22 January 2010

TwiCom - All Hell Break Loose II

Supernatural 2.22 All Hell Break Loose II
Written by Michael T. Moore and Eric Kripke

Directed by Kim Manners

TwitCom by myself and Kara Lambo

#PreviouslyOnSupernatural Carry on Wayward Son… Isn’t this SPN fans all time fav song on SPN?

Seeing JDM in the Previously on was good enough for me to SCREAM!

Are we holding hands and still group hugging? More tears coming up Actually...

Jensen was amazing in that scene.. the anger and stuff.. awesome acting! [I am pretty sure I didn't tweet this, but I can't remember what I said.. Well.. some awesome tweep did.. so I'll add it here anyway!]

Everything Dean said in this scene was reflected in A Very SPN Xmas, with little Sam asking questions & all.

JensenAckles was AWESOME

*group hug* *tissues* It's not your fault DEAN! It's not your fault!

Dean’s Demon Deal set things in motion for the next 4 seasons. (if SPN gets S6). It was a very significant moment.

But seriously, YED spent his life covering his tracks to make sure Sam survives, he wouldn't let him drop dead I think this is the most significant episode for the boys in the history of the Winchesters, this started everything.

I’ve never seen Bobby this angry.. Having a go at Dean like that. The next Bobby gets angry scene is in When the Levee Breaks.

ELLEN!!!!!!!!!! That was a good hug

RT Bobby is like Supernatural Google (via KaraLambo)

I want to see Samuel Colt.. I know this will never happen..

Everyday is ice cream sundae [I realise the YED has a lot of one-liners too.]

Oh oh here comes the demons. All Hell Break Loose!

Seeing JDM back as John Winchester was gold! I really want to see JDM to return b4 the series ends.

The Colt. I love the frekking Colt! It’s up there with the Impala!!

THAT right there!! [above pic] That shot of the colt was the single most fav SFX scene in Supernatural in my book

Group hug!!

Kripke treated this episode as the series finale. The show wasn’t picked up until later. AHBL WAS EPIC!

I was kinda half expecting Dean would come back to life because of the amulet. Like it protects him or something. [I was referring to the season 3 finale]

That was for our Mum, you SOB!

AHBL is undoubtedly the best season finale of Supernatural. 'We got work to do'

After all this talk, Sam still goes dark side & choose Ruby over Dean in s4, it makes s4 more heart breaking

Like Chuck said, sucking demon blood, he's gotta it's wrong..

I want to see a movie length series finale I want to see a movie length series finale. A Supernatural Movie in 3D... LOL

Read the AHBL I TwitCom here


  1. You know what I realised? Dean has a cut on his forhead in the first ep of Season 2 and the Last


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