31 December 2009

Most Watched Supernatural Episodes on My TV - Season 1 to 3

It's no secret that Supernatural is my favorite television show this decade. There isn't a single episode that I hate. I have so so many favorites episodes. But some episodes have higher view counts than others.

So fangirls and boys here are the Most Watched Supernatural Episodes on My TV (Season one to three). Most watched episodes for season four and five will be posted in coming days. I have also included my viewing recommendation playlist. If you are new to the show, this might help.

Here we go...

I love Home for a couple of reasons. I am a sucker for episodes that focus on the Winchester family. This is the first time we see John Winchester since the Pilot. It’s also the first episode we see Mary, John, Dean and Sam together in one episode since the Pilot.

The show was still in its rookie season and we were still getting to know the story and characters. The John Winchester appearance at the end was a jaw dropping moment for me. I didn't expect to see John at all. This scene summed up the emotions of the first half of season one.
We found out John was alive and he was getting to the truth about the demon that killed Mary. He still loved his sons very much but he didn’t want to involve them and he was still watching over them.

In this scene, the mood change was awesome. The soundtrack was awesome. Although this scene was short and simple, but it was very powerful. The pain of John Winchester was very well written by Eric Kripke and the scene was very well performed by JDM. In my book, this is definitely one of the most memorable scenes of the series.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was only on a few episodes throughout the series, but he made an impact as John Winchester, a character we all love. We still want JDM to return to the show before the series ends. It’s a crime if Eric Kripke doesn’t at least call the guy and ask!

Tiny's Playlist
Try watching all the Winchester Family episodes in one go: The Pilot, Home, What is and What Should Never Be, In the Beginning and the up-coming Back to the Future II.

Something Wicked
The Dementor is in town! I love it when an episode is presented as a filler episode, but at the same time the writers also show you the different side of the main characters and their past as part of the development of the show.

Season one referred to John's Journal a lot, but not this job, he didn't mention this in his journal. It's the first time we see the younger version of Dean and Sam, brilliantly played by Ridge Canipe and Alex Ferris respectively. Ferris was later replaced by Colin Ford in later episodes to play the older version of young Sam.

It was probably the first time we really see how much Dean cared about the way John looked at him as a son. We see a different side of Dean, who has been trained by his dad to become a solider and a protector of little brother Sam. Obviously John was strict to the boys when it comes to hunting, especially Dean. When John was not around, Dean has to step up and become John. If Dean screwed up, he will not hear the end of it from John. And we see how much Dean really cared about Sam ever since they were kids.

Tiny's Playlist
Try watching all the young Winchester episodes in one go, it's pretty awesome: Something Wicked, A Very Supernatural Xmas and After School Special.

'We are so screwed.'

We know Sam and Dean survived by credit card fraud. But this is the first time they were engaged with the law enforcement. The introduction of Special Agent Victor Hendrickson was awesome. Surely the boys are saving people, hunting things but if you are caught, you're screwed.

This is a fun shapeshifter episode, which we get every season except season three. But it's packed with action and the iconic 'we are so screwed' moment. Styx's Renegade rocks! Bring back the classic rock songs!

Tiny's Playlist
For a complete shapeshifter experience, watch Skin, Nightshifter and Monster Movies together.

For a complete Victor Hendrickson experience, try Nightshifter, Folsom Prison Blues, Jus in Bello and Are You There God, It's Me Dean Winchester.

What Is and What Should Never Be
Mary is alive. Sam is a lawyer. Jessica is engaged to Sam. Dean is mowing the lawn and lives with his girlfriend. It's another episode of Brothers and Sisters. Wait! Wrong show.

This life is good, but you don't belong here.

Jensen Ackles has some really great performances throughout the series, but in this episode he gave one of his best. To be perfectly honest, this is the first time I look at Jensen as a seriously good actor. This guy can act, he totally kicked ass, so watch out! This episode was written by Eric Kripke and it is one of a few episodes that was directed by Eric Kripke. I love you man!

Kripke should've put John Winchester in this episode. What if he didn't die and he was the lovey dovey sweet John that Mary mentioned in In the Beginning? Kripke, dude, call the guy and ask him to come back!

Tiny's Playlist
It's not really another alternate reality experience, but the closest one is Mystery Spot. For more Jessica episodes, try The Pilot, What Is and What Should Never Be and Sympathy for the Devil.

Bad Day at Black Rock
'I lost my shoe.'

Do I need to say more about this episode? This is a tie, between Bad Day at Black Rock and Mystery Spot. Both episodes are funny, but I think I watched Bad Day at Black Rock a bit more than I watch Mystery Spot. Mystery Spot is quite dark towards the end of the episode, but Bad Day at Black Rock is funny all the way.

You could probably tell by now, the reason I love this episode is because of the John Winchester reference: the warehouse and the rabbit foot! And yeah, did you know that Dean is Batman?

Tiny's Playlist
I could recommend some Bella episodes, but there isn't much. Try Red Sky in the Morning and Time Is on My Side.

Jus in Bello
The return of Victor Hendrickson. Awesome! But this time, he was possessed by a demon, but the Winchester exorcised it. After saving Hendrickson, he was BFF with Sam and Dean, and they fought against the demons together.

Not knowing if the series will return due to the Writer's Strike, this episode was treated as the finale of season 3. This episode was EPIC. In my book, this defined the meaning of Supernatural epic. The boys were in a confined environment with civilians, limited resources and surrounded by an army of demons. Good people still died at the end. There were lots to think about at the end of the episode: the new enemy Lillith; the coming war against the demons and the big questions were: Will Dean go to Hell? Will Sam go Vader to save Dean?

Tiny's Playlist
Pretty heavy stuff, but watch these epic episodes together - Salvation, All Hell Break Loose I & II, Croatoan, Jus in Bello, Larazus Rising, Lucifer Rising, On the Head of a Pin, Sympathy for the Devil, Good God Y'all, The End and Abandon All Hope.

For a good Ruby 1.0 experience, watch Malleus Maleficarum (I thought Katie Cassidy really stepped up in this episode.) For Ruby 2.0, just watch Lucifer Rising and see her get KO.

Most Watched Supernatural Episodes On My TV (Season 4 & 5) will be posted in coming days. Stay tuned.

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Happy New Year! May 2010 be an awesome year for all.


  1. Helloooo! It is I, TozaBoma.... in my blogger guise, LOL.
    Nice round-up - I love Nightshifter too. One of my all-time faves, even if it is reminiscent of that X-Files episode with John Winchester's Phantom Traveller friend as the bloke in the bank who could 'see' demons. :)

  2. Hey hey! I love the Phantom Traveller too!

    I also only remember Mark Sheppard on The X Files, and Mr X and Skinner..

    See you on Twitter!

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    omg. i love this show. of course i had to stop watching it because i have to wait for the next season. UGH> but i miss them. i feel like they are apart of my FAMILY. I love you guys, you are the best actors in the world. I love the Rabbit's Foot and The Croatoan one. ♥ you!!!


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