10 January 2010

CW boss Dawn Ostroff on Supernatural Season 6; my take on season 5 & 6

The CW boss Dawn Ostroff has given us some insight into her lunch date with Eric Kripke. Here is the article from EW's Michael Ausiello:

“I think he’s in that state of mind,” she says. “I had lunch with Eric the other day and he’s really excited about the show right now. I think he feels this season has been really satisfying for him. He’s certainly not running out of ideas by any stretch of the imagination.

Ostroff, who says Kripke has been “hitting it out of the park” creatively this season, also points to Supernatural’s ratings success as proof the show has a lot of life left in it. “The ratings are up,” she says. “We have more young women coming to the show than ever before. There aren’t a lot of shows that you can say are doing better in their fifth year.” Full article here.

A tiny comment

The Master is certainly warming up to the idea. I certain want another season of Supernatural, provided:

1.) Eric Kripke and his creative team remain on the show (I don't see Kripke doing a J.J. Abrams in any case);

2.) Jensen and Jared remain on the show (and don't kill off Castiel, Bobby and Chuck);

3.) Season 6 has to be last season of
Supernatural and the show should go out on a high note.

4.) Wishlist: I want to see a movie length episode, preferably the series finale.

I think season 6 has to be as good as the season 4 and 5. You can't top it, like Kripke said you have to go intimate. However, I think the story can still be epic. I think we still need the angel / heaven element. What I'd like to see is the events which take place after whatever crap happens in Detroit. I am calling it now, if Supernatural is going into its 6th season, the season 5 finale will end with a cliff-hanger, which will take place in Detroit.

You know I am obsessed with Detroit. It's been mentioned a few times here, something big and bloody will happen there. Here are a few possible scenarios for season 5 finale and the direction of season 6:

1.) The
Detroit event might lead to Sam saying yes to Lucifer and Dean stays firm with his decision of saying no, as mentioned in The End. Having only one of the brothers saying yes, could be an interesting scenario.

2.) I feel that it's likely
we'll see Lucifer finally unleashes the Croatian virus in Detroit in the season 5 finale.

3.) Based on the above, season 6
might focus on the damage control as seen in The End, we might see the post post-apocalypse with more than half the planet is destroyed.

4.) To go completely left field, I don't mind season 6 to focus on 2 or 3 years later. But the time traveling element may be necessary if this is the case. And I don't particularly want to see too much time traveling stuff in Supernatural, otherwise it will look too much like Lost.

The bottom line is, I would like to see Supernatural goes completely Terminator, minus the time travel element.

I am so excited! I cannot wait to see what Kripke has planned for the rest of season 5 and I can't wait for the CW and Kripke to make their decision about season 6.


  1. I think all fans are in agreement of Season 6 being the last season... but then again it all depends on the story that season 6 gives us. I have written what I thought of season 6 in my blog to. :D :D

    But I totally love your blogs

  2. Being a fan of your blog, I read your blog post :D


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