29 May 2011

Starting a 'Supernatural Wallpaper' Revolution

Have you ever been to a department store or an Apple store where you play with an iPad, iPhone or MacBook etc.. and before you leave you would change the wallpaper to something else? I do that all the time.

I was playing with the iPad 2 today while waiting for my lunch date. Before I left the store, I changed the wallpaper to this:

Let's do it. Let's start a revolution. Next time you go to a department store or something, change the iPad/ iPhone/ Macbook wallpaper to something Supernatural related! Tell the world! Come back with a photo! Follow me on Twitter @tiny_winchester 

I think this is better than Free Hug or SlutWalk.

22 May 2011

Review: Supernatural Season Six Finale Double-Episodes

Yesterday was supposed to be the apocalypse. Some dude predicted it. Clearly he sucked. You know what else sucked? The hellatus is here. Usually I have something to carry on, something like an idea or theory. For the first time, I have zero clue about what might happen in season seven. NOTHING. I look like I have been petrified like a Harry Potter character.

If there is one word to describe the cliffhanger of the season six's finale, it's bizarre. Not necessary in a bad way, but did anyone see that coming at all? After all, it's Kripke we are talking about. This was the only time he came back this season and he'd gone completely outside the square with the character we love so much. I can only assume the decision was a collective one. Supernatural has done it again. Superman has gone bad -- Castiel has gone mental.

Sera Gamble managed to make Dean cry and wrap up the Lisa and Ben storyarc in 6.21 Let it Bleed. Sera was generous this time (at least for now), leave-the-civilians-alone has not been the style of Supernatural for the past six seasons. Dean has grown up. This isn't the season one Dean anymore. Jensen's performance in the goodbye scene was one to remember. On the other hand, in the season finale 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much, Eric Kripke managed to pull down Sam's wall, killed Balthazar, blew Raphael into pieces, smashed the Impala, divided the fandom even more with the Cas-gone-completely-mental cliffhanger.

S0.. two questions are already driving us crazy -- what's up with Cas and what's going to happen with Sam?

Castiel! Castiel! Castiel! To me, the first big shock was when I saw him killing Balthazar. I cannot believe he did that. That made me nervous. I mean.. seeing Cas killed his friend gave me the chill. This happened before he was supposed to go mental. Towards the end of the finale, Cas had tricked Crowley and Raphael; opened Purgatory; and sucked up each and every soul to become even more powerful than his archangel brothers. He claimed to be the new God. I think Cas is being delusional. If it was that easy to be God, I guess Lucifer would have thought of opening Purgatory. Season six had been Cas' journey in becoming Vader. But still, I did not see that ending coming at all. That would make Cas the new bad in season seven. We don't know the extend of how blind Cas will get and how bad things will turn out, but I don't think the new God will make the world a larger Disneyland.

I think (and I hope) two things will come to play: forgiveness and redemption. Forgiveness is something you have to earn, it would be too easy for Dean to forgive him in two seconds. This friendship means to much to Dean. I hope he doesn't give up on Cas. Sometimes, it's more than just saving people physically, it's also about saving people from their own darkness. Dean did it with Sam, he will do this again with Cas. Will the real God show Cas the way? Will there be an 'oh-I-am-an-idiot' moment? One thing for sure, the road for Cas is going to get darker and darker.

Sam's wall has crumbled, no thanks to Castiel. The dreamscape approach is always a challenging one. Great performance from Jared and it was a real treat for the fans -- a triple Sam action! Jared channelled the three Sams very well. I would've liked to see the after-effect a bit more after the 'hell soul' was back into Sam's body in this episode. I would've liked to see that as the cliffhanger rather than kneel-before-Zod.. I mean God. But that's just me, right? What does Sam remember from hell? How significant (if any) was Sam's memory from hell, having spent all these time with Michael and Lucifer? I think and I hope season seven will leverage from this. 

My theory (it's a bit early but I do have one): Who was the only supernatural entity claim to have the power to reap God? May be we will see the return of a Horseman.

PS** Please bring the Impala back.

Supernatural -- season 6 DVD & season seven news

Ok.. the past week has been ten kinds of crazy. Here are a few things that grabbed my attention.

