27 January 2010

Some Smallville Love

OK.. Some Smallville love... It is one of my favorite shows, so take that!

Here is Smallville: Absolute Justice Space Trailer. I like trailers from Space, on occasion, their trailers are a bit spoilery, but still good! When it comes to season finale of Supernatural or Smallville, I won't watch their trailers!

Smallville has come a long way. I think I might have mentioned this before on this blog, that although I like earlier seasons of Smallville (I'm certainly a fan of the Kent family and the Luthors story arc), but for whatever reasons I still cannot pin point, season 8 & 9 are my favorite seasons. The show is more mature and I am really liking the superhero vibe. I think
Absolute Justice could be my favorite Smallville to date. Will see! I love the vibe and the look of this kind of episode.. It's epic. It has the superhero vibe. It looks like a movie! I certainly will pay to watch this in the cinema if it has a cinema release.

With the earlier seasons, I know the point is to tell the story of the teenage Clark. But I never really like the high school vibe. Some of the earliest episodes were too 90210 to me. I am certain that if I started watching the show from the season one live on TV, I would've given up long time ago. But I didn't! Thanks to a great thing call DVD marathon, I was able to watch Smallville in one massive marathon within a 6 month period last year.

Anyway, what I am saying is.. I love Smallville. I wish season 10 of Smallville and season 6 of Supernatural can pair up again on Thursday, seeing this could be their last season. It is unlikely for the CW to pair up the Super-Duo, but it's a nice thought! I really want to see Smallville to reach 4mil and Supernatural 3.5mil in their final season.

OK.. I am probably talking crap now.. Later...

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