31 August 2011

Review: Supernatural Tie-In Novel 'Heart of the Dragon'

I have never been a big fan of tie-in products. What a positive way to start a blog post by bringing everyone down with my personal view on the subject, right?! But having said, I do read tie-in novels, especially the Supernatural ones. Reading them and looking at the attractive covers help me to survive the painful hellatus.

Tie-in novels (not to be confused with fanfics) are written by professional novelists and they are usually based on an established TV series or movie. The point of tie-in novels is to give fans a fix. Buffy and Firefly Serenity have a very successful run in the tie-in products including novels and comics. Others such as Star Wars, SG1, SGA, The X-Files and Star Trek have loads of novels. Tie-in novels focus on stories we don't see on screen -- stories usually take place in between seasons and episodes or after a show/ movie is ended; story ideas are (supposed to be) in the spirit of the original TV series; and because it's a novel, you don't have to worry about booking in actors (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I am looking at you!).

Tie-in novels are usually published after a season is ended, because obviously a tie-in novel can't give away any plot lines or spoilers while the current season is on air. For example, Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon was published in 2010, the story took place after season five's Changing Channels. I can only imagine how hard it is to write a tie-in novel. On one hand, writers have the freedom to create something with their own imagination, but on the other hand, they are limited. Although the actual TV episodes never reference the plots or any kind of details as mentioned in the tie-in novels, but the writers still can't reinvent the wheel or jeopardise the mytho of the show in any way.

To be honest, some of the Supernatural tie-in novels are good, but some are not. The one that I really enjoyed was War of the Sons. I think this is very very close to the actual mytho of the series. I actually want to see the story on the TV series. The story worked and it actually looked like the missing chapter. I think that's how a tie-in novel should be and this is what I expect from others -- a page-turning tie-in novel.

But we don't always get what we want.

The biggest problem is that sometimes details are not aligned with the original show. For example, Dean's eyes are green, not blue. Dean will NEVER let anyone to drive his car, except Sam. Under NO circumstance, Dean would let anyone to drive his car. In Coyote's Kiss, Sam was available to drive, but Dean let the lady friend to drive his car. It's so illegal! Dean in this story became a bit needy for women was a bit out of character. As if Dean would ask 'Can you stay?'! The overall continuity is there, but deep down you know that's not exactly the Dean and Sam you love on the TV screen. It's a strange feeling -- I know I am getting my Supernatural fix, but I know there is a disconnection there somewhere.

Heart of the Dragon

Heart of the Dragon was written by Keith DeCandido, who also wrote many Supernatural tie-in novels. It's an ok read, not as great as War of the Sons. Long time visitors know that I love the family element of the show -- I love watching John, Mary with Dean and Sam. To see them appear in one place (in this case, in one book) is a real treat. Although Grandpa Samuel was a bit 'mistreated' in season six of Supernatural, which was unfortunate, but the family theme and his character treatment in Heart of the Dragon are acceptable.

The story took place in 3 different timelines. We met the Campbells in 1969; the Winchesters in 1989; and Dean and Sam in 2009. It involved a story about the spirit of an ancient Samurai, the Heart of the Dragon, a weapon created a demon which would give team Lucifer the advantage in the apocalypse. I don't really care about the myth of this story, because my expectation wasn't high and because at time it was confusing. Thank you for thinking outside the square but mixing the Judeo-Christian-Samurai-ghost is a bit too fusion for me on this occasion.

What this novel did right was the treatment of the Campbells. This is how they should be written. I think Grandpa especially should have been written with a bit more dignity. We love him the first time we met him in In the Beginning, and I just think we should have a good memory of him as a good tough guy, rather than a douche who was afraid to stand up.

We have never seen Deanna as BA. In the Heart of the Dragon, we had a glimpse of her in action. Deanna was someone we don't know too much about. Would Samuel act differently if Deanna was also resurrected? Was she the one keeping him 'human' and sane all these years? The husband and wife team (as a hunter couple or not) never really worked on the show -- one always survived without another. Something bad always happened to the other half, like John and Mary; Bobby and Karen; season three's Isaac and Tamara; Dean and Lisa; Sam and Jess (and Madison); Ellen and William Harvelle. But in Heart of the Dragon, DeCandido managed to give us the glimpse of Samuel and Deanna as the hunter couple along with their only child, Mary, who was 15 year old in this novel. It was certainly a rare opportunity to see them in action as a family.