KSiteTV has released a photo of the Supernatural season six DVD cover.. I still don't know what the snake means. Anyone? I assume the release date will be just before the season seven premier in September. Stay turned for more details.

The Upfront was kinda exciting last week. New shows and fall schedules were announced. I am most excited about Once Upon a Time (which apparently is like Lost). I am also excited about Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer. I think she is someone the CW needs right now. Not that I've ever watched it religiously, but the CW cancelled Hellcats, produced by Tom Welling. I can get excited about the Secret Circle. But we'll wait and see. As long as I get my Supernatural fix, I don't care if the apocalypse is upon us. Here is the CW fall schedule press release. Source KSiteTV.

I watched the Supernatural finale last night. Man! I did not see that coming! I am still formulating my thoughts, which are very fragmented at the moment, kinda like Sam's wall. But here is the thing, Misha Collins is returning to season seven as a guest star. I guess it's like back to season four, when Misha was in and out. I am just glad he is still on the show and Castiel is not dead! Lord Castiel, I bow to you. Read more about Misha's return here.

Misha is starring on Ivan Hayden's the Divine, a web series about a priest fighting supernatural stuff. Like I say before, it's web now, who knows what the future holds?! Read more here.

A Tribute to Smallville Part II -- My Thoughts on the Series Finale

Last Saturday (Friday in the US), I was trying to keep myself busy before watching the series finale of Smallville with my friends. It was hard! I was on lockdown, I restricted myself from getting on Twitter or the internet to avoid any fan comments and spoilers. It was painful! But I did it. When I finally watched the finale, I was expecting to lose myself with tears, but instead I had this smile on my face the whole time. I was really happy to see what I saw. You don't need a recap from me, so here are a few thoughts on the Smallville finale.

As I mentioned previously, I'd be happy to see just a glimpse of the tights and flights. I was expecting just one shot, similar to the very last shot of the finale when Clark was on the roof of the Daily Planet. I thought if I could see just that shot, I'd be happy. But I got a lot more than that. The last 18 minutes of the finale was the most watched 18 minutes of Smallville in my experience.
"Your final trial is upon you my son. You are ready, seize your destiny." Jor-El, Smallville Finale, 2011
I just love how Brian Peterson and Kelly Sounders wrapped up the show in such fashion. This is the perfect way to go out for a show that deserves a good ending. The music was epic; Tom was calm; Erica was amazing and the overall dialogues and interaction between characters were very very well done. The key scenes were very memorable -- the return of Lex; Tess and Lex; Lex and Clark; Papa & Mama Kent and Clark; and Lois and Clark. I was relieved to see Chloe at the beginning of the finale for some reason, at least I know she didn't die, right? I have always been a fan of Tess, purely because I am impressed with Cassidy Freeman's acting ability. Tess died. Ouch. I like the way the writers wrapped up Tess. Redemption, my friend, redemption!
"We have been down our long road, Kal-El -- one paved with difficult trials. Those trials are behind you now. Any father can only hope that he is one day humbled by the feats of his son. But it is your soul, Kal-El, of which I am most proud. You -- and you alone -- possess the courage, the determination and the compassion that will be required of you to lift the darkness from the Earth. I ask you to remember one thing. Your abilities may be of my blood but it is your time in Smallville, with Jonathan and Martha Kent and all the people there, that made you a hero." Jor-El, Smallville, 2011
Jor-El's words reminded me what I have been watching. The show has evolved over the years but the mytho got stronger and stronger. Smallville was about Clark Kent's journey in becoming Superman. It's not easy to be a superhero. You have God-like power, you could be either the world's greatest hero or villain. Evan a superhero has to work hard to earn respects and to master his own superpowers. Superman has high morals, he learnt that from having good earth parents and under the guidance of Jor-El. If only he was raised by Lionel Luther, which we have seen a few times in season ten, then he would become the earth's worst enemy.

