30 September 2010

Supernatural: Long Weekend at Bobby's - It's the X Files Reunion, Almost

Sydney will enjoy a long weekend this week. I love long weekends, who doesn't, right?

Set photos of Weekend at Bobby's (Jensen's directorial debut) are out. I am really looking forward to this episode because Crowley and Mr X return! Only if they have Mitch Pileggi, it would've been a cool X Files reunion!

Good to see Dean eating cheeseburger again

Want more? Go to SpoilerTV for more photos.

6.04 Weekend at Bobby's JENSEN ACKLES' DIRECTORIAL DEBUT - After Bobby (Jim Beaver) discovers Crowley (Mark Sheppard) has no intentions of returning Bobby's soul, the hunter takes matters into his own hands. He calls on Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help after he unearths one of Crowley's deepest secrets. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean learn what Bobby does all day when they are not around. Jensen Ackles directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.

29 September 2010

Smallville 200th Episode - I Love Birthday Cakes

I love my cakes. Whenever I see one, I want to have a bit. It's naughty, but I just want to eat fresh cream sometimes.

Congrats to the team of Smallville for achieving the 200th episode!! For more news and photos on the birthday party, check out SpoilerTV and Kryptonsite. SpoilerTV in particular has HEAPS of photos. The 200th episode Homecoming will air on the CW on Friday 15.

Here is the official synopsis of Homecoming.

In an attempt to cheer up Clark (Tom Welling), Lois (Erica Durance) convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion. A visit back to the home of the Crows has Clark remembering old times with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe (Allison Mack), while Lois is furious that no one remembers her five days as a student. Brainiac 5.0 (James Marsters) uses his Legion ring to visit from the future and takes Clark through his past, present and future. He shows Clark what really happened the night Jonathan died, Oliver's (Justin Hartley's) current pain and Clark's future at the Daily Planet with Lois and his role as Earth's favorite red and blue superhero.

Just a quick note on 10.01 Lazarus. I love it. It was so epic when Clark returned from being dead. I love how he doesn't know that Lois knows. I hope it will stay this way for awhile. It was a great way to return and I totally love this episode!

28 September 2010

Review: Supernatural 6.01 Exile on Main Street

"She should be hunting. Take her." Dean told Sam to take the Impala.
Dean, you should be hunting too!

Before the start of the new season, I had a rewatch of all the season openers of Supernatural including the Pilot, 2.01, 3.01, 4.01 and 5.01. It was the best revision for me to get ready for Exile on Main Street, I was keen to compare this season opener with the rest.

How can you top the apocalypse? You can't. With that comment from Kripke, I was prepared for the
aftermyth of the apocalypse story-arc. Like Forrest Gump, it featured stories about soldiers after the war. To me, Exile on Main Street felt like a drama rather than an episode from a genre show, if you know what I mean? While this episode may not be the strongest season opener in comparison to In My Time of Dying and Lazarus Rising, but after a long hellatus, boy am I glad it's back?!

From boys to men, Supernatural is all grown up and so mature now. We have a new season, new story-arc and a new direction under a new showrunner. Change was inevitable. But was as refreshing as Coke? Let's take a look.

New title card

As per previous seasons, Supernatural has a new title card. The breaking mirror has a meaning, I am sure of it, but I just can't put my finger on it just yet. It certainly has the wow factor. I love the cold dark feel it has. It's pretty awesome!

Beautiful loser

I actually left this section last when I composed this blog post. It was an interesting choice of song, great tune, but I can't help but to Google the meaning of the song to see if it has any hidden meanings that connect to the overall season story-arc or Dean (as he was heavily featured in the montage).

We had a glimpse of Dean's apple pie life before, Exile on Main Street
was a nice call-back to WIAWSNB in season 2. What if Dean wasn't a hunter? What if Dean had a normal life? Beautiful Loser was almost too soft as a song choice for the Dean we know, but the song can certainly relate to the current soft Dean as depicted in the song Beautiful Loser.

