30 June 2012

Supernatural returns on Wednesday 3rd October with its 150th episode; spoiler about Sam

Just gonna repeat myself.. Supernatural returns on Wednesday 3rd October with its 150th episode. YAY! Jensen and co are currently prepping for episode 8.03. And according to the spoilers.. (look away now if you don't want to know).. there is a girl in Sam's life.

According to ZAP2IT, Amelia is a recurring love interest for Sam since Ruby (or Becky). Which is a strange way of putting it. Ruby...love interest... Anyhoo.. when are we going to get a spoiler about Sam's haircut?

Do you think Amelia is just an ordinary doctor or something else like supernatural something else or like Lisa?

Comic Con news -- Firefly reunion; Revolution

This is the moment Firefly fans has been waiting for you. It's been ten years since Joss Whedon's Firefly embarked on a journey that ended far too quickly, it was almost illegal for FOX to cancel it. Since then, the show became a hot topic attracting endless questions from fans whenever they get the chance to ask Joss questions at talks and conventions. For those who have seen the special feature on the DVD...how many times have you cried over it?

It's time to hug. Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Summer Glau among others will celebrate with fans its 10th anniversary on Friday July 13 in Ballroom 20 (12:30-1:30pm). Source: ACESHOWBIZ

In other news, here is the mock up of the Revolution banner on the Hilton Hotel building. Oh EPIC! The show is hosting two preview screenings and a panel session at Comic Con this year on Saturday July 14. According to report, the banner will be on the side of the Hilton Bayfront. If you're there, please tweet a photo. Source: EW

A mock up..

28 June 2012

Back to business! Jensen Ackles back to Vancouver to prep Supernatural

Back to business folks! I know October is like 40 yeahs hell time away, but the cast and crew are back in Vancouver for season eight of Supernatural. PUNKD caught Jensen arriving at the Vancouver Airport. Jensen and crew are prepping for 8.03, which is the first episode to shoot, 3rd to air, directed by Jensen.

Love seeing him with his golf set! Work life balance is the key to a good life! 

Source: PUNKD
Source: PUNKD
Source: PUNKD
Comic Con is just around the corner. I am too excited I cannot explain. Seeing Jensen on the podium introducing the Supernatural panel with a new clip in Hall H... is happiness!

26 June 2012

Eric Kripke is one of TV most adorable show-runners: industry report

Booyeah! A New York based real-time analytics and strategy company, Networked Insights (NI), put together some interesting data (that I as a TV junkie totally care) based on the TV ecosystem on the social web. This kind of analytics are increasing becoming important because finally real-time social data is recognised as something tangible and not just random gibberish from fans. Social TV is important especially for media buying and planning. Of course, Social TV is important to networks. CW, for example, they know Supernatural is a hot show because social data tells them so. Can you imagine if Social TV was around for Firefly?
“Networks can now optimize TV show marketing and content around what’s resonating with viewers in real-time.” Sean Reckwerdt, Lead Analyst and Cultural Anthropologist, NI (Can I have a job please?)
Lost Remote has an exclusive insight from the NI report. Four show-runners were listed --  Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries), Dan Harmon (Community), JJ Abrams (everything else) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural). The report basically tells us fans adore Eric Kripke, there was a huge spike in mentions on his birthday.

Source: Lost Remote
OK.. you'd think a professional report should have, I guess better, reasons than Kripke's birthday tweets to back this up. However, stuff like this is important! Afterall, they were monitoring the spike, the movement from social networks. I'd like to think that I and my friends on Twitter have something to do with it.. Together we rule the galaxy! Mwahaha...

NI's CEO Dan Neely also explained why marketers should be paying attention to showrunners’ social buzz. Again, two words -- JOSS WHEDON -- imagine again if social was around for Firefire. Fans trust showrunners!! Fans are more savvy and passionate about their shows, fans know their stuff.

Gone are the days TV viewers just watched whatever crap was put in front of them. Now, fans are smarter, fans are no longer passive viewers. And social breaks the geographic barriers, not only social tells what local viewers are saying, social also tells what international markets are saying too. That's where the money is!

So, tweet on tweeple... Networks and analytics companies do listen to us. Social is important is you want your TV shows to stay around (or go).


