29 September 2009

After-thoughts: Episode 5.04 Free to be you and me

Free To Be You and Me is another awesome episode of Supernatural. This time last year, we have already watched Lazarus Rising, Are You There God, It's Me Dean Winchester and In the Beginning, and I was saying to myself that season 4 was the best season of Supernatural. Well... I think it's not wrong to say, season 5 is now the best season in my book. There is never a crap season of Supernatural, unlike other TV shows I enjoy watching such as 24, Lost, Heroes, SG1, SGA and Smallville. But season 5 of Supernatural has been magnificent. I know Supernatural is not everyone's cup of tea, but genre aside, this is the best written drama on television right now. No other shows on big networks can top what Supernatural has done so far creatively.

Free To Be You and Me is essentially an episode about the Sam and Dean going separate ways, doing separate things, putting on a game face pretending they are ok without each other but they are not. Castiel appeared in Dean's motel room, standing only centimeters away from Dean, Cas told him that he has leds to find God, but he has to trap a Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel, Raphael. After a trip to the Holy Land and somewhere naughty (on the same day), Castiel was told by Ninja Raph that God is dead. Dean offered his shoulder for Castiel to cry on. Meanwhile Lucifer dressed as Jessica and appeared to Sam in his dream. He told Sam that he was supposed to be his vessel, because Jacob has to go back to the island on Lost. (No, I don't think Mark Pellegrino is going back to Lost, but this is my lame attempt to recap the episode.)

The twists just kept coming! The first 3 episodes of this season have each revealed shocking twists. In the first episode, we found out Dean was the Archangel Michael's vessel. In the second episode, Cas revealed that he was looking for God and Dean's amulet was the God EMF. In this episode, we found out that Sam was the vessel for Lucifer. Not a total surprise, but it was still a big twist.

I love this episode. It's weird to see Dean and Sam going separate way. Seeing Dean hunt on his own and Sam worked in a coffee shop was weird, but thank the Lord, this will not last forever. You and I both know they will be back together. As long as they are together in the Impala, I don't care. Cas can have the backseat. I can stay in the trunk.

Let's talk about Sam's story first. I was excited by the return of Jessica, but a bit disappointed that Jessica wasn't really Jessica and she didn't make an impact like the others in When the Levee Breaks. It turned out Jessica was in fact Lucifer. Lucifer told Sam that he was supposed to be his vessel, but he needed permission from Sam. Mark Pellegrino was great in this scene, he seemed so quiet and gentle, but that's what gave me the chill because you know he is so evil. The wardrobe department could have done a better job though. Not that there is anything wrong with the truck driver look. I guess I was always imagining Lucifer would look like Lex Luthur in Smallville.

Let's talk about Dean. Dean was hunting on his own, hunting was all he could do. He told Cas at the end of the episode that he likes being on his own, he is free from family duty. But that's BS right?! Dean will never admit it. There is only one person in the entire world he'd ever care about, that's Sam. Killing a few Twilight is not going make him feel better. What Dean said when he confront the Ninja was great stuff. Just because their father is not here, it doesn't mean his teaching doesn't stand. Just because the boss is not here, it doesn't mean you can turn the office up-side down and party hard (well.. ok.. not a great example). But I think this could be where the story is going. God created everything, we may or may not see him, but it's up to us how to deal our lives. That's what the Gospels are for, they are stories and there are lessons to be learnt.

Dean has one of the greatest one liners in this episode. I was watching this episode in the airport alone. I laughed so hard when he mentioned Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel. I couldn't stop laughing for minutes. Didn't he also mention Thelma and Louise? Why is Dean so awesome? Because he is so awesome!

Let's talk about Cas. Cas and Dean have great chemistry since Lazarus Rising. I read a blog somewhere saying that Cas and Dean have no chemistry in this episode. Well.. what's wrong with you? Of course they have great chemistry! Dean is so going to corrupt Cas totally. Cas is so adorable. What's not to like about him? He seemed heart broken when Raph told him God is dead. Heart broken as in 'the-whole-men-on-the-moon-thing-didn't-happen-it-was-all-shot-in-a-Hollywood-studio' heart broken. He is a good soldier. When he does find God, I hope he gets an extra cookie.