This is one of the many faces of a hero. I don't think Dean likes himself as a regular guy with a regular family, job and life. He might have dreamt about it, it'd nice to have a home, a wife and a son, but it's just not him. He is going to struggle. Once a hunter, always a hunter, this is the life Dean cannot avoid.

Since when salt is for cooking purposes?

The opening montage was really well done, there was no 'previously on', but the montage was awesome! The imagery was put together nicely to compare Dean as a hunter and Dean as a normal guy. I love how it ended with Dean going to bed and he put his hand out just in case he needed to reach his gun and the holy water. He knew supernatural things would always come after him. If he wasn't Sammy's dying wish, Dean wouldn't go living a normal apple pie life. He now has the obligation to take care of Lisa and Ben and their safety.

When the Winchesters met the Campbells

I'm glad there wasn't a 'This is your life' or 'Who do you think you' are moment in 6.01. While the Mary and John were all lovey dovey in their youth, we always know Samuel Campbell was somewhat cold and not welcoming. We know so little about the Campbells, I
don't know what is it but I don't think that's the legit Grandpa. I am calling it now, so that I won't be disappointed later. Things are not what they seem, I don't trust him and the cousins at all. There are so many questions!

To be honest, if it was up to me, I'd rather see Caleb, Pestor Jim or perhaps someone from the Colt family (you know I can't help it!), but too bad Kripke has killed off everyone that was ever mentioned or appeared on the show!

The hug you've been waiting for

I am sure I am not the only one to scream out loud HUG HIM! HUG HIM when Dean was looking at Sam the first time in this episode. We as fans knew the hug was coming!

Sam was different. He was just different in a weird way. Sam was often compared to Anakin Skywalker - how an innocent young man turned darkside for love, the price he paid to go darkside was high. In 6.01, Sam reminded me of the Anakin in Revenge of the Seth, although he still cared about his love ones, he was cold and dark.

I really want to know who brought him back and why? How did he find Grandpa? Surely he knew Grandpa was dead. Sam claimed he didn't remember anything from hell. Liar! They always remember! May be Sam was sent back to earth to have a hair cut?

The Impala

When Dean went to the garage for the Impala, that was cool! His baby is still there, it's a symbol of the Winchesters. Where there is the Impala, there is the Winchesters. It means family business, saving people, hunting things. I can't wait to see the Impala get back on the road with the boys!

Returning dead stars

While it was great to see Fred Lane back, but it wasn't much. If YED was truly brought back by Lucifer, then yes, it'd be interesting. But it was an illusion, I was expecting a bit more meat to this returning dead star.

The introduction of the Campbells was not as epic as the introduction of young Mary and John. While it was great to see Mitch Pillegi back, I wasn't sure if the Campbells would be strong enough to stick around. And I really doubt Grandpa is legit.

The return of Djinn was weak. I wasn't sure if Djinn was the right choice of monster for a season opener. But it wasn't really the main feature, so I can easily forget about it. I think it'd take more than Djinn to get Dean back on the hunting business.

Easter eggs

Did you spot them?

- Being the soccer mum was in reference to Everybody Loves a Clown when the Impala was at Bobby's for maintenance

- BFF with the neighbor almost felt like it was in reference to 'Mister Roger' in Croatian

- The Yorkie was mentioned once and appeared twice now on the show. Dean mentioned it in Salvation "I got a yorkie upstairs and he pees when he's nervous." The yorkie also appeared in Yellow Fever and now Exile on the Main Street

- 'The apple pie life' was mentioned a number of times through out the show by Bobby in When the Levee Breaks, Sam told Dean to have a normal apple pie life; Bobby's wife made apple pies, Dean said "I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it' in Scarecrow. And the apple pie life was the the setting in What is and what should never be

- Golf: Jensen loves golf

Overall, I was pleased with Exile on Main Street, as mentioned it may not be as strong as other season openers, but the new story-arc was set up nicely. It was great to see Bobby, who has now appeared in all season openers except the Pilot. There is one thing I do miss though.. CASTIEL!

In terms of ratings, read TVGuide for more details. It said "both shows averaged approximately 3 million viewers and a 1.2 rating..." I can never understand how rating works, WB tweeted today as well saying "Smallville ratings up +30%, Supernatural boosts time period by +125%, bringing CW into top 3 on Fri nite".