Heart of the Dragon reiterates Mary's desire to be a normal person, free from hunting. We now know Mary and John already knew each other when Mary was 15. The teenage-y John was not heavily featured in the Campbells timeline in this story, but he was there and Samuel didn't like him even back then because he was too normal. But I like that John kid!

We then saw John Winchester 20 years later with young Dean and Sam, and Uncle Bobby (assuming he had more hair). That part of the story reminded me so much of Something Wicked. In fact, the 'feel' of the story about young Dean, Sam with John as the hunter father is pretty consistence across all Supernatural tie-in products including the comics Origins and Rising Son. I just hope that John Winchester is not being confined within the Supernatural tie-in products forever. I certainly hope to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Matt Cohen as John Winchester on the show again!

In Heart of the Dragon, we don't get to see too much of Dean and Sam, which took awhile to get used to, but nevertheless, it was a good read because of the family them, no matter how dysfunctional the family was. The Campbells was treated well in the writing department and it was a treat to read John, Dean and Sam together as a family. It was certainly an excuse to put the Campbells and the Winchesters together in one novel without getting all the guest stars back on set. The story mythology could have been better but the family element saved it.

PS 'Tiny' was a bit of douche in this book, which was funny.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

29 August 2011

What's cooking at Kripke's Hollow?

Hello everybody, I have been busy..
Eric Kripke may be stepping down as the showrunner of Supernatural, but he is not going into retirement! He has been busy with new projects. Although Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, is on hold for whatever reasons but Kripke is already moving on to the next project. The CW is developing a new TV series based on DC Comic's Deadman. This looks more promising than The Sandman which has always a bit of a yeah-but-no-but-yeah-but. I think if the CW/ WB/ DC want to do it, they will make it happen. Kripke is certainly the right guy for it. Matt Cohen for the lead? Fans think so!

I think Superman, Spiderman and Batman have been done to death! There are heaps of other superheroes or comic book characters that studios and networks can dive into. Say, if Watchmen or The Avengers is made into a TV series, I think they will be extremely successful.

So who is DeadmanDeadman is a ghost, formerly circus trapeze artist named Boston Brand who performed under the name Deadman, a stage persona including a red costume and white corpse makeup. Boston Brand was murdered, his sprite was given special power by a Hindu goddess to posses any living being in order to find his murderer and obtain justice. Sounds a bit like The Cape?

Deadman crossed over with other DC stories such as Superman, Batman, Jason Todd, Green Arrow and Justice League. 

This certainly sounds very very interesting. I would really love to see this taking off. The CW new boss expressed his interest to develop a new DC show for the network. Let's see what the Kripke-master can do with this baby! I still hope The Sandman is a go with Kripke attached to it. A movie perhaps? I know I am greedy, but I just can't wait to see Kripke's next project.

Kripke is also working on the movie Haunted, which is a WB project.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

24 August 2011

In Cas we fear.... In Sera we trust... Bring it!

Suck it up and deal with it haters. I have always been a supporter of Sera Gamble and this will not change. I know a lot of people have been very concerned about what Supernatural has or will become for a variety of reasons since Eric Kripke stepped down as the showrunner. We all have different reasons for watching the show, but the mythology of the show has always been about the Winchester family -- the brothers. I don't think this has changed at all. Whether we go back to the monster of the week or touch the angel storyarc.. it's still about the brothers. I really cannot wait to watch season seven. I have enough of this painful hellatus!

There... I got that bit out of the way... On to the latest promo clip of Supernatural...

It's interesting to see the CW has been pushing the Kiss-Your-Cas-Goodbye angle as the focal point of the promotional clips. Whether it's the marketing people don't communicate with the show's crew to convey the correct idea and went off to do their own promo (which I doubt) OR they do communicate and this is shaping up to be a season about In-Cas-We-Fear, which is expected, we just don't know how. And this In-Cas-We-Fear element is going to be an integral, recurring theme in seasons seven. Remember, Supernatural never throw something out there for nothing. So, for those who fear Misha's role in season seven, never fear. Kiss-Your-Cas-Goodbye and In-Cas-We-Fear will be addressed. 

Like I said, it's a show about the brothers and their adventures. Saving people, hunting things, the family business is still the most famous quote from Supernatural. I think season seven will also about saving friends from their own darkness.

Here is the extended promo released today:

Dean: Who are you?

Cas: I am God. 