The trials, as seen in the 18th minute of the finale, were excellent reminders of Clark's journey. A superhero wasn't made in a day. To me, it's more than the tights and flights. One theme I enjoyed the most was the journey of Clark discovering his power -- the heat vision, x-ray vision, super hearing, super breath and ultimately flying. But the friendship theme was something I really enjoyed too. It was also such a big thing to see how much Clark cared about his friends and how much they meant to him. He never gave up on Oliver. I don't necessary like to see the dark and depressed Oliver, I'd much prefer to see him as Green Arrow. I love how Clark forgave Tess. I love how Clark told Lex "Sorry I couldn't save you." It wasn't just the saving people from falling from the building or the fire, but it's about saving people from their own darkness.
"When he decides to take to the skies, he is going to need you to ground him." Chloe Sullivan, Smallville Finale, 2011 
It's a superhero years in the making and we have been with him the whole time (ok, not me but still!). Like it or not, Tom Welling is the Superman of this generation. I wouldn't give Dean Cain the same statue. Tom was so awesome in the finale. Words cannot express how much I love him (and Erica Durance) in the finale. Erica was amazing. I love her! Because of her, I finally accepted her character. Erica's Lois is such a great role model. She truly is the best Lois Lane ever! Her performance was just awesome. Tom's Clark was calm, confident and mature. Clark finally let go of every doubt and insecurity, he took the first flight to become the hero he was destined to be. Clark cannot be the beacon of hope if he has darkness in his heart. Every expression, words and action from Tom was telling us that. It was convincing. It was good story telling.
"…. They may not be perfect, but I believe even in the darkest soul, there's always hope. People want to believe in something greater. It may be easier to hate, but it's stronger to love." Clark Kent, Smallville Finale, 2011
That made Jor-El so proud. That's why he deserves the ultimate superpower. That's why he is Superman. Anyone can put on the cape and dress like a superhero, but it's the big heart and good morals that make a superhero. That's the most important thing, that's the whole point, that's why he is so super, that's why Tom Welling is the Superman of our generation.

Always hold onto Smallville

Coming soon, the finale instalment: 'A Tribute to Smallville Part III' -- My favourite episodes; strong female characters; and more.

Read 'A Tribute to Smallville Part I' here.

12 May 2011

A Tribute to Smallville Part I -- The Path of Becoming a Fan

Back in June last year (2010), I wrote a blog post titled 'My Constant'. Part of me was sad because two of my favorite shows -- Lost and 24 -- bowed out in the same month. The worst thing was, the other part of me wasn't feeling any better! I have to brace for another double-lost in 12 month's time. Supernatural had just been renewed for season six but I wasn't sure if it would go beyond that. And Smallville was always going to end with its tenth season. The next 12 month wasn't going to be easy.

One year later… (today)

The good news is, my favorite show Supernatural has just been renewed for its seventh season a few weeks ago. But the sad news remains, Smallville will come to the end in 2 days. This time next week, there will be no more 'all new episode of Smallville on the CW'. Friday next week, there will be no more 'somebody save me'. A few weeks after the series finale, some fans will move on, some fans such as myself, may revisit the entire season one more time. For those who don't care, will still not care.
"A light in the darkness. A symbol for us to believe in when all other hope is lost. I've looked into the Blur's heart and I can tell you that his intentions are good. Let the Blur be the hero he needs to be." Lois Lane, Ep 9.08 Idol
I started watching Smallville about three years ago. My friend has been the biggest fanboy of the show. I didn't get it. It looked too 90210 to me. I was never a fan of the Superman movies or anything related to Superman. I don't read comic books, I certainly don't know anything about .. well.. anything. My friend always asked me to give Smallville a try. I did. But every time I watched it on TV, Lana was always in the hospital. I thought the episode must be a repeat! I didn't care. I thought to myself, what's the point of it if we never get to see Clark fly?'

I had no interest on watching the show if watching Lana in the hospital was all I would get. That was when Jensen Ackles came into the picture. I started watching Supernatural at the end of its second season. I started to watch some of Jensen's earlier works including Dark Angel but I was still not convinced about Smallville . During one summer hellatus, I was really bored and I needed to find something to watch. I thought perhaps I should just watch season four to see Jensen played Jason Teague in Smallville . But I knew if I only bought season four, I would so fast-forward the whole show and watch Jensen's scenes only. I thought and thought hard. I finally made a decision to watch Smallville from the beginning. If it sucked, I'd only wasted four sets of DVDs (it was on sales) and I didn't have to care so much after four seasons. So I went out and bought the first four seasons only.

