30 May 2009

Dean Bear & Castiel Bear sighting at the Asylum Convention in Birmingham

The 3rd Asylum Convention - by Rogue Events (29-32 May, 2009) is happening in Birmingham, UK this weekend (29-31 May).

There are many reports, photos and Tweets which I can't really post them here, coz they are not my properties. But the best place to start is SuperWiki.

There is a Castiel Bear and a Dean Bear... OMG! I want one of those! Go to SuperWiki and check out all the photos and reports.

25 May 2009

Proud owner of 6 pairs of 3D glasses

Wa.. hahahhahah... Ah.. Hahahahhahahah.. haha.. Let me hear you scream!

The DVD comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses, the other 2 are souvenirs from the movie.

Now I can enjoy watching Jensen *i***** people in My Bloody Valentine 3D. Watching this movie on the big screen awhile ago was such a great experience in terms of visual. I am not a slasher horror film goer, I haven't seen any of the Friday the 13th or Scream or Scary Movie (ha!). But I really enjoyed this one and to be honest this movie must be watched in 3D.

My review was previous posted here.

22 May 2009

Pre-order Supernatural Season 4 DVD

I've pre-ordered my copy.. have you? Amazon

I LOVE this DVD cover, but where is the Impala?

Supernatural Season 5 may not be the last - what do you think?

There are some discussions and news about Supernatural Season 5 may not be its last season.

Fans know that Eric Kripke always has a five year plan with Supernatural. I'd be so lost with Supernatural, but Season 6 has BIG shoes to fill and my expectation would be sky high. If there is a Season 6, oh God I wish Eric Kripke would stay as the show runner. Because if he does, I am sure Jensen and Jared would stay as well. My view is that, as long as the creative team remains intact; as long as the story and characters continue to grow; and as long as Eric Kripke stays, I am all for it. If not, I'll still watch and support the show even though the apocalypse is upon us, but like I say Season 6 has BIG shoes to fill.

I would love to see a Supernatural movie on the big screen (in 3D!!) or a spin-off on Samuel Colt (there was talk about it long time ago).

CW's boss Dawn Ostroff hasn't been a fan of Supernatural, the show hasn't been getting the attention it deserves from the network. And now, she is saying that she hopes the show can go beyond Season 5. TV Guide

What do you think about it?

21 May 2009

Old Comic Con photo

Found this by accident on the web. I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Kripke, Jensen and Jared at Comic Con 2008.


McFly! I mean Winchester!

Dean and Young John in '4:03 In the Beginning'

I always love this episode. I was kind of expecting a Back to the Future vibe, but it's better!

Found this picture by accident on the web. Enjoy! Source

Fall TV Schedule - Supernatural Thursday Stays

The CW is breaking up the Super-team. Smallville and Supernatural have always been a team on Thursday night on the CW. But as of this fall, Smallville will be aired on Friday at 8pm instead and Supernatural remains on Thursday night at 9pm. This means Supernatural has a new partner. Who is it going to be? It's Vampire Diaries.

Formal annoucement is expected to be made at the upfronts event this Thursday.

Source TV Guide

20 May 2009

Info on The Portal Awards by Airlock Alpha

"Is this the year "Star Trek XI" not only returns to the top of the box office heap, but also the hearts and minds of fans? Or is "The Dark Knight" the hands-down winner?

Is Jensen Ackles by far the best actor on television, or should we take a good hard look at Zachary Levi?"

Note from admin: I love the sound of 'is Jensen Ackles by far the best actor on television.." HELL YEAH!

Airlock Alpha is calling all science-fiction and fantasy fans to submit your nominations for awards including:

Best Actor - Television & Movie
Best Actress - Television & Movie
Best Episode - Television
Best TV Series
Best Movie

Click here for full article and how to submit your nominations. Voting begins on the 25th June, and winners will be announced on the 20th August.