Ok, so... if Dean is Michael's vessel and Sam is Lucifer's vessel, and if Jeffrey Dean Morgan ever going to come back to the show, he will be God's vessel. I can see it. If he is not, I can live with it. But I am calling this now, JDM will be God.

Deeply. Madly. In love with Supernatural.

Next week Supernatural is going Terminator. Don't miss The End.

27 September 2009

5.04 The End: Pics, TV promo & clips

Supernatural goes Terminator.. The End is here! I am excited about this episode, because it looks epic.. Well.. Season 5 has been epic so far. It's the best season!

Synopsis: Still estranged from Sam, Dean is visited by Zachariah who continues to pressure him to fulfill his destiny and become a vessel for the archangel Michael so that he can defeat Lucifer. When Dean resists, he is thrust five years into the future to see the consequences of his decision - and a ravaged, desolate post-apocalyptic world. Expect to see Chuck again. Episode
written by Ben Edlund and directed by Steve Boyum.

TV Promo

3 Spoiler Clips:

I have been a little busy this week, so the 'After-thought' of Free to be you and me, will be posted a bit later. Stay turned.

19 September 2009

After-thoughts: Episode 5.03 Good God Y'all

Good God Y'all is now one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural. The first five minutes was mind-blowing, totally blew my mind out of Krypton! The first five minutes revealed more twists that set out an awesome storyarc for the rest of the season. Here are the reasons why I friggin love this episode.

The X-Ray
How friggin cool is the X-Ray? I love the idea of Castiel carving the Enochian sigil to the boys' ribs. That's the best looking thing on the show since their tattoo or Cas's hand print on Dean's sexy arm.

God is not on any flatbread
I always love the chemisty between Dean and Cas. This is too funny, I couldn't stop laughing! When Cas told Dean he is looking for God, Dean said 'Try New Mexico. I hear he's on a tortilla.'. Cas actually thought about it for 2 seconds before he replied: 'He's not on any flatbread.' Whoever wrote this line (Sera, was that you?) YOU ARE A GENIUS!

Castiel is using the iPhone
Not really but that would be awesome! Since Castiel carved the Enochian sigil to the boys' rib, he can longer track them down like before, so he has to call them on their cell phone! I did a too silly fanvid on this last year, it's about Castiel asking Dean how to use the iPhone. That's funny to me.

The God EMF
Dean's amulet is the God EMF. How awesome is that Sera Gamble actually wrote that in! It almost feels like she did it for the fans! Too many fans ask about Dean's amulet. We know it was a Xmas present Sam gave it to Dean in season 3, but this... this is magnificent!

Cas is the best angel I know
Cas is pissed off (I wish he actually said the word PISS OFF). But I love it! He truely gave up everything for Dean. It was Dean who asked Cas to help and turned his back on Heaven to help him. All Cas is saying is that Dean should have faith and be more positive. I love Cas! He is the best angel I know!

WAR - what is it good for?
Meet one of the
Four Horsemen WAR. WAR is played by Titus Welliver, he appeared on Lost with Mark Pellegrino. Man! How great was his performance? That slick businessman insurance asshole look.. You know you can't trust him when he tries to sell you insurance. He was totally believable! WAR is represented by the colour red, notice his car was a red mucle car. I actually didn't expect the Four Horsemen to appear this early on the show but then I thought why not? That was awesome! We can expect to see the other three later: Pestilence, Famine and Death.

Dean reads
Apart from skin mags, Dean reads the Bible. He saw the signs of WAR and he recognised them from the Book of Revelation! Dean reads the Bible! I am so reading the Bible! I have read it in Sunday school, but I was never this interested in reading the Bible. Holy Dean! I love you!

Welcome back Ellen, Jo and Rufus
How awesome was it to see Ellen, Jo and Rufus again? It didn't cross my mind that Ellen didn't know Dean was back from hell.. In fact did she actually know Dean was on hell in the first place? Jo honey! She didn't do much however it was just awesome! Hope to see her more this season! Rufus! Anothe great performance from Steve Williams. The intensity of his acting reminds me of his character Mr X on The X-Files.