19 June 2012

Comic Con goodies -- Revolution & Arrow get limited edition collectible hotel keycards

Warner Bros has been doing this for a few years to promote their TV shows on a series of limited edition collectible hotel keycards which will be used by participating hotels at Comic Con. This year, three of their new shows will get the special promo -- Revolution, Arrow and 666 Park Avenue.

"The Revolution keycard opens hotel doors every time — no blackout here!" From the WB Press release
"The Arrow keycard features star Stephen Amell as the Arrow in an all-new in-character photo." From the WB Press release

If you are not going to Comic Con, you may be able to the limited edition collectible hotel keycards on eBay. Just saying...

Fans can watch the full-length pilots of both Revolution and Arrow at the Warner Bros. Television’s Preview Night screening at Comic-Con on Wednesday, July 11, or during the show's panel sessions -- Arrow on Friday July 13; and Revolution on Saturday July 14.

Source: For full article and press release, check out Collider

Watch this space for more details as we count down to this year's Comic Con!

17 June 2012

NBC's Revolution -- Premiere date; Kripke interview

Some news on NBC's Revolution. The new series will premieres on Monday, September 17 at 10pm on NBC. The new show is getting some really good vibes from those who have watched the pilot. I too have a good feeling about this show, this could be the new Lost without being too lost!

My hero, Creator/ Writer/ Executive Producer of Revolution, Eric Kripke hasn't been doing a lot of talking about his new baby, but in an recent interview, he gave us a glimpse of the heart of the show.
"We're not interested in nihilism or hopelessness. We'll all survive and be OK if we remember the things that bring us together: family, brotherhood and mercy." Eric Kripke, Source CNN
This interview focuses on the post-apocalyptic theme on TV right now. I think TV has enough of procedural cop and legal dramas, and I for now am done with medicine dramas (but never say never!) But it's refreshing to see something else. I hate to switch on my TV and watch the repeat on NCIS and I don't even watch the show. Come one genre shows!!!

Don't forget, Kripke will be at Comic Con this year for Revolution. Watch this space for more details. 

08 June 2012

SDCC -- Hall H for Supernatural (Again!)

The cast and producers at SDCC in 2010. Good times!
Remember how excited I found out when Supernatural was in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) last year? Hell yeah!! They are doing it again! A fan can take as much excitement as possible! I love conventions. Don't judge me!

SDCC is a sign of many things -- the direction of the season is set; ideas are flashed out (are we going to Ninjas this year?); scripts are written (at least the first few anyway); writing staff is confirmed; the first 1 or 2 episodes are shot; Jensen Ackles will have been already directed his episode; Jeremy Carver is sitting comfortably at the co-show runner's chair; and we will get a review clip (possibly introduced by Jensen) at the beginning of the Supernatural Panel on July 15.

Here is the WB media release:

Sunday July 15 -- Hall H

"Supernatural (Wednesdays 9/8c The CW): Returning to Hall H are series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, joined by recurring guest stars Misha Collins, Jim Beaver and Mark A. Sheppard, as well as new executive producer Jeremy Carver and consulting producer Ben Edlund."

The panel will be moderated by TV Guide's Rich Sands

It's a little weird not to see Sera on the panel this year, she was on every year! And I am a little surprise to see Jim's name on the list. Does it mean we will see Bobby again? Mark is fan's favourite like Adam Baldwin.. LOVE!

In other news....

Eric Kripke's new show, Revolution, is also a WB show. Kripke is attending SDCC this year for Revolution. (I know, it sounds a it weird!). But hey.. the man is a god! The Revolution panel will be on Saturday July 14. Here is the WB media release:

Saturday July 14 -- Room 6BCF

"Revolution Series stars Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito and Tracy Spiridakos join creator/executive producer Eric Kripke and director/co-executive producer Jon Favreau."

Kripke AND 'Happy' Favreau together on stage? THAT'S EPIC!!

I suppose JJ is the EP for far too many shows, he can't be on stage for all of them at SDCC. Otherwise SDCC will be a JJ show.. (which I don't mind!) May be he will do the Star Trek II panel instead? Don't know... Watch this space.

Source: WB, WinchesterBros

04 June 2012

Ben Edlund - The ATX Television Festival Panel

I was gutted for about a few hours when I saw rumors about Ben Edlund's departure yesterday on Twitter. HOWEVER, he is not departing. In fact, he is very much staying because Supernatural needs his magic. So, if you were like me, destroyed by the rumors, we are GOOD! Please don't do this again whoever you are, I cannot handle the boo-boo. 