Here are my selections for some of the categories:

Best Actor - Television
Jensen Ackles

Best Actor - Movie
Zachary Quinto (Actually I'll wait until I watch Christian Bale in Terminator Salvation)

Best Episode - Television
Supernatural "Monster at the End of the Book"

Best TV Series

Best Supporting Actor - Television

Misha Collins

Best Movie
I am saying Star Trek now, but I have to wait until I watch Terminator Salvation

17 May 2009

Afterthoughts: Supernatural Season 4 Finale

*Spoilers beware*
One chapter ends, another begins.

Lucifer Rising is unique from other Supernatural finales. Darker than All Hell Break Loose but not as tragic as No Rest for the Wicked.
This finale has a huge cast, apart from Jensen and Jared, almost the entire guest cast was there and played their part extremely well: Bobby, Castiel (now a regular), Zachariah, Chuck, Ruby, Lilith, Azazel, cheeseburgers and the boost. The only one missing was the Impala.

The so-called brother dynamic was interrupted heavily by certain events and individuals through out Season 4. There was much disagreement, confusion and fighting between Dean and Sam, however the finale ended with the core value of the show - the brothers are together again. Despite the fact that Dean is the chosen one to stop Lucifer, I suspect the brothers will defeat Lucifer together in the good old fashion way - the Winchester way. They will deal with situations with their own judgment and research, and they know
that in the darkest hours, families still matter the most. I think the bro-mance will return in Season 5.

The finale was written and directed by Eric Kripke. It was the first time Kripke returned to the director's chair since What is and what should never be. He didn't disappoint. No. Kripke doesn't do disappointment, he does surprises. He likes to kill things off than dragging it. For example he killed off Azazel, the Roadhouse and the psychic kids in Season 2. In Lucifer Rising, he ended the plot line involving Lilith and Ruby because they have served their purpose. A new chapter begins with the rise of Lucifer. Season 5 is much anticipated already.

We saw a very conflicted Sam in this episode. He was having a second thought about his Lilith killing mission right from the beginning of the episode. Perhaps perhaps perhaps! Perhaps Dean was right about Ruby the whole time (and he was!). Perhaps he shouldn't let the nurse go. Perhaps he should've opened the door for Dean when he was banging the door and screaming for Sam not to do it. A phone call from his big brother could've made a huge difference but the witch has an evil idea. It was all too late when he killed Lilith and Ruby revealed everything about her mission and her loyalty.

This episode might not be the episode for Jensen and Jared to shine, but there isn't a dull moment in this finale, kudos to the great acting of the entire cast including the guest stars. Bobby kicked ass once again, he continued to play a father role to the boys. If the conversation between him and Dean did not take place, I think Dean would've given up on Sammy for good as he planned to. This caused Dean to change his mind quickly and called Castiel for help when he was in the Green Room.

I cannot think of an actor who could play Castiel better than Misha Collins. Misha Collins for the win! Misha once again shines in this episode. Kurt Fuller deserves a good share of the credit for the way he plays Zachariah, who is like a character from 24, he is someone who just wants to go to war, he thinks casualties are necessarily. I am happy to see the prophet Chuck, who I think will continue to play a part in Season 5, I mean, come on! Nobody can touch the prophet.

While I enjoyed everyone's performance, I can't help but wish Katie Cassidy was still here to play Ruby. I can see Genevieve Cortese was giving her best effort in the last scene when Ruby's motive was revealed, but her performance was still under. I know Katie Cassidy could have played this much better. I could see Katie there delivering the lines.

A few random thoughts came to mind:

Theory about Dean and his destiny
There is still much we don't know about Dean's destiny. According to the bible, Lucifer was defeated by the Archangel Michael and was cast down from heaven to the earth where he became known as Satan. So for all we know, Michael was the one defeated Lucifer. Could there be a link between Dean and Michael (literally or symbolic)? Why is Dean the chosen one? Why is Dean destined to stop Lucifer? If Castiel didn't help Dean to escape, how would Zachariah's plan play out?

