23 November 2010

LOL of the Day!! Supernatural 6.14 Episode Title

Supernatural 6.14 is called Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. Source SpoilerTV

Please tell me this is a Ben Edlund episode! OMG! Too funny! But then again, may be this is not a funny filler episode?! Perhaps we can expect Dean and Sam to sing Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now? Holy smoke! I can't wait!!!

21 November 2010

Tiny Twitter Party: A Very Trickster Marathon (Sunday 5 Dec 2010, 1pm Sydney Time)

Tiny Twitter Party: A Very Trickster Marathon, Sunday 5 December, 1pm (Sydney Time)

This Supernatural rewatch is long overdue! The next rewatch is dedicated to the great Trickster aka Gabriel.
We all miss him soooo much :(

Sunday 5 Dec 2010
1pm Sydney time
Hashtag #Tricksterthon

If you're in a different time zone and need a clock converter, go to The World Clock Time Converter.

Episodes viewing in this order

Season 2 Tall Tales
Season 3 Mystery Spot
Season 5 Changing Channels
Season 5 Hammer of the Gods

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To make it fun, I am going to change my Twitter icon to Trickster for this special occasion. Feel free to change yours too.

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Get your DVDs/ downloads/whatever ready! We start each episode from the "Previously On".

There will be a countdown so that we can all press the play button together. Don't worry if you are a few seconds or minutes in front or behind. Every 10 mins or so, I'll tweet the viewing time of the episode, so that you know where we are up to.

You are welcome to come in and out during the rewatch. We'll have a short break in between each episode.

Remember the Twitter Party is highly interactive. So don't just read our tweets or the episodes, join our conversation and make new friends.

Anyway, hope you can join us at A Very Trickster Marathon on Sunday 5 Dec, 1pm Sydney time. Got questions? Find me on Twitter or post a comment here.

Skyping reminds me of Mr and Mrs Koothrappali

Skyping with the relatives remind me of Mr and Mrs Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory.. Does it make me Raj Koothrappali?

Review: Supernatural 6.09 Fight the Fairies

Dean, why are you looking at me like this? *Blushing*

I know.. this week's review title is SO predictable. Supernatural fans are awesome once again for making "Fight the Fairies" a trending topic on Twitter. Screen shot thanks to Amy, who has posted her review on the episode. Hot off the press! Toza also has some really cool SPN headlines on her blog, check them out here.

I have declared my love for Ben Edlund a long time ago. There was the GhostFacer Ben Edlund; the The End Ben Edlund; the Abandon All Hope Ben Edlund; the Monster Movie Ben Edlund... I wonder if he had ever looked into the mirror and said "I AM AWESOME!" when he wrote something funny and witty?

6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe was written by Ben Edlund and directed by John Showalter. I LOVE the opener in The X-Files style. I totally LOVE it! Overall, I really enjoyed the episode, it was fun! Their take on UFOs and alien abduction was funny -- may be it's the way Jensen Ackles interpreted the probing event (forgot! don't say that out loud!). Those fairies are kinda cute, they remind me of house-elves and it's awesome to see Robert Picardo as a guest star!

*Did you know that Robert Picardo was Jason Teague's father, Edward Teague in Smallville season 7, they never share a scene together?

Soulless Sam

You suck at making tea

You suck at hunting UFOs

Jared is really comfortable with his acting as a soulless Sam, he is getting better with it. This is the first time I actually like Soulless Sam. To me, the problem with Soulless Sam is that he was pretentious, he's been faking every emotion since he came back. But we got over that point, he wasn't faking it anymore. It took awhile to get used to Soulless Sam.

In this episode, I so dig Sam! It's magical how Ben Edlund can skillfully turn Soulless Sam into a likable character. There was so much awesomeness in this episode from Sam. Sam is telling the truth without holding back and it suits him! He is learning how to read things: when Dean told him about being attacked by a hot naked lady with wings and nipples, Sam said "I am not supposed to laugh, right?!" That's priceless!