22 August 2011

Supernatural News Jensen & Jared Interview & Episode Titles Update; The Avengers at D23 Expo

Ahoy! E!Online did this interview with Jensen and Jared recently where they talked about the new seasons and the role of Castiel etc.. They miss the monster of the week type of episodes, I can see why. They are less intense and I supposed, as much as we love the angst, we love a good old classic Supernatural episodes.. just no racist monster truck please.

Why Jensen why?
Please cross your arms more
Sorry Jared, did you say blah blah blah....

Spoiler TV also reported a few new Supernatural titles recently, here is a summary:

701 Meet the New Boss (directed by Philip Sgriccia, written by Sera Gamble)
702 Hello Cruel World
703 The Girl Next Door (directed by Jensen Ackles, written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin)
704 Defending Your Life (directed by Guy Bee)
705 Shut Up! Dr Phil
706 Slash Fiction
707 All in the Family 
708 The Mentalists
709 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

Episode order and titles subject to change

Source: E!Online, Hypable, SpoilerTV

In other news, Disney's D23, Disney's very own version of Comic Con, took place yesterday. From what I can see, The Avengers cast had the biggest reception from the crowd! Who is excited?! I so am!!! I haven't seen the footage they presented at The Avengers presentation, but it's awesome! You can check out the information from the live blog during the event at Marvel.

Loki: "I have an army."

Tony Stark: "We got the Hulk."

Joss Whedon and Chris Evans were not at the event, I guess due to filming.

21 August 2011

The Impala Boat for the Supernatural DuckNation

I am having so much fun creating the Impala Boat for DuckNation. Woohoo!!! Wanna see my creation?

Who would've thought.. finding rubber ducks is harder than I expected! They are just rubber ducks! But at the last stop, I found them! And I did some planning..

What a happy family?!
Crappy drawing. A lot of this stuff didn't happen.
Let's just say... I've got a LOT of leftover Lego. You want some?
Introducing Ninja Dean, Ninja Sam and Bobby on 
the Impala Boat
(This could be the only Duck that sinks) 

Based on or inspired by an idea that Ben Edlund may or may not have written for a Supernatural episode.....  

Ninja Dean is driving the Duck. Ninja Sam is holding the Ruby Knife. I gave Bobby a weapon, it looks like the basilisk's fang from Harry Potter.

Black is Dean; Red is Sam; Bobby is in the middle
Revealing their cranky faces
I made a hole in the ass for what is supposed to be the ventilator fan
I'll probably send this to Clif on Tuesday... Hopefully it will arrive safely!!

20 August 2011

Kiss Your Cas Goodbye..... OMG... Supernatural Season 7 Trailer

Kiss your Cas goodbye.. OMG... this trailer gets me so excited!!! I think I have my first theory for Supernatural season seven.

This Cas is FakeCas... RealCas is somewhere else... There!

Supernatural season seven premier on Friday 23rd Sept 2011 on the CW.

18 August 2011

Charisma Carpenter & James Marsters to Guest Star on Supernatural; the DuckNation Initiative

It's safe to say Buffy and Supernatural have a similar fanbase. We are all very passionate about the shows. Having Buffy's Charisma Carpenter (aka Cordelia) & James Marsters (aka Spike) to guest star on Supernatural is a real treat for fans. Twitter just exploded today with the announcement!

Spoiler Alert

Charisma and James will play wife and husband in the fifth episode of season seven titled Shut Up Dr Phil. Sera Gamble revealed that, “This episode is ‘Bewitched' gone wrong... [It was] all upside for this successful man (Marsters) while he was married to the witch (Carpenter), but now that he’s pissed her off, the whole town is paying the price.” Source: TVLine


Have you been following J2's bodyguard Clif Kosterman on Twitter? Ducknation is AWESOME! I love ducks! Duck Dean, Duck Sam, Duck Bobby, Duck Castiel.. This is probably by far the best thing ever happened to the set of Supernatural!

All photos belong to Clif Kosterman

Wanna to see your rubber duck(s) to be added to the pond? Send them to the below address with your your name and location on it. Details also thanks to WinchesterBros

Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive Burnaby,
B.C. V3N 5C8

17 August 2011

Supernatural - more set photos

Am I the only who is on cloud nine when I see Jensen Ackles' back? Even without seeing his face, he is still hot! OMG... If you don't mind me say so...

OK.. I'll give you a bit more...