Kleenex should sponsor Supernatural
The goodbye at the end of the episode was so so sad. You know they will hug again but I wish the last scene just didn't happen! But it has to happen! And there was no Winchester hug! What's that all about? Kleenex should sponsor the show!

Supernatural is too good for The Emmy!
What's not to love about this episode? It sets up a chain of awesome storylines for the rest of the season. There are still plenty of mysteries but you know where the show is going. They tell you things now, and you have something to look forward to. You know you will get answers. This season is set to be the best season of Supernatural and this is how tv shows should be written!

Looking for God? Eric Kripke is God! Good God Y'all was epic-ly awesome!

Supernatural 5.03 Free to be you and me - TV promo and clips

Jessica is back! Is Sam hallucinating again? Find out next Thursday on the CW.

Episode synopsis:

"Not sure he trusts himself anymore, Sam decides to give up hunting, but a late-night visitor (guest star Adrianne Palicki aka Jessica) won’t let him off the hook that easily. Dean, intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael, as Castiel believes Raphael knows God’s location. Episode is written by Jeremy Carver and directed by J. Miller Tobin."

TV Promo:

Preview clip:

17 September 2009

Supernatural fans ready for battle!


Supernatural fans are ready for battle from Thursday, September 17, starting at 9:00AM Vancouver time. Join us on Twitter, and use this hash tag: #PDiddyIsScaredOfHisTV

Here is the article again on the Twitter war between P Diddy and Supernatural fans. TOO CUTE AND FUNNY!

Here is the SPACE TV promo for this week's episode Good God, Y'all:

13 September 2009

New Jensen and Jared photos

Jensen Ross Ackles Unlimited, one of the best Jensen Ackles fan sites, posted some new photos shot by photographer Joan Teasdale on their website. You may recognise a few from a recent EW interview.

For a few teasers on JRA Unlimited, click here. For the full collection of the photos by Joan Teasdale, click here.

Great find ladies! Thanks for posting!

After-thoughts: Supernatural Season 5: Sympathy for the devil

After a long painful summer (or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere), Supernatural has finally returned with the Winchesters brothers and a lot more. I am still processing my thoughts, but I better write them down before I forget. If you haven’t watched Sympathy for the devil, you may not want to read this blog post.

I know this is not proper English, but I WOW-ed a few times while watching the season five premier. There are a lot of big and little things I like about this episode.

Previously on Supernatural..

How good was the ‘Previously on..’?! It’s beyond words how excited I was to see the ‘Previously on..’ You see the journey of the brothers, Castiel, Bobby, demons and angels. And so quickly, you are transported to the mother of all “oh crap!’ moment. HE IS HERE.

New title card

It’s not official until you see the new Supernatural title card. It was awesome! There’s blood on a light background. I think it’s probably the first time they use a lighter background instead of black.

Brotherly love (not really)

How are you supposed to react if you are the big brother, and your little brother screwed up. You know you are supposed to stop it from happening, but crap happened anyway.

Dean was surprisingly gentle with Sam at the beginning of the episode. But you know one of them is going to break. In the end, Dean was honest about his feeling. Dean was completed heard broken about the fact that Sam chose to believe Ruby than his own brother and he told Sam that he didn’t trust him anymore. While I thought it was a great scene, it was too sad!! Will Dean forgive and forget eventually?

“This is a little trick I learnt from my friend Cas.” Dean

Since the start of the episode, I kept asking myself WHERE THE HELL IS CASTIEL!? Castiel has the best entrance in this episode. I think it’s probably the first time he won a fight since.. since.. ah… since.. humm…. It’s like Castiel has his mojo back or something. He spoke without fear. He was confident. He is the angel we all want.

In last season, Castiel was a very powerful character in the first 2 episodes he appeared in, but his attitude changed a little as the season progressed. There were moments where Castiel was afraid, he became less and less powerful in a way. But in Sympathy for the devil, it’s like he is back and he kicks asses!

A solid list of cast members

How awesome was the cast?

Starting with the prophet Chuck (played by Rob Benedict), who is so funny to watch. He is so serious in a way, but it’s just funny! I love Chuck!

