27 July 2011

SDCC: Supernatural in Hall H.... Feel the Love!

In the wee small hours of the morning, while Australia was fast asleep, the last day of the world's biggest nerd-fest was underway. Supernatural took over Hall H in style. Scream baby scream!

How much do I want to be at Comic Con every year to see Supernatural is beyond words. I was talking to my friend over dinner and she was talking about her friend had a photo with Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood). I know there are a few friends in Aussieland would love to head to Comic Con..

Anyway I know I could go to any Supernatural's very own conventions, but I can never get enough.. Did you know, going to conventions is addictive?

Without further adieu, here are some of my thoughts on a few comments from the Supernatural panel and press interviews. You know I can't help it!

“I haven’t forgotten about Adam. We haven’t decided his fate yet, but we haven’t forgotten about him.” — Sera Gamble 

Oh.. what about.. wait let's see... JEFFREY DEAN FRIGGN MORGAN? I haven't forgotten about him either..

“Dean sees Cas as family, nothing more.”— Sera Gamble 

I am glad Sera said that, and it's heart warming to know Dean doesn't think Cas is evil. Dean is angry because he cares. Dean is the best.

“I think Cas stares at Dean so much because he finds him… very interesting.”— Ben Edlund

I can stare at Ben.. because I find him.. very interesting.

"We will be seeing him (Cas) for more than one episode." — Sera Gamble


"You might see me a lot... If you have a poster of me on your wall, you’ll see me daily." — Misha Collins

I know the rules but.. JUST TELL ME ALREADY!

“To say that Dean doesn’t care about Cas is an insult to his morals and his character, if Dean didn’t care he wouldn’t have been so upset when he heard Cas was working for Crowley.”— Ben Edlund

Well said Ben, well said! I almost broke down in tears when I saw this. This is so going to be the recurring theme in season 7. One that I most look forward to.. Can I hug Jensen and Misha and everyone now? (My sis said I have to pay.. what a cruel cruel thing to say!).

Cas is NOT evil. In fact, cast and crew said it's quite the contrary. You get to be your Dad, what would you do differently? Hummm....

“I don’t want to give it away, but you will all be shocked on what happens with Crowley.” — Ben Edlund

Go on.. shock me! A friend on Twitter mentioned that we've seen demons' eyes colour changed -- every demon from YED to Meg; from Alastair to Stunt Demons A, B & C. But we've never seen Crowley's eyes changed.... Just saying...

"It was more difficult the second time, last year it was more ignorance is bliss. I had to be in it more this time." — Jensen Ackles

If Supernatural does go to season eight, I am calling it now, Jensen will be promoted to a co-producer status. Did you notice the way he talked about the show? With confidence! And he talked like a producer!

“Dean is going to have a lot on his plate; Not only will he have to deal with his brother and his memories of Hell, but he’s going to have to deal with Castiel, too.” — Ben Edlund
Sera also said that Dean will be doing some soul searching this season.... Why are we all here?  

"I'm surprised that no one has written a God role for me in my career" prior to this, he said. "It just seems like such a natural fit and Sera saw that and wove it into the scripts." — Misha Collins

When people asked Misha about that stupid church thing accused him as the anti-Christ, Misha was like "How did they find out?" He has such a great sense of humor and it's often sarcastic. Great answer to that question! Sometimes, you just have to laugh about things...especially stupid things. I love you Misha.

Ben Edlund doesn't know if he'd do another full meta episode, but maybe just experiments like Ghost Facers — Ben Edlund

Or spaceship, ninjas... I love how Ben went historical about shuriken and ninjas actually don't use them. Carrying on from that point, and I too also want to see more weapons to be used.. AND I want to know the backstory of Ruby's knife.

And I think it's about bloody time we see a Ghost Facers episode!

"Chuck will not be appearing in the early part of the season, and they have no plans for him." —  Sera Gamble

Damn! But it doesn't mean we won't see Chuck at all, right?!

"You always hurt the ones you love. The better you know somebody the more you can push their buttons." — Jared Padalecki

... and the more they can push yours.

Jim plans to write an episode for Supernatural, but it won't happen until season 46. — Jim Beaver


"I am in season seven?? Sera?... YAY!" — Mark Sheppard


"As long as the writers keep kicking out stories, we will keep doing them." — Jensen Ackles

I am not ready to let it go! Don't end yet! Keep up the great work! I want another hug.. I'll pay! LOL... Supernatural, I am not done with you!

Photo and article credit goes to: WB, SpoilerTV, EW, Digital Spy, AOL

26 July 2011

I love Supernatural


That is all... As you were....

I am processing my thoughts from all things I've read and watched from SDCC.. Watch this space..

23 July 2011

Marvel Stuff at Comic Con

Ok so... The other thing I am excited about SDCC is the Marvel stuff. With Captain America premiers in Australia this week, I am seriously pumped about it and The Avengers sneak peak (or some sort) at the end of the movie.

If you're at SDCC, apparently these posters of The Avengers are available at the Marvel booth. Source: Buzz Focus

Designed by Ryan Meinerding and Charlie Wen, Marvel Studios
Interested in Captain America's viral campaign? Read it all on Mashable.

Oh one more thing, you know that leaked trailer of The Avengers? Here is a better quality one on YouTube. Watch it before it gets taken down! 