Sam is acting like a little boy asking questions about things and with Dean giving Sam lessons about what to do and how to feel is really funny. That's Yoda's job, you know! The interaction between Dean and Sam is really interesting to watch. Although this is not the brotherly interaction we are familiar with, but the chemistry is as strong as ever between Jensen and Jared.

So... it's simple.. having a soul is equal to suffering. To quote Yoda: "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." Because Sam doesn't feel anything.. no fear, no anger, no hate, no empathy... he has no emotion to cloud his judgment. He didn't make the same mistake again -- he didn't say yes to the Fairy deal. Is Sam better this way? The question is -- would you rather deal with a pile of screw-up emotions or would you rather start from scratch? For Dean, he is suffering and he has to keep dealing with his emotions and his past; while Sam is the beginner, he is like the grown-up version of the Little Prince* (well.. sort of), he will keep asking questions and learn about empathy.

*It's a children book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Jensen Ackles

Excuse for using this screen shot


Jensen Ackles is such a great actor with comical and physical skills. We have seen Jensen doing dark emotional angsty stuff in The End, Heaven and Hell, Point of No Return just to name a few. We have also seen the funny Dean in Monster Movies or Yellow Fever and Changing Channels etc. In Clap Your Hand If You Believe, Jensen totally nailed the delivery of the comical scenes, for example, when he was chased by the dude with the beanie, he made little jumps with his feet and the expression on his face was so Chaplin like; when Dean was telling Sam about the alien abduction; and when he was attacked by Tinkerbell. Every now and then Supernatural provided him the opportunity to show his comedic side, he has once again proven that he is a versatile actor and he really pays attention to details.

Oh one more thing before I forget. I have a question about the 'first born', do you think Dean is chosen by the vampire and the fairy is because he was the first born? Do you think the first born has something to do with the whole Alpha thing? The Alpha being the first of many, so... what's with that? I don't think the first born/ Alpha thing is random, I think this is shaping up to something bigger... Or may be Dean is just awesome and he has a sweet ass?

Oh by the way, being the first born usually has the duty to pay for the meals. Have you noticed how many times Dean pick up the bills at the diners or pay for the motels? When was the last time we saw Sam paying for a meal? Just saying.... Dean just picked up the bill and paid.

I should pay for your hair cut too

Smallville scored 2.5 m while Supernatural scored 2.03m. Ouch with that, but like Sam would said.. I really don't care about TV ratings! Source: TVbytheNumbers

I swear I will post something on Smallville during the holiday. I am planning on a few Xmas projects to do while spending Xmas with Mama Tiny.

20 November 2010

New Castiel Bumper Promo; Caged Heat Promo; Death; Harry Potter; Fight the Fairies

I love his wings! I want to see his wings again! Show me his wings!!!

Castiel.. the one and only angle I'd ever loved!

OK.. the promo for 6.10 Caged Heat is epic! Like Abandon-All-Hope epic; like Jus-in-Bello epic; like epic-epic! By looking at the cast list, this is OMG epic! Castiel, Demon Meg, Grandpa, Crowley. I want action! I want someone kick someone's ass! Bring it!

Spoiler alert! Here is the synopsis for 10.11 Appointment in Samarra. Death and Balthazar are back! OMG! Let's escalate the epic level to the max!!!

DEATH RETURNS FOR A MEETING WITH DEAN - Dean seeks out Death (guest star Julian Richings) to help get Sam's soul back. Death tells Dean he will help Sam if Dean will agree to act as Death for 24 hours. Meanwhile, Sam decides he doesn't want his soul back and asks Balthazar (guest star Sebastian Roché) for .......... To read full synopsis, go to SpoilerTV.

Oh one more thing, I watched Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallow Part I today. I am so going to read the book again, I should've done this before I watched the movie, but anyhoo, this is on my to-read list! I forgot many details, and I think it's imperative to read the book again before I watch the movie again during Xmas with my BFF.