And then we have Uncle Bobby (played by Jim Beaver) entered the episode with the Impala. It’s the first time we see Bobby driving the Impala. AH! And he was possessed by a demon. But he was so brave, he stabbed himself with knife when he woke up. Yeah! Go Bobby!

Kurt Fuller’s interpretation of Zachariah was spot on. He is exactly the kind of bad guy the show needs. He’s either good or bad, he is in the grey area, which is strange but awesome at the same time.

Although John Winchester has been dead since the beginning of season 2, but the Gospel of the Winchesters still involved him in some way. There was this moment where I thought HOLY CRAP John has the sword all along?! That’s awesome! In a way, yes, John has the sword… it’s Dean! God I hope they bring JDM back!

Understand the devil 101

Mark Pellegrino made a quiet but good introduction to the show. He is a great actor, I’ve seen him in Dexter and Lost, he always creeps me out. So when I heard that he will play Lucifer, I know he will do a creepy good job.

I think his character/ performance is right where the writers want him to be in the first episode. Pellegrino is not Lucifer yet in this episode. He plays Nick, who is a quiet, sad and helpless victim who lost his family. He is wondering why horrible things happen to him and his family. He is vulnerable and the devil takes advantage of it. The scene between Nick and Lucifer was slow but I think it’s a necessary ‘understanding Lucifer 101’. I think we can also expect a similar scene with a similar tone for Dean and God (or Michael) when they meet later in the series.

I like it when I see bad guys on TV or movies, they sometimes see themselves as the victims and they think they are doing this for good cause. It’s so intriguing to see how one turns bad (I guess this is why I enjoy watching characters like Anakin Skywalker or Lex Luther turn dark side.)

I expect once Lucifer takes his body, Pellegrino will excel. I can’t wait to see him playing off Jensen and Jared, and see the chemistry. Give it time, I think we’ll see good things from Pellegrino. The devil returns in episode 5.03 Free to be you and me.

The general needs a body. A dang good one!

I am loving the ‘Dean as a Michael’s sword’ twist. I think it makes sense that if Lucifer needs a vessel, Michael will also need a vessel. But I don’t see Dean agreeing to let Michael take over his body. We’ll wait and see.

Supernatural fandom raised a little hell on Twitter

This is a blog worthy story! Supernatural fans were promoting the show on Twitter hours leading up to the season premier with hashtags such as #luciferiscoming and #supernatural. Basically, the more Twitter users use these hashtags, the higher chance they become trending topics in real time. Trending topics are hottest topics or words people mention on Twitter in real time.

So anyway, fans took over Twitter for a short period of time, #luciferiscoming was the number one trending topic and #supernatural came second. You can see a screen shot here.

If you don’t know about the show, you will freak out when you see ‘Lucifer is coming’. No doubt some people actually thought the end of the world was really coming or they thought there were devil worshippers on Twitter. P Diddy actually retaliated with #Godissphere without knowing the real reasons behind our hastags. It’s a TV show you idjit! It’s a show about good versus evil.

So Twitter took the #luciferiscoming off the trending topic, and I think at one stage they took #supernatural off too. After a little investigation, Twitter reinstated #Supernatural and fans started using tags like #inkripkewetrust and #pddidyisscaredofhistv. Misha Collins was such a good sport by challenging Diddy to a competition involving eating cupcakes while riding horseback. We love you Misha!

That’s just funny. You can read all about it here.

Whoever is going to a Supernatural convention, please ask Krikpe what he thinks about this!

The TV rating

Supernatural scored a 3.39m rating for its season 5 premiere. It also scored its best women 18-34 (1.7/5) and women 18-49 (1.7/5) ratings since January 2009. Source: Eclipse Magazine, who also provided an excellent review of the episode. More professional than an amateur like me.

Overall, although Sympathy for the devil might not be as great as Lazarus Rising, it’s like this is only part 1 of 2. But it is still a great episode. I just want more. I’d give this episode 4 out of 5 pies.

12 September 2009

GOOD GOD! It's Good God, Y'ALL TV promo & sneaky preview clips

What do you think about the season five premier Sympathy of the devil? I am too high to write about this season premier.. but I will!