Supernatural News Round Up

Guy Bee's photo
So, what exactly will be revealed on the Supernatural panel on Sunday at Comic Con? How much will they tell us? News and spoilers have surfaced on the web including episode titles and production stills... So, just a little news round up before Sunday..

CW has put together a short teaser promo for season seven. No new footage has been added but this is quite epic and certainly get me excited!!

It's been months since I typed the following words in red, it could only mean one thing -- season seven is literally just around the corner...

Episode titles:

Colin Ford tweeted this pic.. HOT!
7.01 Meet the New Boss (directed by Philip Sgriccia, written by Sera Gamble)

7.03 The Girl Next Door (directed by Jensen Ackles, written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin)

7.04 Defending Your Life (directed by Guy Bee)

Sera Gamble also did an interview with TVGuide recently. This issue of TVGuide can be picked up at ComicCon. Take a look at the interview at Winchester Family Business.

Until Sunday (Monday, my timezone)... have a very Supernatural weekend.

20 July 2011

Let the World's Biggest Nerd-Fest Begin

The world is never ready for a nerd's raw magnetism. The time has come again for nerds to gather and play. There is nothing more sad than not being able to attend. I am a new SDCC follower, I have only been following them for 3 years top, mainly due to Supernatural, Smallville etc.

Scream for us, boys and girls. We are going to bring the roof of Hall H down!
Last year, around 6,000 fans packed Hall H for Smallville and The Avengers. This year is Supernatural's turn. Today, a full SPN panel line up is revealed -- Jensen Ackles and Jarad Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard with Sera Gamble (Executive Producer/ Showrunner) and Ben Edlund (Consulting Producer... interesting title) Source: Gather

It's like LACon all over again, except it's bigger and it's an official engagement! :)

I was talking to a friend on Twitter about the line up. Having Misha on the panel means Castiel is still an integral character to the show (I've never doubt that!). But 'upgrading' Mark to the SDCC panel could mean that Crowley is more than just a guest star punk-ass crossroad demon -- being on the SDCC panel reflects the importance of Crowley on the show. How? I don't know. I guess we'll know on Sunday.

And, it's weird that Eric Kripke is not part of the line up *pouty face*. Kripke is only going to be a Producer in season seven. I have no doubt Kripke is still acting like a consultant, Sera and Ben can always call him. Kripke is also working on his feature movie Haunted, which I am giving my 666% support! With Ben Edlund's new job title as the Consulting Producer, I think Sera will explain everything we need to know on Sunday.

In other news, Captain America will have a screening at SDCC on Thursday 21 July. Chris Evans will be there to introduce the film. It's been reported that The Avengers cast will be at the Marvel Booth at SDCC including Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Robert Downey, Jr., (Iron Man), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), and Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner / The Hulk). Source: SF Chronicle

Speaking of Captain America, the premier happened last night in LA. Wow.. Chris Evans sure looks smart! RDJ and Hemsworth were also at the red carpet. Read the full report and more photos at Daily Mail.

You know I can't help it! I still think Jensen Ackles could've been Captain America, walking the red carpet *another pouty face*

One more thing, Zachary Levi (Chuck) has invited Jarpad to be on some sort of panel after the SPN panel on Sunday. I don't have much info and apparently all tickets have been sold out. Sources said Zachary is setting up a private conversation with stars from Firefly (I believe Adam, Alan and Jewel will be there!), Battlestar Gallatica, Stoopid Monkey and friends of Zac Levi (including Jarpad). I also think (don't quote me) Zachary Quinto and Scott Bakula will also be there. Not sure if there will be some sort of highlight reel or whatever, but follow Zac and his Nerd Machine for real-time details. You can also check out the Nerd Machine website for details.

Want more SDCC goodies? Here is a good summary on the 'top five can't miss events' at this year's SDCC. Zac's panel mentioned.

PS.. I have watched Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows. I will definitely watch it again and I will blog about it soon. I have quite a busy schedule in the next few weeks, but I'll sort my shit out and get those back-lot blog posts up.

Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

13 July 2011

Eric Kripke to write and direct WB's Haunted

So, what is this Haunted thing by Eric Kripke? According to various sources, Haunted is a movie picked up by Warner Bros. Eric Kripke will write and direct the movie. This is also co-produced by Greg Berlanti (co-screenwriter and producer for The Green Lantern) and Kevin McCormack.

Haunted is a tale of a haunted house told from the ghost's point of view. Can my hero can make the leap to directing movies from directing TV? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! It'd be awesome to have some Supernatural cast members in the movie!!

I'll be watching this closely!!!

Source: Variety and ScreenRant

But dude... you're the best thing I've ever directed..

Supernatural bags & additional guests at SDCC

SDCC here we come! Although I don't go to Comic Con and I don't care about 65% of the stuff happening there. But last year was crazy with news about Supernatural, Smallville, Capt America, Thor and The Avengers. This year.. not only we won't see Smallville (oh.... hold me!), the Marvel stuff won't be as epic as last year.. in fact, I think they're only having some sort of Capt America screening.

Anyway, I only truly care about Supernatural. I love this bag more than last year's, which you may be able to buy from SPN Cons. I saw a few at LACon this year and I picked up a SPN hotel keycard for $20. Anyway, here is the image... Source: TVOverMind
The newly improved show bag from WB
Other WB show bags at SDCC include The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries and LEGO Harry Potter..

Apart from Jensen, Jared and the producers, Jim tweeted today that he will be there, and looks like Misha will too.