Source: The Examiner and Spoiler TV

The Avengers - Sighting of Joss Whedon directing Chris Evans

Am I the only one who is excited to see Joss Whedon on the set of The Avengers directing Chris Evans (aka Capt America)?

Source: Spoiler TV
I still think Jensen Ackles should've been Capt America.

[A long overdue review] Supernatural tie in novel - 'War of the sons'

Note from Grumpy Bum (aka me): This review is way long overdue... like 8 months overdue. Yeah I suck. I wrote this episode back in November 2010, so you will see a reference to season five as at November 2010.

Tie-in novels never really give me the satisfaction due to some weird reasons. But Supernatural War of the Sons captured my attention from the get-go and I finished the book pretty quickly. I couldn't put it down. If you haven't read it, you may want to skip this review.

War of the Sons was written by Rebecca Dessertine and David Reed. The story took place just after season five's My Bloody Valentine, it focused on the boys' quest of finding the missing chapter of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

On the hunt for Lucifer, Sam and Dean found themselves in a small town in South Dakota where they meet Don, an angel with quite a background! Don told the boys his job was to guard the gates of Hell. But when Lucifer was set free after the last seal was broken, Don was left jobless. Knowing the plan was always going to put the Devil back to his cage and not wanting to go back to his old job guarding Hell's gates, Don sent Sam and Dean back to 1954 to find the missing chapter of the scroll: "The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of the Darkness".

This missing chapter contained a list of names of angels corresponding with their human vessels, including the Novaks (i.e. Jimmy) for Castiel, Dean and Sam for Michael and Lucifer.
It turns out, Don wanted the boys to obtain the list and to kill the human vessels so that there was no battle to win or lose. Without human vessels for Michael and Lucifer, there would be no show down.

Dean and Sam met two hunters Walter and Julie, a father and his daughter, who befriended and betrayed the brothers. When Walter and Julie found out about the list, they gathered other hunters to start killing the vessels. They thought if the killing of vessels would save the planet, the end justified the means. But Dean and Sam would never kill humans even if it was for a greater good. The daughter Julie, who was supposed to be a love interest for Dean, found out about the future from Dean and eventually had a change of heart, she destroyed the list to stop the killing. 

In my view, the key contributing factors of the success of War of the Sons are the pace of the story and the consistency between the actual series and novel. I am a stickler for consistency across different Supernatural tie-in products (i.e. novels, animations, The John Winchester Journal). I truly love the angel story line and that was one of the key things I was looking for when I read War of the Sons. The angel storyline was very well-told in this novel. I have always been a fan of the angel storyarc, I thought with a little refinement by Gamble, Edlund or Kripke himself, it would make a perfect movie-length episode in season five.

War of the Sons isn't the best novel on the bookshelves, but it's like Supernatural got its own version of The Da Vinci code with our Dean and Sam playing Robert Langdon.It was really fun to read about Dean going undercover at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Sam going to the American Bible Society to do research. There were plenty of references to the show itself and the pop culture.  

War of the Sons is probably the best Supernatural tie-in novels to date. I could read it again and that's a good sign. Because I really enjoyed it.

Here are other Supernatural tie-in novels for you to check out:

Nevermore by Keith R.A. DeCandido
Witch's Canyon by John Keegan
Bone Key by Keith R.A. DeCandido
Heart of The Dragon by Keith R. A. Decandido
The Unholy Cause by Joe Schreiber
One Year Gone by Rebecca Dessertine 
Coyote's Kiss by Christa Faust 

13 August 2011

Season Seven Underway -- Supernatural set photos

I am dying for more Supernatural news and set photos. It's been a slow news month (even after Comic Con) for Supernatural, like they are keeping everything secret? I need my Supernatural fix now!

I found some set photos from Fanpop.

10 August 2011

Random Wednesday Edition - Jensen Ackles, Jensen Ackles, Jensen Ackles

"It's not interesting television if everything goes right for these guys." 
 Jensen Ackles, Comic Con 2011, Interview with BuzzFocus 

Here is Jensen's interview with BuzzFocus. Great question guys!! I can watch his all day everyday! Jensen talks about new bad and his dream finale.

In other news, 'Green Arrow' Justin Hartley and 'Frank Lapidus' Jeff Fahey will guest-star on the fifth and final season of Chuck (have I mentioned how sad 2012 is going to be without Chuck? They better not canx Supernatural or you will not hear from me again.) Details on Chuck, click here.

