20 January 2010

New Sera Gamble Interview; New SPN Comic

Sera Gamble - new interview with TVGuide

You can read the full article on TVGuide, where Sera answered a few questions about up-coming episodes. But this is what I'm interested the most regarding Back to the Future II. BEWARE OF SPOILERS.
Source: TV Guide

TVG: On February 4, you’re doing a “Back to the Future” episode when Sam and Dean time travel to 1978. What are they attempting to do?

Sera: Sam and Dean go back to try to save their mom and dad—from a threat that also travels back in time from 2020—Terminator style.

Tiny: Woah! I didn't know they are going to 2020 as well. This is like original Back to the Future II timeline - Marty went to the future with Doc; then back to the past to his parent's prom night. I love it when Supernatural goes Terminator, like in The End.

TVG: What are the consequences if they don’t succeed—or they do?

Sera: If the baddie succeeds, Mary and John [
Amy Gumenick and Matthew Cohen] will be murdered—and Sam and Dean will never be born. So, you could say the stakes are pretty high for the guys.

Tiny: They won't succeed! They won't! Because whatever happened, happened.

Is it a heartbreaker?

Sera: Definitely. Sam seeing his parents is heart-wrenching—particularly his mom, because she died when he was just a baby. When he first meets her, he’s so overwhelmed he can’t even speak. But I think the most heartbreaking story is Mary’s. She’s done everything she can to leave hunting behind and have a normal life with John. But as the episode unfolds, we see her realize she can never escape.

Tiny: I want more Mary centric episode! That is all!

Supernatural new comic: Beginning's End

The new Supernatural comic, Beginning's End, comes out today. This is the third in the series, previously released was Origin and Rising Son. Both were John Winchester centric. Beginning's End was written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, who also wrote Yellow Fever, After School Special, Jump the Shark and I Believe The Children Are Our Future. Check it out here.

I read Origin and Rising Son. I don't read comic, so it was weird. But it's good to see a John centric story. After reading the comic, I really want to see a Supernatural prequel on TV. And I think now that we know Mary was a hunter, there should be a comic on Mary and the Campbells.

I also think it'd be interesting to read a Samuel Colt story. How did he know he was building a gun that would kill almost any supernatural things? Was he connected to angels and demons?

Beginning's End - Official description:

'Picking up several years after the hit RISING SON miniseries, the Winchester clan find themselves in the strangest situation imaginable – monster hunting in the Big Apple! The definitive events that led to Sam leaving his family to attend Stanford, this gripping and horrifying story, courtesy of television series writers Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, will explore the raw nerves of what makes the Winchesters unique and volatile.'

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