Here is the program once again:

Sunday July 24 11:15-12:15

Supernatural Screening and Q&A— For the first time ever, the Supernatural panel will be in Hall H! Series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles and additional cast members and executive producers present an exclusive sneak peek at footage from the highly anticipated seventh season of this thrill-ride series. The panel will answer questions from the audience, show a portion of the special features from the upcoming Supernatural: The Complete Sixth Season DVD and Blu-ray release (in stores September 13), and give Comic-Con fans a sneak peek at Supernatural: The Anime Series, coming to DVD and Blu-ray on July 26. Supernatural airs Fridays at 9/8c on The CW and is produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television. Hall H

There will also be signing and tones of cast interviews. It's going to be a very busy weekend, even though I am not there!

For a complete schedule of Comic Con, check out their website.

To check out my Comic Con coverage, check'em out cast and crew in Polaroid and SPN Panel summary

Let the filming begin - Supernatural set photos

Thanks to Amy for the heads up. I am going to be up front about it... PUNKD Images, I am stealing your photos... Don't sue me. I can't resist hot-delicious Jensen Ackles even when he is just standing up or walking or .... I am waffling.

Supernatural season seven filming has commenced last week with Jensen's directorial episode. This should be 7.03, order is subject to change.. but this episode features guest stars Jewel Staite and Colin Fords.

So.. I want you to.. do this...

I heard yum cha is good in Vancouver.
Do they have mango pancakes?
Yeah baby..

10 July 2011

Food edition - hot dogs, pasta, coffee, pizza & apple pies

Happy Sunday.

I enjoyed cooking.. sometimes.. I have improved from cooking instant noodles to something rather riveting and tastier. Inspired by Masterchef much? I think so, I guess at the end of the day, I want to eat good quality stuff. I like chips, but I want quality potatos cooked with good fat. I like chocolate, but I want good quality chocolate. You know what I mean?

So, here are a few blog-worthy stuff from the past two or so. If you're visiting Sydney, I strongly recommend the Strand Expresso at the Strand Arcade and Maisy's in Neutral Bay. They have Sydney's BEST coffees. Coffee is like a simple thing to make, but not every coffee shop produces good coffee and it's frustrating when they don't make good coffee!

The coffee from Maisy's in Neutral Bay is consistence week in week out.
They have some of Sydney's best baristas.

 Smoked salmon linguini with semi-dried tomatoes and light cream sauce
Strand Expresso at the Strand Arcade 
They have great coffee too. I also had THE BEST affogato the other day. Life-saving stuff!

Top dog -- Weiss Wurst; bottom dog -- American Classic. With Tasmanian Russet Potatoes chips & mayolive* from Snag Stand at Sydney Westfield.
If you are eating chips, may as well have the good stuff! 
*Mayolive is blended with mayo with olive. Very yummy!

I was experiencing with prosciutto and pear last week. It tasted great. Next time, I'll make my own dough.

Prosciutto, Pear & Rocket pizza

My sister has been baking all day today. Inspired by Dean's apple pie life much? They are yummy.

Apple crumbles and straight pies

 With home made custard

Supernatural season seven -- guest stars galore

I know the headline is a bit too over the top, not that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning. But the guest starts line up is getting me excited, like ice-cream Sunday.

Colin Ford returns as young Sam Winchester, I love young Sammy before he is overgrown. Jewel Staite (Firefly and Stargate Atlantis) is another guest star I love. Anytime I see actors from other shows I love appearing on Supernatural or Smallville, I go nuts. Remember how excited I was when Michael Shanks was announced to appear on Supernatural and Smallville. Both Colin and Jewel are appearing in the episode Jensen directs. Fantasbulous!

  Source: Susan Gittins

With the tweet from Alona Tal, I haven't seen any official confirmation out there. However, I am 99% sure Alona will be back and I am really really excited to see the return of Jo. I cannot wait! I still think she is the one for Dean.. what are you gonna do? Sue me? LOL..

Other guest stars who I would love to see returning before the show ends include Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, Amy Gumenick, Chad Lindberg, Mark Pellegrino and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Think I have a better chance of winning the lottery? I think it's just a matter of time and opportunity -- the guest stars appearance that is... not my chance of winning the lottery!

Supernatural season seven premieres on The CW on 23 September. Supernatural is scheduled to appear at Comic-Con (Hall H) on Sunday, 24 July, the panel will be moderated by EricIGN I am expecting more update a week leading up to Comic Con, so watch this space! For now, check out Eric's summary of shows appearing at Comic Con.

I should also mention, Supernatural: The Anime Series will have a screening on Wednesday, 20  July in Ballroom 20 at Comic Con.

Source: Zap2It & check out Susan Gittins' location photos

08 July 2011

L'Oreal, why haven't you asked Jensen, Jared & Misha to be your spokeperson?

In light of Hugh Laurie as the new face of L'Oreal, not even he understands why, I thought wouldn't it be awesome if L'Oreal ask our MEN to do this.. I mean.. seriously!!! Like.. HELLO HANDSOME!

I took the liberty of designing this for L'Oreal's perusal.

I mean, Jared should be selling hair gel but this will do for now.

That is all.. As you were... 

If you want to use reuse these photos, please reference me.

03 July 2011

SPECIAL EDITION [PROJECT KARA-AMY-TINY] -- Supernatural Season Six Awards (Part 3)

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts... Thank you for reading and your support. We know you love us. Know this, we love you too.

