29 August 2009

The Curious Case of WHO? DEAN WINCHESTER! Spoiler!

The fabulous SpoilerTV has posted this. I LOVE THE TITLE! Supernatural has the BEST episode titles!!!

Episode 5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester is looking for an actor (70-80 years old) to play old Dean.

My pick: Jack Nicholson.

Full details here.

If only John Sheppard could name more Wraith.....

Let's talk about Stargate Atlantis.

One of the best thing I love about SGA is the Wraith. They are like space cowboys. They look so cool, they are the bad boys with deep sexy voice, they have cool costumes and they live to feed. Disturbing! I know! I worry about myself sometimes, considering my all time favorite hottie is Jensen Ackles, and now I am talking about the Wraith.

When it comes to the baddies of
SGA and SG1, I think the Goa'uld are good, the replicators are ok, the Genii are annoying and I don't care about the Ori. But to me the Wraith are more like-able than other baddies. I just fell in love with the Wraith immediately since the pilot of SGA.

Actually, Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard is the reason why I like the Wraith more than other baddies on the show. I don't know if it was intended to be comedic or what, but I love it when Sheppard named the Wraith. Let's bring out the beauty pageant.

The actor who played Steve was James Lafazanos. Lafazanos has appeared as a Wraith (whether it's Steve or Bob or no name Wraith) in at least 15 episodes of SGA. See full list here.

The first time Sheppard named a Wraith was in
season 1 Suspicion. This Wraith was named Steve by Sheppard. Steve also appeared as Steve in Poisoning the Well. I think Steve also appeared in The Rising but of course he didn't have a name then. Steve is elegant, well-spoken and he has this Matrix Neo look. HOT! But how did he get his hair so straight? GHD!

I've seen the special feature of the DVD on the Wraith. Peter Deluise said that he didn't think anyone on the set had actually seen the actors who play the Wraith
without their make up on. They were always in make-up. In that featurette, Lafazanos sang in his Wraith costume and make up.

Bob appeared in one episode of season 1, The Siege, Part 1. One of my favorite episodes of SGA. Not as sexy as Steve, Bob has a different tattoo and dreadlocks. I don't think Bob liked to talk, he was kinda shy. But yeah, nice tat!

Michael appeared in season 2 of SGA. He is probably one of the most important Wraith in the series, so important, the episode he first appeared in was called Michael. Michael looked very different from other Wraith. He has short silver hair and his voice was different.. Quite sexy actually. At the beginning, I felt kinda sorry for Michael, because the way he's been treated/ experienced. But not so much after that, Michael gets interesting as the series developed.

When Todd first appeared in season 3 Common Ground, I think this character has so much potential I was secretly hoping to see him again. Todd and Sheppard had great on screen chemistry, which I love. Todd returned in season 4 The Seer and five other episodes. I was really hoping Todd to stay alive as long as possible. DON'T KILL HIM! He and McKay had some great funny moments in Miller's Crossing. Todd returned in six episodes in season 5, kinda becoming a regular in some way! Awesome! Todd is such a great character, he has personality! If the SGA movie is a go, I would LOVE to see Todd there! What made Todd so good to watch was the actor who played him, the awesome Christopher Heyerdahl! Heyerdahl also played Halling in season 1 of SGA (a human). Heyerdahl was also Kal-El's uncle Zor-El in Smallville, demon Alastair in Supernatural. He also appeared in Sanctuary and the up-coming Twilight: New Moon.

Oops.. sorry.. wrong pic! Try again..

Is it just me or is this the most random name Sheppard has ever given to a Wraith? Sheppard: "I don't think Kenny knows, he seemed a bit surprised when the Hive disappeared." McKay: "Who?" Sheppard: "You know Kenny! Todd's second in command." Oh yeah, this Wraith looks like a Kenny!

If only Sheppard could name more Wraith, I'd suggest Stan, Cartman and Kyle.

Do you have a favorite Wraith?

28 August 2009

GOOD GOD! It's Good God, Y'ALL!

This is going to come out wrong, but I'm excited to see Ellen's backside.. Er.. Because you can only see her back as she is pointing a gun to the boys... Er.. ok... shut up Tiny!

More promo pics of Supernatural 5.02 Good God! Y'all can be viewed on the fabulous SpoilerTV.


Official synopsis of 5.02: In hopes of defeating Lucifer, Castiel decides to search for God (Good luck!); Bobby's friend, Rufus, begs for help when demons begin attacking his town. Meanwhile, the awesome Kara is writing a chapter for the Winchester Gospel on the hotness of Dean and Sam, which is causing global warming.

25 August 2009

Airlock Portal Awards 2009: Jensen Ackles and Supernatural win

Congratulations to Eric Kripke and his team and Jensen Ackles for winning 3 awards in the Airlock Portal Awards 2009.

