04 January 2010

Channel Ten Gets No Love From Supernatural Fans

An all new Supernatural episode was supposed to be on our TV tonight, but it wasn't! So I wrote this blog post instead.

TV Tonight has released an article recently about the cancellation of two genre shows on an Australian television network, Channel Ten.
Supernatural and Stargate Universe are officially off air in Australia. No one knows whether this is a temporary or permanent decision.

What's wrong with Channel Ten? I'd like to think Channel Ten understands their demographic and their viewers. But clearly they don't. Just let me vent.

Ten launched 2 genre shows in December - what's wrong with this decision?

Genre shows do not get great ratings in comparison to other TV shows that appeal to the general demographic. Ten should know that launching genre shows during the holiday season and non-rating period won't do any good for their rating. Beside, Supernatural is about the apocalypse, during Christmas they aired I Believe The Children Are Our Future featuring the anti-Christ Jesse. I think your viewers would want to see something lighter than the end of the world stuff during Christmas. So don't give me the crap about the cancellation due to the rating. Ten should know this.

Ten does not know their viewers.

Supernatural is a returned show and into its fifth epic season, and SGU is a brand new show. While these shows are one of the best on TV, this is NOT good pairing. For example, you wouldn't pair up Supernatural with Desperate Housewives, and you wouldn't pair up Smallville with Masterchef.. Not that they are ever on the same network. SGU perhaps is better off on a weekend timeslot like Merlin, and like Kara said on her blog, Supernatural should pair up with Glee. If Ten has done their research, they should know there are a lot of crossover fans for both shows. Channel Ten is on Twitter but they are not utilizing this tool. The reason why businesses are on Twitter, is because they can mingle with fans and find our what they want and how they watch their shows. They are so out of touch with the fans. When you don't know something, you can still do research and find out. Clearly there is NO research and planning into this pairing. It's just a 'let's hope it works' scenario.

Supernatural is a genre show, it has a niche group of devoted, passionate and intelligent fans. Those who tune in to watch the show, CARE. You want to make money? You target crazy fans, they spend money like there is no tomorrow to get their hands on anything Supernatural.

Release your right as a broadcasting network for Supernatural

If Ten is NOT interested in airing the show now and ever, then release the right to air immediately, so that another channel can pick it up. Cable or free to air, I don't care. As long as Aussie fans get our episodes. If no other channels want to pick up the show, then Warner Brothers or whoever holds the right to do so, should release all previous seasons as well as the latest episodes on iTune. At the moment, only season 1-4 are available on Australian iTune store.

Preserving the
integrity of the show in the eyes of international viewers

Supernatural is not the highest rating shows in the USA and around the world. But many critics and viewers would agree, this is one of the best written and most underrated shows on television right now.

If I am a network executive of the studio or the producers of the show, I would want to make sure the show is distributed with the highest level of respect. Just like they want to stop illegal download, so why wouldn't they want to make sure the show is treated with respect by overseas networks?

I don't think Ten exhibit any respect to the show and fans. Of course there is no guarantee of ratings, but Ten should at least air every episode available to date. If you started it, at least finish it. Don't just take it off, like you just put back a carton of eggs back on the shelf. Fans have voiced their opinions, and Ten knows that we are watching the show.

The funny thing to me is that if Ten is letting go a show, then let it go completely! Take it off your website.
Last time I checked Supernatural was still a 'featured site' on Ten's homepage, they are also running advertising for season four DVD, which come out in Australia this week. You are NOT giving the fans the right message. If you know anything about marketing and branding, then you should do this right.

Why am I getting angrier and angrier?

This is not the first time Ten angry
Supernatural fans, I am sure they are sick of getting of getting phone calls, emails and whatever from fans. The second Supernatural Convention in Australia will be held in May this year. NO PRESS SHOULD BE ALLOWED. Ten should not get any interviews from the stars, because the organisers have worked so hard to get the actors to Australia and Ten should NOT be allowed to get any share of the success, they should not use the Convention to get free access to the stars. I could be wrong, but I don't think Ten has anything to do with the Convention.

Look, we just want our show back on TV!

My solution? Write to them! Declare war on Twitter with hashtags! I've done some digging, the
Chief Programming Officer for Network Ten is David Mott, Network Publicist is Trish Ricketts. I think we should all write a letter to Mr Mott and Ms Ricketts to let them know how we feel.

Sydney Head Office
1 Saunders St

Pyrmont, NSW 2009
GPO BOX 10, Sydney, NSW 2001

You can also reach Channel Ten on Twitter.

Ten has picked the wrong group of fans to mess with. Supernatural fans demand answers and action.


  1. wow.. well said!

  2. Totally agree! Posted my complaint letter to them today!

    Twitter ID: prankzta

  3. good .......................

  4. Yes awesome finally someone voicing the right opinion! Im getting my friends and fans from around my area to sign a petition that im going to mail in to channel 10. I completely agree with everything you said and im a crazy obsessed fan of the show so I am not going to quit until we get our boys back!!!
    ~ Rainyrainbow25@hotmail.com (:

  5. Yup, totally agree. And I so hate channel ten and it's total panning of anything sci-fi that I have banned channel ten from this household - no one is allowed to turn that **** channel on for any thing - and if I could delete it as an option on my remote - yeah I WOULD.

  6. How can I email these idiots?

  7. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    AHHH, you are so right. as soon i saw the adress for these idiots, i started writing my complaint letter straight away. me and my friends are pissed, and channel 10 doing this, is just like having ads saying "Hey, we arn't gonna play this show anymore, so go online and steal the episodes from america. please pirate copy ALL season 5 eps."

  8. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    Absolutely agree. Seems to me ten decided long ago it hated sci-fi and anything like it. They seem to do there ABSOLUTE best to sabotage these shows so that they have an excuse to dump them. It's been a channel ten thing for decades now. That's why Ive detuned channel ten from my TV sets - I dont have to watch that back stabbing channel then

  9. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    You guyz rock! I totally agree. Hopefully channel 10 get hold of this blog and actually read and reflect on what the fans have expressed. I believe gnw has taken over supernatural's time slot so subsequently i have banished that show from my house and of many of my friend's homes as well. Also i completely understand the statement made about downloading illegal footage. You would hope for channel ten to take this into account. Our boys Sam and Dean and all the crew of Supernatural have always heavily expressed their gratitude for the fans and how our comments and love for the show keep them going.... So that's exactly what I'm going to do!

  10. Chanel 10 seem to pick the best shows but have the worst organisational skills out of any chanels to the point the person in charge should be fired without any questioning. They do this to my other favourite shows Californication and the new episodes of Lie To Me are being stuffed around by them playing old episodes instead of new. FFS CH10 get your shit together!!!

  11. The next episode entitled LIKE A VIRGIN. It amazes me how uniquely, yet simply wonderful. It's a series like every other CW show. So, I can't wait this Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12


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