Theory about Ruby's knife
(This is a little minor obsession of mine, I really want to know the origin of the knife!)
Perhaps it was a weapon used by Lucifer when he was an angel. When he was imprisoned, it was separated from him. Somehow, Ruby found it. And I want to see the Colt again!

Best quote of the finale
"Do you know what's real? People, families.. that's real." Dean.

I am more obsessed with this finale than any others. I couldn't re-watch No Rest for the Wicked for awhile, because I didn't want to see Dean being the slashed again and again. It was a very painful hiatus. But this time, I watched the season 4 finale at least 4 times now (aiming for 66 times), I love every minute of it. Although I do feel that it was very reserved in a way, but it's a good thing, because it keeps us wanting for more. This finale sets up a great direction for season 5. Bring it!

Some cool wallpapers of Dean and Sam

Thanks to myinkyfingers for the link.

14 May 2009

Today Misha Collins Hour; Gearing for Supernatural Season 4 Finale

Misha talked to LA Times about the season finale. Yes, Misha has been doing a lot of interviews. I wonder when will he be at Crossroads Podcast?!

Source: "Misha Collins talks about 'apocalyptic' finale of Supernatural"

What is everyone eating on Supernatural Thursday? Let's have a party with plenty of pies, burgers, purple nurples and Kleenex tissues. We cater for vegans with veggie tofu burgers.

12 May 2009

TinyCast Video: Supernatural Season 4 in Three Minutes

As we are preparing our souls for the Season 4 finale, I did this MV to highlight some of the stuff happened in Season 4.

Watch Supernatural Season 4 epic finale wherever you are!

11 May 2009

Today's Misha Collins Hour

You've heard it.. and they've confirmed it. Misha Collins is to become a regular character in Supernatural.


News article from Australia: Supernaturally sexy

The West Australian newspaper has this great article on Supernatural today, including insights into Aussie viewership and ratings.

Well done West Australian!!! Full article here

10 May 2009

New Space's Promo for Lucifer Rising

Must sign off before I go crazier with prediction!

Afterthoughts - Episode 4:21 When the Levee Breaks

Winchester Vs Winchester

First of all, let me get something off my chest.

Supernatural is epic, so epic it's like The Winchester Chronicles epic or The Winchester Gospel epic, it's just oh so good! As much as I like the other current popular TV dramas such as Lost, 24, House and perhaps Heroes, Supernatural is on top of my list and it is the best written show on television right now.

As we are preparing for the Season 4 finale Lucifer's Rising, I just want to say I have faith in Eric Kripke and his team to bring me the best season finale to date.

Ok.. onto my thoughts on When the Levee Breaks.

When the Levee Breaks
is probably one of the most heart breaking episodes of Supernatural. The brother vs brother stuff is great drama, but very heart breaking. Dean and Sam were punching each other like there is no tomorrow, they weren't under the influence of the Siren and they perfectly knew what they were doing.

Who is right? Who is wrong? And who is the biggest manipulator?

Is Sam doing the right thing? He thinks he is. He knows he is the only way who could stop Lilith. He's been informed by Ruby that Lilith is the only one who could break the last seal to free Lucifer. In order to do this, Sam has taken the darker path to take Lilith out, even if it means he will become a monster. Sam's current mentality is 'kill first, ask question later.' He will do this now, and he can only hope that he can patch things up with Dean later.

Sam's hallucination was very well written. Jared's performance in this episode was outstanding. I am very happy to see Mama Winchester in particular but where was Papa Winchester? I know JDM is a busy man, but I so want to see him to return! JDM has to return one way or another in Season 5!

From Dean's perspective, he would rather see Sam die as human than a monster. Remember in Season 2, John told Dean that if he couldn't save Sam, he had to kill him. I think this storyline will return more prominently in Season 5.