Supernatural wins:

1.) Best Actor in Television - Jensen Ackles

2.) Best Episode in Television: Monster at the end of the book
3.) Best Series in Television

This is beyond awesome! I think Jensen is THE guy at the moment on television. Being an actor (or best actor) means that he has to own the role, you see him and you see his character, you can't think of anyone who can play Dean better than Jensen.
I think Jensen did better than what was given to him, he took Dean to the next level. (I am not bias!)

Monster at the end of the book is my one of my favorite episodes in Season 4 and in the entire show. Genius idea, genius episode, GENIUS! The Gospel of the Winchesters rocks my socks!

And of course, do I have to say more? Supernatural is THE BEST WRITTEN SHOW RIGHT NOW ON TV!

Winners were announced a few hours ago. For a full list of awards winners including best actors and actress across different categories, click here.

Haven't seen the season 5 trailer? I can't imagine you haven't! Here it is again:

22 August 2009

District 9 - Christopher Johnson

District 9 is more of a sci-fi drama than an action-packed sci-fi flick. No giant battle of spaceships or mad scientists who orchestrated an experiment that went horribly wrong. There are just plenty of crazy people - men in suits with agendas and military men who are just crazy.

Presented by Peter Jackson and directed by Neil Blomkamp
, the story of District 9 took place in the modern day of Johannesburg, South Africa. A giant alien spacecraft parked over the sky of Johannesburg 28 years ago for whatever reason. I don't think the film explains it or may be I was disrupted by the guy who sat next to me, he came to the cinema late with his Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yeah, if you are reading this blog.. EAT YOUR LUNCH BEFORE THE MOVIE DUDE!

Sorry, where was I?

The aliens didn't strike or do anything, the spacecraft was just hovering in the sky. So the humans went inside the spacecraft and met the aliens. The aliens were not healthy and they seemed lost. The humans took the aliens to an area call District 9. The Multinational United (MNU) was established to manage the aliens settlement and assigned rules to regulate them. Humanitarian on the outside, but behind back door all they care is the research of the alien physiology and their weapons.

The MNU gave each alien a name, but humans generally refer the aliens as 'prawn'. Over time, District 9 got over populated and it turned into a slum.
The MNU decided to relocate the aliens to another area, which was further away from the human population.

There were 2 main characters in the story. Christopher Johnson was our main alien, who has been secretly fixing his spaceship so that he and his fellow aliens could go home. The other main character was Wilkus Van De Merwe (played by Sharito Copley). Wilkus was appointed as the officer in charge of the alien eviction operation. He looked like a guy who worked in your accounting department. Wilkus was exposed to an alien fluid produced by Christopher, which was meant to be used as fuel to make his spacecraft work. Within hours, Wilkus started to transform into an alien, starting with his hand. By the end of the movie, he completely transformed into an alien and Christopher left earth in that giant spacecraft. There were dramas on how Wilkus and Christopher distrusting and trusting each other to reach their common goal.

When makes a sci-fi flick more realistic is when it actually explores humanity and our emotions, rather than having funny costumes and space battles.
The movie explored the ugly side of humanity. Once again, we see the world is led by losers and men in suits who think they are doing things for the rest of us. They will do anything to reach their goals. To them, families and people don't matter. They just want weapons and powers. The rest of us are just monkeys in the middle, trying to survive.

District 9 reminds me of The Fly and Cloverfield. The idea of the story is not depicted in conventional cinema
very often. The idea is original, it's raw, it's well executed and the special effect is just right. After seeing a few good sci-fi flicks lately, like StarTrek, District 9 is certainly different and refreshing. It's really well-done.

Ellen, Jo and Rufus in 'Good God, Y'all'; Paul McGillion to guest star in Supernatural

I don't know if there is an official post that indicates which episode we will see the return of Ellen, Jo and Rufus. According to IMDB, Ellen & Jo Harvelle and Rufus will return in Good God, Y'all. Here is the link to the episode's IMDB page.

And I stumble across the casting for another new episode of Supernatural, which I think it is called Celebrity Skin (that episode has Paris Hilton in it..) Anyway, who care, but, Stargate Atlantis fans check this out, Paul McGillion (aka Dr Carson Beckett) will be a guest star in this episode. Link.

Check out the Supernatural IMDB site here.

More on Supernatural 5.01 and new trailer (yes! another one)

I have never been so excited about September... WHY?! Well... I don't know, you tell me!

The CW has released an official episode description of Supernatural season 5 premier, Sympathy for the devil. Thanks for Kryptonsite for the heads up.