I think basically they are saying both shows did extremely well on their first Friday together! Woohoo!!

6.01 Exile on Main Street was written by Sera Gamble and directed by Phil Sgriccia. Original air date is 24 Sept 2010.

If you are magazine collectors, you may want to buy the latest issue of SciFiNow with Dean and Sam on the cover :)

27 September 2010

TV Promp: Supernatural 6.02 Two and a Half Man

I am loving the new jingle from the CW.... hehe..

Here is the TV promo of 6.02 Two and a Half Man

Official Synopsis: 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

SpoilerTV has posted the synopsis of Jensen's directorial debut, 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

Synopsis: JENSEN ACKLES' DIRECTORIAL DEBUT. After Bobby (Jim Beaver) discovers Crowley (Mark Sheppard) has no intentions of returning Bobby's soul, the hunter takes matters into his own hands. He calls on Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help after he unearths one of Crowley's deepest secrets. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean learn what Bobby does all day when they are not around. Episode directed by Jensen Ackles and written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.

The return of Dabb and Loflin. Good help us all. The invisible love/hate relation between Dabb/ Loflin and myself dated back Darkside of the Moon. But I am a forgiving person. I forgive, I forget.

I am super excited about Jensen's directorial debut and I cannot wait to watch it. I'm just going to support it and enjoy it!!!

Review of 6.01 is coming. I have been away for the weekend but I have quite a bit to say (mostly good things). Watch this space!

24 September 2010

Supernatural Lockdown

Talk to the hand, I am on...


... review will come after I watched 6.01. Enjoy it!

23 September 2010

Congratulations fans, you have survived the hellaus

Photo source: SpoilerTV

Did you know summer is approaching Australia? It's getting warm here. With all the hottest from my favorite TV shows, I am going to melt.

Jensen Ackles' interview with the CW Connect. He must have talked a lot of details about certain topics, you could see there were quite a few cuts/ fades to cut his stuff down. I love it! Jensen is especially passionate about his directorial debut!

Seeing the show is returning in like a day, there are a couple of interviews with Jensen and Jared. A couple of journos visited the Supernatural set this week. The interview got a lot of attention from fans (but try not to read fans' comments because, OMG, fans do complain a lot!). So, you can read the full interview via IGN instead. I won't link the other site with loads of fans' comments, I don't think they are healthy simple because they just went on and on and on about stuff, I honestly don't understand why some fans are upset about the direction and the characters of the show.

Both Jensen, Jared and the creative team are so passionate about the show, they have excellent work ethic. No one set out to make a crap show, and Supernatural is certainly amongst the best, I consider myself a lucky viewer with great show like Supernatural played on my TV. This is an exciting time to watch TV, why are you guys complaining?

If you haven't heard already, Teri Hatcher will play Lois's mum (Eric Durance's Lois) on Smallville. OMG, I am not a fan of Hatcher not Lois and Clark but I am liking this casting news. It's just so cool having two Lois in the same episode! Read more on SpoilerTV. Tom Welling will direct episode nine titled Patriot this season. Read more again on SpoilerTV.

Tune in for the best Friday night line-up on TV. Smallville and Supernatural return Friday 24 Sept on the CW.

19 September 2010

New Vid: The Winchester Lullaby

This is the second fan-trailer that I made to celebrate the return of Supernatural (season 6). It's a bit left field, but I am very happy with the outcome and I hope you will like it. This is probably one of my favorites!!

Watch the first fan-trailer by me here.

Supernatural 6.03: Castiel is back

Oh... as if you don't know this already! He is back! Pretty boy angel is back! I am very very happy about this story, let's hope it delivers and I am sure it will!!

Official synopsis for 6.03 The Third Man:
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) call Castiel (Misha Collins) for help when they investigate a case about several dead police officers who seem to have been killed by the plagues of Egypt..........” Read the full synopsis at Hunters' Addict.

Where there is Castiel, there will be heaven and God related story. I am so looking forward to this episode!!

