06 January 2010

Review: Supernatural season 4 DVD - Limited Edition for Aussie Fans

Thank you Warner Brothers! Thank you so much for including the Comic Con 2008 panel footage into the DVD. I have only watched a few clips on YouTube, but this is really awesome! Nice and clear! The 2008 Comic Con was attended by Eric Kripke, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Sara Gamble and Ben Edlund.

It was really awesome to hear a number of great questions from fans that are not cliche. For example, some Bella related questions were well asked. Bella is not one of the loved characters by most fans, but I don't mind her and I don't miss her either.
I like it when Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund were honest about Bella, they were critical about the development of her character and discussed how they would do it differently so that it would work better. If Bella is tied to the mythology of the show a bit more, her character would have been more interesting. And I agree.

This bonus disk is well presented with the panel footage and some montage from season 4. Although I would have loved to see some behind the scene interviews from Comic Con, but this is a good start.

I have once expressed that the DVD should always include convention footage as they are rare and overseas fans can enjoy the highlight. I hope the season 5 DVD will have the Comic Con 2009 footage.

Another thing to add to my wishlist: I hope the Supernatural: Complete Series on BlueRay (when it comes out in a few years time) would have some new rare featurettes.

To me, I think SG1 has the best featurettes, the DVDs have plenty of commentaries, interviews, individual character profiles, video diaries from the cast, convention footage, directors series (which follows the director of a particular episode, kinda like a director video diary) and the making of some key episodes and more.

Aussie fans, JB HiFi is doing a 20% off deal until this Sunday (10 Jan). The Comic Con stuff is exclusive to JB HiFi as far as I know. If you go to EZYVideo, you only get the usual but you will also get the Impala for free. It's the usual stuff if you buy it from other stores.

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  1. Natasha ClearyMay 16, 2010

    did u not notice that none of the other special features like the gag reel or the 3 part doco where included on any of the DVDs because of a manufacture error?? Are you not annoyed at paying extra and all u got was the comic con... not that it wasnt great but i want the other extras that i payed for

    Natasha Cleary

    please reply to "xoxo.tasha.xoxo@hotmail.com"


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