07 August 2011

Captain America -- A review from a new fan

Long time visitors of the Impala's Trunk know that I am not a comic book fan. I don't read them, I don't know how to read them. Everything I know about a comic story or a hero is through movies and TV shows.

I was really looking forward to Captain America. I didn't know too much about the story and the characters, so I actually borrowed my friend's The Avengers the animation movie and see what's the fuss is about. I got the feel about what The Avengers is like as a team and it helps me to see how everyone fits into the story.  

Captain America has always been about the journey of Steve Rogers, a physically weak young man with a pure good heart, who wanted to save lives and serve his country. Steve Rogers volunteered for a research project and was chosen as the first human test subject for the super-soldier serum developed by the scientist Dr Abraham Erskine. The serum worked. But Captain America was like a poster boy for the army, an icon for hope. Some soldiers didn't see him as a real solider, but when it was his time to shine, he shined. Captain America was lost to the world after WWII when he hurled into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. His body was recovered from the ice 70 years later (aka present time). Now he is a member of The Avengers with Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Haweye, Hulk and Nick Fury.

The movie, Captain America did not disappoint. If you don't know the story of Steve Rogers and The Avengers, it's ok but you will miss details you don't even know they are awesome. Having watched the animation to get myself up to speed for the backstory, the first time viewing of the movie was still a bit too much. But I really really enjoyed it. The thing about this movie is that it had such great material (the story and the characters), it was packed with information and they tried to tell you everything about Steve Rogers. The downside is some scenes happened too quickly (and therefore perhaps forgettable), I had to watch it again. The movie made more sense the second time I watched it.

Contain spoilers

I guess what I am trying to say is that the pace of the story could be better and the story could be a bit more tighten. Like some scenes deserve a better explanation, if you know what I mean? Two scenes came to mind and I thought they were supposed to be significant -- the choosing of the shield and the ending.

I assume the shield of Captain America is very significant yes? So in that scene, when Howard Stark was introducing different types of shields for Steve Rogers to choose from, it was too convenient for Steve Rogers to catch the shield that was dumped on the floor and went "oh look what's that... humm.. that's the shield I am destined to wield."

The other scene that could've been explained better is the ending. Not everyone knew Captain America survived the fall and the ice, I feel that the writers kinda assumed everyone knew that or perhaps it was their intention. I don't know for sure. For the ending, I would've connected it back to the first scene of the movie, revealed the frozen shield and Captain America and leave it there. Nick Fury (aka Samuel L Jackson) could be in the teaser and the trailer after credit. It was almost too spoilery to see Steve Rogers waking up in bed, ran out to Broadway and stopped by Nick Fury where he told Rogers he had been asleep for 70 years.

Captain America was not as perfect of Thor. I was totally satisfied after Thor, there was not a single thing I would change. But with Captain America, I actually expected much more, because it was the first avenger, and there were a few scenes I could see changing. But again, I really enjoyed it. I would seriously watch it again.


I am impressed with the cast. I thought each character were well written. Chris Evans exceeded my expectation, he did a really really good job. Although I am sure Jensen Ackles would've been so much more awesome! Anyway.. I thought Chris Evans was really good at playing a pure heart innocent 'won't even kill a fly' soldier. I thought his intention was good, he never gives up even when he was tinier than me. In fact, that was one of my favorite parts of the movie, seeing Steve Rogers got bullied but he never ever gave up. There is almost nothing special about Steve Rogers, he was just a young man with a good heart. He was selfless. Steve Rogers was nothing like Tony Stark who was show-y and he was nothing like Thor who was a bad-tempted god. The team of Avengers has different personalities and egos, I guess that's why it will be so important for Steve Rogers to lead.

Other characters I like:

Surprise #1: Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell). I thought her character was very well written. I really like the chemistry between her and Captain America. She was a strong female character and she looked really classy. One thing I am very impressed with female characters in comic books are their strong presence. They kick ass and they don't need a hero to rescue them, in fact, it's often the other way around. Although Peggy wasn't a superhero but her character was strong and at times, she reminded me of Smallville's Lois Lane.

Surprise #2: Dr. Abraham Erskine (played by Stanley Tucci). Stanley Tucci was fantastic at fixing people! LOL.... From The Devil Wears Prada to Captain America. He was perfect for the role. I love his mentoring role and I love the compassion he brought to the role.

Surprise #3: Col. Chester Phillips (played by Tommy Lee Jones). Who doesn't love this guy? I mean, it's probably the first and only time I declare my love for Tommy Lee Jones. I love him in this movie! Col Phillips was awesome! He was almost too cute to be a Colonial!

