01 February 2010

Supernatural 100th Episode Party - photos (updated)

The Supernatural 100th Episode Party took place last night. Jensen's and Jared's bodyguard Clif Kosterman posted a few tweets and also a photo of Jensen singing with the Impalas. The Impalas are Jensen as vocal, Dave construction, Bobbie Singer, Jeff picture cars, Mike setdec, Chris sound, Jim Michaels and Dave rigging.

Cliff posted this photo not long ago via Twitter, you can see Jensen in his Blue Brothers look click here. How awesome is this guy? Now all I want is the video of this performance!!! Don't forget, you can follow Clif on Twitter.

obotchaman posted some more party photos via his Twitter, they can be found on his Twitpic! Click here for Jensen, a group shot, the banners (including a tribute banner for Kim Manners) and J2 on stage.

Another photo of Jensen on a guitar and Jensen dancing with the Impalas. You can also see more venue photos here.

I am sure more photos and videos will be surfaced in the next few days. I'll keep you posted.

Episode 5.18 is the Supernatural 100th episode, it is scheduled to air on 15 April 2010 on The CW. Congratulations for the milestone! Supernatural is the best show on TV!

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