Earlier this week, Kara, Amy and I posted part one and part two of our version of the Supernatural season six awards. So without further adieu, may we present the final installment of our Supernatural season six awards.

Best Confrontation

Kara: Bobby and Rufus in the episode And Then There Was None. That whole “I don’t forgive you for what you did and no. We can’t hug it out.” Rufus and Bobby were really enjoyable to watch in the episode, their unspoken grudge – for lack of a better term – was not only intreging but also entertaining.

Honourable mention: In the same episode And Then There Was None with Samuel and Bobby -- “And you must be the man pretending to be their father.” Awesome stuff.

Amy: Dean vs. Grandpa Campbell in Caged Heat. That moment through the cell door. Damn Dean. DAMN! Dean: “I’ll tell you who I am. I’m the guy you never wanna see again. ‘Cause I’ll make it out of here, trust me. And the next time you see me, I’ll be there to kill you.” I repeat. DAMN!

Tiny: Having said the above regarding my disappointment with Grandpa, I feel that he still made an impact this season. Dean and Grandpa have some of the best Winchester/ Campbell confrontations this seasons. I very much enjoyed their confrontation in Family Matters when Dean told Grandpa he should let Mary go and Grandpa said some harsh things to the boys like they didn't meant anything to him, he just wanted Mary back. I feel sorry for him. And I liked him in In the Beginning!

Biggest ‘I KNEW IT’ Moment

Kara: That Crowley died to easily. No ‘big bad’ or ‘King of Hell’ could die in the middle of the season without there being a catch 22. The catch was that he wasn’t really dead. Who knew?

Amy: That was the moment in The Man Who Would Be King when Cas told Sam he was the one who gripped him tight and raised him from perdition....so to speak. A few of us (including Tiny & Kara) had been spit-balling this concept for a while. Lots of people I flew it up the flagpole with were in denial! So when the truth was revealed, I just nodded with the righteous nod of someone feeling vindicated in my smarty-pantsness. I may have even yelled out I KNEW IT to no one in particular when I watched the episode.

Tiny: Crowley is not dead. As if they will let someone so good go, right? No, but his first death in Caged Heat was a bit too easy. I really screamed out loud I KNEW IT when I saw Crowley appeared in the diner at the end of Mommy Dearest.

Best Character Moment

Kara: Sam versing the other Sams. Normally I would probably look for a Dean one, and there were a tone of Dean character moments (one thing Supernatural does really well is character development) but when Sam makes the decision that he is going to deal with all the pain and all the memories and maybe even the risk that he will be a drooling mess watching reruns of Doctor Phil because his brother needs him and he needs his brother – man that was just powerful stuff. Even more so when you think about Sam’s heaven in ‘The other side of the moon’.

Amy: In The Man Who Knew Too Much, I loved how Dean wouldn’t leave Sam’s side when his brother was comatose in the panic room. He sat by Sam’s bed just willing him to pull through. He believed Sam was so strong he would overcome what Cas had done to him by pulling down the wall in his mind. He had so much faith that his brother would wake up, that he left a gun and a note on Sam’s pillow to tell him where to meet him once he finally came to. I loved that moment. It was pure Dean. It was pure Winchester brother love. Even in the darkest times that bond he has with Sam remains all-important. “This is where we’re going to be Sam. You can get your lazy ass outta bed and come and meet us. Sammy please.” Perfect Dean moment. *Sigh*

Honourable mention: In The Man That Knew Too Much when Sam said “I'm not leaving my brother alone out there” when he was facing the Sam that remembered Hell. Love that Sam moment.

Tiny: It's hard just to depict one moment. Castiel had caused some disruptions this season. A lot of things happened off camera and based on what we saw from The Man Who Would Be King onwards, there were a lot of character moments of Castiel. I am glad we saw The Man Who Would Be King first before we got into the final details of Castiel's screw up. It's obvious that the writers wanted us to feel sorry for Castiel, they didn't want us to hate him; they wanted us to understand why he did what he did; and they wanted us to see his confusion and frustration. Whatever the writers' intention was, I feel for Castiel. This episode was jam-packed with stuff about his character and what he really made of deep down. I wish he didn't leave Dean's backyard and went with Crowley in The Man Who Would Be King. I hope season seven will be about Castiel's redemption. Like many fans, I too want to see the 'old' Cas back.

Favourite Sam and Dean Moment

Kara: My favourite Sam and Dean moment didn’t actually happen between them but more about them in The Man Who Knew Too Much. When Sam confronted Hell Sam and told him that he needed to remember everything that happened to him in hell because Dean needed him. Then cut to Dean leaving Sammy with the address and a gun, kind of knowing that Sam is strong and will be able to fight whatever is in his head so he can wake up and fight alongside him.

Honourable mention: When Sam gets his soul back and they get all huggy.

Amy: I’m tempted to say the hug in Like A Virgin, because that was one awesome hug, but I think it was in The French Mistake, when Dean was saying to his brother that maybe Sam’s life was better in the alternative universe and Sam replied, “No, you know, you were right. We just don't mean the same thing here. I mean, we're not even brothers here, man.” Perfect answer Sam and great bro moment. It was around this time that I started to feel that finally, Dean means as much to Sam as Sam means to Dean.