It was Ben Blacker and writer partner Ben Acker who have left Supernatural. They wrote 7.07 The Mentalists. The duo is also best known for The Nerdist Podcast and Thrilling Adventure Hour, which I am a huge fan of. Good luck guys! Ben Blacker tweeted last night to clarify.

Moving on.... Ben Edlund was on a panel recently at the ATX Television Festival. I am hoping to find the recording of the panel. In the mean time, here is the write up from Kimberly Jones of Austin Chronicle -- ATX Television: TV Fantasy Goes Mainstream.

I can now have a good day... And I wish I can buy you a drink.

Peace out V_V

01 June 2012

Supernatural Season 8 - Robert Singer's Interview

Executive Producer Robert Singer said a few words about season eight of Supernatural in an recent interview with TV Guide. Nothing too spoilery, but it's good to know the brothers will be reunited very quickly! Yay! But time much time will have passed. It's kinda like season four or six perhaps, Dean was in hell for 4 months between season three and four; and Dean had a gap year between season five and six. I wonder how many months or years we will see. Interview sources: Thanks for Supernatural Fans Online and Gather.

You know what? I always always wanted the (post) apocalyptic wasteland as seen in The End to be part of the setting of the show. I think it'd be really cool to jump 5 years and see the wasteland and how people are dealing with Dick's so-called legacy. But I guess the Leviathans story line are not as epic as the angels' or demons', so that probably won't work.

So once again, Crowley is doing what he does best. I was talking to my sister last night after she watched the season seven finale, she too agreed perhaps there is A LOT we still don't know about Crowley. He continues to be an intriguing character and he is definitely the one to watch! I think the writers have plenty of stuff installed for the King of Hell.

Keeping Meg in his pocket is an interesting thing. I mean, he knows how Cas feels about Meg, and Crowley definitely expects Cas to return. How much does Crowley know about everything?

What about Sam and Dean? I am REALLY REALLY dying to know what Dean's up to in Purgatory. If Hell moves in dog years, four months is like forty-years, then what about Purgatory? That's going to be interested to find out. Without weapons and any supernatural power, how is Dean going to survive Purgatory? How much Cas can do to fence off the monsters from himself and Dean? I think the question is going to be whether Dean and Cas will get out with the help of Sam or themselves; or with supernatural assistance from any supernatural entity.

Five months to go... not that I am counting or anything...

MARK YOUR DIARY! Supernatural Twitter Rewatch Party -- A Tribute to Sera Gamble, Sunday 10th June, 11AM, (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

It's been awhile since the last Supernatural Twitter Rewatch Party. But our Twitter party is back and it's on Sunday 10th June, 11AM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
This time, we are paying tribute to the awesome Sera Gamble and will be rewatching the following episodes.

1.12 Faith
5.13 The Song Remains the Same
7.23 Survival of the Fittest

These are all signature episodes by Sera Gamble. They are great examples of her brilliant writing, and demonstrating why she is one of the star writers of the show. As you may notice, they are episodes from different period of the show -- Faith in season one is one of the most foreshadowing episodes about Dean and his purpose and we witness the different side of Dean and Sam; The Song Remains the Same is the Back to the Future of Supernatural (it's epic!); and Survival of the Fittest is the last episode Sera writes for Supernatural.

So! This is what's going to happen if you are unfamiliar with our Twitter rewatch party.. We will be watching the episodes at the same time (so get your DVD or downloaded files ready, we will be doing a countdown to press the play button). We will be doing live tweets via Twitter. You are most welcome to join the conversation, that's really the point of the Twitter rewatch party. Oh.. and grab some munchies and drinks!

You can follow my accounts: Tiny; Tiny Panic Room; Tiny Flatbread (You must follow all accounts in case I go to Twitter jail.) You can also follow my friend AmyInSydney from Sweetondean, who is the co-organiser of this rewatch.

We are using the hashtag: #SeraGamble

So, be there or be square! Get your DVD or download ready and we'll see you this Sunday (10th June) at 11am AEST time on Twitter! Be sure to check your timezone.

While I have your attention, we will be announcing our Jeremy Carver rewatch a bit later. Watch this space!