10 February 2010

Supernatural SFX Cover; Misha Collins acceptance speech; Living UK does the best PROMO EVER for SPN

When I received a RT from SFX, someone was saying the "Supernatural edition of SFX magazine is out tomorrow!", I have to tweet SFX to confirm if they were talking about the Eric Kripke Supernatural or the Supernatural genre in general, just to be sure!

And thanks to
SFX for getting back to me, they said Sam and Dean are on the cover of the latest issue #193. Can you imagine how excited I was when I saw their reply! OMFG! The magazine is out today. I am sure UK will get it first. Look out for it. A table of content can also be found here.

Source: SFX

I would have preferred a more updated photo for the cover, but I'll take it! Thanks guys!

Here is the S
FX Awards video acceptance speech from Misha Collins.

And if you haven't seen the AWESOME promo from Living UK, a cable channel that airs Supernatural in UK from 10th Feb, check out this video. Now that's what I call a promo Supernatural deserves.
Living UK has been doing some really really awesome viral stuff as well. Read them here.


  1. OMFG indeed! I actually freaking drove past Marble Arch while this was on, but I didn't know what it was! I had to drive past because the lights were on green! Mind you, it's probably a good thing I didn't realise as I would have definitely crashed the car in excitement. As it is,I nearly went into the back of a bus when I saw a promo poster on a phone box the other day.

    Enjoying the blog BTW - I'm a relatively recent convert to SPN and now a Deangirl forever!

  2. Well.. WELCOME to the fandom... Nice to meet you :D Please come back any time :D



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