Surprise #4: Howard Stark (played by Dominic Cooper). I didn't expect Howard Stark (Tony Stark's father) to be heavily featured in this film. I mean, Howard Stark was quite a prominent figure in Captain America. He was a contributing engineer for the super-soldier serum project, he went to the war with them, he invented the shield and uniform for Captain America, he flew the jet to the enemy line, he was helpful, he went looking for the body of Captain America after the war... The guy was everywhere!

Easter Eggs

- Cosmic cube -- That's the glowing blue thing in Thor, right?

- Bucky -- Is he dead? He didn't die in the animation.

- Howard Stark & The Stark Expo -- I love the Stark Expo reference and Howard Stark was involved since WWII.

- This is probably nothing.. but Redskull asked Captain America: "Tell me, why are you so special?" If Jensen Ackles played Captain America, I swear he could've replied, "Because of my perky nipples."

The Avengers
So, I stuck around and watch the stuff after the trailer, it was worth it. If you haven't watched the leaked Avengers trailer, you must watch until the curtain draws.

To wrap up, I really really like Captain America, I can't wait for the DVD... And I can't wait to watch The Avengers. It is an ambitious movie and it is Joss Whedon's first major motion picture. I am just dying to see more Joss's stuff!!

Did you like Captain America? What do you think?

03 August 2011

Random Wednesday Edition - Capt America; Harry Potter; Joss Whedon

So, I've had a very busy week.. I haven't stopped eating and drinking since Friday, not in a bad way, but it was a bit of a sibling catch up. As you can imagine, I am super tired!

I have watched Captain America, I really enjoyed it. I am planning to watch it again this weekend and then will write a review. The film is jam-packed with information, the story could have been a bit more tighten. Everything happened so fast! It's a great film and Steve Rogers has a great story, so I want to make sure I don't miss any details. Watch this space.

I am also planning to watch Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows again for good time sake. I have a very hectic August, but it will happen. Again, I will definitely write a review. I was so tired after the movie because I cried through out the movie! I cannot believe this is IT!

This year's hellatus hasn't been as painful as I expected. Getting the Capt & HP review done is pretty much the to-do list for August. And Supernatural season seven premier will be here before we know it! LOL... Did you know? Castiel has met the Ghost Facers before!? Well.. it was shot during the Ghost Facers con a few years ago.The video seems to have been taken off, but you can read about it at Hypable.

I have been watching a few Joss Whedon's old speeches. This man really inspires me!! Check this out, Joss gave a speech at Equality Now back in 2006. 
"Equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity, we need it to stand on this earth as men and women – and the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance, and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who’s confronted with it." -- Joss Whedon, Equality Now, 2006

And here is another one, Joss Whedon received the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism at Harvard University's Memorial Church on10 April 2009.
"The enemy of humanism is not faith. The enemy of humanism is hate, is fear, is ignorance, is the darker part of man that is in every humanist, every person in the world. That is what we have to fight. Faith is something we have to embrace. Faith in god means believing absolutely in something with no proof whatsoever. Faith in humanity means believing absolutely in something with a huge amount of proof to the contrary. We are the true believers." -- Joss Whedon, Harvard University's Memorial Church, April 2009

And I'll leave you with one more of my favorite quotes: "People too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours."

Live your dream!

02 August 2011

The Longest Supernatural Rewatch - August 7, 11am, Sydney Time

Dude, the ladies are doing a marathon on my fav episodes.. Sweet!
Ok folks... the longest Supernatural rewatch is taking place this Sunday 7th August at 11am (Sydney time). We are doing a massive six episodes marathon.

Here are the episodes:

Heaven & Hell
On the Head of the Pin
The End
Let It Bleed

How did the idea come about? Well... Thanks to my Twitter friends Amy & Nicole for bringing this up. Jensen spoke with TV Guide recently and handpicked a few memorable episodes to talk about.

As per usual, we will be watching and tweeting about the episodes. So if you want to join our conversation, please follow the many me Tiny; Tiny Panic Room; Tiny Flatbread (You must follow all accounts in case I go to Twitter jail.) And also follow, Amy and Nicole

We are using the hashtag: #JAPicks

So, be there or be square! Get your DVD or download ready and we'll see you this Sunday (7th August) at 11am Sydney time on Twitter! Be sure to check your timezone.