Honourable mention: When the brothers get separated by the door in And Then There Were None and they started calling out each other’s name in desperation. It’d been a while since we’d seen them caring for each other as much as they do in that moment and for the remainder of season six. It was about time and it felt good.

Tiny: All seriousness aside, without the blood and gore, the monsters and the demons scary stuff, Supernatural is a comedy! Last year I singled out the ending of Point of No Return, this year I am going a bit left field by naming the following scene as my favourite Sam and Dean moment -- when Dean and Sam tried to act in The French Mistakes. I mean, Sam and Dean would suck as actors, but not Jared and Jensen!

Favourite Comedic Moment in an Episode

Kara: When Balthazar tried to kill Fate. Seriously just thinking over that moment now while writing this makes me laugh. There have been heaps of moments but to me that’s just my fave.

Amy: Look, it’s probably the whole bad acting scene in The French Mistake. I can’t get through that without just laughing so hard. But that’s probably because of my love for Jared and Jensen and knowing it’s them. I usually only see Sam and Dean, but in that scene I see Jared and Jensen, so having said that, maybe it was the Dean in the serape moment in Frontierland. The whole thing from when he bought it to when he threw it on the ground in massive disappointment! Bless.

Tiny: OMG Misha's been stabbed to death! Where? WHERE? 

Honourable mention: When Dean almost had an Excalibur moment. Dean's expression and the soundtrack made that scene so hilarious!

Biggest Unanswered Question

Kara: I am going to go all the way back to the very first episode of season six to answer this question. While Dean is all roofied on Jinn juice, he sees Yellow Eyes and Yellow Eyes says something to the degree of ‘You know whats going to happen with Ben (but I am presuming all the ‘special children’) and you can’t admit it to yourself.’ Maybe it was just a throwaway line but I don’t care. The new breed of special children has been a HUGE unanswered plot point since season one.

Amy: I wasn’t left with too many unanswered question at the end of season six, because they did a pretty good job of wrapping it all up in the final three episodes of the season, but I’d seriously love to know what the hell Dean’s Alpha-vamp induced dream was all about. I dissected that thinking it must have significance, but alas apparently not! Actually my question is probably for the writers, what was the point of The Campbells?

Tiny: Am I ever going to be on the show? Oh wait.. no…. Is the Impala the true vessel of God? No, seriously.. I think most questions were answered by the end of season six. Except one and it's personal: what's with the twins in Dean's dream? It probably means nothing, but it's haunting me. Supernatural never threw something in the air and not follow through it. So I was really hoping for an answer. Just give me something! Anything!

Best Moment in Season Six

Kara: I loved at the end of And Then There Were None when Dean said to Bobby and Sam “We are family and if you do anything don’t worry I forgive you. I don’t want to die and you feeling any regrets or that I am still holding onto a grudge.” The shame about that it wont carry onto the whole Cas situation.

Amy: Tough one. Let’s see.... Would it be cliché to say the moment Dean pulled the tarp off the Impala at the end of Two And A Half Man? I think because of Exile On Main Street (which I love by the way), we were all a little squiggly about where season six was going in relation to Dean. Dean seemed, well, not all that Deanish. Then....... ba ba barrrr ba ba ba barrrr ba ba barrrrr ba barrrrr whoosh, tarp comes off and Dean is back. It was pure porn and I’m still trying to figure out if I’ve ever seen anything sexier than that. IT.WAS.HOT.

Tiny: 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions' is one of the recurring themes in Supernatural. Cas caused some major disruptions this year, we've seen his lies, his secret, his confusion and his inner struggle. But Dean, Sam and Bobby didn't know any of this until Cas accidentally quoted Bobby's conversation with the brothers in The Man Who Would Be King: "They are dealing with a Superman who's gone dark side". Everything came to a halt and everything was going to explode! I gasped when I watched this scene. I just think that this scene has so much stuff in it. Don't get me wrong, I don't love to see Cas go bad, I know some fans don't like it, but I like it because I like the complicity added to a character and I want to see how his friends deal with his new status as a god. I mentioned it previously that saving people isn't just about saving them from physically pain, it's also about saving people from their own darkness. I love that about Supernatural. Will friendship prevail? Will Cas be saved by his friends? I have faith in Cas, I think he will gain redemption one day.

Best Episode

Kara: And Then There Were None. This episode is one of the strongest episodes of the season. While season six did end very strong And Then There Were None built up that claustrophobic feel that was very captivating. It also allowed gave a new shade to Bobby’s character that we normally think can do no wrong.

Amy: I’m going to say The Man Who Would Be King. It was a lovely hour of television. Beautifully constructed, written, directed, acted. It was terribly heart breaking. There were wonderful character moments, smart dialogue, really cool ideas, I mean; Hell is an eternal queue with lift music! Brilliant and there’s brilliance at every turn. It’s an excellent example of what makes Supernatural great. It’s pretty close to being perfect.

Tiny: The Man Who Would Be King is my favourite episode in season six. I love the narrative style, which is something we haven't seen before in Supernatural. I love Ben Edlund's writing. I love his directing. I love the cast performance. This is the best written episode in my opinion.

So there you have it! I hope you've enjoyed reading our thoughts on season six. A personal thank you to Kara and Amy, who are so much fun to work with. Thank you for the caring and sharing. It was certainly a great way to wrap up our feelings for season six.

I hope you are all surviving the hellatus. Season seven... BRING IT!

