28 January 2010

Apple, have you done it again with iPad?

Behold! The Moses Tablet is here.

OK so... here is the deal.. I am not going to write a report about the iPad. Here are a few websites I visit often, you can go to
Apple, MacWorld, Apple Insider, Wired or Mashable for the details, photos and videos.

I watched the Steve Jobs presentation this morning. Usually I need a coffee in the morning to wake up, but not this morning. I was quite pumped. I went straight to my MacBook and watch the iPad presentation. I didn't have a coffee until about 2pm.

iPad it is! Not iTablet or MacTablet or whatever the rumors were. Ok.. not a bad name for a product. You can't please everyone. If you don't like it, what are you gonna do? Sue them? Get over it!

Steve Jobs is up there with Eric Kripke in my book of
geniuses. When I saw Jobs delivered the presentation,
I was looking at him as if he was Moses. Perhaps it is because of a drawing I saw yesterday. He said during his presentation, he chuckled when he saw this (pictured left). But is the iPad invention of biblical proportions?

I think this is the shape of things to come, and they will come fast.. real fast. To me, the product is like the first generation of iPhone. But you can bet that Apple will work fast to modify iPad and make it a better device, faster than the iPhone 3Gs upgrade from the iPhone 3G.

Based on my own habit, ultimately, I would like the iPad to replace my MacBook or the physical folders I have carry around when I am on the road, meetings or conferences. The iPhone is good for quick access to emails, Twitter and Facebook or whatever you do with the iPhone (Making phone calls you say?). But there is a need for something in between the iPhone and MacBook. I HATE papers and I mean HATE! I dislike printing stuff from the printer and for what I do for a living, sometimes I have to be forced to print out a pile of shit. I will be saying to my boss, can we not share or bring a laptop with us? The boss would say we can recycle papers. Jesus woman!

Surely, iPad is like a giant iPhone with amazing graphic quality.
It's given that you can do the usual stuff like web browsing, check emails, download Apps from iTune, play games, watch Supernatural, movies and read iBooks. It's the standard package for any Apple computer / mobile products. What I like the most and it's gonna sound incredible boring, is that I like the ability of using iWork on the iPad. The above 'standard package' will attract the usual crowd, however with iWork, iPad will attract new consumers, i.e. people from the corporate world, business in general, schools, just to name a few. iWork is what's missing on the iPhone that I thought would be useful. If the iPhone can accommodate iWork, I don't need iPad. But it doesn't.

The only question I have is that, am I able to use the existing wireless internet modem I have with the iPad? I don't want to pay an extra $XXX for data. Anyone?

The iPad is certainly a great invention. There is room for improvement. I think I will buy one, perhaps the second generation of iPad. I don't need it, but it will be a great tool for work related reasons.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned the iPad is the hottest looking device since the iPhone? And speaking of the iPhone, Apple didn't announce any iPhone upgrades, what's up with that?


  1. Yeah sounds cool but I might wait for the iTampon... hehe I am sure that joke has already been made but give me this one.

    Another apple product I am saving up for!

  2. That joke is awesome! We won't hear the end of it.!

  3. I sooo want one too. You might be interested to know that on Star Trek the "tablet" they used which really closely resembles the idea of the iPad was called a PADD!!! I have the same questions about the wireless. Then, there is the 3G network which it will eventually be available on. Here in Canada we are waiting to hear about our Data plans etc. that we will have.


  4. PADD - Personal Access Display Device :-)


  5. McKay (Stargate Atlantis) has a tablet too, but it's nowhere near the iPad. But it's cool (and functional) to walk around and access to files. I think ultimately, this is what people want. Like I said, the games, Apps, web and emails are given.. so the iWork ability is a big plus for me.

    I think not very often I tweet or blog about something other than Supernatural or Smallville.. But this is HOT! Woohoo!!


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