15 February 2010

Supernatural News Digest

I hope the flying fat kids in diapers were good to you in a good way. I hope you didn't eat your date over the Bloody Valentine's Day weekend. Here are a few blog worthy articles and news to get the week started.

SpoilerTV reported that the title for episode 5.19 may change from OMFG to Hammer of the Gods. I am guessing that it has something to do with the recent casting of Baldur, the God of Light.

Recently, I haven't paid much attention to the review from the usual TV critics, only a handful of them are still giving constructive reviews. Other reviews are just pointless. So here is the one I recommend for this week's episode 5.14 My Bloody Valentine: iFMagazine.

I wasn't going to get too carried away from the whole Captain America casting development or rumors. But here is a good blog from Comic Book Movie.

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