In the meantime, here is the TV promo and 3 sneak preview clips of next week's episode: Good God Y'all (air Thursday 17 Sept on the CW). Welcome back Ellen, Jo and Rufus.

Story: When Bobby gets an urgent call from Rufus that's suddenly cut off, Sam and Dean rush to Colorado to try to help him. What they find is a town overrun by a new breed of demons, some old friends - and a past that continues to haunt them. Also stars Misha Collins as ‘Castiel’ and guest stars Samantha Ferris as ‘Ellen Harvelle,’ Alona Tal as 'Jo Harvelle,' and Titus Welliver as ‘Roger.’ Episode written by Sera Gamble and directed by Phil Sgriccia.

Episode 5.04: The End - official description

Official description - Supernatural episode 5.04: The End

TWO DEAN WINCHESTERS? Sam tells Dean he wants to rejoin Dean in the battle of the Apocalypse, but Dean tells Sam that they are better off apart. Later, Dean awakens five years in the future in an abandoned city and is attacked by humans who have been infected with a demonic virus that turns humans into Zombies. Zachariah (guest star Kurt Fuller) appears to Dean and explains that this is the world that exists as a result of Dean saying no to helping the angels fight Lucifer. Dean meets up with Future Dean, who tells him that the virus is the Devil's endgame for destroying mankind.

Directed by Steve Boyum, episode written by the very awesome Ben Edlund.

Source: SpoilerTV

10 September 2009

The end begins! HOLY CRAP!

The end is here. Can the Winchester save the world from the big baddie? Find out on the CW or wherever from Thursday 10 Sept.

If you are on
Twitter, you should know that the Supernatural fandom is rocking Twitterverse with the following trending topics: #luciferiscoming #supernatural. See a screen shot of my Twitter page here.

I am so excited! I don't know what to do! So I am going to join the party with my Twitter friends.

Having said that, I am still on lock-down. And I am doing well!!! I can do it. Yes I can!

I was just browsing through the news today, I love how journalists write about Supernatural and tell us that they didn't get into the show before.. and now that they do, THEY LOVE IT. I think that's how most people started with the show. THEY JUST LOVE IT! Like me, my uncle was telling me how great the show was back in season one! And I totally ignore him for 2 years! Sorry uncle!

So anyway, looks like Brian K Hoover is ready for the apocalypse! Read his article here.

09 September 2009

The Walmart version of the apocalypse is here; new pics from episode 5.03; new interviews & new tie-in novels

The wait is almost over! Last year, I got my feed from the Supernatural forum on the CW website. This year, I am married to Twitter. But as mentioned in previous blog post, I am on lock down and I am doing well!! Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Apocalypse never look so sexy.

For more widgets please visit www.yourminis.com

There are a few blog worthy goodies from the last day or so. New promo photos of episode 5.03 were released today. Hehe...

"Excuse me.. I am looking for God." Dean

"Dean bought me a new trench-coat. Awesome. Dean taught me how to apply hair gel. Priceless. For everything else, there is credit card fraud." Castiel

First look at Lucifer, played by Mark Pellegrino.

New York Post has this awesome article: A 'natural' death: end in sight for angels vs. demons drama.

Airlock Alpha
has this awesome headline today: Forget Jensen Ackles, the heartthrob is Jim Beaver. Jim! You are awesome.

IESB posted a fresh new interview with Misha Collins. Misha talked about Castiel who has
been laid-off from Heaven, and now collecting unemployment. He also talked about Cas's power. If Cas breaks your finger, he wouldn't be able to magically heal it anymore. For more weird stuff directly from Misha himself, become one of us (Misha minions) and follow him on Twitter.

IESB also has an interview with Jim Beaver.

The Charlotte Observer has this pretty good write-up about season five. Supernatural is really getting good press so far.

SFX has a small article on the show. I'll find time to scan it this weekend. Here is a crap photo from my photo =)

There are two new tie-in novels which will be released next year. Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon is written by Keith R.A. DeCandido, it is scheduled to release on Feb 16, 2010. You can pre-order this from Amazon. Heart of the Dragon will feature all three generations of the Winchester (and the Campbell). Keith has a website here. The second one is Supernatural: Dark History is written by Joe Schreiber. This is scheduled for release on April 20, 2010. You can also pre-order it from Amazon. Don't forget, another new tie-in novel.

