07 January 2010

Supernatural spoiler! Mid-Level alert: But only if you don't know the previous spoiler.. Oh hell.. or heaven.. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

Here are some spoilers from Ausiello on Supernatural and Smallville:


In a later episode this season, Clark takes Lois on a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast. They run into Oliver and Chloe. (Huh?) And rumor has it Clark will get infected with red kryptonite again.

A tiny comment: Not sure if this will be in same episode. It'd be funny though, if Clark gets infected with red kryptonite and have a romantic gateaway with Lois.. hummm.. Remember the last time Clark was infected with red kryptonite and Lois was under influence as well. Can't remember the name of the episode, but that was around the Lana and Lex wedding.


An upcoming episode will be set in heaven, after Sam and Dean have been murdered!

A tiny comment: Every time I hear the word murder, I hear that sound effect from Law and Order or CI or one of those.. 'DUN DUN'. You know?! Oh well.. Hope Sam and Dean will meet God in that episode. I don't know. And the question is: WHO IS THE MURDERER? Humm..

Full article here.

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