29 January 2010


I have a confession. I have a fangirl crush on Erica Durance (and Scarlett Johansson.)

I like Erica. I like Lois. It don't find myself enjoy watching a kick ass performance from a female lead very often.

I think the Lois Lane on Smallville is so dynamic. Lois can be down right funny sometimes. I think Erica's performance makes Lois more interesting to watch even if Lois doesn't have a key role in a particular episode. It's awesome! I think when people said Erica is the best Lois Lane we've seen, I have to agree.
I find her character (as a reporter, as a friend and as Chloe's cousin) inspirational.

I was listening to SHoE the other day. Jen was a guest host. I agree with her so much, I have to tweet her and probably said something like 'high five'. It's awesome!

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