My first impression of season one of Smallville was meh, it had some good episodes and bad episodes. But the last episode of season one saved it and I couldn't wait to start season two. And so, that was pretty much the pattern from then on. There were always some good ones and bad ones in every season. But something else was pulling me in. When I got to season four, I knew I was paying extra attention to Jensen as Jason Teague, but surprisingly I was getting into the story of Clark Kent; the father and son relationship between Lionel and Lex; and the friendship between Clark and Lex. The appearance of Christopher Reeve was pretty epic despite the fact that I wasn't a fan of Superman at all.

By the time Lionel went oracle in season five, I was liking Smallville a lot more. I can't explain it, but I started to really enjoy that storyarc. By season seven, I was totally convinced about the show, because it was supposedly Lana's last season. I caught up with all episodes by the time season eight commenced. So yes, I pretty much watched season one to seven in one go on DVDs.

The first few seasons were a bit cheesy but there were some good episodes there. To me, the turning point was when they graduated from Smallville High. The high school vibe kind of bothered me in a way, again, it was a bit too 90201 to me. It wasn't the worst thing ever, but once the Dairy Planet was introduced, it felt right to me. I know Smallville is supposed to be about the young Clark before he became Superman, but I was into the story a lot more after the high school days. I am not missing the Smallville High.

Without a doubt, Lois is my favorite character. I love her from 4.01 Crusade. I love season eight to ten so much because she was in more episodes. I don't hate Lana, but I think her character was a bit out of date, although I did enjoy watching the dark Lana. I think Lois (kudos to Erica Durance) was much more interesting and enjoyable to watch. And Erica is a fantastic actress who nailed her performance every time. She became one of my favorite actresses after I watched 8.10 Bride. I remembered I was on the road at the time and I had to watch the episode on a crappy laptop with crappy internet connection in the countryside. I saw the scene where Lois talked to Oliver about Clark, I was like 'this girl can act.' I can probably write another post only on Lois a bit later on.

I love Lionel Luthor. I mean, John Glover is a brilliant actor. I was really into his performance. He was so bad-ass and I just love watching his performance. I love the chemistry between him and Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor. I don't know this guy at all, but I thought he was really good as Lex. In the beginning, I always wondered why Lex was like a relationship counsellor to Clark and Lana, that was funny to me. I didn't know Clark and Lex were friends when they were younger, so that was fun to watch.

Chloe is an awesome character. I didn't really like her in season one and two, I thought she was too in-your-face. But I love her after she discovered Clark's secret. Her character has grown soooo much, more so that Clark I think. But I think she grew up too fast, by the time she worked at Daily Planet, she was a woman. I admire her for keeping Clark's secret, which wasn't always easy and at times she was so close of getting killed. I love it when she became WatchTower. I had the chill down my spine when she put Dr Fate's helmet on.

What's my thought on Oliver Queen? I like Oliver. But I'd much prefer seeing Green Arrow. I wasn't sure if I like Oliver being dark and depressed. That was when I missed seeing Green Arrow. I love his first appearance as Green Arrow in Arrow. In fact, that leads to my next 'love'. I love the guest appearance of other superheroes. Justice was close to being one my favorite episodes in the series. But I love Absolute Justice more. Being the first 'Smallville movie', it was epic. I love it! I was really impressed with the story and the writing. Kudos to Geoff Johns.

It's been an emotional season ten for long time fans. I happen to know a few people who have been watching the show since the Pilot. For those who used to watch Smallville but don't watch it any more for whatever reasons, you should watch the series finale, you will be amazed how much the show has grown, how much Welling and cast have grown. For a fan like me, who have only started watching the show three years ago, it's still very sad to see a good show goes. I don't regret not watching it sooner, but I have grown to love Smallville (Supernatural still holds the top spot).

I am really excited about the series finale. I am sure I will cry. I can feel it. It's gonna be embarrassing. But I will cry! The flights and tights are given, even just for a few seconds. If I get more, it'll be a bonus. But I'd be happy to see just a glimpse of it. I want to see Clark to totally let go of his insecurity and be totally confident and be the hero he is meant to be.