Be spoiled again! New Space promo is here! One week to go baby! One week!!!

Here is Misha Collins on the CW Connect:

18 September 2010

Japanese interview with Jensen and Jared

This is awesome!!!!! AWESOME WITH THE BIG CAPITAL A-W-E-S-O-M-E! If Japanese viewers haven't watched the show before, this is so spoilery for them!!

The Japanese really know how to sell a show! You can also check out some photos on Hollywood Ch. Source: ontd_spnparty


17 September 2010

Supernatural 6.02: I believe that shirt wasn't tugged in

How's everyone's week been? It's only one week to go until the season premier of Supernatural. Are we ready?!

Here is the first bit of the synopsis for 6.02 Two and a Half Men: "Sam investigates a case about missing babies whose parents are being murdered. At one of the crime scenes, he discovers a baby that was left behind and calls Dean for help......... Episode written by Adam Glass and directed by John Showalter." Full synopsis can be view at DaemonsTV.

That's right, I have decided to not post the full synopsis.. but only the first bit. Big tease I am... yes.. deal with it!

Oh hey, I think Dean's shirt is tugged out (pictured below). More set photos on episode 6.02 Two and a Half Men can be found on SpoilerTV.

Source: SpoilerTV

15 September 2010

Smallville New Promo

Smallville gets an extended promo too!!! It has the voice like "after so many years... blah blah... and now...", you know what I mean?

Here is the official description of 10.01 Lazarus: The season premiere picks up where the finale left off. Lois finds Clark’s lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. However, Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Meanwhile, Chloe is desperate to find Oliver, so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark, and Tess awakens in a LuthorCorp lab.

[Update - New Promo]

Oh... and here is Lois and Papa Kent:

Supernatural Season 6 New Promos; Misha's Interview; War of the Sons; Official Mags; Lockdown Reminder

Oh YEAH!! All new promo (extended version) is here and it's hot! This is awesome, the show looks so cool and mature. It actually looks like a movie trailer. Good job CW!

[Spoilers alert]

Space promo - non spoilery

With all the talks about Dean's shirt tugged in, Sam still has the same hair cut and now, the Impala has a new nemesis too! Check out the
TV Squad new interview with Misha Collins.

So, just like previous season, I will only watch the promos most of the time, but I won't be watching any preview clips. I will go into lockdown next week. I cannot wait!!!! BRING IT!

Oh hey, I am reading War of the Sons. It's awesome! Not many books can keep my attention and this is one of them! It's like reading the Supernatural version of Dan Brown. I shall blog it when I am done!!

On more reading materials, the new
Supernatural magazines are out! I love the covers! I don't mention the mags enough here! But here they are!!

12 September 2010

New Fan-Trailer from Tiny; SPN Twitter Party Reminder

It's been awhile since the last video but I finally put together a new fan-trailer to celebrate the return of Supernatural season 6. The second fan-trailer is almost done and it will be live next weekend! Watch this space: http://www.youtube.com/tinywinchester


Don't forget the Supernatural Rewatch Twitter Party will be on 19 Sept (1pm, Sydney time). We are watching the Pilot and all the season premiers. Details here.

Supernatural: 6.01 promos; Jared's interview and new episode title

Dear fans, you have survived the hellatus. Let the new TV promos of Supernatural 6.01 Exile on Main Street grip you tight and raise you from perdition.

The Family and Trust promo look very similar to me, but here we go!!




The CW Connect has a new interview with Jared.

The episode title for 6.09 is out! It will be called Clap your hands if you believe.

season 6 and Smallville the final season premier on Friday 24 Sept on the CW. The perfect and best Friday night line-up on TV!

Smallville: Teasers of all teasers; interview with Eric Durance

Smallville the final season has not one but five new promos. Very interesting! They are all very short but very cryptic. My guess is these are the 5 key elements/ story-lines (or loose-ends) for the final season.

The Suit Promo - Yes, that's THE suit!

