13 February 2010

Supernatural casting news

Mark Sheppard is back as Crowley! I love him! That sexy British accent is so sexy!

Also, Adam Croasdell has been cast to play Baldur, also known as the God of Light. There isn't much details on this character and how it will play out on the show. Source BuddyTV.


  1. Baldur! That is sooo cool ^_^ I love the story in Norse Myth where Loki kills him with the mistletoe. It endeared me to Loki forever. I was so happy when they put Loki in Supernatural. He's one of my brother and mine's favourite characters. Maybe Loki/Gabriel will be in this one aswell ...
    Wait, if Baldur was dead for good, how can he pop up now?
    Can't wait to see this o:

  2. I don't know too much about Baldur. May I'll Google him more.. No news on which episode he will appear though...


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