I have high expectation in the series finale. I really want this to be epic. After all, it is the only long-running TV series based on a DC comic. It did extremely well in keeping the mytho going. I am sure the new Superman movie will ruin everything (I am cynical). The path of becoming a hero is not an easy one. To me, Smallville is better than any Superman movies. It's one of those things, you can't jam everything into a couple of 2-hour movies. Dumb it down for me. Story like this needs to be explored properly and extensively and you have to do it right. And I think Smallville did it right. It's a story about Clark Kent. What makes Superman interesting is Clark Kent. What complete Clark Kent are his earth parents, his friends and Lois. What makes Clark Kent awesome is Tom Welling.

I know Clark Kent will ultimately become Superman, but I am on lockdown. I am not reading any spoilers or photos etc.

Don't miss the epic series finale of Smallville on Friday 13th May on the CW. Watch it live. Watch it online. Download it on iTune. Anyway you can!

Next week: A Tribute to Smallville Part II -- Tom Welling, the Superman of our generation; my review on the series finale and more....

08 May 2011

Review: Supernatural 6.20 The Man Who Would Be King

In the beginning, everything was so simple and pure..

The bar keeps getting higher and higher. I thought Frontierland was probably the best episode this season. But one week later, Mommy Dearest knocked that down from the number one spot for me. But wait for it… After watching The Man Who Would Be King, I can honestly say this is definitely the best (and my favourite) episode this season. Ben Edlund, writer and director of this episode, pulled this off beautifully, he constructed the episode with style. The vibe of this episode is so Swan Song because of the narration, it's not as epic of course, but still brilliant! The Man Who Would Be King pretty much knock my socks off and I can't get them back on!

Creepy angel watching Dean sweeping leaves

I wanted to give Castiel a hug immediately after watching The Man Who Would Be King. I feel sorry for our nerdy angel. He is not a villain, he is not evil. We have established that already. The saying: "The road to hell paved with good intentions" sums up this episode perfectly.

"Kids, don't do drugs.."

Every now and then, I need some Cas centric episodes. We have seen the backstory of Jimmy Novak in The Rapture, which Misha Collins gave a fantastic performance in telling Jimmy's story. The Man Who Would Be King topped The Rapture. The narrative was a clear winner, not only Edlund did an amazing job on the writing, Misha Collins nailed his performance one more time. His acting is consistent and you know you won't be disappointed because the guy is that brilliant. I feel this episode highlights the fact that it is Castiel's time to shine. Here is why...

Ok so.. Cas screwed up, his desperation clouded his judgement, he made a mistake. On one hand, he is confused. But on the other hand, he knows what he is doing -- he is holding the line. The argument is, if he didn't do what he did, Michael and Lucifer would have already been freed from the cage, the apocalypse would have been back on the agenda in no time. It would have been season five all over again. Is he wrong? WWDD? What would Dean do? Working with the devil is never ok. If crap happens, we'll deal with it.

"Where were you when I needed you the most?"

It was so so sad to see Cas' narrating his journey to the darkside. He should have asked Dean for help; he shouldn't have lied; he shouldn't have done many things. But again, this is the penultimate test for Cas. Like the one for Clark Kent before becomes Superman. He needs no darkness in him, he needs no more confusion, he needs peace and he needs his Lois Lane. In retrospect, I think season six has been a season for Cas, we just didn't know it until now. Perhaps it was a test from God before he can hand over heaven to Cas. God needs a darkness-free angel to lead other angels.

Or perhaps the end of the world is still inevitable, I won't be surprised if Michael and Lucifer are back on the card for season seven. If Cas listens to Dean, and stops working with Crowley, the door of Purgatory might remain shut but we still have Crowley and Raphael to deal with. Not to mention archangel Raphael is a heavy weight. Cas is right, there is no way he could win the fight -- not physically, not tactically. But it could be a brilliant Supernatural's very own version of David vs Goliath. The 41:11 minute episode was not enough to include every answer we've been dying for. What will happen to Cas? What will happen to the Dean and Cas friendship? What will happen to everyone? What would Rob (I mean God) want Cas to do? It's not the Supernatural style if fans are not tortured during the hellatus, right? Yes, I am already bracing myself for the hellatus. I am prepared for anything that has 'crap' written over it.

Other thoughts on the episodes…

Crowley aka Mark Sheppard was awesome as usual. I thought the on-screen chemistry between the two actors (Misha and Mark) was brilliant. I seriously enjoyed the two heavy-weight actors exchanging dialogues. Crowley is getting better and better in the writing department. Every word that comes out of the writer's keyboard is brilliant. I love the fact that Crowley is wearing black and Cas is wearing light brown. Love the contrast.