Do I like the move? I LOVE the movie! The kids are grown-ups! OMG! It's such a sad story, the whole world is on their shoulders. I cried 3 times! It's such a great cast and great story. Twilight seriously, move over!

18 November 2010

I protest!! Jensen Ackles is the Sexiest Man Alive Ever!!!!

Thursday! I can't believe it's Thursday! It's almost too good to be true! Thank you Supernatural for putting a smile on my face :)

I think Misha is putting his own identity on the random videos he did. If you haven't watched Misha's latest video on YouTube, check out Operation Stealth Nugget on
YouTube. While you are there, you may as well subscribe to his channel.

OK.. here is something that got me excited about this week's Supernatural -- Clap Your Hand If You Believe. This week's episode pays homage to The X-Files. Supernatural doesn't have an opener like other shows, so this is a real treat for SPN and X-Files fans. Enjoy :)

People Magazine
has released this year's list of Sexiest Men Alive. Why isn't Jensen Ackles on this list? Well, obviously not everyone has good taste and probably the demo for People Magazine are blah blah blah. It's almost illegal to exclude Jensen Ackes on the list! Just because
Green Lantern is coming up, it doesn't make Ryan Reynolds any sexier. His wife, however, is another story. I do have a girl crush on Scarlett. And why is Bon Jovi on this year's list anyway? Here is a reminder why Jensen is the Sexiest Man Alive Ever .

Oh.. Someone used Jensen Ackles as an example on trending search pattern. Good woman!!! Full article here!

15 November 2010

Thank You - 62,000 hits

Yes... I can't believe, my blog has over 62,000 visits. Thank you so much! Whoever you are, please please leave a message :)

Of course, silly tiny me, I forgot to post the set visit report last week. A group of journalists visited the Supernatural set and talked to J2. Go to TVSquad for full report :)

14 November 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.08 Only Lucky Goes to Heaven

And so... he walked off into the sunset. The end.

Season 1 to 5 obviously set the bar so high, although you can't top the apocalypse, but writers continue to keep the soul of the show intact. What makes the show so enjoyable to watch week in week out is their ability to explore existing urban legends and make the story uniquely their own. I am so impressed with it. It's not the same old vampire, werewolves idea you've seen on other shows so many times. The idea of skinwalkers infiltrating into ordinary family and the sad story of Lucky was really awesome and refreshing. The show never fail to surprise me, I really like saying 'ah, that's different!'.

The details of 'a day in the life of perver Lucky' was really well thought out. I particular liked the scene where Dean and Sam went to the animal house, Dean being civilised with Lucky (I love the black and white SFX!), and then we saw Lucky in the motel being interrogated by the boys. The creepy effect of the park scene where Sam was at the stakeout, really helped to build the suspense. And here is another stakeout scene I love. If there is ever a 24 prequel, Jensen Ackles can so be the young Jack Bauer!

Let's rewind to the interrogate scene. I like how Dean took a moment and thought about what made human human -- compassion. Normally Dean would just be all cowboy about supernatural things, the mojo was 'it's it's supernatural, we kill it, end of story, that's our job'. But this season it's about showing the contracts between light and dark; soul and soulless; Dean and Sam. There is a new found maturity underpinning the show, kudos to Sarah Gamble and her writing team.

Somehow I don't think Sam will get his soul back from Crowley. I don't see Crowley snapping his fingers and go 'oh there you go, here is your soul.. go hug people!' and Sam certainly won't go 'oh, thanks.. here is my soul, I suddenly care, let me make you an apple pie.' I think it's always up to Dean to show or teach Sam, it's always up to Dean to watch over his little brother. For now, at least we won't see Sam pretending to care about Dean or others. Dean has to speak up about Sam's pretentiousness and the whole speech by Sam at the end of the episode served the purpose, it closed one chapter of season 6 and ready for the next.

Philip Sgriccia directed and Adam Glass wrote the episode.

