22 January 2010

TwiCom - All Hell Break Loose I

Supernatural 2.21 All Hell Break Loose I
Written by Sera Gamble
Directed by Bobby Singer
TwitCom by myself and KaraLambo

Kara and I did a double episode TwitCom a few days ago on Twitter. Exciting! We have also decided to do one on In the Beginning, to get ready for Back to the Future II. We will probably do this a few days before.

Love it the episode [in the previous on] starts with Bobby... And Bobby was still new to the show then... Bobby is awesome

'Bring me some pie. I love me some pie’

I love Sera’s episodes. Bobby Singer is a great director!

Why sulfur I wonder? And demon left physical evidence behind? Like a bird left poo?

I miss season 2 title card!

Who is your favorite psychic kids? I suppose I like Andy.

Alastair is more serious.. YED is funny.. not haha funny, but he has character.. Does it make sense?

Ash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All party up front, party in the back!

Looks like Jacob's cabin [I was preferring to the interior of the house in this abandoned town in AHBL]

When was the last time we saw the Roadhouse?


That's right! Jo found out how her dad got killed in a hunt and then she walked away from the Dean. Miss Jo! [Referred to last we saw the Roadhouse]

Is it just me or is D. Hasselhoff the worst name Dean could pick?

YED!!! WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWDY! Who is your favorite YED? I like Fredric Lane. But I think JDM set the tone in Devil’s Trap.

YED was portrayed by 5 diff actors. I like the fact that the actors carry the same mannerism but still manage to put their own stamp on the role YED.

The Yellow eyes used to scare the crap out of me. Creepy yellow eyes.

Did YED just said 'tax accountant?' to Sam? What is it with Kripke and tax accountant?

YED shows Sam the night Mary died. Mary: It’s you. This is like the second tease from Kripke since the ‘I am sorry’ from Mary in HOME.

You know there is a SPN comic focusing on John. I think there should be one for Mary.

I think we need a group hug soon......

SAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *group hug group hug*

I love the music in this scene! [Sam dying]

Jensen Ackles is AMAZING in this scene.

Coming up! AHBL II.. Don’t go anywhere! TwitCom Commercial break

Read the AHBL II TwitCom here

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