04 February 2010

Hello Hot Stuff: Supernatural Hot Stuff

Super SUPER hot photos from the Supernatural 100th Episode Party from Hollywood Reporter.

Is that McG? I wonder how much he is involved with the show creatively. I would actually love to see McG to direct an episode. One of those Terminator post-
apocalyse episodes would be nice. He should've casted Jensen Ackles to play John Connor instead of Christian Bale!! Also, I think if there is someone who could help Kripke to influence the WB to back a Supernatural movie, it's McG! I really want to see a Supernatural movie!

More photos can be found on Hollywood Reporter. Knock yourself out!

I love how Jared is like "Hellz Yeah! 100th Episode bizzatches!"

Thanks to bjthirtythree for uploading the video!

Question: How would you react when you see God in person? OMFG!

SpoilerTV reports a casting call for 5.19 OMFG. That's right folks. OMGF! As in O-M-F-G! Details here. I wonder who an Indian woman, what is the significance of that? I mean, why not Korean (which Yunjin Kim would be perfect for it). Will wait and see.

Good read of the week: 'Lost' and 'Supernatural': Have they become the same show? by Maureen Ryan

Interesting list of similarities by Maureen. Very interesting!

What I like about Supernatural is that it answers questions! Lost DOESN'T. Didn't the Lost creators said not ALL questions will be answered by the end of the series? This is the only thing I complain about Lost, otherwise, Daniel Frekking Farady for the WIN! I think Eric Kripke is a better showrunner and he has a better vision on the story arc from the get go.

Read the full article here.

I am shattered! He is not Michael or God! (Spoiler! Spoiler!)

Newarama had an interview with Michael Shanks who will be on Smallville and Supernatural. I know I was living in hope that he will be Archangel Michael or God.. I know! I know! I am shattered! But still good to see the Shanks on Supernatural! His next project for The CW could be Gossip Girl.. (#fakerumordonotbelieveit).

Did you know Michael's wife Lexa Doig was Risa on Supernatural: The End? She was also on SG1 as Dr Lam. That's how they met.. you know!

Nrama: So what do you have coming up next?

Shanks: I literally just yesterday finished a guest spot on Supernatural. I had a relatively minor role in it, working with Jared (Padalecki) and Jensen (Ackles), and a few other actors, fighting some demons and throwing down with the boys. I think that will be out in a couple months. The episode is called, I think, '99 Problems'. I'm not featured quite prominently in it, but it was a lot of fun to play in that universe. It fit into my schedule quite handily. That's why I did it.

Nrama: Is there anything about the character you can tell us?

Shanks: Yeah. The character's name is Rob, and he's a member of the Sacrament Lutheran Church, and basically it's a township that has pretty much organized to fight the demon apocalypse that's coming. They're not running and screaming. They're hunkering down. They've figured out a way to fight and whatnot. They boys come across them and are quite enamored by they way they've organized themselves. They have a sort of militia...when a tragedy occurs in Rob's family he sort of takes a bit of a hardline approach when it comes to his beliefs. I'll leave it at that because it starts getting into spoiler territory beyond that.


  1. Really? Lost doesn't answer questions? Cause they answered a few HUGE ones last night with the Season Six premiere. I love Supernatural, but I LOVE Lost. It's that kind of epic storytelling that defines the decade in television. While I enjoy S(PN), I don't feel it has that same sense of a bigger plan consistently.

  2. I haven't watched Lost S6 yet.. I am getting there next week!


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