The Cross Promo - Lois wearing the t-shirt with the symbol is hot! Speaking of the House of El symbol, I was dining out at a Chinese restaurant last night and the waiter wore a blue shirt (as in superman blue) and a blue tie with the symbol (the symbol was embroidered!) Good man!

The LX6 Promo - OK so, Rosenbaum returns or not, I think the nemesis will be featured in the finals season one way or another.

The Flying Colors Promo - Clark will fly! For pie sake, just fly already!

Helmet - This one I can't work out but perhaps there is going to be a stronger connection between the new Dr Fate, the Helmet and Chloe?

Here is Erica Durance answering fans' questions on the CW Connect:

KryptonSite and KSite

mallville the final season and Supernatural season 6 premier on Friday 24 Sept on the CW. The perfect and best Friday night line-up on TV!

09 September 2010

Supernatural 6.08 - Episode title released

Yup... one last thing before I go to bed. SpoilerTV has posted the episode title for 6.08. It's called All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Stay tuned for more details.

Jensen Ackles: I always knew you're a Mac

I am not finding an excuse for another blog post about how much I dislike PC, but hey, fact and personal experience say it all. Again, what took me an hour to do at work, I could get it done in 2 minutes with my MacBook. It's just dumb! Don't give me the 'the machine is new, it's the Rolls-Royce of all laptops' crap. From a user point of view, I ask "This is what I need to do... tell me this can be done on your machine, and tell me I can do this now." The Mac always come through as the winner.

By the way, did you know I was once told not to use Firefox and have to stick to Explorer in the office? It's just dumb!

Anyway, I always knew Jensen is a fan of Mac.

Also, what is the black thing on his head? Is that a hair clip?

Source: SpoilerTV

07 September 2010

Supernatural S5 & Smallville S9 DVD Release

September is crazy! Work is crazy and I am working like a machine. But there are a few great things to look forward to in September. The DVD of Supernatural season 5 and Smallville season 9 have been released today. I know Amazon won't let me down! They will be here before I know it!

I am thinking of trending #SuperVille on Twitter to celebrate the return of both shows. This is THE BEST line-up on TV. OMG. I don't live in the USA, but I am so excited about this Friday night line-up!

Do you remember this? Back in 2006, the CW did a promo for the Super-Thursday with Smallville and Supernatural. I LOVE THIS PROMO! I hope the CW will do a new one for this fall's Friday line-up! Don't forget to watch Smallville and Supernatural on Friday 24 Sept.

The CW promo for Smallville and Supernatural back in 2006

I have also started watching
Chuck. Finally. It's a good show. People who have watched it, like it. It's one of those shows, fans' opinions are unanimous. I have season 1 and 2. I have just ordered season 3.

05 September 2010

Sunday Edition: John Winchester, I could just slap you! Why don't you go talk to your children?

TV viewing is a funny thing. It's totally subjective. I do watch House and Dexter, but it's different. There are shows I'll watch it on TV if it's on, but I won't go home for it. And there are TV shows I have to watch it the moment it airs, I have to watch it by any means! People have different reasons for liking a TV show. To me, I always look for the one moment or episode that WOW me. The one moment that I'd say to myself, "I so dig this shit."

Throughout the history of Supernatural, I have always love this one scene in season one. A scene that defined the show, the story and the conflict of the characters. A scene that tied things together. A scene that said it all. In retrospective, this scene was the center of the Kripke's universe - THE WINCHESTERS.

The scene I am talking about is the end scene in episode 1.09 Home, where we saw John sitting on the couch in Missouri's house. He felt miserable for not seeing his sons, he thought he should distance himself from the boys because he didn't want them to get hurt, he didn't want them to be involved in his search for the YED who killed Mary. This was the first time since the Pilot we saw John Winchester. Without knowing too much about the show back then, I expected John as a phantom figure who we would never get to see. The scene itself was perfectly written, executed and performed. The close-up of John and his wedding ring were so awesome, I really felt the pain.