I love Ben Edlund's interpretation of Hell. It's very Supernatural. It's something new and creative.

Family and friends keep you real. I like how Cas is himself again when he goes saving the Winchesters and Bobby, I like how he subconsciously knows that the only thing that would save him from going dark is his friends.

Dean is obviously heart-broken. Cas is like a brother to him. Dean never leaves anyone behind, but will Dean give up on Cas just like that? I think Dean cares too much to give up on Cas. I think it's season four finale all over again, Cas will come around and be the hero he's meant to be. I like how Cas paid more attention to Dean's expression and reaction during his spy time. Obviously Cas cares about Dean a lot, because they have a special bond. Dean is his hero, Cas wants to make him proud, and I hope he will listen to Dean. Please listen to him!!

I love all the Superman references. I love the writing. I love the vision of Ben Edlund. I love the flashbacks. I love the narration. I love how Edlund captured Cas' sadness and confusion. Edlund had good materials and talent to work with, but he did an amazing amazing job! Here is an interview of him talking about the episode and the directing.

This episode is the reason why I love Supernatural so much. The quality of the writing, the acting and everything is better than so much crap on TV that are watched by millions by default. Good job everyone! You are my heroes and you continue to inspire me.

And now we wait for the season finale. We will have a one week break due to the Smallville series finale on May 15. Supernatural returns on May 20 with 6.21 & 22 (aka the season finale). After this promo for Supernatural 6.21 & 22, I'll be on lockdown.

I know I will be crying all week, not only Supernatural is going into hellatus (at least it's coming back for season seven), but it's also the end of Smallville. It's on my to-blog list, stay tuned for my Smallville write-up.

03 May 2011

I believe...

This week hasn't been going too well for me. One word: Purgatory!

Yes, I do have a job. No, I don't particularly enjoy it. I think when your heart tells you it's time to move on, you should move on. I guess if there are nothing else I wanted to do in my life, I could probably suck it up and do what I do for the rest of my life. But there are so much more in life that I wanted to do. I might succeed. I might fail. At least I try.

Life is not an easy journey, but there are a lot of fun things you discover along the way. I have been rewatching Joss Whedon's Firefly. Why? Because I think not only it was a great series, the drama behind the series was inspirational. I think Joss himself is an inspiration to me.

'Fitting in' is one of the toughest things to do in life. It sucks. But you know what, you don't have to fit in and you will discover who you really are and the great things you want to do. And sometimes, it's ok to be a little arrogant.

I think the future is now, and it's exciting. If you want to explore other possibilities and be adventurous, I say go for it.

Need Your Support -- Divine The Series

I initially heard about Divine The Series on Twitter. I think the good people from the WinchesterBros must have been tweeting about it. I also listened to their interview with Ivan Hayden (visual effects supervisor on Supernatural) where he talked about Divine The Series. This new initiative is so innovative, this is going to be an awesome example of viral! I cannot wait to see the actual series.

For more information, it's imperative to visit the website.

01 May 2011

Review: Supernatural 6.19 Jefferson Starship

Team Free Will take care of their tummy before they go after the Starships.

I am one of those people who would turn on the TV or iPod the moment I get home, wake up or work. There is no exception when I write. Right now, I have Everyone Plays the Fool looping on my iTune. To me, this is the Crowley's theme. Don't you agree?
"Everybody plays the fool sometime. There's no exception to the rule. Listen, baby, it may be factual, may be cruel, I ain't lyin', everybody plays the fool."
Everybody plays a fool including Castiel. I am going to say this upfront. Cas is screwed. The soldier in Cas is telling him to do whatever it takes to fight and protect his home (Heaven) from the old school Archangel Raphael. The human in Cas is telling him it's wrong to go back-door and work with a demon. That's why he is feeling guilty. Chuck gave Cas a job and I am sure he is a little disappointed right now.

The thing about Cas is that he is not supposed to be in charge. He is not ambitious and cruel like Michael or Raphael or Uriel or Zach. To be in charge of the army of Heaven, you have to be cruel. It's not about feelings, it's about making those brutal business decisions. For Cas (the most friendly angel we know) to be in that commender position, it's bigger than him.