This is a collaboration project with Kara and Amy. 

Announcing The Impala's Glove Box

Last year, something happened.. and I've decided to write my first fanfic. I did. But I didn't post it anywhere. Only one person in the entire universe had read it.

Today, or last week rather, I have decided to post my first fanfic on the newly created The Impala's Glove Box -- the brother-site of The Impala's Trunk. So, from now on, if and when I finish writing a fanfic (likely to be Supernatural related), I'll post them on the Glove Box. I know there are heaps of sites for this sort of stuff, but I have low self esteem... and I am naturally lazy.

Watch this space... I LOST MY SHOE -- The Sam Winchester Story is coming to you sooner than you think!

An extract (chapter one):

"......... As Sam approached the Rabbit, a sharp dagger suddenly flew pass him. It missed Sam but it went through his jacket’s sleeve pinning him to the tree. Sam looked across the field to the party where the crowd was gathered. The young stunning girl caught Sam’s attention. She gave him the death stare. The minds of two enemies were oddly connected as their eyes met. Everything came to a halt. Trees whispered softly in the wind. Falling autumn leaves blowing in the breeze in slow-motion. 

Their eyes fixed on each other intensely. Sam did not take his eyes off the girl as he pulled the dagger off the tree, freeing his left arm. The girl was being congratulating by her relatives and friends, but they meant nothing to her. She too did not take her eyes off Sam. Sam made a slight movement with his upper body, suggesting a ‘ready to sprint’ gesture. The girl, without causing attention from the party people, lifted up her dress slightly and took off her heels, she was ready to run.

On their mark. Get. Set. Go. ..........."

Please be kind... this is my first.

02 July 2011

About my playlist - if it wasn't Supernatural.....

Where do people gain their music knowledge? How do they develop their taste in music?

The past 3 to 4 years, my habit of collecting music has changed. I don't know if it's because music is more accessible from platforms such iTune or internet. If I hear a song from a TV show or from the coffee shop, I do a search or Shazam it, I download it straight away. If I want to know about the song or the artist, I get instant information from the web. Appreciation in real time.

Popular culture introduces and re-introduces music to me on a weekly basis. For example, when I watch Supernatural and Chuck, music is one of the things I most look forward to. Here are a few facts:

- If it wasn't Supernatural, I wouldn't be listening to Kansas, AD/DC, REO Speedwagon or ... even Kenny Rogers. Dear God!

- If it wasn't Glee, I wouldn't be listening to Barbra Streisand and Journey. And because of Glee, I am crazy about Wicked all over again. Defying Gravity definitely changed my life! I made some life changing decisions because I deserved the chance to fly... I am defying gravity. Shut up!

- If it was't Be Kind Rewind, I wouldn't know who Fats Waller was.

- Because of that trip to the Italian bread shop, Ricchi e Poveri's Che sarà is the most random addition to my playlist... EVER!

- If it wasn't the long queue in the bathroom at that function, I wouldn't have Emiliana Torrini's music on my playlist.

- If it wasn't that stupid work trip, I wouldn't have a chance to see the trailer of Treme. Since then, I have been listening to John Boutte.

- If it wasn't Ewan McGregor, I wouldn't be listening to Stereophonics and 50 hz.

- Because of that big shopping day at A&F, Matthew Sweet's Time Capsule is now one of my favourite songs... of all time.

- If it wasn't Back to the Future, awesome stuff from The Chordettes, Marvin Berry and The Starlighters wouldn't have a place on my playlist.

- If it wasn't Smallville, I wouldn't have come to appreciate the very talented Kim Taylors.

- If it wasn't Chuck, Austin Hartley-Leonard, Kendall Jane Meade, Your Vegas and Slow Club would be unknown to me.

- And because I love Juno, I love The Moldy Peaches.

- If my Twitter friend didn't recommand a fanmade vid about Castiel... Athlete.. hello.. like.. who are you and why haven't heard your stuff before?

- Every time I listen to Pink Martini, it reminds me of that dinner party in London three years ago. Good times!

- Because I love all things Apple, Yael Naïm's New Soul is one of the most played song on my list.

- If it wasn't Jarpad, I wouldn't know who the BBB is.

- If it wasn't Jensen Ackles, I would've live my life not knowing about an awesome song like The Weight and music from the very talented Steve Carlson and Jason Manns.

You get my drift?!

As of today, I have a total of 819 songs on my iTune. I pulled some stats just now from my playlist and here are the five most played songs from my iTune:

1. Kansas's Carry On Wayward Son holds the number one spot on my playlist with 837 hits since 2008.

2. The Shins's New Slang comes second with 707 hits.

3. Jesus & Mary Chain's Just Like Honey holds the third spot with 666 hits.

4. Glee's My Life Would Suck Without You comes 4th with 617 hits.

5. REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling comes 5th with 597 hits.

(Alicia Keys's Karma comes last with only 2 hits. I don't know why!)

Do you have a playlist to help you get through your work day? When I write, and it depends on what kind of stuff I am writing, I always have different playlists for different purposes.

To me, music is an integral part of my life. It's therapeutic. It's personal. The other day, I was forced to share my playlist at work, I felt naked. I felt so exposed. It was like sharing a piece of me with the world.

I love what I am listening, they inspire me.

01 July 2011

SPECIAL EDITION [PROJECT KARA-AMY-TINY] -- Supernatural Season Six Awards (Part 2)

Happy Friday..