A few quick notes on Smallville -- Abandon. OMG! Like OMG! The ending was totally unexpected! What do you mean? Tess Mercer is Lionel's daughter? Seriously OMG! How will this play out in the up-coming episodes? I can't wait!!! I love Cassidy Freeman. It took awhile for me to like her back in season 8, but she can really act and she is awesome! I love the Lois in the Fortress scene. I love Erica Durance, she is a powerhouse actress, I really think she owns the role and she is the best Lois Lane ever! I love Jor-El and Lara-El giving a speech about how much they love Clark. Thanks to Lois, Clark is able to understand his father. The more we see Clark understanding the past and letting it go, the closer he is to becoming Superman. And this is why Lois is the one for Clark. Teri Hatcher is so in her element as Lois' mum, that scene is so emotional. Overall, a very well-done episode!

On the rating side, Smallville scored 2.77m in the first half hour, and it went up to 3.01m in the second half of the episode. While Supernatural was down, it scored around 2.07m & 2.08m for the night. I guess Friday night is getting competitive, but good thing Smallville and Supernatural are holding the fort for the CW on Friday night. Full rating report TVByTheNumbers.

Supernatural new season promo. Yes! Another one!

The CW has been doing some amazing promo this season for Supernatural! It's about bloody time!!! Seriously!


Here are the screen shots.

Supernatural 6.09: Clap your hands if you believe in Ben Edlund

Last time I saw a fairy on screen was Tinkerhell. I am intrigued with Ben Edlund's creative take of fairies! We see new additions of directors and writers to the production crew this year, not to mention other writers stepping up to the game, I must say the writing and the production have been top notch! Next week's episode is directed by John Showalter, written by Ben Edlund. Don't miss next week's episode of Supernatural 6.09 Clap Your Hand if You Believe!

Monsters are real. So are fairies. When do we get to see unicorns?

10 November 2010

Jensen Ackles's Tron: Evolution interview

Jensen is the voice of Gibson in the new Tron: Evolution video game. Too bad I am not a gamer. Dang! I could listen to his voice all day! I could listen to Jensen counting down 10-1 all day everyday.

09 November 2010

Tuesday Edition: Planet Cake; iPad; paperless; episode title for 6.13

A few things happened this week.

I brought
Planet Cake, I am so inspired to bake and design beautiful cakes! Wish me luck! I swear to Chuck, I am so going to make an Impala cake!!

I also purchased an iPad, the first thing I did was to download Pages, iRead PDF and Amazon Kindle for iPad. I love Amazon and I love having Kindle on my iPad! I have Stephen King's
The Stand and some reference books. I also downloaded Larousse, which is a recipe App for French pastries, jams and cakes.

In the near future, I want to go paperless and hopefully cashless too. I want everything on my Mac, iPad and iPhone, I can't remember the last time I brought a CD. Going digital is going to save so much space. As someone who is very mobile, believe me, it's a bitch when I move!

But that's not what I really wanted to blog tonight. I just wanted to say, episode 6.13 will be called Unforgiven. Oh.. and my Supernatural season 5 companion just arrived.

Oh hey, clap your hands if you believe in Dean Winchester!

07 November 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.07 Crowley's Angels

I need no excuse for using this screen shot

6.07 Family Matters was directed by Guy Bee, who also directed season one's Asylum. Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin wrote the episode. Dabb and Loflin did another excellent job on the writing. I am not going to repeat what I've said earlier, but I think Dabb and Loflin are officially out of my bad books.

is not a crap show with crap recycled ideas and we all know it! This is why Supernatural is so awesome and other network/ studio drones can't top the awesomeness of the geniuses with minds like no others! The show has once again raised to the occasion.

We finally got some answers and we can move forward with the story. It's official, Sam's soul is still in hell; Grandpa is working for Crowley; Crowley is the Ring director who's been pulling the strings; not only purgatory exists, Crowley wants to find it and claim it; and the baddies know the weakness of the Winchesters and they continue to take advantage of it.