"APOCALYPSE NOW — Picking up where the finale left off, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) watch as the Devil (guest star Mark Pellegrino, “Lost”) emerges from Hell. The brothers and Bobby (Jim Beaver) deal with the aftermath of Lucifer rising and the stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (guest star Rob Benedict) that Castiel (Misha Collins) was blown to bits by the archangels. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Eric Kripke (#501)."

OK so, this is the 3rd official trailer for Season 5 from the CW (I hope I haven't lost count!). This is so far my favorite trailer. Check this out! Source E!Online.

20 August 2009

Sympathy for the Devil & episode titles updated

Promo photos for the season 5 premier, Sympathy for the Devil. It's not much, but hey, we have Dean, Sam, Bobby and the new Meg! Check them out at SpoilerTV.

Wikipedia has listed the episode titles for the first 7 episodes and air dates.

5.01 Sympathy for the Devil
5.02 Good God, Y'All
5.03 Free to be You and Me
5.04 The End
5.05 Celebrity Skin
5.06 Misery of Heaven
5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester (HAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

For more information, go to Wikipedia.

The knife, the Colt, the Jeffrey Dean Morgan

3 more things off my wish list.. Well hopefully!

Someone asked Ausiello,
about Ruby's knife. Dude! I've been asking that question for a long time! It's a little obsession of mine. There might get to see a back story of how Ruby's knife got its power. My guess is that the knife could belong to heaven, I have a feeling it belonged to Lucifer, it sort of explains how the knife came to the possession of a demon like Ruby.

Another fan asked about the Colt pistol. Kripke said the Colt will be back in episode 10 of Season 5.

Last but definitely not least,
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an in-demand actor these days, but Kripke is always trying to get him back. I hope JDM's schedule would allow him return to Supernatural as a guest star. Being the most anticipated season in my book (and possibly the last season), I think JDM MUST RETURN AS JOHN WINCHESTER!

Source: The Ausiello Files.

Also, Maureen Ryan has another excellent article on Supernatural. This is definitely the article of the week! Check this out: "Thoughts on Supernatural and what you need to know before Season 5 beings."

I have been busy with work and all, but this weekend is all about rest. I will have more time to post my thoughts on Supernatural, Smallville (it is helping me to survive this painful hiatus!) and District 9 which I will watch on Sat, I will post my review here.

15 August 2009

He is here..!!

The big bad is here! New promo of Supernatural Season 5. Misha Collins' voice made this video beyond awesome!

09 August 2009

GO! The new digital TV channel in Australia

OK.. I don't normally do this, but here is a free plug for a TV network I don't normally watch, but I'll do this anyway, because I think I might give this a GO!

Channel Nine is soft-launching the new digital channel GO! this week. It is available in Australia on fee-to-air television via channel 99 on your digital TV, offering shows that target to the 14-39 demographic including Gossip Girl, The Hills, Fringe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Weeds, The Wire and CSI. You will also see comedy series Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage and Sex & the City and other reality TV shows which I am not going to name. I don't know if we will see the latest seasons/ episodes, but looks like the only first-run show to screen is The Vampire Diaries.

Nine's GO! will also offer themed nights including reality shows on Tuesday, SciFi on Wednesday and a girl's night in on Thursdays.

Many of the above shows are currently running on The CW. As a suggestion, GO!
might as well bring the whole team here to Australia making GO! a one-shop stop for all the CW shows, including Supernatural and Smallville. I just want to say it, because I truly love Supernatural and Smallville is growing on me. I know Supernatural is a Channel Ten show, but as long as we get to see the latest episodes in Australia in reasonably hours, I don't care if it's on ABC.

Check out GO! here.

Source: The Herold Sun, CNet.

08 August 2009

Comic-Con: Supernatural videos

The CW has released some clips from the Supernatural panel at this year's Comic Con.

eBay Song

Yeah... I actually heard this years ago, but I finally got the chance to favorite this on YouTube. Enjoy!

05 August 2009

Supernatural Season 5 episide titles; Dawn Ostroff

The episode titles of Season 5 have surfaced! Here is what we know. The release order might change. Like last year, Monster Movie got moved a few times.

5.01 Sympathy for the devil
5.02 Good God, Y'all
5.03 Free to be your and me

(Update 8 August)
I've decided to only list the episode titles not in any order:

The douchbag of Oz
The truth about heroes
Celerity Skin or American Idol (?)
Mystery of Heaven
To hell and back
Where the hell are you, damn God?

Source: Jensen Ackles Fan and Spoiler TV.

Dawn Ostroff, the CW boss said in a Press Tour that she hopes to Supernatural will remain on air 'for awhile'. To be honest, if Eric Kripke said this, I'd be 100 times happier. I don't want my favorite to be 'forced' to go on just because the network wants it. I don't want this to be a business decision, if you know what I mean? Your thoughts?