"I am Iron Man."

I think Cas wanted to do the right things so badly he made a wrong step. I love Cas, because he is no Michael or Raphael or Uriel or Zach, because he is different, because there is something human about him. I know we are supposed to find out if Cas will admit he is working with Crowley in next week's episode, but I think I am 75.5% sure he has been working with Crowley the whole time. Like I said last week, Cas is scared, he is scaring himself and he is scaring me. Will Dean (who is supposed to be his best friend) forgive him? Will I (and other minions) forgive him? I will, because I cannot not forgive him. 

Crowley isn't dead. I can't say I am surprised. In fact, I am very happy that he is not dead. I love Mark Sheppard. I love him and I seriously do not mind he is not dead and still in the game. I think because I am not done with Crowley (that sounds slightly dirty), I am ready to see more. The thing about Crowley is that he is a very persuasive business demon. He is not like YED or Alastair, Crowley loves to play games and he plays them smart. He is very patient, he doesn't mind waiting for the right moment to strike. What's the hurry? He has more than a life time to carry out his plan. He is happy to see everyone fights against each other -- angels, demons, whatever -- he is leveraging their failures; their wars and loses are Crowley's opportunities.

How will things play out? I have no idea! But know this: Cas is screwed. Crowley is winning so far. Dean and Sam are stuck in the middle and about to get very very angry (especially Dean); and Bobby is going to love his iPad. 

So, onto our review.. oh wait what.. that wasn't it? I have more to say? You betcha! Just a few more things..

I love this episode slightly more than Frontierland because of the Team Free Will dynamic and Cas! When was the last time we saw Team Free Will work on a job together like this? Lucifer Rising? I know Cas has been in and out this season, but when he is on, he is on for like a few minutes only. But this episode highlights the fact that I MISS CAS SO MUCH! I love Misha! Cas is so funny to watch, I love the classic Cas humors. I love his chemistry with Dean. I love how Dean hurts his feeling and Cas is acting like a baby! LOL!

I love Sam in this episode. I love it when Sam is acting exactly like a little brother. I know he is an overgrown man, but it's the brotherly moment I love. Sam didn't want to hurt Dean's feelings so he didn't tell him how he felt about Cas. And the scene in the car when Dean and Sam took the boys to their Uncle was awesome.

I love how Dean could always find the gap to be funny even in the worst situation -- Jefferson Starship! And I love how Sam accepted his brother's weird sense of humor and had no problems calling the hybrid monsters Starships. I think that was awesome!!! Very awesome!! Adam Glass might have just invented a whole new adjective for all things 'horrible and hard to kill'.

Starship! Starship! The Mother of all Starships!

Mother is.. well.. at least the actress who played Eve is gone I hope. Sorry, but Julia Maxwell is the Starship of this season. Should I explain? Ok, I'll explain. Supernatural is usually very very good when it comes to casting the right talents for the right roles. Julia Maxwell just didn't nail the role. Look at Katherine Boecher as Lilith, she always nailed her performance whenever she was on the show. May be the producers know Julia wasn't strong enough as an actress to be in the scene with Dean and Sam in the diner, so it was an opportunity to bring in a stronger performer, Samantha Smith, to play the role. And my God, she lighted up the scree and nailed the role the moment she came on! Well done Samantha! 

One shell of Phoenix ash, one ounce of Whiskey. AdiĆ³s BITCH!

Dean! Dean! Dean! Dean is the man! Dean is so smart! Dean can always pull something out of the hat! Dean IS the element of surprise. Oh dear God, I love Dean so much!!!

The bar is set so high, Bobby would want an iPad 3.

Bobby: "I asked for a computer."
Sam: "It is a computer."
Bobby: "No, a computer has buttons."

Hands down! Mommy Dearest could arguably be my favourite episode this season because of the bloody iPad! And OMG, I am like the biggest fangirl of iPad. Can you imagine how happy I was when I saw Bobby using the iPad?

Next week is a Castiel centric episode. I know I am going to love this. 6.20 The Man Who Would Be King is written and directed by my hero Ben Edlund. The other day I was watching his Firefly episode, Jaynestown. Ben Edlund has a weird talent of songwriting. If anyone who could write a good musical episode for Supernatural, let that person be Ben Edlund!!