20 February 2010

Some Love for Smallville: Absolute Justice, Lost & 24

I finally got around to watch Smallville: Absolute Justice and the new episodes of Lost and 24. Australia is always behind, but a big shout out to 7Two for showing Lost the final season and 24 so quickly! Unlike Channel Ten, 7Two is doing a great job! Channel Ten sucks for taking all our favorite shows off air!

Let's look at Smallville first. The Tiny household watched Smallville: Absolute Justice last night. On a personal level, I don't know too much about the Justice League of America and I am not a comic book fan. But I was really looking forward to this 2 hour event and I was looking forward to see Dr Jackson aka Michael Shanks aka Carter Hall aka The Hawkman. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But I really enjoyed it.

The first thing I noticed is that the writing was really good. It was a very very good story. I think Geoff Johns brought something really powerful to the show. I am not a Superman or comic book fan, but I felt the story and the characters. I can't put my finger on it, but I think at one stage, I almost cried. Must be when they were talking about loyalty, friendship and the history. Can't remember! I assume
the Justice League of America is old, and it has so much history behind it.

My favorite scene was when Clark was in the JSA Headquarter looking at the memorabilias. There was no dialogue in this scene, but it was a very powerful scene in my opinion. I like how
the story of each JSA member was told through the editing (flashback) and the props (their weapons and their costumes). That scene was really well written. I really love how Clark was looking at the JSA painting. I think this episode presented a lot of elements that the writers could use in future episodes and hopefully season 10.

This is probably one of the best and most stand out episodes of Smallville in my book. The members of JSA were very well cast. As a fan of SG1, watching Michael Shanks on screen again was really something. The SFX and the soundtrack were really awesome! And yes, I am one of those people who will need to watch this episode again while searching for information on Wikipedia. Because I dont' know anything about JSA and Checkmate. And may I add, it was really satisfying to listen to SHoE after the viewing of this episode, I didn't have to wait for it to be available on iTune. I love Steve's version of It's Too Late for Chocolate Pie. SHoE is now my second favorite podcast. The first is of course the Crossroads! Crossroads Never Ends!

The more I see the DC superhero stuff on the show, the more I wish the show would take on that direction more. I think because the comic book superhero stuff is really rare on TV these days, and if there is someone out there who could do it, it is Smallville.

Like my poster? Kate (3rd from the left) looks like Jason Mamoa!

Have I mentioned I really like season 4 & 5 of Lost? I had a big Lost marathon during Xmas and it was awesome!!!!! The reason I love about season 4 & 5 is because I felt that I was getting some answers.
It still has crap load of questions to answer before the series ends but at least the show was going somewhere in season 4 & 5. I really like the addition of Desmond Hume and Daniel Faraday, The Constant and The Variables are two of my favorite episodes together with every episode that heavily involves Daniel/ Desmond and the time traveling stuff.

Another character that is growing on me is Jacob. Bloody hell!!! Finally we get to know a lot more about Jacob and actually get to see the man. I kinda feel that the Jacob appearance in The Incident was long overdue.

Coming back from the hellatus was great. Season 6 has a great start! I really like the Japanese guy and the introduction of the temple. I am not really a fan of the flash back stuff, it is interesting to watch the 'what if they did land in LA' scenario. But what's the purpose of it? I am always a big fan of the island stuff including the Dharma stuff.

I have a confession! Sometimes I'd fast forward the 'off the island' scenes. SORRY! I just love the island stuff so much better. I hate to admit that I fast forward most of the Sun and Jin in Korea scenes. But I love them when they are back on the island. I also fast forward all the Michael and Walt episodes. Whoops... Of course unless it's Desmond or Daniel related, I won't fast forward. I think Daniel and Desmond are the catalysts, whatever they do, it's important to the mytho of the show.

For more comprehensive analysis on Lost, check out Flyboy's blog here and Fanboy's blog here.

Like my 24 poster?

[Beware of spoilers if you haven't watched 24 before]

I have been watching 24 since its season 4. I love it so much, I wasted no time and got season 1-3 on DVD and had a massive three 24-hour marathon. I have been watching
24 ever since. 24 is highly addictive. You have to watch it 24 hour non-stop! It's crazy, it's soooo good!

I love
24 for some many reasons. I like the non-stop action; the baddies always get busted and got killed; Jack saves the day; you can pretty much assumed everyone will die except Jack and Chloe; when CTU is in action, it really kicks asses; Jack is always right, he hasn't been wrong; Chloe said the funniest thing sometimes; I really like Tony, Michelle and Curtis, but why do they have to kill the good guys too?; 24 has the best President ever, David Palmer I love you; 24 has some of the best dialogues on TV.

I really like the NY CTU in action in season 8, everything is so high-tech, it's scary! But I think it's part of the plot that although the technology is so good, but you still need Jack and Chloe, at the end of the day, it's their experience that saves the day, not your high-tech stuff.
I think the first few hours of season 8 have established that. Let's looking at Director Hasting, he relies on the technology to tell him who is the bad guy is and he doesn't question it because that's what the system tells him. That clearly tells me he has no experience in handling this!

What I don't like about 24 sometimes, is that I don't like the side stories. If they are relevant to the main plot, then yeah ok.. But if it's not or if it's not that important, then I'd fast forward it. I hope the
Dana Walsh versus her ex-boyfriend arc gets resolved soon. I find that really annoying. Dana honey, just kick his ass. It'd better be important and relate to the main plot, otherwise it's a waste of time. Like back in season 3 (I think), how many minutes were wasted on Chase and his baby; and I find that anything that has to do with Sherry Palmer was boring, her story wasn't really well plotted, they were just annoying, like her character! Her character sometimes served a purpose, but the main story can do without her.

I really hate it when people don't trust Jack and they think they know better and waste everyone's time. CTU directors like Driscoll, Chappelle, Hasting and McGill really annoyed me. And Larry too annoyed me at the beginning of last season! But all in a good way! And here comes the good part, Jack is always right, he hasn't been wrong. He always lets his action to do the talking! If I was Jack, I'd say EAT IT TWILIGHT!

Season 6 was crap. It was the only season I don't like and won't watch it again. I was expected a very exciting season when I found out season 6 was going to be about the Bauers, but it was a really flat season. I don't like the guy who played Jack's father. I don't think he nailed the role, it was like he tried to do too much by doing so little, if that makes sense? I was like "What are you trying to do?" the whole time! And was it the season they killed Curtis?! That's when they introduced Mike Doyle who was another douche! I mostly don't like the way he talked to Nadia!

Anyway, 24 is really looking good now. I really like how the writers turn Renee into Jackie Bauer! I think President Logan is returning later on. OH HURRY UP AND DIE ALREADY! His character is just so annoying! He is like a cockroach you can't kill! You can't squash it, you can't kill it with Baygon. It just keeps crawling around!

My favorite seasons of 24 are definitely season 3, 4 and 5. I really like Tony, Michelle, Curtis, Palmer and Bill (And Karen). Oh hell, I'll admit I also like Mike Novick and Arron Pearce! As far as the golden age of a TV series is concerned, I think season 3, 4 and 5 were the best! In fact, I think I am going to rewatch season 5 tonight, where the
cockroach got busted! I hate him! Coz he killed David Palmer!!!!

I think at the end of the day, most characters are annoying, but in a good way. You need them there so that when Jack kick their asses or whatever, you'll be doing happy dance and high five!

Oh.. and I really want to see Jack or Chloe using the iPad in season 8. BRING IT!

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