Dean has been told by the angels that he is the one to stop 'it' because he is the one who broke the first seal. I don't think Dean is thinking so much about the apocalypse and Lucifer. As a hunter, I think he will just deal with it, should Lucifer walk free or not, Dean will still save as many lives as possible. That's just who he is. But it is Sam who Dean truly cares about. If accepting his role to serve God and his angels and if this will relieve Sam, then Dean will do whatever the angels tell him to do. Dean reckons the angels are like the politicians from Vulcan, he is not 100% sure whether the angels can be trusted, but he also knows he has no choice but to accept his role. What exactly is Dean's role? What exactly do the angels want Dean to do?

Sam has been
manipulated by Ruby and now (I hate to say it and I hope I am wrong) I feel that Dean is manipulated by the angels, not by Castiel, but by others who are higher up on the chain of command. Dean and Castiel are caught in the middle. If this is correct, then I think Castiel will one day ignore the orders from his superiors and help Dean even if it means he will be punished.

Who is running the show in heaven?
Again, how many angels feel the same way as Uriel? Perhaps there are a lot of politics in heaven, perhaps it's not so perfect after all. Perhaps one day Sam and Dean will say "How stupid were we to be manipulated by the angels and demons? Let's be brothers again and eat some pies."

Overall, I absolutely love this episode! It sets up the season finale nicely and I cannot fudging wait to see the finale. I wish I have a theory about the finale, but I don't. I am just going to sit back and relax (if I can).. perhaps with a box of Kleenex.

When the summer hiatus hits, I will read Supernatural Rising Son comic and Supernatural: In the Hunt. Probably catch up with all my Lost and 24 episodes.

Beam me up Scotty

Live long and prosper

I watched Star Trek yesterday, it was pretty awesome from a non fan perspective. I have not seen any of the previous movies or TV series. To me, William Shatner is Denny Crane (Boston Legal). I know all you Star Trek fans are probably screaming at me now! I guess if I've been a Star Trek fan, I would enjoy it more, (like I did with Star Wars) but it was still very very enjoyable. I wouldn't mind watching it again on a tight ass Tuesday.

Like I said, it was pretty awesome! In particular, Zachary Quinto's performance of Spock was the highlight for me. Although there is something very Sylar about it!

For Stargate Atlantis fan,
Paul McGillion (aka Dr Carson Backett) was the guy who directed the cadets to their ships, he was the one who told Kirk that he had no assignment. DANG! I totally missed that!

Angels & Demons next week. BRING IT! (Because I can't be bothered to finish reading the book.. movie first)

09 May 2009

08 May 2009

Newspaper scan: Jensen, Jared & Misha in MX Sydney (Australia)

After god knows how many weeks, my friend FINALLY gave me her copy of the MX (Sydney's free newspaper for CBD commuters). Here is the scan of the photo of the boys and interview with Jensen when they were in Sydney for the AHBL Aussie Convention.

"Brad Pitt has nothing to worry about, Says Jensen."
(I said Brad Pitt, move over!)


07 May 2009

New Jensen Ackles Interview (Australia)

Thanks to SuperWiki for the heads up. Wow.. how did Mt Druitt and St Mary's Standard got this awesome interview with Jensen when he was in Australia for the AHBL Aus Con? WOW

Check it out here.

Promo clips: Episode 4:21 - When The Levee Breaks & the Eric Kripke interview


DEAN AND BOBBY TRAP SAM IN THE PANIC ROOM — Dean and Bobby lock Sam in Bobby’s panic room so he can detox from the demon blood. However, as Bobby sees more seals are being broken he tells Dean they should let Sam out to help them fight the impending apocalypse. Dean disagrees and goes to Castiel for help. Sam and Dean have a big blowout confrontation.

Directed by Robert Singer and written by Sera Gamble.

TV Guide
talked to Eric Kripke about the finale 2 episodes. They are going to be so epic! BRING IT! When asked about how many deaths there will be, Eric said there will be more than one, less than 12. HAHA! THANKS ERIC!

The Misha Collins Hour

Welcome to the Misha Collins Hour! The internet is jam packed with interviews with Misha the past few days.