Earlier this week, Kara, Amy and I posted part one of our version of the Supernatural season six awards. So without further adieu, may we present part two our Supernatural season six awards.

Most Heart Breaking Moment

Kara: My Heart Will Go On. When they didn’t want to rewrite (or correct) history because it would mean Ellen and Jo would die. And Bobby saying “We need ya, especially me.” Man moving stuff.

Honourable mention: Cas praying to God asking him to give him a sign on if he should stop this would soul eating mission – to no reply.

Amy: So many heartbreaks in season six.....I say that like it’s unusual! Ok, most heartbreaking for me was the moment Dean realises Cas is lying in The Man Who Would Be King. It was heartbreaking all around. Dean’s face froze ever so subtly. It reminded me of that moment in The Simpsons where Lisa broke Ralph’s heart and Bart has it on slomo and say’s look you can see the exact moment his heart breaks. With Dean, you could see the exact moment his heart broke. The light just left his eyes. He believed in his friend and defended him and it turned out to be a lie, to be a betrayal I also felt sad for Cas in that moment, he felt all clever getting the joke...that whole scene. Heart breaking.

Tiny: This award goes to my man Dean Winchester -- when he said goodbye to Lisa and Ben in Let it Bleed. This is my pouty face moment. How awesome is Jensen Ackles? His range is so good. He can play funny, he can play sad. When he is funny, he makes you laugh so hard. But when he plays sad Dean, I need my tissues and I need a hug. I am sure he does too. I like how this Lisa and Ben arc is wrapped. We all know Dean deserves a better life, but it's just not meant to be. The harder he tries to maintain the balance of having a hunting life and an apple pie life, the harder it gets. The more he holds on to something that don't belong to him, the hard it is to say goodbye.

Best Death

Kara: Crowley. Ok yes I know he didn’t die, but for a good chunk of the season we did think he was dead. When he just burst into flames it was just so cool and so sudden. Did his return cheapen his death? No. Because his ‘death’ was still freaking damn good times, in one of the best episodes of the season.

Amy: The Charger! That was a pretty good death right there. Crushed by a falling Angel. None of the deaths in season six really broke my heart, like say, Jo and Ellen or Gabe or Zach. Maybe if we say Castiel is essentially dead? But I think I’ll stick with The Charger. That was awesome.

Honourable mention: Balthazar. Not that I think he died for the cause intentionally, but he was covering for the boys, so that was a good death.

Tiny: This is more like 'Sad Death'. Last year we looked this category as the 'take one for the team' death. Season six didn't have a death that was equivalent to the Ellen and Jo death. But I'll give this award to Balthazar. Balthazar has quickly become one of the most loved characters on the show. Sebastian Roché is a fan favourite, we love him at conventions and we love him on Twitter. Balthazar's time on Supernatural was ended a bit too soon.

Coolest Death

Kara: Raphael. I am sorry but if you turn into a bloodied water balloon then yes your death is cool. Such a cool death for such a boring character.

Amy: I liked Grandpa Samuel getting popped in the head in And The There Were None. Yay! I like how it happened. Stop moving forward, stop talking I said stop...BOOM! HEADSHOT! Totally dug it. Good one Sammy. I thought, oh no he’s going to angst over this, but thankfully he didn’t. The SOB deserved it! I do kind of wish it was Dean who popped him though. I kind of wished when he said “Welcome to next time,” it was followed by a bullet firing out of his pretty Colt 1911 into that bastard Samuel’s frontal lobe. But hey, Sam did good.

Tiny: There is a winner of this category because my hero Dean Winchester is awesome. Coolest Death goes to Mother. He is such a smarty pant with his "One shell of Phoenix ash, one ounce of Whiskey." Adiós BITCH! I love how Mother died in Mommy Dearest and I am glad she died. I can't say I am a big fan of the Mother story arc, so I am glad it was resolved the way it did. Move away Mother of all because Crowley is back in business, and I am sure he is looking for a new tailor. I am not ready to see Mark Sheppard leaving the show.

Best Fight

Kara: Cas vs Demons in The Man Who Would be King. Seeing Cas kick butt in any episode is always fun (seeing how many fights he used to lose).

Amy: We didn’t really see it as such, but that whole Dean versus a nest of vampires in Live Free Or Twihard was HOT! It’s really the aftermath of the fight that I love. Sam and Samuel walking in and seeing decapitated bodies strewn all over and Dean with his foot on the lead vamp’s separated head. “You ok Dean?” “Yeah I’m good.” Yeah you’re good all right. You’re freakin’ smokin’ hot Dean, with the covered in blood and the big knife and the adlkfjhaldkfhjalskajdflkajsbdkajdhf! Love.

Tiny: Does the high noon shootout in Frontierland consider as 'Best Fight'? Yeah.. that!

Favourite Villain

Kara: Obscure time. My favourite villain is the one the only Phoenix. Now I find it hard to place him in being a villain especially when it compared to Eve, Crowley and even maybe Castiel (although I still refuse to call him a villain just because come on he is Cas). Anyway the Phoenix isn’t really a villain in the traditional sense when it comes to these awards but also not even in the traditional sense of a villain. It’s more of the fact I enjoyed the mythology of the Phoenix and the interaction with the boys. It is a shame that the Phoenix won’t be making a return.

