09 January 2010

Supernatural wins timeshifted ratings in Australia!!!

You want stats and facts, Channel Ten? You got it!

According the TVTonight, Supernatural wins timeshifted ratings in Australia on the week of December 27 to Wednesday December 30, 2009. Same week you pulled Supernatural off air!

I can only pray that Channel Ten is NOT blind and realise Supernatural is indeed one of the top shows. Supernatural may not reach the million mark in Australia, but it's good enough to stay. Did I mention Supernatural also won a People's Choice Award this week?

, Private Practice, Survivor, Stargate: Universe, Californication, Bones, Cold Case, Fringe and Top Gear
are the top shows we are recording and watching later, according to early figures released by OzTAM.

Since December 27 OzTAM has begun adding Timeshifted, or Consolidated, figures to its Ratings in a major change to its survey data. It tallies the programmes that are watched up to 7 days after their live airing, now known as the “Overnight” figure. Homes with OzTAM People Meters are now recognising what is watched on recording equipment including PVRs, DVRs and VCRs.

Since Monday networks have been getting their eyes on Consolidated figures -it takes eight days for the results to trickle down. As of yesterday they were able to see the results for shows which aired from Sunday December 27 to Wednesday December 30, Week 1 of 2010 ratings data.

It illustrates how some shows are picking up significant audiences when watched later by viewers.

At the top of the data so far is Supernatural.

It had 394,000 in its Overnight results, but picked up another 41,000 through Consolidated figures, a total of 435,000 viewers. But the news is all the more hollow for fans of the show. TEN dropped it before getting a chance to see Consolidated figures....."

Full article here.

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