20 February 2010

Wishlist for Supernatural Season Five and Six

Last month, I gave my take on season 5 and 6 here. Now that season 6 is a reality, I'd like to continue building/ refining my wish list.

Kripke always has a five-year plan. He
mentioned that the angel stuff wasn't part of the five year plan until later. So what exactly is his five year plan? It'll be very very interesting to see what the writers can come up with for the rest of season 5 and certainly season 6.

Building from the previous
post, here is a revised wish list of possible scenarios and directions for season 5 and 6:

1.) As previously mentioned, Kripke is rumored to remain on the show only as the Executive Producer, he will step away from running the show on a day-to-day basis. Sera Gamble is the new show runner. Supernatural has some of the best writers in the business, as long as Kripke and Gamble & co are involved, I am happy. Eric is NOT stepping away completely. I hope he will still write and direct an episode in season 5 or 6. I love Sera, Ben and Bobby Singer, so the team is still there, just a bit of restructuring. Seriously I am not worried about the quality of season 6.

2.) Jensen and Jared remain on the show. BUT don't kill off Castiel, Bobby and Chuck.
In particular, I think Misha Collins brought something new to the show and I hope he is sticking around. If he is, I hope the angel story line will still be around. I don't think the writers should just cut off the angel story line clean.

3.) Season 6 should be the last season of the show
and the show should go out on a high note. If it is, then I think the CW should just announce that it is the last season of the show and to announce the date of the series finale for 2011. I do not want to see the headline "CW canceled Supernatural".

4.) Will
season 5 finale end with a cliff-hanger? When will Detroit come into play?

Kripke wanted a certain story line to end in season 5. Does it mean we are not going to get the usual cliffhanger? I love all cliffhangers presented by the show. I think we need one to go into the summer hellatus.

5.) The
Detroit event might lead to Sam saying yes to Lucifer and Dean stays firm with his decision of saying no, as mentioned in The End. Having only one of the brothers saying yes, could be an interesting scenario.

Everything leads up to this point! Will Sam and Dean say yes? Yes or no, this is going to be an ultimate end to this story arc. After I watched The Song Remains the Same, I said perhaps Dean will say yes. And then I changed my mind.

Well.. Star Wars was on TV last night and it kinda got me thinking. Perhaps Dean will still say no, like Luke Skywalker who didn't turn to the dark side. But Sam will say yes and go completely Vader/ Anakin Skywalker. So only Dean can change it, see the good in his brother and asked him to fight Lucifer. Like Luke, asking his father to fight and he did. Anakin killed Empire Palpatine.

6.) I am guessing
we'll see Lucifer finally unleashes the Croatian virus in Detroit. Possibly in the season 5 finale. Or he may do so before the season finale. But what the hell is going to happen in Detroit?! Judgement Day?

7.) God is already a character on the show, but will see get to SEE God? I hope so!

Sera recently mentioned we won't be seeing Apocalypse, The Squeaquel in season 6. Is this a possible spoiler for the season 5 finale plot? Does it mean Michael and Lucifer will fight it out and then peace on earth? Sam and Dean go back to their Apple pie life? I think perhaps we will still see the apocalypse to a certain extend, I still have a feeling that we will still see some angel/ heaven story element season 6.

I'd personally would love to see season 6 to go completely Terminator and to focus on the post-apocalypse scenario as seen in The End.

9.) I want to see a movie length episode, preferably the series finale.

10.) Seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan to return to the show before the series end has been on my all wish list. I don't care if this is a flash back scenario of what, I just want him to come back and guess star an episode.

This is a work in progress. I will keep working on this.


  1. Come on Tiny you missed Number One on everyones wish list: Bobby in a wet t-shirt contest.


    Cas can not die. I seriously think the past 2 seasons wouldnt have been as awesome as they were if it still was just the boys. Cas is not a plot devise.

  2. Sod off if anyone out there who call yourself a SPN fan and you don't like Cas! Haha..

    Cas is awesome! It really annoys me when people do not understand the plot or don't see the multi-layers of the story or the characters and then say some crap about it. Just saying...

    Kara is awesome!


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