I am so excited. I don't know what to do with myself! HE IS HERE! Tune in to the CW on Thursday Sept 10 for Supernatural season five premier.

06 September 2009

4 more sleeps to go Supernatural Season 5 premier; I am on lock down

Four more sleeps to go, can you believe it? Fans have been dying ever since the finale of season 4 was aired. But now, it's here! HE IS HERE! THEY ARE ALL HERE!

I set some rules for myself this season, I will watch TV promos, read articles, synopsis and casting news and other news. But one thing I will not do is to watch the sneak previews. You know, one of those 2-3 mins clips of the actual episode. They are as evil as Lucifer! Having said that, I will still post the sneak previews on my blog =)

So, here we go. This is the TV promo of Sympathy of the Devil:

For the three clips of
Sympathy of the Devil:

Sympathy of the Devil
was written by the evil genius himself Eric Kripke and directed by Robert Singer. Returning characters in this episode include Misha Collins as Castiel, Jim Beaver as Bobby, Kurt Fuller as Zachariah, Mark Pellegrino as Nick, Rachel Miner as Meg, Rob Benedict as Chuck and the '
67 Chevrolet Impala.

05 September 2009

Some Smallville and Stargate Universe love

OK so, Smallville helped me to survive the painful hiatus this year. I am pleased to announce that I will be watching the new season. I am one season behind, I have just ordered the season 8 DVD, so don't tell me anything about Doomsday.

Although I am not as addictive with the show like I am with Supernatural, I have been hearing talks about the new suit and I am getting a bit curious. Here is a pic.

Promo of the season premier Savior:

season 9 premier on Friday September 25 on the CW.

Another show I am semi-excited about is Stargate Universe. I really hope that this is as good as SG1 and SGA. I love these shows and again, I really hope SGU is as good.

The series premier of
Stargate Universe will air on Syfy on October 2nd.

Check out SGU Exec Producer Joe Mallozzi's blog on Syfi and on Wordpress.

What Are the 10 Most Anticipated Returning Fall Shows? Supernatural is 4th on the list

According to TVGuide.com's TV Team research panel, Supernatural is one of the 10 most anticipated TV shows this fall. It came forth! GO SUPERNATURAL GO!

Full list here.

Episode 5.03: Free to be your and me - official description

Source: SpoilerTV

"Not sure he trusts himself anymore, Sam decides to give up hunting, but a late-night visitor (guest star Adrianne Palicki aka Jessica) won’t let him off the hook that easily. Dean, intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael, as Castiel believes Raphael knows God’s location. Episode is written by
Jeremy Carver and directed by J. Miller Tobin.

02 September 2009

Supernatural season 4 DVD/ Blue Ray is out; new interview with Kripke

Supernatural season 4 DVD and blue ray is out NOW.

The DVD include:

- All 22 episodes
- The Mythologies of Supernatural: From Heaven to Hell
- Three sections featurette gallery bridging Heaven, Purgatory and Hell to examine key methological precepts

- Commentary on 3 Key Episodes by Executive Producers and writers
- Extended/Unaired scenes

- Gag Reel

Apparently Target has a bonus disc of the Supernatural panel from Comic Con 2008. Fans on Twitter advised that this special edition was sold out in Target. I don't live in the US, so I can't tell you if it's sold out in all Target or not. I suppose there will be a few copies surfaced on eBay soon =)

TV Guide also posted an AWESOME interview with Eric Kripke this week. All I can say is.. OH.My.GOD! Read the article

01 September 2009

Supernatural -new sneak preview

Another tick off my wish list. I am speechless.. I can say I am officially excited, if I don't get my Supernatural fix now, I am afraid I might die.

A new sneak preview was released today. Michael's sword! HOLY HOLY SHIT! According to the bible, Michael used his sword to defeat Lucifer and sent him to the pit.

Supernatural season 5 premiers next Thursday on the CW.