What an opportunity for Jared this season? How do you play the same character who isn't the same character?
Sam's soul is missing from his physical self. Not only he has no soul, he has no instinct and no compassion. The worst thing is, he doesn't know it. Sam can't tell the difference because he's gone Terminator, his physical self is not programed to feel. Dean is going to do what he does best to keep his brother in-line, he is the John Connor to his Terminator, he is going to micromanage Sam. Sorry Sam! I hate micromanagement too, it's something I hate to deal with in real life, I feel for you! One thing for sure, Sam still sides with Dean, I think deep down Sam knows he needs his big brother.

Supernatural is very good at incorporating multi-layer elements into the story. What would a soulless human do? It's a very interesting concept to explore in a show like Supernatural. Like Harry Potter, he is different from Voldermort because Harry has love and he is capable to love and feel. This soulless and purgatory business have lifted Supernatural into a whole new level of awesomeness.

Let's face it, Grandpa is no John Winchester, he is no Bobby or Rufus or Ellen, I don't think Grandpa is smart, I think his thinking is old school, he thinks he is an experienced hunter, but he is not. He is disconnected to the boys, he knows it and we all feel it. Family don't end with blood, Bobby is more a family than Samuel is a grandpa to the boys. The Winchesters have a habit of sacrificing themselves to save each other, I don't think Grandpa Samuel has this in him. I am sure we will see Grandpa again, but I think as far as the family is concerned, he is on his own.

OK so... Crowley is Charlie, Grandpa, Dean and Sam are his angels. That's pretty much the deal there!
Crowley is awesome! Mark Sheppard nails his performance once again. It's so enjoyable to watch Mark Sheppard on screen. I watched an episode of Chuck last week (season 3) with Sheppard as the Ring director, he is so good at every role he'd ever played!

Heaven is the territory of the angels, Hell is the demons'. Crowley is a demon, he is the King of Hell, but I think he wants his own territory, he wants a brand new toy. He is smart, he doesn't do this the hard way, he is going to claim the unclaimed territory - the purgatory. Again, this is another genius idea the writers came up with, instead of sticking to the usual angels, monsters and demons elements, it's very smart to introduce purgatory and I love it!

Hey, what are you searching down there?

Let's quickly touch on Castiel. Not only he is the funniest angel in the entire garrison, he is also the busiest. After Dean blasted at Cas in last episode, I don't think Cas wants to see Dean gets angry at him again! He just does whatever Dean asks him to do, "Clean up Sam." OK boss, your problem always comes first.

Supernatural doesn't introduce something without a purpose, I think all elements will arrive at a single point eventually. Now that the purgatory is introduced, will the angels or demons fight for this purgatory later in the story? How does the angels civil war fit into this storyarc? How do other supernatural beings like Balthazar fit into the overall picture or is he just a random character? I could see a showdown between Crowley and Castiel if this is the direction the season is heading. Surely if the angels find out about Crowley's plan, they will either stop it or claim the purgatory before Crowley does. Is Crowley just a developer? Is Crowley working for someone else? Where is Purgatory? Could Aurora in Dean's vision be the answer?

We have had some really dark and intense episodes the past few weeks. Looks like next week's All Dogs Go To Heaven will be another intense dark episode.
To me, season 6 is all about building up the suspense, while we are looking at the familiar characters and we know their history, new elements are being introduced but they are aligned with the spirit of the show. I am certain, not many showrunners in the business can nail this! Well done Sera Gamble and the gang!

For more reviews on this episode, check out Amy's blog (who also touches on where Mary's and John's sprites are) and Tina Charles' review of the overall episode on TVGuide.

Regarding the Friday night rating, Supernatural was steady with
2.42m, Smallville was down a bit with 2.61m. Source: TVByTheNumbers

Misha Collins; All Dogs Go to Heaven promo

I always love a good Misha interview. He caught up with the press at the recente Asylum conference.

Check out TV Squad for more.

I am still digest Family Matters from last night, which was another dark and brilliant episode! Review to come. In the meantime, here is the promo for 6.08 All Dogs Go To Heaven looks hot.. like 24 hot! Seriously!