is directly that episode, but apparently it's not true.

I cannot verify this (I should hey!), but according to a comment posted by a fan on BuddyTV, the Entertainment Weekly has this to say about the 100th episode:

'Time flies when you're battling demons and the apocalypse. Case in point, Supernatural will celebrate it's 100th episode this Spring with an hour that focuses largely on Dean
"We're aiming for it to be a big mythology episode." reveals Supernatural boss, Eric Kripke, who adds "Archangel Michael plays a very large part as we explore his relationship with Dean." And it will all be capped off with a cake cutting ceremony hosted by Lucifer.'

This is another story from E!Online. What's interesting is the speculation on God, Archangel and Dean.

Here is another interview by TV Guide with Sera Gamble. WE WILL MEET MICHAEL. How? We don't know, but we will. Will Dean say yes? May be may be not. But we will meet Michael!

The master has spoken. Click here to read Eric Kripke's interview with USA Weekend.

It's no surprise that the second half of season 5 will be more mytho related.. we only have 12 episodes before what could be the series finale.

Supernatural will return on January 21, 2010 with Sam Interrupted.

Review on Abandon All Hope is coming! There are too much awesomeness I have to watch it again before I write anything. I know I haven't done the review on The Curious Case of Dean Winchester and The Real Ghostbusters. I've been a little busier than usual recently.

Don't forget to submit your Happy Supernatural Moment of 2009,
deadline if Sunday 20 December 2009. Details here.

19 November 2009

Abandon all cheeseburgers! New promo for Abandon All Hope (Space promo)

This is the TV promo by SPACE.

I am on lock down, so I won't watch this. So enjoy!

Supernatural's 100th episode - first scoop!

As far as I can tell, this is the first piece of news we hear about the 100th episode of Supernatural. It's a major achievement in the industry when a TV show/drama reaches the 100th episode. So what's Eric Krikpe planning for it? Two words: JENSEN ACKLES.

EW's Ausiello has this on The Ausiello Files.

Question: I need some Supernatural scoop. —D. Stephens

The show’s 100th episode (slated to air in March or April) will be a big one for Jensen Ackles. To find out why, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday.

18 November 2009

Supernatural Chicago Convention was a huge success...

There are just so many photos, videos and reports on the Convention, I am still trying to catch up! My life is a bit busier than usual at the moment, so I will catch up during my December holiday. In the meantime, I've book-marked the following! Please check them out too.

Check out my friend's blog at Tripping the Wasteland. It's a fantastic read!

If you want to see the clips from the Convention, please check out Cloudyvisions' YouTube Channel. I can sit here and go through all the clips all day.

I made many new friends on Twitter over the weekend. I just want to thank you all for your effort and passion. I wish I can go to another Supernatural convention again soon. Australia may be?! Will see!

New sneak preview! Dean and Meg face off; Mark Pellegrino interview!

Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly posted this video clip... Dean and Meg face off! I will not watch this, coz I am on lock down! So enjoy!

Mark Pellegrino's interview on Fearnet. You can also watch the sneak preview there.

I am not sick of saying this, but I CANNOT FRIGGIN WAIT!

5.10 Abandon All Hope airs this Thursday on the CW. This is the last episode of 2009. Supernatural returns on January 14, 2010 with 5.11 Sam Interrupted.

From what I am reading, Abandon All Hope is a cliff hanger! CRAP! How am I going to survive?

Twitter hashtag is #FINDTHECOLT

15 November 2009

Supernatural Chicago Convention by CreationCon

I love the Supernatural fandom! If you can't make it to the Convention and you want live update, there is no better place to be than Twitter! Seriously.

I woke up at like 8:30am AEST and followed all the wonderful live tweets on Jim's and Misha's panel at the Supernatural Chicago Con. Dang! I missed Richard Speight Jr's panel, which was on earlier.

Catch all the live action on Twitter. I created a special list on Twitter, I added fans (and cast members) who are actually there. They are wonderful! Thanks for giving us live update with quotes and photos!

You can also get heaps of photos, reports and videos on SuperWiki.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is a big day! Jensen, Jared and Rob (aka Chuck) will be at the Con. I can't wait to see all the tweets!

Oh, you have to watch this!

14 November 2009

Abandon all pies! Sneak peak of Abandon All Hope

I am not watching the sneaky previews! This is the last lock down of 2009, I can't screw up! *Determined*


Sexy Promo

13 November 2009

Abandon all food! Here comes THE KISS in Abandon All Hope

HOLY CHEESEBURGER! I can't wait for this episode! Abandon All Hope airs on Thursday 19th November on the CW.

Look out for:

- Mark Shappard as the demon Crowley who is going to be awesome! He just said one line in the promo, and I am already saying I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIG GUY!

- The Dean and Jo kiss, which I am completely ok with! Jo is probably one of the few female characters I like on the show. Not that I am comparing this kiss to the Clark and Lois kiss.. but my initial thought is that this is sweet! Better than sex with Anna, THERE I've said it! =(

If and I stress 'IF' Jo is going to die, it's a nice closure. I know they are like brother and sister, and they look like brother and sister, but they did have some feelings for each other in season 2, so it'd be a good closure.. =)

- And of course THE showdown between Lucifer and Castiel!

TV Promo

12 November 2009

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - The Real Ghostbusters

OK so.. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will not be on this week's Supernatural... or will it?! Probably not, but crazy fans will!

Sneak preview

Crossroads Podcast - a best podcast for best show on TV SUPERNATURAL

Crossroads Podcast is the best Supernatural podcast in my opinion! Hosts Ty and Star have scheduled a live show on the 24th November 7pm US central time. I couldn't make it to the first live show, but I am definitely going to be there this time and meet the Crossroads nation!

If you want to join, go to uStream. If this link doesn't work, just search for 'Crossroads Podcast'.

You can listen to Crossroadscast on iTune. Follow them on Twitter or join them on Facebook.