BuddyTV rocks my socks today with a great interview of Misha. Audio and transcripts both available. Misha is such a great actor and he interprets the role extremely well.

Eclipse Magazine
has this great interview with Misha. He said, “Not only can Castiel heal the human body he’s possessing, but he has magical clothes mending abilities as well.” LOL.

MovieWeb has this exclusive one with Misha. How many interviews did Misha do recently?! Seriously!

04 May 2009

Afterthoughts: The Rapture

How awesome was The Rapture? If Meg (from Season 1) puts demons on the map of Supernatural, then Castiel does exactly that for the angels.

The Rapture
was a Castiel/ Jimmy centric episode. Misha Collins gets his own episode (so to speak) and it serves 2 purposes. From the story point of view, Castiel is an important character and he is part of the mythology. We've seen demons a lot, and we are beginning to see more angels. We know some demons used to be humans, but we know little about how angels become angels (we still don't know), but at least the show is starting to explain how human vessels are chosen and we saw the process of it from Jimmy's point of view. From a popularity/ fan's point of view, we have accepted Misha/ Castiel as an integral part of the cast and the producers recognised Castiel/ Misha's contribution, so this Castiel episode didn't come as a surprise. In fact, it came at the right time.

This episode raised a lot of questions, but I am sure they will be answered! Castiel came to Dean in his dream where Dean was fishing (ha!). Castiel was going to tell Dean something, but we didn't find out what because Castiel wasn't able to tell. I wonder what it was that Castiel wanted to tell Dean. Who was Castiel fighting in that warehouse? Who put the angel proofing scripts on the wall?

I think what we've seen from On the Head of the Pin and The Rapture will play a part of where the show will go. We see demons possessing humans as their vessels a lot on the show. But we have only met 4 angels on the show so far - Castiel, Anna, Zachariah and Uriel. To fight this war, to face the apocalypse, I expect to see more angels and they need vessels. Which angels will we next see? Will we meet an archangel? I hope so. Are there more humans who's like Jimmy? People with special ability to hear angels talking? I assume so. We know Anna was a fallen angel and I wonder how many more there are. How many more angels were converted by Uriel? Remember he was trying to convince other angels to bring the apocalypse and release Lucifer. Similar questions were asked on my previous blog post on On the Head of a Pin.

Did anyone feel that Anna's appearance was somewhat pointless? Don't get me wrong, I just can't figure out why she was there. Do you think there is more to Anna's character? Is she just a fugitive? Or is she trying to help and fight? What is the purpose of her character?

The Rapture feels a bit like the beginning of the finale. If you've seen this episode, you would've seen the preview of the next 2 episodes. How fudging awesome is the preview?! I am more excited to see this season finale than any other Supernatural finale in the past. This is IT! I can't even describe it! I am just very excited. This is like LOTR, StarWars epic!

To close the night, here is another great interview by Cynthia, this time she spoke with Misha Collins. Click here.

DVD Winners Announced

The winners of the Aus Con DVD are named. Thank you all for participating!! Y'all so cool and it was a very hard decision to make.

SuperTim & myinkyfingersAU are the winners. CONGRATS!

I've never done this before and it has been fun. If I can do this again, I will.

Thanks again for sending me your tweets and DMs. =)

Promo pics of the season finale: Lucifer Rising

Here are some promo photos of the season 4 finale Lucifer Rising posted by SpoilerTV.

Zach offering Dean burgers and beers. There is a harp. I guess this is heaven? Hummm..

03 May 2009

Promos: 4.21 - When the Levee Breaks

Promos: 4.21 - When the Levee Breaks

Hi all, this is a bit late but I am sure you've seen the following promos for like 66 times! But I am going to do it anyway.

Also, I've been away for a few days. I've been on Twitter, but I've not been able to update the blog. But I will in the coming days. Especially my thoughts on The Rapture, which is now one of my favorites episodes of all time.