26 August 2013

A Short Story -- Mending a Broken Heart

I had a moment the other day. I wrote a super short story -- Mending a Broken Heart: If That's Even Possible. This was made live on Medium this evening, please check it out. Here is the preview:
"It was surreal. There I was, standing on the platform, doing my own thing, minding my own business. And then you hit me like a bullet train. I didn’t see you coming. I didn’t see you leaving. When I woke up I asked myself, “What the hell just happened?” 

You didn’t just brush past. You hit me 300mph because it was fun for you. I was just another pedestrian in your eyes. People I chose to be with were never ‘just another pedestrian’. Perhaps I was disappointed with myself this time. I stood too close to the edge of the platform. I didn’t pay attention to what was coming. I didn’t hear any announcement. I didn’t see any signal..."

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17 August 2013

Supernatural NEWS NEWS NEWS Plus Hot Pics, Episode Titles

I know I have been bad! I have had a very busy months. Things just hit me like a bullet train -- I didn't see things coming and leaving. When I woke up, I asked myself "what the fuck just happened?"

Enough about my personal life! There is only one thing we do when crap happens -- LAUGH.  

I am loving the new promo!! Looks like Dean and Sam want to kill Cas!

I am also loving all the Supernatural news! I mean, season nine is definitely shaping up to be epic and massive!!! The show is really beefing up in the guest stars department. Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica) has been cast as Ezekiel who Jeremy Carver described him as "a dignified warrior angel injured in the Fall."

Gildart Jackson has been cast to play a veteran member of the Men of Letters during a 1930 flashback. He will appear in 9.04 Slumber Party. THIS makes me very excited as I am a huge fan of the MoL!!! 

Here are the episode titles so far:
9.02 Devil May Care
9.04 Slumber Party
9.05 Bad Boys Episode 
9.06 Doggie Style 
Subject to change

Source: KSiteTV and SpoilerTV and @CW_SPN

Who's excited?!