Amy: Soulless Sam. I was going to say Crowley, because he’s awesome, but my favourite bad guy was really Soulless Sam. I particularly loved him when he came clean and embraced his soullessness. “Don’t dump your wackadoo all over us, we’d rather not step in it.” Apart from the moments when he was really rather funny, he was just a great big selfish tool. He was awful, but in that good way. He watched Dean get turned into a vampire, he lied through his teeth, he tried to kill Bobby, he did some very dubious things that we only really got a glimpse of. He was just horrible and for the most part, I really enjoyed him.

Tiny: Crowley is a villain I love to love. Crowley is so much fun to watch because of Mark Sheppard. Crowley was a demon who tried to survive and to become the King of Hell. Crowley was different from YED or Alastair or Lillith who only followed orders from Lucifer. When he paired up with Castiel, his story became much more interesting. Crowley was disturbingly funny, he was just so much fun to watch. I hope the Castiel-Crowley story arc will continue in an epic fashion in season seven.

Favourite Good Guy

Kara: Balthazar. Ok it can be questionable on if he really is a good guy, but he did come through at the end. So yes that wise cracking angel was my fave good guy. Shame he had to die. SPOILER!

Amy: Can I say Dean? Probably not, so I will say Death. He’s kind of a good guy. I mean, he helped Dean fix Sam and he brought him cheap food and a beer! I sort of see him as a good guy in the scheme of things. He just wants everyone to do what is right, what they’re supposed to do. Maybe he did what he did for selfish reasons but, I feel like he’s good, maybe not in the traditional sense of the word, but he does what he thinks is right in his universe.

Tiny: Samuel Colt. I love him, I love the myth of the Colt ever since season one. I wasn't disappointed with his appearance in Frontierland. I wish there is a spin-off series about the old west and Samuel Colt.

Favourite Guest Star

Kara: Samantha Ferris. I love Ellen and I loved her in that episode.

Amy: Robert Englund in Appointment In Samarra. Essentially it was a cameo, but me and Freddy Kruger, we go way back. I was beyond excited that he was going to be in Supernatural and I really enjoyed every second he was on screen. He was actually super sweet was Dr Robert! I love Freddy. Coolest guest star ever.

Tiny: Sam Hennings aka Samuel Colt. I went all fangirlie when I heard he was appearing on the show. You have no idea how much I love the Colt and how much I wanted the Colt to be so much more than it already was. I want to see Samuel Colt to return in season seven. I know it's highly unlikely but yeah.. I really want to see him again. I want to know where he went and why he went into hiding. I want a complete profile on this guy -- CTU style!

Most Under Used Character

Kara: I am going to be controversial here. Samuel Campbell. Now hear me out. Samuel isn’t so much under-used as in used incorrectly. They could have/should have used him as a John like of character instead of pretty much straight away making the audience think that he is creepy and weird. They should have had him go to Dean and say ‘That Sam your brother he seems a bit weird almost as if you know he is missing a soul or something.’ Or maybe more comments like ‘Oh shape shifter first thing your mum ever killed’ make us have a connection with him instead of pretty much saying from the start ‘Yeah he is going to die soon so don’t worry’.

Amy: I’m saying characters plural because it’s the whole Campbell family. Look, straight up, I don’t need the Winchester brothers to have any family other than themselves, Bobby & Cas, but I thought the introduction of the Campbells was going to be interesting. I thought we’d find out more about the family history. I thought they’d be....important. Yeah, I guess when they all got unceremoniously dispatched, I had got to the point where I didn’t give a damn, but I feel like the Campbells was an opportunity lost. In the end, they seemed pointless.

Honourable mention: Samuel Colt. I would have liked to see more of him being a bit more Samuel Colt like. I hope he comes to the future or something one day.

Tiny: Celine Dion.. oh wait what… No, it's Death. I know this is a bit of a stretch but I think Death is a bit under-used. I would've love to see him may be one or two episodes more, especially after what he said to Dean at the end of Appointment in Samarra, I was expecting him to appear again to reveal something or at least bring Dean his pie. I think next season should have a Death-centric episode called Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner?

Biggest WTF Moment

Kara: Little Cassy being all like ‘Lets eat souls be God.’ You are Cas. You are the good loveable idiot. The man who can come and save the day, although, Cas if you are reading I will kiss your feet and bring you green tea.

Honourable mention: Soulless Sammy?

Dishonourable mention: Fairies and Dragons. Sigh.

Amy: Straight up I went to say the cliff-hanger with Cas becoming some kind of uber powerful hell bent on world domination delusional God like being, but then I remembered the moment that really made me go OH.MY.GOD and that was seeing Sam watch Dean get turned into a vampire in Live Free Or Twihard. We knew there was something wrong, that he was empty or broken, but in that moment we really saw that Sam was gone. That moment still shocks me even now. It was so cold with the smirk and all. To see Sam allow Dean to get hurt like that, man, that was a shocker.

Tiny: When Sam smirked as Dean was attacked by a vampire. Seriously, I threw my pillow at the TV. Sam WTF!!! WTF!!!!!

Honourable mention: Castiel being a new god. That was a bold move from the writers!

In the final installment of our Supernatural season six awards, we'll share with you our choice for 'Favourite Sam and Dean Moment', 'Favourite Comedic Moment' and 'Best Episode'. Watch this space!!!

A big thank you and hugs and kisses to Kara and Amy for being some awesome.

This is a collaboration project with Kara and Amy.