Season 1 was really about Dean and Sam's quest of finding Dad. But why was Dad missing? How could he just leave the boys and hunt down the YED on his own? What was Dad thinking? What happened in the dark place where all the story began? Season 1 really set the tone of what was to come in the next 4 years. Kripke never got sidetrack from the core of the story. And I think this scene at the end of Home really defined what the show was about. This is the OMG moment for me as a fan. This was the only time the adult versions of all the Winchester appeared in one episode - Dad, Mum, Dean and Sam.

Now that we are moving towards a new era of the show, the Campbells will be featured more prominently on the show, I am really intrigued to see where the story will go, what Sera Gamble, the new showrunner will give us. I have always been a big fan of the Winchester family episodes, such as Home, Something Wicked, A Very Supernatural Xmas, In the Beginning and The Song Remains the Same. You can see how excited I am about the idea of having the Campbells on the show!

To get ready for the season 6 premier, I am hosting another Supernatural Rewatch Twitter Party, we will watch all the season premiers (season 1-5) in one go. Details here. Hope to see you on Twitter on the 19th Sept (1pm, Sydney time).

04 September 2010

[Spoilers] Supernatural & Smallville round-up, including official synopsis and set photos

Hello there. We are close. Very close. Supernatural season 6 premiers on Friday 24 Sept 2010 with the final and 10th season of Smallville. There is no better duo on TV than this!

First up, the official synopsis of
Supernatural 6.01 Exile on Main Street is released.

Synopsis: It’s a year later and Dean has given up hunting and is living with Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson) and her son Ben (guest star Nicholas Elia). Mysteriously freed from his cage in hell, Sam finds Dean and tells him he needs to rejoin the fight and introduces Dean to a world—a family—he never even knew existed.... the Campbells, his mother’s family, lead by none other than their Grandfather Samuel (Guest star Mitch Pileggi). Episode written by Sera Gamble and directed by Phil Sgrricia. Source: SpoilerTV

I guess the Campbells will be featured in season 6 quite heavily. What a great way to start the season and set the scene. I cannot wait for some heavy acting fire power from everyone from main to guest stars. If you want to read more about what Sera Gamble has to say about season 6, check out the latest interview with Sera on
Entertainment Gather.

Speaking of Supernatural, could Eric Kripke be the Executive Producer and showrunner for
Sandman the TV series? There are certainly talks and rumors about this. Check it out on EW's Popwatch. I guess we'll find out soon enough. I hope Eric Kripke gets it! If so, I'll be watching it. Something for me to look forward to! I can't have too many TV shows leaving me at one time!! I've lost Lost and 24 in one month. Smallville is leaving after this season, who knows if Supernatural will get a 7th season?

Hey, who wants to see some set photos from episode 6.06
Live Long or Twihard? After speaking to the Floating Head council, we have reached a conclusion that it is an iPad Jensen is holding. Source: Just Jared and TVOvermind.

Of course, thanks to those who tweeted, posted photos and reports/ videos on Salute to Supernatural in Vancouver last week. OMG! Hot Jensen in leather jacket. Does he look so much like Jason Todd/ Red Hood! LIKE SERIOUSLY HOT!! Source: Just Jared

Superwiki has a massive collections of stuff to read and watch. And if you want to look at photos only, try Fanpop, some fans put some really good high res photos of the Con. Fanpop doesn't have the best sorting and searching system, but photos are there!

OK moving on! I don't think I am the only one when I say I am VERY excited about the final season of Smallville. It's sad on one hand, but on the other hand, the anticipation level is sky-high! Brian and Kelly are bringing in more DC stuff and I am sure we will see Clark fly. Here is the official synopsis for 10.01 Lazarus.

Synopsis: JOHN SCHNEIDER REPRISES HIS ROLE AS JONATHAN KENT IN THE FINAL SEASON OF SMALLVILLE: The season premiere picks up where the finale left off. Lois finds Clark’s lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Chloe is desperate to find Oliver, so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark, and Tess awakens in a LuthorCorp lab. The CW also released a very detailed description of season 10. Check it out on SpoilerTV.

Before I sign off tonight, congratulations to Jim Parsons for winning Best Actor in a Comedy Series with The Big Bang Theory at the Emmy this year. My God! Was he nervous on stage! Well done Jim! You totally deserved it!